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  1. want for more..looks so real great job chinggu.. Hahhaa..i thought so too... Why she wore those gown if she didn't show her flawless back (i mean not in bad way of course..).. So many actress will pose to showed her sexy part of their dress but definietly someone will not allowed. Who??? of course the possesive one n only our Seja Joeha (No need to tell more coz @lifeisfullofraon has compilated all in perfect ways..).. ps: @triplem08 will with your fanfic for sure..
  2. Thankyou @lovelybluehoneyz..... N would like to say the same. Happy Fasting for all mosleem here....Fighting on our 2nd days... Being one of Boyoo fams give me so much fun n much things to learn n founds many friends with many interesting pov. Thankyou again for delicately reads n mentions us one by one @lifeisfullofraon .. Yes..she is. Even im with almost doblled of her age don't have those kind of wise phylosophy n taste.. Proud more n more being her fans n shipper.. Reading what kind of BG n YJ characters are just soo perfect. They match head to toe n fill eachother holes.
  3. Happy day chinggus... reading all of your post gives smile all over my face..hahha..Especially yours @lifeisfullofraon..... Reading YJngie preferences gave me a girl is so extraordinary...Even her choice of fav flowers..(This is my first times hearing bout those flower ), so im searching in Mr G..n wow...those flowers are soo beautiful n meaningful.. Our Girl is really something.. Thats why BoYoo r one of great n rare One Top Pairing.. The for the meaning..( What Does the Lisianthus Flower Mean? Lisianthus has plenty of different meanings to explore, such as Being the birth flower of the Sagittarius astrological sign The joining of two people for a lifelong bond Expressing gratitude for a gift or favor from a friend Showing someone how much appreciate them, especially for their social skills or warm personality Trying to convince someone you’re charismatic and charming Traditional values and old fashioned morals.
  4. love all of ur resume n compilation of all Boyoo moments in BSAA. Can not agree more, u spill all of my/our thought wonderfully @lifeisfullofraon...Can i hug u?
  5. Happy Weekend guys..... Welcome on board to all new BoYoo lovely shippers that i can't mention it one by one.. let's sail happily n peacefully with our lovely ship. Honestly i still can't get enough of Baeksang BoYoo's overload sweet moments. N im sure all of u r feel the same.... I found he/she is BoYoo Shippers too. U can find many vids of BoYoo here. I love how sweet BoYoo are.How BGmy's eyes always stick on YGngie, he obviously never want be a part with his one n only doll all the times. Wonder if his necks is okey after that..hahhah. here is one from many of my fav vid..Even though he is busy greeted n talked with many actors/actress, he always check n make sure she is behind him/close to him, n my opinon is his 'instinc' as her namja are took all over him those day.... Wonder how they reacted when sees of the fancams from Baeksang. I'm sure, they have seen it since the vids n pics are all over media. cdrt fully to the vid owner n uploader..
  6. yes....u r right.. He always be there for her, n i believe in no matter what situation or ocasion. While YGngie always there to fix his attire, makes sure he have his thropy, n im sure many more that we don't know offcams. N that's the sweet of them, they always complete eachother. That's why i love them even more...
  7. Hello again guys.... Just drop after visiting IG n his thread ..just friendly reminder here. No offense to anyone fans or shippers.... Will put it under spoiler so if u don't wanna read it just skip it.. Ps: sorry all.. didn't want to ruin our happy mood here. Just want to protect our lovely boyoo ship. So let's be lovely n classy shippers too... Nice weekend everyone...
  8. @lifeisfullofraon very well said. so agree .. ... BGmy is so honest with his feeling. He is soo transparent. He such a lost boy without Yjngie by his side. Where is 6 yo gap???? ... that's just a mere of number. YJ is so mature despite her age. N she can act n place herself well. She became a daughter with her mom, a youth girl with her friend, a lit girl with her bro n sist, n a lady with her namja. They're so perfect foe eachother. They are complete eachother. Like BGmy ever said, he is selfish, n YJngie always took care him first. The whole world witness it with just a simple action bring his trophy first. hahha..still can't get enough of Baeksang.. Don't know when this such moments will happened again in the future. N for whose go to YJ Singapore FM...sent many loves for her.. Hope there will be many fans there altough it's will be diff when an actor held it, can't help it but thats girls/women fans nature. Happy weekend BoYoo lovers
  9. hohoho...gud morning... still can't get over of this two from Baeksang sweet moments... Dear r u doin??? hope always gud..... I'm so agree with your version, i did't notice it before, i just overwhelmed with their interaction in public like in their own world. But after reading your post...owww, your version is make a sense n fit with the vid... How sweet they are, it's impossible if they are not in 'something' relationship judging with their closeness n how causal YJ fix his bowtie n BGmy looks so comfortable too like being taken care by his girl. N with the think YJngie asked him if she looks OK for the photo session i would say okey, not just anybody will asked such question with comfortable to a man....(at least for me..hahaha).
  10. My last post this day...... SO many gud news bout BoYoo... Kim Yoo Jung looked effortlessly gorgeous in her flowy, ivory-colored dress with exaggerated ruffles...(ya ya ya.. She born with it...)
  11. helooo...still amazed n can't get enough of all BoYoo sweet moments yesterday. I'm still on cloud 9th now.... BGmy showed us, one again of his selfness n Here is the compilation..crdt fully to Vid owner... N how we r not in love with them..
  12. before i sleep with nice dreams of BoYoo.. guys guys.....maybe they meet up after the shows. maybe with all the squad.. GUYS.....Do u notice everytime BGmy asked YJ to fix his attire??? He always looks somewhere else, like acting cool n proudly tell the whole world that she is his girl who take care him well....... Gud night everyone...sweet dreams..
  13. Crdt on vid. Ome ome.. this is when YJngie fix BGmy tie..wifee mode on.. We are so blessed this days. So many BoYoo moments here n there. The pics n vids just soooo perfect.. i will surfing on IG n YTb now. Don't forget to share it here guys so we can treasure it together... Now waiting for JinYounginge as BoYoo VP to post some pics with mdbc squad. Or maybe BoYoo bodyguard KDY...
  14. wowww..BoYoo slay......... I know i know, i have set my hope low for red carpet..... But, we can hope for more from seating arrangement right?? since they are Moonlight couple... I hope many fanvids that give us honey like MAMA n AAA... plis God..grant our wish...aameen.. N btw, how bout streaming times? i have downloded Kakao Tv but since its' write with hangul i don't know how to watch it....
  15. yeeiiii... can't wait for tomorrow... Altough won't set my hope to high, but deep down my heart will pray that BoYoo will come hand in hand in red carpet like SongSong last year in Baeksang.... The power of MDBC n BoYoo still on fire after ended.. Proud proud for them. They deserve it for sure.