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  1. Seem she lost a her weigth a bit..hmmhmm bare sexy shoulder You_comeback. 2 up date in row...
  2. Cute Did you cast your vote today? 4 days to go please be infrom and check Yoojungie status from time to time, however the most important is your vote, our effort to keep our girl on the top is our gift to her as fans, please show your support till the end of voting day. Have nice day everyone
  3. Seem kGE fans tried to catching up... ponyo deul , please vote our Yoojungie dilligently, we don't know how the Baeksang jury decide the winner, but judge from the way the competitor moved seem the final result is.more important, so please Focus to our girl, we don't want this chance slip out from our hands right? Vote even more just 4 days to go
  4. Faighting and goodnight...
  5. Said true.. Youjungie new Ig up date
  6. #vote4You#vote4You#vote4You#vote4You Happy holiday happy voting day ponyo deul...
  7. Wish this is.come true
  8. Rumor? Or true Howdie boyo Shipper why so quite? Faighting to vote, see you all on Baeksang awards night