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  1. I ended up making notes and write down the background how I understand it so far. What left me with the one question I can´t find any hints about... Who is the Man in black? And was Philipp the one who was the lucky boy at first? We know she told Phillip that she is no longer ill so she can lend him the amulet. I believe those two are both related to the trees - and therefor the amulet works for both. But for noone else. Looks like ES and Phillip are really connected. I need to watch a few scenes again. Is Phillips House her old house? For the Fire... it´s this or that. If really - as I belive it on that spot - YA is the one behind - than I have my idea what happend... What I wonder is - what was the story EY stole ES on that day? Not the stroy about the fire or? I really need to rewatch 1 and 2. Why was ES not aware that RY died? Was she maybe for a longer time in hospital? Interesting for me is that all three girls where writer. So our Ghost was a writer too. Maybe that why she needs ES. I am pretty sure the demolished car was YA - and she lied it was RY. So my question - what is the ghost after... sure to let everyone knows what happend back than... But what is is about ES? Is she angry with her once friend to because she rescued Philipp and not her? Right now it looks for me that there first tried to seperate the fate and luck - but it works not in the way to rescue both - it left one dying. And later those two kids met again and there changed there fate - and we know ES lend him her protection. So the one who will die without is today Phillip - because the fate was changed? Oh and since when and why and how is ES a friend from wonderful SJ? About him - I need more to know too... he acts with ghost like he is so used to it. And I loved it that he could talk with the ghost about the old stories. There is much more behind him... Hope for more information today. ...
  2. Good Morning... at least it´s morning on my place. Still a few hours to wait... I really wish to see our wonderful OTP but with just one Episode this week I fear they will left me with a heartbroken Chan.
  3. But it looks like he can´t trick ES. She is not someone he can fool so easily. So I hope that is not what will happen.
  4. Actually - I think there is no reason to ask in spoiler tag - but I will answer in it. So everyone knows what the spoiler is about... Question 1 Question 2 Quistion 3 Actually - the Drama and the webtoon are drifting more and more apart - but i still get a similar feeling. But major spoiler... Sure - there are a few scenes I wish to see - and there is a lot in the story to come - but do you really wish to know that all. Don´t we need a bit surprise too?
  5. WOW WOW WOW I finished Ep. 3 and I am stunned. I had so much fun today - and we got so much more backstory... and Philipp is not the original luck stealer... its not so simple... And he did not steal her luck (if so) with bad intention and knowing the girl will live a miserable life thanks to that. ufff - I need the subs so soon now - And I need MORE!!! They found out about beeing the kids from back than... a lot happend... my face hurts from laughing... but it was not just hilarious... The Killer is not after ES now - As I guessed - he is after Phillig.... NOW I know I love this Drama!!!!! No - its not scientific. Its what people belief. If you ask me there is more between heaven and earth... but thats what I believe. And I guess its a bit about - can´t be bad to wish for luck too... Just because successfull people are doing it don´t mean its a prove. How many miserable people are praying too... But honestly its a great reason for many magical stuff in Drama World. Thats how I see it .
  6. LOL - and that was just the start... yeah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56UtIFzQne0 edit; for some reason i cant put in clips right now ... so you need to check yourself - RAW is already out. I watch it now... He is so out of luck...
  7. Actually I wanted to know that too - but I can´t really find a fitting constellation. The nearest might be Cassiopeia - but its still not right. I still checked the background - but there is nothing to find as I see. So we need to wait and find out.
  8. @sexybench Oh I love Umbrella Pix - but hey - this is not going to help me to not suffer from SLS here. Ahh...
  9. I wonder if WY knows the feeling of run away from home - or why did he needed to start to live for his own so early? Maybe the rent was only that cheep because he sees something in KS what he knows too well. And he honestly wish to help him. I really wish them to become best friends and not rivals.. sob
  10. OMG - the new Pix. I am torn between - wow how cool he looks - and ahhh that looks like it will be very funny... Time runs faster please...
  11. Oh yes - they are cute and she is so beautiful. And the chemnisty I can´t feel in the Drama until now (no wonder - not the time for sparkles in the eyes) I can so feel it just in those small clips. Actually I guess I am a fan of SJH. Did not noticed it before but thanks to soooo many episodes of RM it just came like that. She is such a wonderful person. And a talented actress too. I ended up rewatching Emergency couple. She is not the type who judge someone easily - as I see it. She was in a movie with Kim Jae Joong when he had a hard time too. Not able to really promote the movie thanks to that. And now she is here. We need more people like her.
  12. I think this has to wait a bit - Actually it is better that KS moves in with WJ and not how in the webtoon lived alone. Its good that he needs to learn to use money well and to learn how to live on his own and I believe WJ is perfect to show him. This guy had a tough life but he made his way and he became a great guy. I hope that he will not be heartbroken too - but change his feelings later. But I hope too - that KS and WJ became like brothers in the best perfect way. It looks like WJ has a lot friends and many people who think high from him - but not really any family. He could need a brother too - or not. I am truely sorry - I tried to edit my first post - but when I quote something i delete my original post... so I made a second post.