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  1. anyong ladies..been busy past days. but Thanksto all of u for all the update so i can catch up all of our babies activities..... Yoojungie is so diff in her makeup n dress in her school play but looks beautifull as always. Wonder if MDBC squad can comes to support her like u said. Well, everyone can dream right, who knows what miracles.... Btw read this news on soompi. I know, its kind of too soon n too risky (u know mostly how media n nets are) to see them paired again in the same years n the same TV station, but i really miss them n wanna see them together again. They have told in their interviews many times that for the next project they want to be a high schooler before they bacame too old. Again, who knows what miracles.... Have u watched BGmy RM? I still can't download it . My inet can't manage it since the file size is too big.. .. Btw...Happy Mondays all...
  2. English translation Again today, as I’m showered in the blinding sunlight For being alive, I thank you That my lacking heart can become the strength to someone..... (similar to Raon words right?) Just for that, I thank you Showing to anyone that you’re mine So that it won’t embarrass you, I will love myself Even for one moment, that you’re mine So that you won’t regret it, I will love you Now I think I might know the reason I was born That I meet you and love you till I die Is the happiness given to me That you’re mine no matter where So that you can’t forget it, I will always be with you Even for one moment, that you’re mine So that you won’t be hurt, I will love you Now I think I might know the reason I was born That I meet you and love you till I die If it’s the reason given to my life I don’t wish for anything else anymore
  3. All the boys just can resist her charm n beauty.. N all of the songs, she sing ^my person^. Idk if it requested or she do it spontaneously but my heart is jumping now..
  4. Hahhaa... i laughing so hard reading your post.. ..... Not just his feeling, but BGmy body is all attracted by YJngie. His body (not just his hip...upssss) all leaned on her. From head to toe.. i bet he can't help it. He do it unconsciously.... Thanks all to Our Kwakie.. his post said it all.. Body language can't lie (borrow @Rizki Ariani words..hahaa).
  5. Oh My a live..... .... Group huuugggg chinggus.... im criying in happiness now...
  6. is there our ponyo doll here? She supposed to be there right??? Is there any person between JY n BGmy? or i just seeing thing..hahahaha..haishhhh i miss seeing them in one screen so much
  7. welcome on board..>_<.. u can upload ur pic/gif here n then copy n paste the url addres of pic/gif u have been uploaded here. Hope its works for u. @Debbie Chen hemm... she must be with her foody buddy/ies ..
  8. Wowww..lucky u @robinsss ..jealous ahjuma here..hahhaha.. thanks for share those happy moments. Im soo exited just by reading your post like im there too.... @lovelyp..maybe he already know YJngie interview b4 released..wink wink.. he just gave us hard code... Edit: BG n YJ fav MDBC scene pic... U beat me ladies @parmma @bubblyflo..have to deleted my post..... love u said bout chicken as cameo..hahhaha. Well after #RINGO, chicken became BoYoo next officialy mascots.. n now i feel like eating chicken meat..wanna join me? What so many facts related bout BoYoo this past days..whatever the reality are. Its hard to ignore it, can't help to always link them. N i choose to believe if it destiny..... Im sooo happy shipping galsss..muaachh..#mcSGFMModeOn
  9. The Famous BoYoo body guard is super lucky..He goes everywhere around the world.... @Kissy13 bout BGmy phone case cola CF version.....(i can't imagine it too shy...kekkekee)
  10. Nope.. we are sailing...hahhaha full speed..
  11. hahaha...... that's what i notice the most after the full energetic n happy BGmy (well of course, his doll is totally back, he must be soooo happy) . His aura is so diff now then b4....
  12. indeed SSTV is one of us...BOYO Shippers is so strong...
  13. He looking for Ponyo toys for his special ponyo doll.... He said b4, that he choose the song based on the lyrics n it's come from his heart....He is sooo romantic guy.. wish my hubby a half of him, and is enough
  14. Happy morning guys... This day our BoYoo are so busy. YJngie with CF shooting n Bgmy with his next FM in Bangkok. I Just hope they still can have a rest n eating well despite the busy scedules. .. Calling for our BoYoo Shippers expert here... Wish u can analyze the songs BGmy have sang, coz he said it's comes from his heart. This must be interesting to read your POV. (Crdt to translataor n pic owner, this not mine )
  15. @vava123 @Rizki Ariani @peachlover777 n all wow..all of u have sharp eyes with those Bodygurad thingy.........