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  1. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    hello everyone , I am gald that age of youth 2 is as awesome as 1 and of course I am very hooked. However Do you guys know where to watch ep 5 & 6 with eng subs?
  2. Hellol everybody, I wanted to share some love on this thread. Drama is just top. The stroy is very intense and filled with secrets and twists. I can not seem to quite relate to our prosecutor. His ways of thinking and acting are very pragmatic , analitic, rather reasonalbe and emotionless. I came to admire this dude so much. Thank you writer-nim for creating such an interesting character and thank you Jo Seung-Woo-shi for portraying him in this fantastic way. I am shocked to see myself at how emotions and feelings of pity and empathy for the others could really prevent me from seeing the real truth behind peoples actions. In two cases I found myself being carried away by my emotions and juging him for being heartless for not helping the mothers of CEO Park and the wife of the suspect. His ways of dealing with situations is way more effective than my way of thinking. First even if he left the mother outside and she was heartbroken to know she lost her dear son, he didn't care much about her state and he was rather chasing the murderer of her son. Which is 100 times better than trying to console the mother. (<--- this is what I would have done). Secondly he didn't care about the mental break down of the wife and her crying baby , he forced her to spill the bean about what she and her dead husband were trying to do to him rather than being apologetic and feeling guilty about the death of her husband. He is trying to find the truth about his death. This made me really reflect on my own ways of thing and began to think that emotions and feelings are really getting the best of me and my decision are 90% based on them. And I know sort of regret this and I will try to "learn" from this character in this drama, how to be more reasonable Bae Doona is my new girl-crush. Sorry for being this late to know about this amazing actress. She has so much charms that make her very unique in K-Drama Land. Now I am so eager to watch all her blockbuster movies. !
  3. no way!!!!!!!!!!!! MB is getting married?? so why did he do all of these sweet things to AR?
  4. Personally I have never meant to want them be "touchy feely" as you said. The actors of many other dramas, that I've watched, tend to be more comfortable around each other in a friendlier way. Even PSJ himself was more playful and relaxed with the cast of his previous dramas than here with KJW and generally the cast of FFMW. I was suprised to see him cold and stiff with this cast like this in those BTS , while it seems to me that KJW is trying to get more comfortable with him. Maybe he is giving all his energy to acting out his scenes perfectly and couldn't pay attention to the cast and try get closer and friendlier with them. They surely have a respectful working relationship but definitley not a comfortable one. That's my observation and that's all. I am not asking for anything from the actors. Just wishing them to have a good time and lot of fun while shooting this great drama. It is always nice to see that the actors even in BTS are close.
  5. Hello everyone; I am joining you now and then on this thread to share some thoughts and spread more love to this drama. First thought is that I am so freaking interested in Moo Bin's character . He gives me those cute and innocent vibes mixed with possessive and creepy vibes. I am unable to like him or dislike him. What do you guys think about his intentions with AR? Is it an old revenge towards DM? or does he really have a big crush on her and trying his best to seduce her just for her and without any other hidden thoughts? Side note: the kiss scene was soooo awkward and lame to the point I was asking myself "What was the director actually thinking to give an ok to this scene?" I am not asking for a racy stuff and I know he is not the main lead but still the two kisses were really weird. Anyways I am cheering for Choi Woo Sik . He is doing a good job as always. Hope to see more sides of Moo-Binie Second thought ist as many of you guys noticed the off screen chemistry between PSJ and KJW is not that heart-fluttering. She seems to like him and trying to be comfortable around him and tease him. But he is standing there like an ice-berg. Poor JiWonie.. I came to a conclusion that he is not interesting in her at all. And that's ok. It keeps me more grounded and not jump into shipping them in real life and end-up hurting when they date someone else.. So I think I souldn't be complaining . I just wish them to have an great time shooting this drama and celebrate their success afterwards. Both of them deserve the popularity and love this drama is getting. FFMW Fighting!
  6. I am thankful for all the shippers on board. And can't express how proud I am with all your posts. However I have to annoy you again and remind you that !!!!Quoting pics and videos in your replies is not allowed !!!!!! Let's be more careful and respect soompi rules, please. Otherwise this thread will get closed by soompi moderators.
  7. @swagpuppysong Thanks a lot for your nice words. Your post literally made me smile from ear to ear. I agree shipping is for the brave. It is not as easy as I thought, before creating this thread. But what keeps me going and not losing hope, even after her interviews make all confused and going nuts , is the fact that Nam JooHyuk described Lee SungKyung as a "hyung" and look at them now. Happily dating. So, I am promising myself to never give so much attention to PBY' interviews anymore and just stick to this ship until the very end. All shippers, Fighting !
  8. Why on earth did she say that there is no way to date HS?? That affirmation was so random in the artical it didn't make any sense to me. Filming the cheery-blossom scene was embarassing and her heart was pounding. And they told each other to finish filming quickly because they were filming a kissing scene in public. Ok until this part I can understand. BUUUT suddenly "there is no way PHS and I will date" hmmm I just don't get it, gurl... Should I prepare myself to accept that one of them is already taken or what?
  9. @afrilinky Thank you for the nice post. Please keep them coming But please don't compare PBY to an onion . She is a flower. A blooming flower. The inside is protected with many layers . No just kidding. I know what you meant and the metaphore is completly legit. Anyways I wanted to express two thoughts . First, about how great of a guy HS is, that Kwanghee wants him to marry his sister. Usually in boy-bands everytime the question about marrying their sisters to one of the band-mates, the boys will refuse coz they know each others very well and know how immature and crazy they are But it seems that HS is really a good-husband material. He must has a great sense of responsability and really must really friend reliable to his band-mates. What a great catch BY what a great catch gurl. Don't get stuck in your insecurities and crap and let this man slip out of your fingers. It remindes me of the scene in the hospital where AMH was mimiking BS : "You must think how could a great guy like him like someone like me? ". It was hilarious but I think PBY with her low self-esteem issue might think that way. She will find 100 reasons to push PHS away if she really gets caught up in her insecurites. " I am older than him. He is prettier than me, he is very popular and I can't cope with with that. We don't match visually etc etc etc " I know how bad insecurities can get. Because I have them However I sincerly hope she is not like that.And I hope she wouldn't sabotage her ownself. I hope PBY didn't hit that stage of low self-esteem. BUT all of this can change, if PHS keep his words like in the farewell video of SWDBS and will never stop no matter how hard she pushes him away. I don't know , but I think that part it was PHS talking about PBY and not AMH about DBS. JiSoo laugh and PBY smile and tapping his knee and him trying hard not to laugh at what he said , confrim my thought for me Second, about the moment in Singapur, when they showed the video of the famous scene of one step closer. I don't know if it is my delulu mind , but PHS was really touched and shy by the scene , while PBY was trying to take the scene lightly and she looked at him like "nothing biggie. " and faced the audience. While PHS watched the scene until the very end and then faced the audience but couldn't make eye contact with PBY. The expression in their faces are like PBY is confused about his reaction " why on earth is he acting like that? what is he shy about? is he really serious about me and wants to take that step closer? dude, are you seriously being all emotional about that scene right now? what does this mean?" and he didn't look smile at her like well it is nothing. It is just that cheesy scene. No he didn't look at her like at all. It is just like saying " well I am serious about this. This scene is everything to me and I want to make this happen. But the timing is not right yet. and you are not ready for me yet" In conclusion I hope PBY loves herself really quickly to be able to receive the love she deserves. And I am cheering for PHS to never give up on his BongBong.
  10. Hey @michy18 It was taken on "episode 0" of SWDBS, where the cast sat down and talked about the drama and showed some BTS , before the first episde of the drama has been aired. https://www.viki.com/videos/1116593v-strong-woman-do-bong-soon-special-episode-0
  11. @shanuuma Thanks for the good laugh, you gave me with your post. He really was crazy for himself and his happiness was out of control when it comes to BY expression any thoughts about him. Really cute. I wish I meet a man as transparent as HS. Really he has nothing to hide And welcome back to Soompi
  12. Thank you sooooo much for sharing the videos and pics ! Guys you are the best shippers ever. What I noticed is that PHS ristrected himself to keep his hand off PBY's shoulders, which is really sad. They had zero skinship. PBY seemed really clear that she is there to promote traveling to Korea and promote the drama. I had only that professional vibe from her. PHS was also trying his best to stick to the same attitude as BY. But he is at some points taking back by the teasing about him PBY as a couple. Not trying to ruin it for you guys but they seem to me that they decided to distance themselves from each other afterall.