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  1. heloo..im still here. Just busy with works n life. But my love never go down for this two .. Have a nice days everyone..
  2. What a great idea.. wanna see her naughty side sometimes.. still hope n praying hard that MDBC squad will come in her FM..jeballll
  3. I love BoYoo n all of u guys , thats why im here till now n maybe forever... N im abseloutly understand many of pov n concerns here regarding yesterday awards coz i have many pov too that fulled all my head n heart. But what else can we do, coz we just know them on screans, we don't know BoYoo mind n hearts for sure. N this is the only place we can freely let out our happy even anger n frustation bout BoYoo, me my self didn't mind it. Coz i know, we didn't have any other place to go to express our feeling bout BoYoo if not in this thread.. So, let's just understand each other like always coz we are one big family of BoYoo shippers. Even real families sometimes agreed not to agreed, n they hugh eachother after that.... Love n peace shippers
  4. thanks a lot @Kissy13 finally seeing like button again, even exist trophy icon ... Congratulation to MDBC teams n BGmy whose winning such a meaningfull awards... Eventough uri baby doll didn't invited n didn't win anything, but im sure she is happy for BGmy n MDBC awards. yes.. my eyes said he dyed his hairs in black too, maybe to match with his tuxedo???. N i will die (again) if he dyed back in his hairs like b4 again to match with YJngie hairs...hahaha...
  5. hey hey hey @lovelybluehoneyz.. i'm always here, just busy with works.. Miss u too so much n all of u here.... yess...there are BoYoo sweetness parties in IG, but u must be quick to saw it coz they will deleted it in just few hours due to copy right.. hahha..me too, they just tooo sweet.. Aigoo...those two love birds r kiling me softly . ps: any link with Seoul International Drama Awards this evening/night??? (maybe this is the answer... so no live broadcast??? ..Have to be patient till 8th https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/09/live-broadcast-of-the-12th-seoul-international-drama-awards-canceled) wanna see uri handsome Bogummy in his suit.wink wink....If only they invited YJngie too, since LITM was nominated too (am i right??). We will see BoYoo moments again for sure..... By the way... happy to know that YJ 1st fans meeting a day after her birthday is already sold out. Hope its will runs well n smoothly. Praying hard that the MDBC squad n her girls squad are coming.... n what is this??? No like button now in soompi forum???
  6. Whattt? He offered his own drink??? omo omo.... they must be in diff level not just a friend. Like when he offered chocolate in AAA... In my opinion, not just anybody can do that.... Simple thing but meaning a lot for me. Or maybe just my own opinion?? hahhah.
  7. nope..BGmy just have twitter (https://twitter.com/BOGUMMY) n weibo (?) . But not sure about weibo since i don't have one, but ever read it somewhere about his weibo acc. I think many of his fans didn't aware that those IG actually is not his, so maybe thats why the numbers of followers are big. Forget to say this.... HEy hey hey all, long time no see. Miss u all soooo much..... Pretty busy with works n life lately. .. So happy to see Bo n Yoo always everywhere altough still no new drama or film projects. At least we can see them healthy n happy, thats the most important. N tadaaa...MDBC reunion makes me fly to the 7th clouds, seeing them in one frame together is a precious one now, since they don't have any projects together. Altough litll dissapointed coz not all MDBC squads can attend the anniv coz their busy scedules. This make me wonder whats make BoYoo so long to pics their next drama???? even the other casts already in their 2nd or 3th dramas. Honestly kind of jelly seeing BGmy nescafe cf..hahahhaa. This ahjuma can't imagine he take more mature drama with more love scenes coz he is already in those age. N many actors in his age seem already have drama with more kisses, hugs, even bed (no no no plis, not this one) scenes///// okey, enough for tonight. Back to IG mode searching BGmy moments in KBS MB in Jakarta (im Indonesian but too far away from Jakarta, diff island too expensive TTTTT).. HAPPY SHIPPING GUYS edit: Wanna talked bout YJngie fashion...ehmmm believe me, our lady to be is not a kind of girl that loves to wearing clothes even dress just to make her beautifull in front of other eyes despite her celebrity status. She just loves to be herself, with her free spirit n lives in ordinary life. N the times will come when she wear more lady like dresses when every guys will jaw droped just by seeing her. BGmy will be very busy guided her as his person.....(stttt cos behind her thick n big jacket or t-shirt, she has body goal that many girl in her age will jelly2)..
  8. super duper like it.... Like watching the real life of BoYoo. How u found the 98 number???? wow...they r just so perfect, do not need 100, 98 is just perfect. Hope there will be part 2. Will wait for sure.... Yes.. indeed. Seeing SSC makes me believe in BoYoo more. Blossom brothres are the men in their words. They have their own ways to express love. Have CTH as their sunbae which known as a man whose married his one n only love, his very 1st love is just to romantic with just imagine it..
  9. Good to read your post @triplemt08.. bet many..hahhaha.. My delulu mind on roll again after a short hiatus .. How they can be so perfect. http://www.koreaboo.com/news/top-10-influential-celebrities-2017-according-forbes/
  10. wonderfull night all It's a long time for me can't visited this lovely ships due to my busy works ..Glad to join u all here now. Im so happy to see Mubank Singapore featuring Dots n MDBC, especially when the kiss scene was aired altough just a mere of seconds.... Qurious to the max how BGmy face or reaction those times when saw that, maybe he teased by BTs V..hahaha.. N im so proud of our boy there, he managed his profesioanlism with a strict imaginary line (u know what i mean guys wink wink..). N bout Osaka trips..hemm..lets' go to our other own Lala land that exist in our heart ..Love n miss u much shippers..
  11. Night all.. Been away for days the 1st thing that i saw when open up my IG is tadaa..all i can say just lolol. Where all this news comes from. Tomorrow is the last day of fasting for moslem n i wanna end this holly month with happy feeling..Lets the bad fade away..Don't let them give us heartache n sadness coz it just will lead us in uncertainly n negative vibe. Like Raon said in mdbc. Happy weekend guys..Love u all.