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  1. Hallo, I read somewhere that Dispatch usually have some pics of celebrities who are dating far before they release those pics and my thoughts come to these two. One of the main reasons why many celebrities dont date publicy is because it will harm their relationship. Premature confirmation or leaking pics will end romance. Dispatch usually have the pics and they will send those said celebs in relationship to their agencies, if the agencies pay them to not release the pics then dispatch wont release it. If the agencies refuse to pay then dispatch will release it. This also reminds me of how HS agency seems close to Dispatch, and i find it little bit weird because his agency didnt bother covering SongSong couples. In my instict is i believe that HS is indeed has a relationship with someone we all know, but we wont know it anytime soon because his agency pay Dispatch to not reveal it considering he's in hot demands. What's the different from Song Hye Kyo and HS romantic relationship? Because SHK is a veteran (she rules her own life) everybody ship her with SJK and HK is known to be a stubborn actress and JK is very serious with this relationship. HS doesnt deny nor confirm this relationship, he hints so many things here and there but still no confirmations. I believe dispatch already have some crucial pics ( many IG from fans confirm that BY was here and there, and HS did this and that) HS agency put Dispatch close to them because of this. Well?
  2. She and lee kwang soo are friends, like real friends, he adores her. Lee kwang soo actually still likes lee sung kyung. Call me crazy but BY's smirk is like " be careful, later..."
  3. And this ~my friends~ is the reason why we suspect that HS is indeed special for her. She is in charge of with whom she could take a promotion, drama, cf, program, whatever with, she is strong enough to not let anyone to dictate her decision. She was with these guys on public promotions because they are safe, she isn't seen with HS in public because it will harm their relationship (i dont care if anyone call me crazy, im happy)
  4. OH MY GOD! WHEN I OPENED THIS FORUM AND THEN I SAW "OFFICIAL" AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE REALLY OFFICIAL!!! Im sorry for the capital letters, i was literally screaming in the middle of the library!
  5. I also feels little bit weird ( in a good way) that he introduces himself as his character in SWDBS, maybe because the drama is airing right now but isn't it in Taiwan? I feel like he just cant move on from his CEO persona, which i call it as bad and good thing. It's a good thing because i think it means he's really appreciative toward his character, he also feels that Min hyuk is his alter ego (but isn't it he said that he's just him but in a different name?). I believe that by him keeps introducing himself with this name he has this thoughts of dating/marrying BY which is basically BS in a different name. Hs is quite honest, when he said he felt nothing while kissing another actress (in almost rude tone) means he meant what he meant (poor Ka Hi), so i believe he has this soft spot for MH, i mean he was basically "naked" playing MH, what we see is what we get, and i think he indeed thinking of marrying BY ( his heart felt full right?) Bad thing because he should take another project, however i doubt it would give him a big impact on his soul like SWDBS did.
  6. Ooohhhh...him pointing the pic only and not the whole thing is verrryyyyy interesting to me.
  7. It's SongSong couple, i hope it will be ParkPark couple next..
  8. I think im missing sommething here..please someone help me "what's up with the necklace?"
  9. Im siwan singing Because of You and said he knows HS's secrets? I dont know man, that sounds obvious to me.
  10. This reminds me when Gok Doo trying to teach Min Hyuk a lesson or two, about what to do with Bong Soon if she couldnt sleep and Min Hyuk said "i know, she likes mountain, baseball, spicy foods and chicken feet...if she cant sleep then i will make her tired "(dirty thoughts~sigh~). Somehow i think what he said was another adlibs and he totally asking what BY faves are.
  11. HS will do a fan meeting in japan and not even BY will send him a congratulatory message? I think there will be a fan meeting in taiwan for SWDBS leads since the show is airing and reaching highest rating there but the question is will BY attend it? It's always a curious case for me why SJK-SHK act so real in front of each other, or Gong Yoo -Kim Go Eun support each other freely. What's with the effort from BY to not getting caught up? Why BY act so cautiously toward gossips regarding her connection to HS? We all know that BY-HS are big fan of the same singer but what's with BY sneakingly listen to the songs in the dark while HS enjoyed the concert with his parents? I watched a video on youtube about a group of westerners watching SWDBS for the first time and right from the first second they admire the strong chemistry. So in my mind "unless my mind plays some tricks on me i believe that they are real, and people, i mean i-nets and k-nets agree that BY-HS are meant to be together so what make them so scared to tell the truth? or perhaps these two are just friends?" Sorry now because i sound like a broken record.
  12. "Uri" is a a sweet endearment close to "my...", like "my mum, my love" etc