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  1. 2handsintertwined

    Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

    Wow! You are all talking about things I don't understand! I'm sorry I can't add to the conversation! Well thanks for the updates. I hope some of you LBH fans don't think, "She's only here because she's bored." I hope some of you aren't thinking, "I don't like her." Well, I think you're wrong. I said I Saw the Devil was the first Korean film I saw. I was curious about his thread. Now I'm here. If you don't like me or trust me you don't have to. I noticed a lot of you don't respond to me. I won't complain just makes me sad. So.... I finished Masquerade! My thoughts: I think LBH's character was funny. I think he was brave. I think he would make a great king. Sometimes I prayed, "Please don't find out he's not the real king." I enjoyed his acting. I enjoyed everyone's acting. I always think, "I don't think the King can trust his Court." So LBH was amazing! I finished Inside Men! My thoughts: Wow! I loved this one so much. I kept asking how will LBH's character get his revenge. I thought, "They cut off his hand!" "Noooooo!" Well I am happy he got his revenge. I'm happy he met the prosecutor. I think they worked well together. I'm happy all the bad guys went jail. I wanted to say something. I don't like how the Korean women were treated. I think they were disrespected. All they did was please all the men. I want a Korean woman who doesn't do that. I think LBH's friend was like that. But she got used too. So these are my thoughts. You don't have to reply! Next I'm watching Keys to the Heart! I might not come back for a while. I'm leaving soompi soon. It's just hard to leave. I met all of you wonderful LBH fans. You all introduced me to his amazing works. But I will watch Keys to the Heart. And I will come back with my thoughts. Thank you! I wish the best for LBH! I hope this thread goes on forever!
  2. Stop with the spoilers! I haven't watched it yet. I love this thread. So I looked! . I'm African-American. I have never celebrated Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year! So I need to go watch these episodes! I can't stop reading the comments!
  3. 2handsintertwined

    Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

    I'm sorry. It took me so long to reply to this. I felt bad. I didn't know that LBH wanted to forget that performance at the Arena Tour. I asked "Does LBH go on variety shows?" So thank you for answering. I am sad that haters are mean to him. I am happy that LBH just wants to make his fans happy. I hope LBH can ignore the hate. I think LBH is very successful. I believe he is very popular here in the U.S. He is the first Asian Man to present an award at the Oscars. The Oscars is like Baeksang Awards in Korea. And he speaks English really well. Do you know what that means? So I think Asian and Asian-American actors don't have any movie roles in the U.S. I wish that there were more movie roles for them. I hope he can have a future here in the U.S. I hope he can be in more American movies. I hope he can play a hero or a superhero someday. I hope he can be a leading man. I want Asian and Asian-Americans to have fair roles too. That is the world I want. I am an African-American woman. I am not Asian or Asian-American. I don't know it feels to be LBH. I just want him to be successful here. I hope the hate stops. I hope the hate on the blogs stops. I'm happy he is going to move on. I'm happy he did well in variety shows. So he does interviews to promote his movies/dramas. He did Healing Camp. I have seen Healing Camp. I think it's so funny! Thank you! I will try to check it out! You're right. Well, you said his schedule is already packed. I hope he does a variety show . Ok! I'm going to watch Inside Men soon. So Keys to the Heart...I really really want to watch it! I haven't finished Masquerade yet! Argghhhh! So LBH is in the 10-million movie club? Yay!!! I haven't seen Memories of the Sword or The Fortress. I hope he picks what he likes. I like your gifs! Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Chinese New Year!
  4. Ok! I'm finally replying this! I agree with you on Eugene and Glory Hotel! So they searched Eugene's hotel. I was so scared! I thought they were going to find all his secrets! You're right. It was just a place for him to eat and sleep, right?! So you think HiNa had her eyes on him. I understand. I thought Eugene felt something for her. I was wrong! So Eugene was only interested in AeShin. You're right. Eugene was focusing on his job! The scene you put up. The scene of Eugene and Aesin with the hand! That part was amazing! I think that part was the promotion photo for Mr. Sunshine. Right? But you're right. It was used for the first poster. Thank you for posting. Thank you for sharing this I miss Mr. Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok! Well, I loved Mr. Robot! I think YSH acted with feelings in that. I wonder how he will do in this. I am going to try to watch this drama! I can't handle more than 2 dramas. I have failed YSH! I have been waiting for this drama. I was waiting in November! Here is some YSH for you: gif credit to owner! gif is not mine! Mr. Robot. I'm thinking, "He is so CUTE!!!"
  6. Me right now: So I was on my way home. I started to read your post. I started to cry(I wasn't crying! I was sad!). So I think this might be my last post in GY's thread... You really hurt my feelings. You said, "maybe I am not aware of which GY fans dislike you." Well, they do dislike me. I can't force them to like me. It's not your fault. I think you are so kind. I ask, "Why can't GY fans be kind to me too?" I think that's my fault. Sometimes I wish you liked GY like me . I wish I could tell you, "GY makes me smile." I wish I could tell you, "I say hey there sweetheart when I see GY." I wish I could tell you "I love seeing GY smile." I wish I could tell you, "I want GY to have everything. I wish I could tell you, "GY inspires me." I wish I could tell you "GY is so handsome." I wish we could talk about how handsome he is. I wish I could tell you, "I love GY's acting." I wish I could tell you, "I think GY acts with feelings." I wish I could tell you, "I miss GY." I wish I could tell you, "I wish I could meet GY someday." I wish I could tell you, "Seeing GY changed my life." I wish I could tell you, "I will never forget GY's battle scene in Goblin." I wish I could tell you, "I became a fan when I saw GY's battle scene in Goblin." I wish I could tell you, "I thought he was a real warrior in his Goblin fight scene." I wish I could tell you, "I cried when Kim Shin got stabbed in Goblin." I wish I could tell you, "I miss GY in dramas... I wish I could tell you so much more. What am I trying to say? I would love to talk to you about GY. I love him. I admire him. I think he's an amazing actor. I think he will become a better actor. I am going to talk to you about HJM. She is GY's co-star in Age of Shadows. I ship HJM with GY. You can give me the off-topic button if you want. I will put my thoughts under the spoiler. So you said, Hahahahahhahahahaha! I'm laughing at myself. Well, that's so kind of you. You make me want to stay. Some people don't like seeing my name here though...That's my fault too. So you said you don't want me to leave GY's thread. You said you don't want me to leave soompi. Well, me too. I don't want to leave. I have met a lot of nice people here . I have met you. It's hard leaving. I think it's the best for me. I think it's the best for others. So I'm a "toxic" person. I want GY's thread to be happy. I just bring him trouble...I just bring unhappiness. What does GY's thread look like when I'm here? I'll show you. Here: I don't want your pity. Please don't say, "I feel so sorry for her!!!!" NO. I wish GY could do this too! GY played a Goblin right? The Goblin had magic! I don't think his magic works here. I don't have the strength to stay, GY!!! I'm sorry What am I saying? I wish GY could give me strength to stay. Oh my GY!!!!! Why can't you give me strength???? I don't know. Can I share something with you tok-soompi? I have tried to use GY's strength to stay. I'm just too weak. The real me. 2handsintertwined is too weak to stay here too. I am not 2handsintertwined. I am me. The real me has no strength. 2handsintertwined brings GY pain and bad times...So 2handsintertwined should go away, right? Haahahaha. I laughed typing that. Did I make sense? I will always support him. In my heart. I love him so much... So a lot of people say, "So people don't understand you." Will you let me know if you didn't understand me? And did I make sense You don't have to reply to everything I said. I think you can pick what you want to reply to. I also sent you a PM. And I'm not just leaving GY's thread. I'm leaving soompi too. Hahahahaha. I will always be here. I will always read this thread and I will read other threads . I think soompi is an awesome place. So many people all over the world. They come together here. I don't like being ignored so I will reply to alohagongyoo! @alohagongyoo So you watched A Man and A Woman. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I think GY wanted to go back. I think he chose his family. I think she fell in love with him. I think she was too late. I think they were both broken people. I think their love scenes were very passionate. I don't like judging people. I don't know why people cheat. I think GY's character was lonely. I hope you enjoy you HyunBin show! I'm glad he's one of your favorite actors! I have never watched him! @tok-soompi Waiting on your response....
  7. Edit: I thought I missed YSH's drama! I was wrong! What are your thoughts? Do you like it?
  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Top Star Yoo Baek . I will definitely try to check it out Edit: You're right. I posted on the wrong thread! Thank you for giving me the right thread
  9. 2handsintertwined

    Fate / Stay Night - Heaven's Feel Lost Butterfly

    Thank you for sharing! I am so excited! I love the Fate series. I love Fate/Zero. I got so attached to the characters. I really liked Lancer . So I will wait for your updates. How do we support the movie in the U.S.?
  10. Me waiting for the next episodes: (i hope some of you laugh ) credit to owner. picture is not mine! I'm just reading everyone's comments . I'm going sit back drink my tea! Me: gif not mine! credit to owner
  11. I haven't seen this yet? YSH I've failed you!!!!!!!! Me right now: "I'm so sorry!"credit to owner! gif not mine! Here is YSH: (I am not a robot) credit to owner! gif not mine! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm sorry just ignore me. What do ya'll think of the drama? Did you like it? Thoughts"?
  12. 2handsintertwined

    Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

    My thoughts so far on Masquerade! Thoughts: LBH acts different in this movie. He does not act like he did in I saw the devil. I think he looks perfect in Saeguk/Joseon times. I think he was born to act. I'm enjoying it. And I find his character mysterious. Why? I think LBH makes people interested in his characters. I think he makes people think that his character is mysterious. I think he always makes you feel like he is the character. I was just so excited and I had to share my thoughts real quick. Me watching Masquerade and me excited for more LBH stuff: Can I share my thoughts on this? I saw your post and I liked it. You don't have to reply me if you don't want to. I think he is so kind. I think communicating with fans is important. Why? I think it make his fans feel connected to him. And I think it makes his fans feel like they aren't lonely. They supported him right? So I think it makes them happy that they supported him. And his fans don't feel ignored or useless. So he's a people person? Wow. You met LBH?????? Yes. You are very blessed. What did you think:??? So you think one of his best decisions was to participate as Eugene in Mr. Sunshine. It sounds like it did well! And I'm glad it far exceeded those in the movie audience. So not all of LBH's movies are shown in many countries. So I live in the U.S. right? It was on Netflix! It's a very popular streaming site! So I'm happy for him. I miss Eugene. I think he played Eugene with his heart. So we can look forward to two Korean movies and Gi Joe 3? I can't wait. So he's filming two Korean movies??? I hope he's not tired . What does this mean? Do you live near LBH?
  13. 2handsintertwined

    Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

    @rubie Thanks for the info. But no thoughts on what I said? You don't tell ne how you feel about my posts on the thread. Are you ashamed of me? You only gave me a reaction. I sent you a PM you didn't reply. Do you want to talk in PM? Are you more comfortable there?