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  1. Just spent the last few minutes to enjoy the updates. I can't wait to really catch up. I'm glad to report that after two grueling hours, the plastic surgery on our young patient was highly successful. She's doing well and her family is with her. She's expected to be 3000% as cute as her parents one day! For now she can be a happy, giddy and naughty little girl just like she was during filming! The surgery team (that's me) wish her all the best as Solim, the next generation. After looking at her again (painting version), she looks a lot like Jae's baby photo from WGM ep 9
  2. I'm out of the loop today cos it's so busy (life). I'll have to catch up later...this weekend and Labour Day Monday is looking crazy...real life has caught up with I have to deal. Missed Sso on FB. Missing Jae on CS3. I'm tackling Benjamin Button baby by giving her a new transplanted head...fingers crossed the surgery goes well. I'm setting a 2 hour micro deadline...wish me luck! Yay on, don't know what it is but can't wait to find out. @XXXlatebloomerXXX "I fail to understand how Hiro can fail to understand Solim shippers hearts". Again I want to say Baymax 6.0 ...I loved delivered the best game yet! So thought provoking!
  3. I would agree it felt very tied, in the sense I love them all so dearly. I scored Wall 1.0 kind of low and I feel bad cos I think our OTP did an incredible acting job and that kiss was heartbreaking mixed with desperation & with love. It was emotionally very complicated. Great big kudos to Solim!! I'd want to give them awards for every kiss!
  4. @YulHitokiri love your scoring for Baymax 6.0. 15/5 is a good score! LOL
  5. Good luck to them...but to our Solim we wish the same X 50 years X 3000%
  6. OMG how cute! The martial arts practice is back. Can we please get the WGM version? (From episode 14, Kim Obedient V Woon)
  7. I was tempted too. I used the last of my brainpower to do the analysis and math.
  8. Very nicely capped. How many takes?
  9. Here's my kissing score card. Nicely done @XXXlatebloomerXXX This was very challenging A. Wall 1.0 their first juicy on-screen kiss I was holding my breath, so bittersweet Role-Immersion : 5/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 4/5 Chemistry : 3.5/5 Authenticity : 3.5/5 Teamwork : 4/5 TOTAL : 20 /25 B. Wall 1.0 (BTS) too many distractions in the clip, not the best BTS Role-Immersion : 4/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 2.5/5 Chemistry : 3/5 Authenticity : 3.5/5 Teamwork : 5/5 TOTAL : 18 /25 C. Rain Pot If there was a BTS I'm sure it would score event higher due the interactions due to cold wet weather. I gave bonus for cold weather hotness, promise/feet-on-feet foreplay and wet kissing PLUS one extra point for story about the warm blanket Role-Immersion : 3.5/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 8/5 Chemistry : 5/5 Authenticity : 4.5/5 Teamwork : 6/5 TOTAL : 27 /25 D. Wall 2.0 this was one long kiss, if was such a deeply felt kiss, Role-Immersion : 5/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 7/5 Chemistry : 5/5 Authenticity : 5/5 Teamwork : 5/5 TOTAL : 27 /25 E. Wall 2.0 (BTS) long take bonus, different angle bonus, visible tongue bonus Role-Immersion : 5/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 8/5 Chemistry : 5/5 Authenticity : 5/5 Teamwork : 5/5 TOTAL : 28 /25 F. Tree Their last and arguably the most sexual kiss even though there is less tongue (it's the kiss that put a stop all other Solim OGS french kisses...stupid control freaks) Role-Immersion : 5/5 Dugeunx2 Factor : 10/5 Chemistry : 5/5 Authenticity : 5/5 Teamwork : 5/5 TOTAL : 30/25 Stunningly beautiful
  10. Sso looks cute. She was obviously playing in the studio's costume closet earlier. So it's entirely possible, the early outfit was part of her photo shoot? Lohacell, no more sexy Soeun?
  11. Sso's costume is for the live chat?! If so, OMG she's getting really 4D like Jae. I love it! So today she's very cutie and tomorrow she'll be super sexy...that's my hope!
  12. so freaking cute concept!!!! Sorry for the repeat But Solim is playing IG ping pong