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  1. I'm done watching the last eps. It was happy ending but not that really happy for me ㅠㅠㅠ I wanna say thanks n hug @stroppyse @jeijei thank to do an english translation for us and @mandy77777 also thanks to you to subbing the bts. Thank you for all of you guys who spazz n shared comment in this thread. U are rock guys love you At last but not least, if there anyone open the thread to our OTP please tag me or hit my inbox, i will join.. Terima Kasih, thank you, 감사합니다.
  2. Now i wonder why JA's mom being overreacting like that. After i saw this clip i got a point on JA mother she's insecure n afraid about JH more than to her daughter. Mom's scared that JH going be like his father. Except she more worries to hear what her relative, neighborhood n other people about her daughter dating with her little son best friend n has not good family background (even JH has a stable job n KS has her own coffee shop). I think in future ep his father will be showed up, n I'm so curious with a man who stood at the hospital n seating behind appa n SH (hahahha.. Don't blame me please if I'm too much). Oh god what should i do when this drama comes to end. i think I'll take more time to move on from this drama.
  3. Hiii.. Finally i decide to put my first comment on this thread, after a long time being a silent lurker n just keep pushing the emoticon buttonㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Ok let me first ask the JA mother, "can you (mom) just proud to have a daughter like JA??. Huuuh such an unbelievable moms being (glad my mom not that kind of mother). JA's mom reaction when she figure out about JH & JA relationship would be same like most of mother. In my case my ex bf mom act like JA mom's, since I'm a noona, n he is my best friend little brother n our age gap only 2 years apart, why she have to do that kind of things??back to the topic. I agree that they can solve about family matters till eps 12. N for the rest ep it must be workplace matters. I love this drama so much, because it's to realistic to me that's why I'm so in to this drama, even i have a struggle time when i have to watch it without any sub. So I'm so thankful to our angles translator n all the recaps :* Note : sorry for my bad English