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  1. Im so happy to know this thread, to know you ladies. When you all were talking about buying the blue-ray of SWDBS i was quite sad, because i couldnt watch the BTS clips and all of director cuts. Buying blue-ray cd is a privilage for me, a poor student who arw far from home, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these videos, they are really cure my heart from missing this drama.
  2. I think the interview held in the beginning of the promotion, you can see that from BY's and JS's outfit. HS was the only one who changed his outfit. Saying that BY doesnt like HS is little bit tacky because they were in the first few episode of the drama. I think these three are close to each other that it's easy for them to say whatever thoughts they have in mind. Perhaps HS was little bit hurt i dont know, perhaps BY just wanted MH belongs to HS only and BY indeed likes to say "gokdoyaaahhh..." ( i like hearing her say that, soft and sweet). But saying BY doesnt like HS? I dont think so. In the end of the story BY HS created the OTP that almost the whole world want them to date for real. However, we dont know wether they will/are dating, but i believe they are in good term. The chemistry off screen is too undeniable that if BY didnt like HS as a person then there was a problem with her. Ooohhh i want to see Ji Soo plays Minhyuk. About the secret talk, i did see that BY and HS exchanged smirks and looks and BY tapped his knee. Like they have a little secret to keep.
  3. No, that's the actual translation, as u can see there is a small pic of BY and he was blushing because the MC knows which button she should push to make HS blushing. The MC is just the park-park couple shipper and she is just fanning the flame. Omg see! Everybody is shipping them!
  4. I think park-park shippers are everywhere, even my friends who are strangers to korean drama said that "there's something about this guy that telling me he's sooo into her". They are even shipping them real hard. Your explanation is really plausible. BY wasnt go anywhere and was drunk , and HS was on the way to the airport when the messages appeared and it's not her habit to post something like that on her fan cafe. My guess is her fancafe runs by her, not by her agency or her managers. Strangely, the messages appeared on BY fan cafe right? Because fancafe (daum cafe for instance) is open for public, and different from fanclub, fancafe is free (in fanclub u have to pay for membership) and used by many celebrities, corporates , and agencies. Everybody can join in, even us the international fans, you just need a good understanding in written and spoken korean. Fancafe is the place where you exchange information or share your diary. I think it's a reckless action for BY to posted it on her fancafe, but she was drunk but we cant blame her, i mean HS was leaving and i think it's same thing like drunk calling/text your ex or your bf, and im grateful for her recklessness sometimes. I think BY needs to let loose little bit. Sometimes i cant imagine how it feels to be her.
  5. I dont really understand the mentality of " if i cant get oppa then no one can". They just hurt themselves.
  6. I love big bang, but i dont even know all of their songs. In fact i like super junior, i stan these two groups for at least 6 years and they help me when i was lonely in the first year i live in sweden, but i still confuse about their names. In saturated climate of boy and girl bands of korea it takes time and dedication to remember all of your idol songs. Moreover, HS is the main vocalist and BY can sing, it normal for her to stan HS if it's true.
  7. I dont think those caps are from the sponsor or ad, ji soo is the second male lead, so it means he has to have it also, but he didnt. Also i dont see any other cast to have other vibrant baseball cap. In fact, the PDs and the director at least should have it. The sponsorship works as a mass advertisement, so it will be better if all the casts also wear the same cap brand. Like sunglasses to oh my ghost whole casts and crews. Or bracellets to another oh hae young casts and crews. In fact im little bit in doubt about thw grey shirt, since it's too common.
  8. I dont understand why she feels unconfident with her stature, when i watch "dont click" she looked so mature as the victim's sister, she gave this mature and pain that only a veteran actress can give. In " young hot blooded" she was a leader and it reminds me of Bong Soon, however i was little bit sceptical because it's no way a small girl like her can kick others' a**, but then again i watch " you call that passion" and she nailed it. I think she's able to pick much darker, meater, twisted characters in the future, much better if it's in a saeguk.
  9. Pppssstttt...nope sis, you r not "implying" anyhing
  10. BY has a privilege to chose her own co-star, just what Joo Won did to his co star in Neil Chantabile. Or Kim So Hyun to Jun Ji Hyun. Afterall she said that it took a long time for this drama to pick her male lead. She can pick her own project whenever and whatever she wants, plus she also can say whatever she wants in her interviews. Her interviews didnt sounds scripted at all, and for HS case, i doubt that his agency dictate his interviews, remembering how Yoo Ah In is so fluent in expressing his political opinion and how SHK date her co stars freely.
  11. Oooohh i believe HS was just trying his luck. So my question is "who did send her those 3 messages on her DC forum?"
  12. Oh, Nam joo hyuk denied that he close to LSK, like saying she is like an older brother to him. Funny tho thinking their circumstance today. Still im happy since one of my ships has sailed.
  13. You really need to read soompi regarding nam jo hyuk hinting that he had a crush on lee sung kyung before they became official. He reminds me of HS saying things about BY and BS.
  14. No, it's because of BY, i believe she would restrict herself from getting closer to HS like in BTS, while their fans would shower them with questions and all regarding their dating rumor, and HS would blushing, gaze down and feel guilty for saying all those confessions... Sad.