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  1. Remember the helipad scene...HAHAHA! here is the Turkish version. Im pretty sure they used the same lines and OMO I wonder if the lady behind is suppose to SW character One thing, Im glad that they are making Hong Hong character as charismatic as KRW did.
  2. Thank you @CamelKnight and my Caregivers team - @nonski @lclarakl @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @anoasys @crssmnd950 @evie7 @maria1983 @jadecloud @rori0711 and many of our supporters whom I cannot possibly name in fear of leaving you out... Somehow this scene comes to me esp in how Im feeling now.
  3. For my dearest friends, returning the love chingues @nonski @vangsweetie637@moodypie @alekaonu It's not a good gif set, thats all I could make lol! Have fun spazzing. Back hugs Kiss 1 Kiss 2
  4. More eye candy @lclarakl she's still shy with her OTP scenes and the crowd was literally on fire. I cant say that I blame them lol! This IG owner was there and she mustve turn down the volume for this post. Ive seen others where it would burst your ear drums
  5. Naw thanks for sharing this beautiful update @anoasys As I fan, I would envy anyone whom is able to attend let alone touch their idols. But this time around I wasnt jealous. She truly needed those 3 hugs more than anything and Im so proud that PSH and her team selected her out of all those 7000+ fans at her concert. Wishing her the best of luck in her studies and may she strive forward and be as successful as YHJ. WOW!! those numbers speaks for itself...even the next day when she attended a CF fan meeting the 4 level shopping mall was full of her fans. Need more proof? And that's just from PSH, dont get me started on our other leads - KRW, LSG and YGS. YAH!!! the temperature is getting hot on my end. I need to breathe.
  6. OMO YES I saw that. Thanks @alcides14ahjumma for sharing it here.....HELLO!!!! That's our 2410 votes right there and thats just in the Phillipines..Bahahaa! Our votes are legit. Point proven!!! - oh wait if they vote in the same arena I guess thats the same IP thus classified as cheating....oh love the logic - NOT!!! am I stirring the pot? Am I treading on water? Hahaha! I dont care. Im so not over it yet, I thought I was -I guess not. No answers is what Im getting so this is my form of an outburst. Episode 5 : Yoo Hye Jung “People say that forgiveness is not for the person you’re forgiving but for yourself. It’s not right to give such an advice. Forgiveness is not as easy as you think.” Episode 9: Yoo Hye Jung “Once you get revenge, the anger you had settled down. Revenge gives you the strength to calm down and move on. I won’t stop until I achieve my goal.”
  7. @anoasys HAHAHA! that's my way of escaping singing an OST. YES let's leave it for our leads....omo their FM is such a success. Im so happy for them. Even their movie projects too. Boy did the shippers set off when our OTP came to the same event. Though not captured Im sure they will butt heads, rub shoulders, glance-wave-smile-and laugh at each other.....nawww the possibilities is endless and making me everso giddy. YAY!!!! Thanks for telling me this wonderful news Wouldnt it be awesome if this happen?. cr. feii1effect Im glad to see my team is recovering. HAPPY SUNDAY ALL!!! @evie7 did I pass my English test?? BAHAHAHA!!! shall I throw u some gud ole Aussie slang...mate! BAHAHAHA! @nonski it is funny. We love the humor (oh it humour vs humor too now) that we throw at each other. KEKEKE!
  8. Greetings... I hope you have a beautiful weekend. cr. p-b-e “Life is worth living. I also have the chance to savor the little things in life.” ~ Hong Ji Hong
  9. @vangsweetie637 OMO I LOVE YOU!!!! my dearest Monarch chingu. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND MESSAGE OF SUPPORT. NAWWWW I'm so teary now. Im sorry I couldnt spazz over the Ruler thread with you and the gang especially since it ended. I guess you now know why I kind of disappeared off there. Sorry again for not being able to gif the scene that you loved. I loved it too but my heart wasnt there. Maybe if YSH ripped more of his clothes I wouldve been there in a heart beat BAHAHA! But seriously I was tied up here and at one stage lost all hopes in Soompi. With my team and all these messages of support, Im slowly regaining the confidence to come back and your message has made me so much HAPPIER. See some friendships made here are indeed genuine. Thank you @Agie and @maria1983 for alerting me of my dearest chingu message of love. "....you taught me what to do at times like this..." ~Hong Ji Hong Group hug. Group hug!!!
  10. YAY!!! @maria1983 is here and joining my craze. KEKEKE! my last for now and will return more. The Doctors whom we would literally throw ourselves sick to be treated by them cr irrational obsession. OPPS I said drama quotes didnt I???
  11. Here's another laugh, oh Siberian HUSKY how I miss your adorkable expressions and remarks. credit as tag
  12. @Agie love your quote of YHJ..kekeke Im in such a bubbly mood. Where's @maria1983 she's always everso positive? and my dearest sista @jadecloud whom makes me laugh so much. Then @anoasys Im still waiting on your OST BAHAHAHA! @Agie I know your not well. So is @nonski and @lclarakl GET WELL SOON LADIES. Hopefully when you see this post my happiness will spread to you too. @alcides14ahjumma is right hapinnes is the best medicine. Im back reading and being inspired by @Agie quote as well as @rori0711 whom initially started this. Though back then my mind wasnt in it and now it is. What shall we team?? let's post our favourite (opps @evie7 will correct my typo as favorite) quotes and if you want you can add screenshots and make them as beautiful or creative as @nonski and @Agie Me Im kinda boring, lazy and so not creative so I'll take the easy route Let me first post this which I love and there is so many but I'll do this one first, mainly because the owners name caught my attention HAHAHA!...mian If time permits I might be flooding this thread. HAHAHA! thanks to my wacky mood. Then yeah, credit as tag... I cant type it as I'll be censored
  13. It's ok @packmule3 and @MadraRua We've regrouped and its so much entertaining this way. Im sporting a big fat grin on my face and it looks like Im kinda weird to people around me. But I dont care, happiness is with me and I've even managed to shoot 3 goals in a row and I dont even play netball / basketball. HAHAHA! cr.irrational obsession in tumblr
  14. @packmule3 OMO you've literally woke me up and its 2am in my time. WOW you've written a powerful post and can I say I LOVE YOU!!! HAHAHA! Yes, I truly do. You've given me the faith that I lost a few days ago. WOW! Im literally crying. You're post reflected my sentiments as our team leader this is what I feared the most.. GOSH!!!! you've stirred things in me that I never thought was possible. TRULY Im so forever thankful for your loving message of support. My hands are literally trembling as I write this. I never thought this was possible that I/we - CAREGIVERS TEAM would get such a beautiful response of SUPPORT. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH. Your message of support is our REWARD. Truly it is. You've taken some if not all of my bitter feelings away and made me feel so much happier. THANK YOU!!! Soooooooo much. Ive never been this touched as I am now. I feel bad because now I feel like we've truly WON already. *HAPPY DANCE ALL THE WAY!!!!!*
  15. YES!!! I agree the best thing that happened is that we are here one more time and having FUN!!! @darker91 your post literally made my day so much merrier. I feel like Im HongHong, or Paran and hmmm who shall be YD?? KAKAKAHAHAHA! cr. heartou in tumblr