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  1. @furu.vu217 @mrsj3n I'll be heading to work in an hour here soon so you two can still spoil me with today's episode! I can't help myself but refresh this forum to see updates. I'm loving it yet it's killing me at the same time since I have to hold off till after work.
  2. What's happening here???
  3. @lightbringer06 I like that version too but sadly it's not in the official album. But there's another guzheng cover of it by someone. It's good too.
  4. I'm so bored... Been doing a marathon on this for the weekend. This scene still breaks my heart every time... the tears, the betrayal, and the song. I can see/feel how FY deeply fell for WJ and compare those emotions to her first love, Senior Brother, in Mt. Xuanyuan, it's completely the opposite.
  5. Here's what I think next week will show us... Share what y'all think as well! I'm kind of hype for the second half and hope it meets expectations.
  6. Well... See y'all Monday! This is how I will be for the next 3 days.
  7. What? I didn't notice that. Haha. @mrsj3n
  8. Honestly, today's episode was draggy to me. I don't know what's happening. Everything is jumping from here to there. Can they just hurry up and move on to the next journey? I'm just skipping to the OTP moments here.
  9. Aww... Our OTP moments are so sweet today! I'm shipping them so hard right now but that's only an illusion! Lol.