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  1. Badly want to join this club, anyone can you inform me where is place in this planet have such witty, pitty,funny, scary, lucky and persistence revenge club like them. And i vote for grandpa.
  2. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Morning... Ctto Love love love surrounded by warmth love. Of course cos you deserve that loves, luuv you_ girl.
  3. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    The crowd made me happy too
  4. Their, silly, childiss revenge can not compare with what the foursome has been trough, sharing problem is the best way to lift their grieveness Actually their bond is endearing, by see the avenger action sometime we can reflect our grudge when someone unjustified us,despite always they have no clue what they must to do next..lol. But don't push them to much, they have their gut to revenge with all their flaws, bokja club faighting! Do know how to prise this drama anymore, so much feeling between hilarious, funny & sad. once i can says this drama become my top list with dear my friend, so true every women live in their own tragic story, but how they overcome their wound and comeback strong for their kids and family always inspiring, the great sacrifice is when they never give in their own hapinesss to others in the end.
  5. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Nevertheless, those are my feeling toward her, the one and only you_ Best quote to start a day, thanks MaknaeC.
  6. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Beautiful you_ Ctto
  7. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    think this is the best decision she made for now, after a break 2/3 years she can continued consent with her study perhaps, excited to she her take 1/2 project a year Credit to MaknaeC
  8. when relationship getting complicated, who defends whom? It's jealous...or insecuritness feeling? Poor husband who can't solve the family matter while greediness is his priority. So clueless, how many soul he already hurts, does it man honor surpras their consciousness? How about women who just need warmth shoulder to cried on? A kids who lost direction on their lone world? A wife who struggle to faind simple happiness. Family is about love, understanding and compassion, when we can't seen those warmth feeling anymore the"family" word is become meaningless. I love this drama with all the light approachment, but i can't tolerate what the principal done toward DH family. The avengers club must stay strong to over come their personal issue and get big revans to this dirty man! Anticipated eps 9 and big thanks to avengers team subbing. guys...
  9. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Delightful news our precious You_ Ctto.
  10. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    So what's happening with all the whine post,we're surely understand our girl just has 1 lead role in belt,what she achieve now is more than good thou.is normal as fans we want more regocnation to her, but for achieve that she need more active to take project right? Hopefully after Youjungie graduated she start to showing more her talent and presence for shake of her craft to gain more popularity and awards.keep optimist Shosuke deul.. Btw, thanks & love for the nice whine words be cool...faighting!