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  1. Drama awards nowdays are still controversial eventough they become more and more carefull. Why the winners came to the ceremony while those who didnt win didnt come? Because each SBS, KBS, MBC have their own award system, and still unfair system. SBS is usually sending message to actors' head agency (minus the said actors' acknowledgement) that they win, sometimes they stick to the rating ( even the table of TOL casts was far behind, that's trully disrespectul actually. Korean usually put less famous persona little bit far behind, you can see it in other variety shows such as Happy Together -the more famous you are the closer you sit to yoo jae sook-) It's trully mechanical and well thought. SBS gave SJ award because he did shine in TOL, LBY and JS deserve the awards and people agree. But again SBS stick to popularity such as Suzy and LJS ( no offense, but i still consider her not that good in acting wise). My thought about why SHJ didnt win is because TOL rating is not impressive but again WYWS also got same fate. However LJS and Suzy are famous to public domain ( money) while SHJ is great in acting domain (she's popular but she's not an idol)YSJ is great they cant ignore him because no one in his category deserve it. If you want fair and square system then TVn and JTBc are great examples. They truly make auditions, they dont care about public dictations, ignore the rating, chose unique plots, unknown yet young directors. If an idol deserve a role then they will give it all along with fair judgement. But they usually stick to real actors. Im not familiar with MBC and KBS but it's likely they are in the same pond as SBS.
  2. Korean awards system is really confusing tho', it is notoriously unfair. If you know your biases wont attend an award it's likely they wont win any award. Korean people hate this system and actually KBS started this thing. Few years ago there was a movie award where the winners were already leaked to the public days before the ceremony and all of them came while those who didnt win refused to come. It was not because of they felt hurted but because the system was really shady ( jang nara's movie even won a daesang while her movie didnt aired yet). There was also a controversy regarding Suzy won daesang for acting ( for her drama with kim wo bin i think) while the veterans didnt. I think Suzy herself knew she didnt deserve it. She looked embarassed. Everybody was really furious and demanded fair excecution towards who deserve awards. This is also some of many reasons why many actors decided not to invole with drama. I think most of TOL casts didnt attend because they knew they wont win. So sad SHJ didnt make it, but happy SJ won. He deserve it.
  3. I love seeing how shy and shock SJ was. He looked humble and sincere. I remember how he was trying real hard to express himself in the TOL promotional interviews and SHJ seemed to understand and she directly said " i will say it first". I think he's a very passionate person in doing what he wants but since he's really shy he finds it difficult to articulate it. Congratulation SJ. Your On Jung Sun really gives a pang in my heart.
  4. I despise korean drama awards, there are many dramas that are acting/plot/cinematic/artistic wise deserve awards. Dramas jury board usually stick to rating which i find it absurd. But im happy seeing SJ again, i miss SHJ, want to see her sitting beside SJ ( and half picturing him tangling his fingers to SHJ's)
  5. Usually when an actors dont show up it's because they get no award.
  6. Lol, i thought i was the only who consider that wasn't YSJ's hands. I was like "that's not your hands Sejongaaa~~~"
  7. Thanks so much for giving me clues. Anyway, im fine with one minute kiss hahahaha...that's reminds me of a french (or American) movie (perhaps casablanca?). The only one thing that irk me is in the drama version JS didnt move his hands when he kissed her, and when i saw the bts he did and then i felt neutral (i dont know why). I notice that during this drama SJ's stature is stiff, maybe because he's a shy person. However, im glad that in the next long kisses before falling off the bed JS pulled HS's body quite close to his, perhaps because SJ felt more comfortable with HJ, it made me said "that's what lovers should do, good boy". On the other hand i find it funny that when JS lied down HS on the kitchen counter and on the bed HJ didnt move her legs ( or spread to be precised, she did it in Oh Hae Young), i dont know why, perhaps because i was thinking of HJ's waist? I bet her waist was quite hurt. Regarding the news outlet wrote that SJ calls HJ "noona", well seeing SJ's well mannered habit i bet that he calls HJ off camera as noona but on camera as noonasunbaenim/sunbaenim.
  8. Huh? What kiss bts? Was it long? At which minute? Anyone can help me?
  9. Also you ladies should try watching Voice's KJW....tho that's not for a weak heart. For those of stubborn hearts Voice is a bout a serial killer anyway...
  10. I didnt really like him in Romantic Doctor, i didnt ship him with HJ's character until i saw him tended his father's wounds in the last episode, he was brimming with tears, he looked so sad and torn between his respect to his father and his will to be himself, and that was the moment i like his acting. In TOL his acting is far above his other rookie peers, i cant forget his pain screammed at his mother, his brimming tears seeing HS's tears in the bus stop, or when he felt so insecure toward JW. I think SJ is quite a sensitive person, he's easy to cry (HS's confession, HS's wants him to put the ring, when they r in the swings...omg, this guy has a soft heart). I now understand why he is called a rookie monster, his acting is far far better that other rookies. On the other hand, i love KJW in Voice, i cant shed his acting in that drama, he was so freaking scary and twisted that it took 1 month for me to watch the whole drama. As for Hyun Jin...she's my queen!
  11. I restrain myself from making any "ship" possible because i learn it the hard way, but yes i heard that sound and im happy because SJ looks comfortable around HJ. Cha Tae Hyun said that HJ tends to act sweet and caring and cute around people she care about and obviously SJ is one of them. I remember the rehearsal of the "train kiss", when SJ stumbled and trapped HJ around his arms, he looked shy, embarrassed, and he didnt dare to look at HJ's eyes. HJ also looked down on to her feet, trying to make the air less awkward. Now im so happy they look close, laughing after the intimate scenes and tangling their fingers even when the director didnt say action. I should stop this.
  12. I hope i dont break any rules and i hope these help..or did anyone already post this? Anyway...thanks for the thoughts and comments. It was such a delight journey. I wish you ladies the best. See you until the next drama!
  13. Well...if what we have been watching is not scorching hot chemistry between OnSoo then i dont know what is. I really like that JS looking at HS 's quite long that i belive it's not even written in the script. He has a knack of improvising things to escalate the acting. I love seeing SHJ looking at YSJ in her character...like YSJ said..SHJ eyes have magic that makes him love her. I believe that Jung Sun loves Hyun Soo the way YSJ wants his character to love HS. And I believe than HJ loves him the way she wants her character does. The sparkles and the smiles and the touches and the stares are meaningful. That's what i call as chemistry.
  14. It seems like YSJ finally calling her "noona" hahahaha...and this making me feel like YSJ acts like a little puppy in front of everybody. He's so adorable..
  15. Oh and the meaning of his tattoo... that he represent himself as salt, a good guy who make everyone stick together again. I think he would sacrifice himself for the sake of others' happiness.