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  1. For me today was so importend... It started with how he ad once noticed that YR was in pain and how she was scared looking at that plane. The old SY would turn around - but he can´t turn his back anymore on her. So he found her and asked her and he found out about her mother beeing on board. And he tried the official way - calling the team leader for help. But even after YR accepted the answer from Team Leader Yang - it´s SY this time who could not do it. How his face changed after he made the deccision. He enter the bus which was sended to pick up the passengers - and he found her mother. I too loved it when we found out later that he named himself YRs Chingu - Friend. For me I have the feeling that until now YR was not even thinking about falling in love - she is so busy with her life and the mess she is always in - and nothing really works for her. Thats why it is so importend for me that he made it clear now. SY started to have hope - he even admit it to his - as I see it fatherly friend - that there is a woman in his life. And than he needed to face his worst nightmare again... cruel. One of the Keyscenes for me was when he hold the hot cup - and she told him he need to take care for his body - even he can´t feel it - he is still hurted. She is right - and even he could not feel it - it became bad for him. I love that she touched his arm in the preview - I want her to know - and I want her to be there for him the next time he is in pain. I felt so much for him today - it is always him who is alone when he needs someone - I so want her to be by his side the next time and I want her to not care about his arm at all. I want her to see him for who he is - not what happen to him. And I still hate IW so much - I can be wrong - but he saw it and he tried to push SY to the corner. He asked the Security Team Leader and even I am not his biggest fan until now - I loved when he said - no comment. (hope I was not wrong). And he even followed Team Leader Yang - telling her a lot about his "brother" and that he is curious. Sorry - I am so angry. I even feel he will become interestes in YR only because SY is interested in her. Right now I can´t see anything good about this Guy. But - Team Leader Yang is sooo great. How wonderful was it when she took over and helped the passengers so YR could run to her mother. You know what - I wish to see a scene from the past and how clumsy or how much trouble she was back than. Oh and - she knows the restaurant... so who is she? (on a Sidenote - WHERE WAS DUSTY??? )
  2. It looks like YR is not able to remember what she had done after taking that medicine (drug). And MY was called for help and cleaned the mess. I still believe he found her with a reason. It was not coincidence he was on the roof and stopped her from jumping. She is crazy - but not crazy evil - but really crazy. I wonder if she will turn against JK again. YR already noticed that MY is different when he is with JK.
  3. Oh yes I did - and I feared for a moment he will lie too - as he lied when she asked him before if he was the one who helped her mother. But she knew he lied (I am sometimes surprised how much I believe to understand with only knowing a few words). Telling her that he loves her - in the situation he just got a hard reminder on his harsh reality again... she called him again and again and he could not take it - like he don´t deserve it - or can´t even dare to try it. But her message got finally through to him. And he could not let her wait in the rain. I am so in Love with SY. What a wonderful Episode again. Even so - it was sometimes painfull - to see his pain. This Actor really can let me suffer.
  4. YES - YES - YES He said yes when she ask him if it can be that he likes her - and I honestly jumped on my chair!!! YEESSS!!! Now the loveline can start... And I love the Preview.... And I hate his so called big Brother so much... even without knowing what he said - the feel made me wish to hit him hard.
  5. I was sure this TV Show was importend from the start. But I admit I more felt like it was for the audience - now I wonder if it was not just for us to see and used as an intro - but maybe it was already MY doing. Thats what I ment. I believe thats the biggest difference to the original - we have so much more place for backstories here - and that can give a character more depth and meaning - or it can make a story become draggy - but I don´t think it is the second case here. In the original I understood the title...
  6. I agree... And I too think the chapters are about different kids... When the Drama start we saw this Guy at TV - telling us a 8 year old boy changed his life (if I remember it right. I was a bit confused because ... oh damn... is that a spoiler... I guss its already in the past so I hope I can write it here - he was a bit to old for me. So I was surprised if MY was already in the orphanage on that point ... (if following the ... you know). I am not really sure if the Doc worked in the house. But he maybe stayed there because he lost his path in the world too. But after meating MY he I guess changed. I am confused about the first and second chapter... LIVING WITH TRAUMA By Yang Kyung-mo Prologue : Living with trauma Chapter One: son of a murderer – living as a murderers family member Chapter two: the boy who lost his memory – he had to imagine his past Chapter 3 the kid that does not get hurt – What is left after two foster homes Chapter 4 His reason for hitting the dog – cycle of abuse Chapter 5: the kid survivor – After surviving that big incident Chapter 6: the dark 52 hours – The dark 52 hours after experiencing an abduction Chapter 7: The invisible girl – The ugly duckling of that rich family Epilogue: Love, Sympathy, and Time Cr: Dramamilk.com. Let me copy and paste please (when I try to quate again I delete what I wrote before...) Reading about the chapter MY would be Chapter two.... I too kinda believe that the last chapter is about Yoo Ri. But it would be too much for me if all the chapters are about cases we know. MY said he met his friend in the orphanage but he was adopted. Hope he is not one of them too. I am someone who really loves the new Version. I liked the older too - and Ryo was great - but for some reason - lol - no not for some reason - I guess for the actors - the new version really gets me. This time I can stand the older brother so much more. I don´t like to read all the bad comments about the acting from SA - I am okay with her. I can´t skip a scene and I don´t regret starting it - even I still believe I need a lot of tissues later. I fear even more than for the older version. The changes they made really made me thinking... How bad is MY in real... What bad had he done before. He is a player and he loves to manipulate. And he don´t care about a lot and has a differnt way to see society and morals. I love the scenes with him and JK already (the girl not the cat - okay I love the scenes with the cat too). I hate to wait for it... I wish I would have wait and watch it all in a row. I loved his reaction when JK was hit - and I loved that he throw the vase away. That was more himself. And I loved that he noticed and told JK that the least SA should have done was to apologize. No - she is so full of herself - she is just using her again. Damn - I really wish to see more scense with MY and JK. And I love the Cast... I just feel a bit sorry for the Police Guy. He is really cute. But sorry Guy... EDIT: Forgot something... IF MY had read that Book too and that was the reason he found out more too - it could really become the key. And It could explain how he met YR too. Maybe he was curious to find out what happen to the other kids in that book. And when he found YR she was about to kill herself. (like that his friend really could be one of the childs too... damn... I need more information) I know that a lot stories only can work with coincidents - but too many coincidents are not working for me. So how could they all kinda knew each other? Now I even wonder if the TV Show was a hint from the start. Like it was part of the game already. But noone paid attention.
  7. I guess I think to much about that drama and I love it to much. We all know how much KDrama World loves it to give us tragic backstories and how often the OTP met in the past already. So when the Brothers had there meal and someone told them they get a free extra I was like - this can´t be the same restaurant or? I tried to listen well to the voice but I got confused. I often ask myself - when I watch a Drama and look for all details - if the writer really ment it all like that or if he or she could have great fun to read all our theories. But I know something more - its sometimes very strange how details can fit together when you write and only later a little scene from the start can become more meaningful. This female hero really is a magnet for trouble. I wonder what will happen to her stuff. She started to understand that she don´t have to say I am sorry all the time - but she still has not the guts to speak back to someone like her landlady. Really - when she paid until the last day... I wonder if we will have a real villian in that story. Monday come faster... i need to watch more.
  8. I second this! Why him??? If he really tries to harm our hero he should not forget that he can be harmed too - and who is to blame. WOW - I am stunned... I kinda knew they will give us the plane on fire - but so soon - I never expected that. And with Mother on board. Oh dear... Today was great - I so loved it. The heart won over the rules. (I missed Dusty. )
  9. It was written SY was 13 when they met - so when the accident happen when he was 17 (i need to rewatch - where did we get this information?) that would mean the "brothers" lived together for years. My big question is - who is Mrs. Yang? It kinda feels like she is family for SY - big sister or an aunt... She must know him since long and if her discribtion is right and she sees IW as the most selfish guy ever - she might know too - that he is the reason for everthing what happend to SY - and he don´t even seems to care.
  10. I am happy - I love the Drama and I found something to think about... lingers in my mind... Thanks a lot @marykarmelina for sharing the character information. For me the most importend part ist that... So we know from this that IW and SY are stepbrothers - not related by blood. And there is another picture - thank you @nona88 So let me make a wild guess... it looks for me like SY tried to rescue his big brother - who thanks to his illegal buisness got in serious trouble. He was hit and his hands are bounded. I saw it wrong before - it looked for me like SY was behind him - but sorry - my mistake. After that accident for me - it is importend to find out if IW was not able to help his new brother - or if he run away from the scene. As it seems - his past was well hidden and he could live a fine life. What makes me hate him... not knowing how SY was able to recover tells us a lot. So what happen to SY? He really lost a lot - and I fear the marriage from his mother was ruined too. The mother might have left the family. Mrs. Yang said SY will met the person he is curious about - so I guess he always wanted to know what happend with his "big brother". Maybe he was happy to get a big brother but IW was not. I loved the last Episode. I love that YR don´t ask SY about his past and that she is someone who will not tell secrets about anybody. I really don´t like the femals Security - but at least she came running after she found out about the mess she created. I loved that it was SY in the end who wantd to know from YR why she don´t ask and I am sure it was the first time he told anyone about his accident without getting asked. His life was so full of pain on many levels and I fear even after "recovering" to deal with his new abilitys has got him in trouble (or others) a few times. Wishing to live a life where he can dissapear at anytime is sad. I wonder if he sees himself as a monster (sort of) or others treated him like that. Can´t wait to see the real loveline. Oh and one more - I love Dusty! Thats how I call the cleaining robot. He is on a mission right... The moment SY was near to YR he was fine and just left his new found friend alone. And I love SY very cute reaction about Dusty too... so confused but so cute.
  11. Oh my feeling about that can be so wrong - but I don´t feel like JK was at all his aim first. But we know there is something about her he can´t avoid too. So maybe in his mind might be something like - why is is her again? She was not originaly part of his game - but she became interesting. And now he likes to tease her and find out about her. Like he found a new toy and wonders too why he kinda likes it.
  12. We have a few answers.... Yes his arm is robotic - and as it looks his one leg too. The Accident happen in the past.... they let us see a bit - but now I just wish to know more. Seo In Woo was in the Car and Lee Soo Yeon on the Motorbike - he tried to stop the car at all cost - even his life - why??? To understand the case from today I need subs - but SY was wonderful how he rescued her in the end again... this time just with his smart brain. And it was nice to that Yang Seo Kang told Yeo Reum that she did right. Now I need subs...
  13. Ah okay - when you can read that and it was about the past - yes sure - guess we need to watch to find out.
  14. Or its just to show her again that he can´t feel hot and cold... or pain For the last Picture - from the Accident - why do you think that happen in the past? Looks like he is just behind and it can happen next time too... I for some reason - don´t think its the accident from long time ago.