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  1. "Uri" is a a sweet endearment close to "my...", like "my mum, my love" etc
  2. Did BY really read this forum?!
  3. God! They r so look alike...
  4. This makes me sad, not to myself, but to them...i dont know why.
  5. Does anyone here is buying SWDBS dvd version? Please please please share the BTS with us...(is it ok for asking this? Sorry if this isn't appropriate)
  6. I like PBY since her first movie, thinking that this little girl acts more mature than her age. I love her horror movie, and i like how strong her will to try different roles. On the other hand, i didnt know PHS, i did know ZEA, but i love BB, i've seen him in High Society (tho i watched it for 2 ep only). I didnt watch Hwarang(cant stand the plain acting of the main leading lady), but HS did catch my attention (there's some driving force of him that make me want to watch despite poor storyline). I rarely ship an actress with an actor, maybe because the reasonable part of me that talk, maybe because im a kind of an old avid fan of kdramas and kmovies that i know it's all bussiness and fan services on front of camera. However this the first time for me to invest to this ship because i like the idea of them being together, right from the ELLE photoshoot (i love the concept, they looked like a random real couple taking pictures in a random photobooth in the mall). And most importantly, there's something going on between them (i strongly believe this), from the body language, smirks, glances and all (sounds like a broken record now). Now how about if the ship wont work? Then what can we say? I would get sad but then again it's their life. I think deep down we will accept what will happen in the future, be it HS work with other actress and BY do her first bed scene with other actor, or BY and HS work together again in a heartwrencing melodrama that makes us love them evenmore. Either way i will be fine, and i believe we all be ok, but i'd like to keep the life of Min Min and Bong Bong together with their twin girls somewhere in my heart, the moment where MM and BB having cute little fights, playing games, going to anisoft together and BB would work on her new game in that little office while Manager Choi tells her that MM is waiting for her in the seminar room. Happy shipping everyone.
  7. Oh my god hahahahaha...i can picture your face while you were saying this.
  8. Ok now i have a bad thought...
  9. Someone in the main SWDBS main forum just said that we shouldn't care about couple items, it doesnt indicate anything, but HS rarely wear the white cap unless when BY wears it makes me believe even more that this is indeed a couple hat.
  10. Ah, the library bts, the off guard HS looks little bit shy after she pulls him away. OMG YOU TWO!!!
  11. Sometimes im wondering how could BY survive living for 5 months as BS and get stared by HS..i mean look at him.
  12. I dont understand with all this manager thingy. He's HS's manager right? Then he's close to him, but then it makes him really cautious with liking pics, so bashing him is not wise. Regarding him posting JS and BY pic, oh girl, i know that feeling, i've been there before, but then again i just realized that it's impossible in anyway. In HS's case there is probability, the gestures and all. But then again you will say "how do you know? Have you meet them?". Actually i dont know but have you been in love? I dont know about you but that's how i look like when i crush so hard on someone. So thinking about HS's real character and comparing his vids with his other co stars i sure say that he's tad having a crush on BY. But then why JS is impossible? Because BY's and HS's and JS's character. I see it as JS is safe for her being together on the public, but not HS. If BY wasn't in Baeksang then HS would. The logic is HS is too obvious and it'll sparks severe rumors again. As everyone see on SG event, he was like a ticking bomb for me, blushing here and there, trying his best to catch glimpses on BY, and when Park Bo Mi said "oooh it's because BY is lovely" naahhh...i wouldnt say it's the sole factor. He tried to bump her in BTS ( when BY went homw drunk) hovering her when she's in the couch, etc. Even i never see BY stealing glances to her co star before and i have been in k drama for almost 15 years. Meanwhile JS would feel intimidated to BY, he's the youngest, the most inexperience one, i think this is why he's so awkward around BY ( and other actresses). I wouldn't say he's anti social, it's just that he's not that kind of a person and him and BY is not compatible, BY will be the dominator and BY says it's not her type. But how about the interviews? I mean you see the stark differences on the interviews, he said he loves her, the other one said no, and it sounds planned, but again what r you expecting from those? That HS and BY confessing they r indeed a couple? If JS and BY are the couple i think HS would say "nope", and BY wouldn't spend her energy on denying that, she just need to stay silent. Moreover, none of HS's IG has a single pic of him and BY in one frame, which is funny thing for me, he's doesnt want to spark rumor because "he never post a pic with a girl", but JS posted his pic with BY? I dont know man but in JS's pic it seems like " looky looky, im with BY and im her fan" and that's it. Because they indeed a colleague to each other, and JS feels it safe to show it to the public. I think we should just enjoy the ride, it is bumpy but stay positive and be nice.
  13. Oh my god what is happening?!