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  1. Hello everyone. Popped into to say HI. Been super busy and desperately need one of Sso's holiday retreats to feel human again. I just wanted to share that I'm okay with the calm on IG (though I miss their IG activity), I want peace, privacy and happiness for them more than anything else. Plus I'm imagining that they're ducking the public to meet secretly (**dream come true**). Hopefully I'll be painting Solim again once things settle down. Love you guys! See you later.
  2. Soon soon. With the move, the opening, so many bookings for the first few weeks plus the 150 painters in first few days of business, I'm so dizzy. I'm dealing with some acoustic issues and will have to paint lots of paintings, I mean acoustic panels, to solve the problem. More Solim will be eked in somehow! Miss you guys. Miss our couple
  3. Solim & WGM some would argue are pure fictional, yet here we are! Hehehehehe
  4. I'm very okay with it, if the real actors go directly to wrestle around on a bed after acting in a scene like this! Solim-love is quirky and indelible and fated.
  5. Guess Jae liked this post because he imagines Sso under that sexy biker chick outfit. One day...I hope his dreams come true...
  6. Well said. One big happy family! Cheers to that! Cheers to Solim! We have many more anniversaries to celebrate as @lovely_alain says there's 47+ years to go!
  7. Thank you @zarasolim the mural is huge about 10m X 2m. I'll let party guests start the mural but it will be seriously reworked after. Hopefully finish by 30th of June (my personal deadline). Stick Solim is perfect for starting...But you can't help seeing them get more and more beautiful. LOL
  8. Nevermind what I said. They're so freaking cute!!! Excellent job!!
  9. You must've considered the drunken karaoke pic for the OGS soundtrack. But of course neither of them looked stunning and gorgeous in that moment as compare to the reunion kiss... I'm loving your choices.
  10. @magicmione you better not be sick of hearing this cos I'm going to say it again. No wait, I'm going to shout it... "YOU ARE AWESOME!"
  11. Thank u. Normally for me long arduous paintings aren't my favorites but I have to say there's something about the tree kiss that is extra special. Pleasant surprise.
  12. I'm really pleased that I'm surrounded by lots and lots of "moving" energy. I have at least 4 close friends moving homes or offices, we're moving our studio and Solim thread has moved too. It's feeling very powerful and lucky...I'm hoping the massive positive energy flow and luck spreads to our OTP and their next drama gigs!
  13. Sure sure. Solim and Solimers are welcome to come and see the mural in the new studio with cameo appearance by Solim (tho I haven't started painting it yet.) Target finish date is end of June. Let me know if you're ambitious enough to paint Solim. I'd be super pleased to teach you how.
  14. Have fun making it beyond perfect...I know you'll have a wonderful time...and we get to enjoy the nuances.