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  1. Let's smile when we see each other 10 years 20 years after this, i begging you, let's do that. And buy me another slippers What were happening between them actually. He surprased his emotion so much to lecture her about basic decentcy as human being. Jian stunned in despair... Another path of unspoken feeling to bloom has been closed.
  2. All the unconcius glance at office told us more , he need his 'pillar' and Jian is the reason he can withstand all at once blow who he in it now. The scene after he punch JY and have meeting dir.Wang. He went to his corner just to check'does his pillar is back'(slipper) his breath become heavy because 'it' was not there yet. So romantic unromantic drama i ever watch
  3. All is complete in planning actually, we will see who is more smart and have quick move, they all have hidden card to play. Jian-YH vs Jian-JY, what is behind the scene For friend who created this mv, thanks so much. Still you are my little hero girl.
  4. why i cried so much watch this scene. He is nice person.
  5. Do know the excat emotion in here, JY jelaous? Curious? Does Jian have another back plan?
  6. Goshh..why i felt in such pain Wait...and waiting..
  7. @chickfactor, may i hug you I posting the clip before but sounded no one quite understand that such scene made me in pain because their beautiful attraction. And take a look how Jian held her breath with such sad hopeless gesture whenever DH unconciously remember tiny detail about her, IU so damn good delivered that feeling, happy, hopeless and gratitude in one shoot. The last scene stub me so deep is how she stand still after DH yell at her" why you ignoring me" her reaction again priceless, she held her breath in pain there is always slight tears in her eyes, after hearing the sound of camera, her eyes become dark and cold, She decide to give up that sweet feeling and decided to end it. whatever the story will unfold i believe they are mean to be. Even they will sparate for a peace of the family shake they will yearning each other presence Oh please just give us time lapse directornim. Her reaction to hold her feeling make me in pain
  8. Love this twt And i took this line from dramamilk , this comment made me laughed, shed a tears and warmth. Thanks to anonymous.your line remind me to someone who have same short delight joke line i ever knew. Since tonight episode is the climax how the story will flow can some kind hearted here give me a link in advance. My last link is broken. And tvn did not send me short clip after 30 minut actual airing time like before.
  9. Nice advice Ctto Some people says, Jian tried to find a father figure dear.
  10. I like all the walking scene in this drama, the scenery and the mood in each shoot rather felt gloomy i have some peace feeling linger with lonesome and hope, in the end of the step, there're might have a small piece and happines for all of character. JIANaa eventhough at the end you might disappear, still you are little hero who never been forget. Love you girl
  11. Ctto https://twitter.com/McQueen_1234/status/987364786944983040?s=19