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  1. Thank you sooooo much for sharing the videos and pics ! Guys you are the best shippers ever. What I noticed is that PHS ristrected himself to keep his hand off PBY's shoulders, which is really sad. They had zero skinship. PBY seemed really clear that she is there to promote traveling to Korea and promote the drama. I had only that professional vibe from her. PHS was also trying his best to stick to the same attitude as BY. But he is at some points taking back by the teasing about him PBY as a couple. Not trying to ruin it for you guys but they seem to me that they decided to distance themselves from each other afterall.
  2. delete the video from your quote, please.
  3. Please do not quote pics and videos. I beg you. I hope that we are all having fun here. So please don't put this thread at risk to get closed by the moderators.. Thank you.
  4. you are more than welcome and we will be looking forward to your fanart!
  5. LOL ! He is so cute with this unique description of PBY aura! I think he is totally and opnely expressing his crush on her. I love his boldness.
  6. this is an off topic subject but I can't help but need to vent in here I saw an IG video taken by "fans". They literally chased PBY and JS. Specially PBY. My poor little girl. She wasn't in the mood to take pics but those fans forced themselves on her and took selfies with her, while she was hiding her face and just trying to walk out of the airport. How could people be so insensitive and rude to the actors , that they claim they love and support?? It was very clear she was not feeling well. They coulf have snapped a pic of her from afar but why trying to stick to her and take a selfie ? Why chase her like crazy like that ? It wasn't welcoming gesture to me it was rather a harrassement. I feel bad for the actors and I doubt they are having fun. People must be stealing pics of them whenever and whereever they see them to the point , if I were them I won't be willing to leave my hotel-room. Anyway I wish people will give them some privacy and respect their boundaries and not turn into creepy stalkers and make them feel uncomfortable. Let the puppies enjoy their time, jeabal!
  7. I have never read such an answer to be honest. I was very surprised and believe it or not I had a little heart-attack while reading the article At first I thought the title is just a clickbait . But it wasn't. He really said it like that. Now after turning back to my realistic-pessimistic mind , I think he might have said it like that to continue profiting from the popularity of SWDBS and promote the drama further. I am traumatized with IU-LJK ship , So now I started doubting all celebrities with good-chemistry that they might be just doing their flirting as a fan-service. But there is always a glimpse of hope when I also see celebrities , who got marriend. Never mind. I am going crazy with my ship.
  8. ^me after reading HS's interview. Am I seeing things or did he say he LOVED her and wanted to love her more but sadly the drama ended???!!!!!!!! No he didn't!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!!! After reading some theories about why his interview was delayed this much, I kind of expected the answer to be he is 0% not interested in PBY and his agency trying to fix his answers and make them more diplomatic. BUT those answers he gave , are leading me more and more to stick with this ship. I wish I could teleport to Bali and see PBY's face and reaction after reading his interview. If they are not in a relationship already and he never told her about his interview my poor girl with have a mental break down If I was her, I would be restless and all confused and go like " should I ask him what he meant? or should I play it cool and wait for him to explain what he said? should I take him seriously or should I stay calm and composed and act it is nothing? " Her vacations are surely ruined, if he does not explain himself.
  9. BonBong was caught at the airport even in her ninja modus!
  10. Happy 20 pages yeorabun ! I remember the first week after creating this thread I was all alone on my ship. Now everyday a new shipper joins us and we are at 385 replies and more than 21 000 views ! I am just happy to see how much love our puppies are getting and I am thankfull for all of you, who decided to stick with this ship no matter what ! I love how is everyone so kind and supportive of the two actors on their paths. It is a delight to read your thoughts and watch your shared videos and news about our couple. Sending you virtual tight hugs ! Saranghaeyo
  11. Hello @estherlim Please don't be overwehlmed by the thought of how would people react if the knew you are going to meet some celebrities.. They will be happy for you if you won the lottery and get to greet BY and HS. And remember here the whole shippers are cheering for you and we will be glad if you share some pics with us. We only live once. So let's do whatever the hell could make us happy If you need any hlep to come-up with excuses or cover ups, I am your girl! I tend to be very creative in that area. @dolphin90 welcome to our ship. Well, he calls her often" BoYoung-shi." ======================================================== I red the artical wrote about The director of SWDBS, he said that he let the actors ad-lib a lot and let them act out the scenes, in their own ways , so a lot of the acting and interraction between our OTP is genuine and they were them being themselves.That's why in the BTS and in the drama the line between Bongbong Minmin and PHS-PBY interraction is very blurred. I can't get over that hug in yesterday's video. I know after sharing so much time together, it is so natural for them to grow closer and that hug might be just in a friendly way. But I feel that she was really overwehlmed by that moment and needed to share with him how greatfull and happy she was. I mean I bet, if it was JiSoo who was next to her she wouldn't have hugged him that way. I feel already they are very close in real life. And all what is needed is that one step. I am eager to see a bunch of pic of them while having fun and hanging out just to fuel more our shippers hearts .
  12. oh my God! The hug was full of greatfullness and the look and smile she gave him after that were really full of affection ! I wish we could have seen HS's face. Our puppy couple being their usual lovable selves is just so cute . I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being, who they are as actors. PBY and PHS are really amazing. Now let's keep our fingers crossed until we hear some good news about them.
  13. Hello MingMing I noticed that , too. I was like "oOoOoooh Someone is giving HS some hints!" I am happy to see them all smiling and bright on their last filming day and the good-bye video was giving me so much positive vibes from these lovely persons. It wasn't all drama and tears and sadness like other projects coming to an end. It was very light-hearted atmosphere. PBY and PHS are really happy viruses. In the new BTS our puppy couple are being their cute selves again. I can't wait to see today's episode followed with new BTS . and Happy easter everyone !
  14. lol yes sure ! why not? we are here in this thread mainly just trying to help out PBY with her dating life.
  15. I don't think he would dare to confess to her, if he was not sure of her feelings, while they are still have more scenes to shoot. That would ruin the rest of the shooting and they will be so awkward around each other. If I was HS I will never take such a risk. I guess as blueroses and mings30 said, they might had a bad day or got into a little argument or simply not comfortable being watched by many peoples and fans taking their pics.. Here is a crazy thought, what if PBY fell in love with the actor playing the kidnapper and now she is taking her distances from HS.. I mean, I watched him in a interview and he is fun, very charming and good-looking and he is a model as well.. Oh God Oh God Dear JTBC, we need new BTS, BECAUSE the last one is making all of the shippers uneasy ..