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  1. @dashmount20 @xienrue Wuji is the awesome n gorgeous hero in Legend of Fuyao p/s Mo Qing is gorgeous too... n kinda cuter ... Geez! Why do I feel like a cougar?!
  2. Highly recommended ... Camera-angle-wise, Mo Qing's kissing is better than Wuji's ** back to lurking mode **
  3. http://www.133694.xyz/mingxing/20180326/221209.html Zhang da da
  4. I resist reading the novel (translation) so that I can accept all that is dished to me by the director, scriptwriter n production team without constantly having to compare the drama vs the novel. Loooove the drama but this ending frustrates me to no end ... I know I'm unreasonable :p
  5. Series review in A Virtual Voyage : https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2018/09/series-review-age-of-legends-cdrama-2018.html
  6. This is HOMEEEEEEE . I may be watching other dramas but this lovely community is where I'll always come back to chat with friends now n then about Wuji, Fuyao, Ethan & Yang Mi... As well as either praise or rant a little about other dramas on n off I'm re-watching LOFY from Ep 1 with eng sub ... now at Ep 12. I realise that I had missed quite a lot especially the details by just watching the Raws. Love both WuFu so much. Watching Age of Legends (Raws) too.
  7. Yayyyyy!! This will be better than Dectective Dee which Ethan only appeared for 5 mins. Hehe he has a head-full of hairs in this movie.
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