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  1. Kim Hee Ae And Ji Jin Hee To Appear On “Running Man” Read more: Soompi
  2. HJ is trying to talk some common sense into him and she almost does until YD arrives. The man tries to stab the gang leader but HJ prevents him from. They start to fight... ...HJ is on the floor looking exhausted when JH arrives. (I hope she didn't get stabbed because my stream was lagging. I don't think she did since she was walking fine in the preview.)
  3. HJ goes in the gang leader's room and sees he's tied up with duck tape. The strange man comes behind HJ and grabs her. HJ is now sitting in a chair unhurt and strange man is explaining his situation while threatening them with the knife.
  4. HJ and JH are sitting on a bench talking outside the hospital.
  5. HJ is at a boxing ring and JH arrives. He starts talking and he does a defensive move and is behind her with his arm around her neck. He starts to laugh and I guess learned a couple moves himself. The end Something else happened but I couldn't much lag.
  6. SW's dad and grandfather are talking in an elevator (probably plotting ) The head doctors are in a meeting with other important people in the hospital
  7. HJ and SW are talking in the hallway of the hospital and HJ looks like she doesn't care what SW has to say to her. JH is in an airplane and starts talking to a woman because she looks like she is having trouble with her wrist. JH tries to ask friendly but she's acting mean. She gets up and starts walking but collapsed. HJ is talking to the gangster boss and he tells her thank you. The hospital gets a call about a helicopter coming and HJ and another doctor heads to the helicopter pad.
  8. Started HJ is driving with her nice expensive car. SW and YD(?) are talking somewhere Lagging a it just me?
  9. They are eating at a restaurant when a worker passes out and they send her to the hospital. 2nd lead dresses up for surgery and walks by HJ who is in the operating room. THE END NO PREVIEW!!!!
  10. HJ walks away and JH runs after her. Ji Soo arrives and offers her a ride. She accepts and rides. 13 years later... Repeat of scene in the first episode where HJ beats down everyone. SW is applying lipstick somewhere and practicing in the mirror. She is now talking to the 2nd lead (I don't know his name).
  11. Grandma passes away HJ is crying! Dad and stepmom arrive and stepmom doesn't seem remorseful. HJ is yelling at her. HJ arrive at the hospital and yells at SW's dad. He has no heart. He's a doctor who only cares about himself and owning the hospital. JH is running trying to find HJ. JH's friend is talking to HJ at the hospital. HJ is walking down the street and JH runs into her. They start to talk.
  12. WHO answers the phone during surgery?!!!!!! Stupid doctor!!!!
  13. HJ and SW are outside of the hospital talking and HJ gets on her knees and tries to apologize but SW just walks away. The next day, Grandma tries to wake HJ up and she doesn't. Grandma gets tofu out and forces HJ to eat some. They hug. JH announces to his class that he is leaving and says thank you. HJ is at the hospital with Grandma, who is about to go into surgery. (OMO is Grandma going to die?! )
  14. SH goes back to the police station and talks to the police. Her dad arrives and she refuses to leave. Her dad yells at her and she starts to cry. SH is now put behind bars while HJ is released. HJ is asking why she did this.