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  1. Hello everyone. Popped into to say HI. Been super busy and desperately need one of Sso's holiday retreats to feel human again. I just wanted to share that I'm okay with the calm on IG (though I miss their IG activity), I want peace, privacy and happiness for them more than anything else. Plus I'm imagining that they're ducking the public to meet secretly (**dream come true**). Hopefully I'll be painting Solim again once things settle down. Love you guys! See you later.
  2. Soon soon. With the move, the opening, so many bookings for the first few weeks plus the 150 painters in first few days of business, I'm so dizzy. I'm dealing with some acoustic issues and will have to paint lots of paintings, I mean acoustic panels, to solve the problem. More Solim will be eked in somehow! Miss you guys. Miss our couple