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  1. Another version from KYJ PH Is better in edit too Thanks for uploader
  2. Please wacth in youtube to increase a viewers. Tanks to support. Credit to uploader
  3. Can't wait to see you_on small screen soon Ctto
  4. Her bright personality shining through her thoughts.
  5. congratulation to SG fans, loves & respect for all your hardwork to support our young lady. ctto
  6. May..may..oh may..our girl such clasic beauty Elegant Sensoxxx..cough..cough Innocent..let's support that poll..!
  7. Willing to participate ponyo deul ? So many fans club plan to do project for Yoojungie Brithday it would be good when they organize in one rooft thou, make it big cheerful and memorable once.
  8. Priceless expression
  9. Let's keep positive and support for Yoojungie regardless what trivia you have... faighting
  10. Have no idea but she look good when act, Yoojungie has variant expression to convey her feeling strenghten her articulate voice hope she more sharpener her micro expression to depthen her artifac of acting Have nice and peace day ponyo deul.. The World seem.less peace lately however as person who part of this world let's keep our civilation as Humanbeing with more respect, love and keep belief we are strong stay united,cruel intimidation can't defeat Us, Let's spread love to loves love love love.. Keep intact behind peacefull over chaos.huminity over humilation. Stay safe,happy & peace.