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  1. priceless expression and body gesture
  2. when these photo has been taken.. Last year must be
  3. We should not cried because this post...but i can't My tears just flowing over my cheeks, because i understand what her teacher felt.. You girl, please just be happy and enjoy your youthful live fulles.
  4. maybe she remember about a To boast your apetite Did you have lunch yet..?
  5. sweet highschool memory.
  6. Lol..don't worry budies, plenty high heels out there, what you need to do is just choose wich fix 4 you.. faighting. @vaiduakhu, miss your grumble
  7. Wish your dream come true University student You_
  8. Her killer style, profound what the mean wore the cloths.. Must workout hard to close her body performance , bless her with her feauture.
  9. I got ghoosebumb saw this vid. What a performance.. Actually you can catch the nuance ,while even you went to live opera...immerse and dive in sea of emotion.
  10. Spunky Yoo quirky You Lovely jungie
  11. What else.. ? Just good thing for our girl.