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  1. Wendy (Red Velvet) – What If Love (Touch Your Heart OST Part 3) So much that I don’t know Honestly, it’s hard I don’t know the right timing Why do things keep messing up? Thanks to POPGASA
  2. Lee Dong Wook Gets Jealous After Mistaking Yoo In Na’s Manager As Her Boyfriend In “Touch Your Heart” DRAMA PREVIEW SOOMPI
  3. Text preview ep6 정록과 진심은 임윤희 사건 2차 공판을 준비하며 야근이 잦아진다. 퇴근길 엘리베이터에 갇힌 두 사람. 어쩐지 심장이 쿵! 내려앉는데... ‘이 감정은 뭐지?’ 정록은 진심을 데리러 온 ‘아는 오빠’ 혁준이 묘하게 신경 쓰인다. 한편, 단서를 찾고자 임윤희 사건 현장에 간 정록과 진심. 불시에 누군가로부터 습격을 당하는데...!
  4. Do they drink? Who will drive the car back home? Will they stay there? ))) ps/ I don't know how much you can drink to be allowed to drive in Korea/
  5. "The Item" Struggles Even With Headliner Joo Ji-hoon 2019/02/19 | 69 views | Permalink | Source MBC drama "The Item" is not doing well. Despite having top actor actor Joo Ji-hoon on the front line and having been the topic of conversation since before it came out, the drama is quite disappointing with what Sports Donga calls "its milk-and-water" completion of the story. HANCINEMA
  6. 4 Things We Loved & 1 Thing We Hated About Episodes 3-4 Of “Touch Your Heart” FEATURES Feb 20, 2019 by Belinda_C This week on “Touch Your Heart“: After a little bonding time, Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) decides to give Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) a chance to be a proper secretary. However, for an actress to take on such a complex work scope in such a short amount of time proves to be a daunting matter. Nevertheless, Yoon Seo is determined to really give it her all, and through it, Jung Rok and Yoon Seo learn important lessons from each other. Here are some of the things we loved and hated about this week’s episodes: Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 3 and 4 below. SOOMPI
  7. I'm in ))) i bet on classic ер 12. === Playlist from ep3 for Dan Moon-Hee. She reminds me character from old russian cartoon - an amorous crow ))) Jeff Taylor, Allison Taylor - Can't Live Without Your Love
  8. I think she has long given up trying to explain that story and make excuses, no one believed her before and she does not hope that they will believe her now. And if they believe, they will begin to ask about the persecution. And we have already seen that even the mention of a similar situation paralyzed her. She clearly does not want to show her condition.
  9. Hi @evie7 dear! This chaebol is a real psychopath. He watched her for two years! Brrr What is he waiting for? They showed us BTS looong kiss scenes from Goblin, so we wait here )))
  10. J Rabbit – Oh? Heart! (Oh? 진심!) Touch Your Heart OST Part 2 Yes, everything is so new for me Something that has a feeling You know? Whatever it is, make it hip and elegant I’m pretty picky Thanks to POPGASA
  11. Hi, my dear! And hello to all ))) I think that actress could have set up the situation that provoked a scandal, throw off OYS opponent and take her star place.
  12. Chen (EXO) – Make It Count (Touch Your Heart OST Part 1) Time is a strange thing Only after it passes You long for it A sweet dream When you open your eyes It may still be clear But soon, it gets far away and disappears lala Thanks to POPGASA as always