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  1. Maybe someone already explained this and I missed it, but is there a reason why all the girl's name end in "Lan"?
  2. I agree. I also think it was the fact that she didnt belittle his daughter due to her mother. He is looking for someone who wont look down on his kids and I think that made him look at her twice.
  3. I felt so bad for QH's servant. That should have shown hin how little power he has to protect someone and that he should stop playkbg with Minglans future. That moment at the end bw GTY and ML was the preview that I saw and I think he is looking at her like he admires her and is ready to try and win her.
  4. Maybe a combination of the first two. I dont think she likes Dr.He romantically, at least from one convo she had with her grandma where she was pushing Dr. He to her and she seemed to say that he deserved someone who really cared for him and that it wasnt her. But maybe this is bc she likes QH and she thinks there is still some hope.
  5. While I do feel for QH, I do think he made some big mistakes in how he asked for his family to accept Minglan. However, it wouldnt have mattered anyways since his family wouldnt consider her for main wife. And if she had managed that, she would have suffered a lot on his household. So I am ready for us to move past this storyline and I don't know if the doctor was portrayed better in the book but I really could care less about him in the drama. I saw some previews and I feel like GTY is looking at Minglan differently, but she doesnt seem equally interested. Is it just me?
  6. @linhlinh111 Thanks for the info about MN. I agree that her character in the drama is overdone, it would have been better to see her done like the book. I feel like her book personality is often given to second male leads.
  7. @zenya22 Yeah, I think how he chose to ask this of his parents was completely wrong. He also made a mistake by telling Minglan that his family was going to propose and just creating situations that put Minglan at risk when he couldnt defend her. ChangBai is the best <3
  8. mrsyooknit

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    He gained more recognition due to ZLY and OGT, but when I see Huang Bin promoting him ... He is a good actor just not attractive imo. Right now, she is going to take a break and not jump back to work which I think it is a good thing. As much as I like seeing her dramas, having a baby is hard. I think she worked hard enough to enjoy spending time with her baby at home without rushing back to work.
  9. I dont ship them but she is cute with QH. I felt bad for him. They do make a cute first love type of couple. It made me wish they could get married but then I think that if she had married him her life would have been really hard in his household.
  10. I felt for QH during this last episode, he just seems so young and inexperienced fumbling around to give her that present. I always thought he was good but that scene really impressed me. I just think he probably needs to pick his roles better. Some of his previous roles didnt show his range. I think it is a first for me to see this type of lighting but I think it works really well. I read that FSF said those scenes were really hard to film bc they had so many candles that sometimes it was difficult to breathe. So while I understand her wanting to better herself, she was very insincere in her feelings for him. She could have a good life as a concubine but she kept ruining his chances to marry bc she wanted to be the main wife. And in the end she was willing to sell all his stuff and leave him in his time of need so it was better to cut your ties with someone like that. He was too good to her and that is why she was able to take his son away. The fact that she only took his son kind of shows that she really doesnt care for her kids either. Yes, the drama does deserve to be watched in HD. It feels like we are looking into life during those times.
  11. mrsyooknit

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    So I remember when OGT was announced a lot of fireflies were really upset bc the rumor was the Huang Bin was using it to promote his actors and got ZLY stuck with the drama in between filming not letting her rest before Minglan. She was filming like two things at a time with a really hard schedule. Then Jin Han and the other guy wrote on their weibo that they were under ZLY's studio. HOWEVER, after OGT Jin Han removed that from his bio and now that ZLY is not longer with Huang Bin, he is still promoting Jin Han. All of this leads me to believe that the rumor that her fans had at the begining was true. I dont think Jin Han is under her studio but under Huang Bin and that they just said that to avoid her fans making a big deal. I am glad that ZLY left Huang Bin. Anyways, I stopped watching OGT early on bc it just didnt keep my interest. ZLY was super cute but they added so much stuff to the book. What I liked about the book was that it was just about their relationship. A let down because she rarely films modern dramas and I was really looking forward to it. Hopefully, next time she gets a better script.