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  1. Is this recent??? OMG PMY really is a funny lady. Trolling again lol.
  2. Finally! I was able to verify my email and completed my registration! My phone is android and I tried changing the language in the starple app to korean and selected resend email and when I checked my email I was able to click on verify email and was able to vote. I registered 2 emal adds from my phone. For those who have issues verifying their email try this if it will work.
  3. hi! anyone here encountered an issue with verify email button/link in their email to complete the registration process? when I click it nothing happens. I already sent an email to the customer service hopefully they will respond.
  4. Been missing wy and sy so I was thinking of searching for that ff in the previous pages. Thanks for posting again @standingtallyy!
  5. Sy is so gorgeous and sophisticated in InStyle! From now on, I think I will be using more my Estée Lauder lippies!
  6. Sy for March issue of InStyle Korea
  7. Here's the link for raw Knowing Brother episode. Still waiting for subs Part 1: Part 2: I'm dying to know the questions they ask sy. I think this is the longest airtime she had on variety.
  8. @standingtallyy when I had a difficult pregnancy 4 years ago and I had to stay in bed, your (and yylover, jbum, scuttler, et al) fanfic kept me company. Back then I would check the forum every hour(or every few minutes) like crazy to check for new chapters. Now I'm back to doing the same thing again thanks to your friend(I meant it in a good way). hehe Waiting for KB eng subs...
  9. HyeSung and Seyoung worked together in Glorious Day. Maybe they got close because HS is outgoing and bubbly in contrast to Sy who is prim and proper and shy. Sy left a video msg for HS on her wedding when she was in wgm. Maybe she agreed to guest in the show because she's with someone she's close with.
  10. delulu mode on.... I'd like to believe that sy watched wy's(2pm) performance on tv since she watched the winter Olympics with her family on lunar new year.