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  1. Omo spoiler closet pic... if I was the director I'll order a smaller closet the size that can only fit 1 person and I'll insist GR to stand face to face with JSH. Im so naughthy shes only just legal
  2. Thanks @Badriyah for the teaser link of tonights ep. Here it is in YT. Sorry Naver isnt my friend so I cant open it there. Their bickering and his jealously is too cute. And I love how he often boyishly steals some glances at her. Yes @alekaonu we get to see the ep 7 and 8 tonight or tomor for subs. Not sure if I can hang around for both eps as no doubt I'll be a zombie at work lol!
  3. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @berries812 omo your still here HAHAHA! yes I love his car....s. His got too many to choose from. Ive seen some Maserati's and even the BMW i8 he used for the Doctors after party and I was like,"KRW are you there???" I wonder if this will be his trend now - that at all of his drama after partys his going to drive a different sports car And a survey for those interested in purchasing the Black Knight Making DVD Here is the link for further details -http://naver.me/5AJmTlIv And from that link you need to add your details. The link states - 'Black Knight making DVD' preliminary demand survey (KBS2 drama black knight making DVD) It is investigation of the black knight making DVD. (This is 'Black Knight making DVD' preliminary demand survey.) Making DVD is a collection of production process, NG scene, behind-the-scenes DVD. Most of the drama in the case of the director's version of the DVD, which is included in this edition, is often produced due to lack of demand, but in the case of making DVD, it is often produced later if the minimum quantity is met. 'Making DVD' means a DVD with pictures and videos of production process, NGs and behind scenes. (A photographer in charge of making film was present.) It is different from the official DVD of Director's cut because its production is possible as long as its minimum number of demand is satisfied. Making DVD usually consists of 3 discs (120 minutes per playing time), photo album, actors written interviews, postcards, and so on. Basically, there is a making film staff in charge of the shooting site, and the price and other components may vary depending on the amount of making videos. 'Making DVDs usually consist of three discs (120 minutes per disc), a picture book, interview with actors and postcards. Please note that its composition may differ by the amount of files and so on.
  4. As from the preview and the stills JSH mustve registered for a new phone... my bet is his only calling GR Going all ninja to purchase a phone. 1st call to a sleepy but shocked GR But I love her BTS pic. I wished this was her initial reaction after he calls her. But who knows - never say never 2nd call 3rd call cr naver
  5. Some updates HUGE CONGRATS for 6 mil followers BTS of KSH looking ever so pretty cr https://twitter.com/cindy_nuna and please more of young JSH. Child actor Nam Da Reum is already breaking hearts This is not the first project that these two child actors/ actress worked in. Namaste @alekaonu look what PD Lee is wearing now! I can so picture Siwon doing the same role lol!
  6. I thought his face is naturally that pale because his tone does look even throughout his neck. Plus I wont be surprised if they use lots of reflection lighting boards during the filming. As for his eyes, I read that some actors use eye drops to sting themselves to help them cry during their emotional scenes. Im worried they use that. Can you imagine the pain?? Your welcome chingu If you find any in the earlier eps please post it here to refresh my memory. I especially loved ep 5 and 6 as these quotes touched me most. @bebebisous33 I dont know to say about NJN but she's such a controlling woman whom wont stop using JSH to gain her financial gains. She keeps taking out on her failed marriage with JSH father that I wish she took it out on him instead. But I guess being in Korea divorce is such a taboo on woman that she never considered it. Her ego would def not allow her to go that route besides JSH will make so much fortune for her. I hope JSH will somehow set himself free from her clutches. I also wonder who JSH real mother is? how could that spineless father not do anything to help JSH. To me his more heartless than NJN. With parents like them no wonder JSH grew up with a mental illness. Speaking of NJN can you believe this beautiful actress is only 48 years young. Cr - http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=362253 And I love the new making vid, yes it was a cringey experience esp with all those people standing around and so close. But that line - "Im curious about you" just made everyone here explode. Im curious too, like how in the world could she forget him? was she blindfold the whole time when they were young? and in reality they were like-
  7. HAPPY LUNAR YEAR EVERYONE!!! @vivovivo YES, one thing that I love about this drama is the ongoing messages that the writer is trying to portray. Its' great that the writer has included many quotes . To be honest I still dont understand the pain and suffering a person goes thru with any type of mental health issues. It pains me to read that there is so many people (celebs or not) suffering from it. I remember even debating with some friends over it. Sadly it's common and Im so glad this writer is bringing more awareness of it. In my country, we had a day of ""ARE YOU OK DAY?" I was like a crazy woman asking everyone if they were ok. Such awareness is needed so that people like JSH can be given the opportunity to open up and be brave to say - "No, Im not ok" I think we need as much awareness a possible - dont you agree? If someone I know looks this sad, OMG dont you want to ask - "Are you ok?" SIDE NOTE - anyone wondering how he gets these blood shot eyes - eyedrops? and his lips. OMG I love his lipstick colour. I cant even achieve that, what's his secret? Speaking of life lessons , Im going to find some fave lines from these eps. Please excuse me for spamming From DJ Moon - and thru him GR learnt Moms are the best - well in this case some mom's are and here GR Mom is hilariously wise. In seriousness I loved how she saw thru GR that she was not OK ant to top it off with some wise words indeed cr. https://twitter.com/aegyohater
  8. I think both SH and his friend were in the hospital. Look here at this IG update. Both boys look like they are wearing a patient gown. Some more pics in the spoiler
  9. Hi @kaoriharang thanks for tagging me on your thoughts of eps 5 and 6. Our thoughts are very similar making it a pleasure to read. I love how you add your special touch of a cute and humorous meme. Makes me laugh and smile. BTW we have similar leading male names here. !st we had MOON SOO-HO and now JI SOO-HO. Talk about coincidence right? Back to RR - cr. @kaoriharang I noticed that postcard too chingu and I at first thought SH mustve sent the postcard but I doubt it. JSH isnt familiar with the radio world and he doesnt even know the veteran radio host - DJ Moon (HA! another BK reference ). DJ Moon is so wise and I cant wait for him to teach/ help JSH in not only the benefits of radio "talkback" but to help him in his depression. So if SH didnt send this postcard to him then perhaps his friend is the veterans fan or I might even go more complicated to say that the boy might be related to him. This also explains why he was willing to let them use his radio booth and insist that SH goes hiking everyday with him. @bebebisous33 Im glad Im not the only one thinking that Jason isnt the one whom is threatening JSH. Yeah he does have that creepy laugh but the early eps he seem so genuinely and humorously concerned for JSH. cr. dramabeans JSH is his subject for his psychosis presentation I dont think he would want to harm SH... I think. Still his laugh is questionable. I cant put my finger on him as yet. But yes he did appear to be talking to someone - it gave me the KMHM vibe, I thought he was talking to himself maybe split personality of SH friend whom died. (Sorry I cant remember his name) Which could explain his love and hate (if any) relationship with him. But then again why would he talk to himself so creepily in such an open cafeteria. HAHAHA! is he sane? TR does know the family secret and is using this to make SH mom or step mom boost her career. Whatever she has, SH manager knows and has the evidence. Maybe the secret is that SH isnt the evil mom's son. Evil mom is so controlling she's taken out her hurt from SH father on SH. I wished she learnt to love SH rather than the spineless cheating husband. She wouldve been a great mother to SH if only. Anyway, I think SH fallout with his friend has to do with evil mom. Maybe she told him to be SH friend and report back to her on his every move. Hence why SH felt betrayed by his friend and didnt want to see him. Sadly his death only made SH more depressed. He grew up never trusting anyone and hiding behind his pretentious smile. I look forward in seeing him develop. I esp love his friendship with PD Lee. His so quirky and put them two together is true bromance. I laughed so much whenever they appear together esp when they were throwing the paper cup in the bin - I hope we see them drunk again lol! and he better not be the one sending those murder notes or my heart would be so broken. He seems to be like another teacher/ brother to both GR and SH. I know SH didnt like PDLee calling GR a rookie but hey she is a rookie esp in terms of being a main writer and then now as from the preview he slightly upgraded her to Maknae His def out to teach them some life lessons and boy do they need it.
  10. This was posted last night but now I cant seem to find my source - Mian to the owner but I found it in Radio Romance twitter page. cto Young Choi Dal Po I mean Nam Da Reum all grown up. His looks really spunky and Im guessing he will melt many hearts along his career. WELL DONE NDR!!! I love seeing his growth. From his VERY proud mother''s IG update - This was so unexpected, Now Im really curious in why she forgot the boy whom kissed her. cr Heezroly My highlight was this scene in the spoiler - "Just because you're not crying doesn't mean you're not sad. Just like how smiling doesn't mean you're happy. " I love how the writer is using this drama to highlight the issues of suicide and depression. Sadly we've lost many talented actors already and please no more.
  11. @ruzikieSo good to hear from you and esp seeing your cheery self. FIGHTING CHINGU!! I just check the KBSworld website schedule and it seems like its been postponed Ep 5 on 14/2/2018 at 21:50 KST http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/tv_schedule.php?lang=e&time_add=0&sdate=2018-02-14 Ep 6 on 15/2/2018 at 21:50 KST http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/tv_schedule.php?lang=e&time_add=0&sdate=2018-02-15 I was hoping for a back to back ep as well. Queen Mystery 2 was set to start after BK and its now set to start 2 March. I guess the Winter Olympics has really taken over. Omo @kaoriharang KBSworld is diff to KBS?? OK I never knew lol!
  12. Annyeong, I see some familiar names here. Pokes to you all @alekaonu (thanks for the shout out of this drama - Im only free now to pop in here), @bebebisous33 @kaoriharang @YourHighness . @ruzikie @darr @V @evie7 @Mau_Cherry and frappe order? @mundane9 HAPPY TO BE HERE NOW, after going around in circles with BK Im in such a need of a rom-com just so I can get over that drama.... Im still WT?? about it. I managed to watch all the 4 eps and Im so in love with this cute pairing, KSH is so charming as Geu Rim. Im always worried about Actors/ actresses whom start another drama esp so soon of their previous roles and like wise here I was worried we will see her unused character from Ruler. THANK GOD, this writer knows best. Even when she was wearing the hanbok I didnt see the Ga-Eun in her. YDJ my what a turn of character from the Splash Splash Love - King role. His still a lil obnoxious but hey Im a sucker for obnoxious guys turn all softie to the woman he loves. AND OMG @ruzikie your so right, those honey dripping eyes will melt any woman's heart. and some more we just need her awake to see it Im also loving the bickering of these boys. Namaste Lee Gang, somehow Im worried that I just might SLS again lol! He reminds me of the crazy Siwon in She Was Pretty. And I love the crazy humorous second lead guy whom most importantly knows when to "let it go" See more pics - http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=12965220&memberNo=34609460 BTW I dont think RR will be airing tonight as from the KBS twitter page. RR is literally going to heal my Black Knight pain lol!
  13. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    To everyone on this thread, thank you so much for all your wonderful posts and thoughts. It gave me great encouragement to share my thoughts too. BK wasnt as great as I hoped but thankfully I have you all here to share the journey and making it so much fun. Hope to catch you all in some other threads as well. KRW please return to a better drama - one that wont waste your potential. Main Cast Shares Their Final Thoughts As They Bid Farewell To “Black Knight” With KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Black Knight” coming to an end with its highest ratings of 13.9 percent, the cast shared their final thoughts on the drama. Lead actor Kim Rae Won stated, “‘Black Knight’ was a new challenge for me because it was the first time I worked on a fantasy drama, and the first time I tried acting in a historical setting. I am grateful that my character Moon Soo Ho received so much love from the viewers, and I think he will be a character who stays with me. I enjoyed working with great actors, and I want to sincerely thank the crew for doing their best for our drama despite the freezing temperatures.” He concluded by thanking the viewers who stayed with the drama till the end. Shin Se Kyung had the difficult task of not only playing a character in a historical setting, but also playing a character possessed by someone else. However, she received high praise from viewers for her portrayal of her character Jung Hae Ra. She stated, “I want to thank the viewers for loving ‘Black Knight’ and Hae Ra. I think we were able to end the drama on a positive note because of all the hard work of our crew, who worked hard in the cold weather. I plan to take a brief break before returning with another project.” Lastly, Seo Ji Hye opened up about playing antagonist Sharon. She stated, “I was able to showcase a variety of charms as an actress through Sharon, and I am grateful to have received so much love from viewers. I think I was able to put on a good performance thanks to the cast and crew, and I want to thank the viewers for their support.” “Black Knight” was the story of a man who accepted a dangerous fate for the woman he loved and came to an end on February 8 with its 20th episode. Cr. https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/08/main-cast-shares-final-thoughts-bid-farewell-black-knight/ @imgreatgal I suppose we're lucky HR didnt bubbly return in a school uniform calling SH "Ahjussi, I love you!" Oh wait Goblin dejavu
  14. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    EXCUSE ME WHILE I CONTINUE MY RANT AND ANGER AGAIN. YES, AGAIN. @kaoriharang I just braved myself to watch the sub ep as there were many things that I wanted answered and hoping will or should get with the finale ep. OMG!!! someone just throw snowballs at that writer. @gladys57 are you still in Korea? Pls HISS AT her for me. GOSH!!! that ending was so darn stupid. I cant believe KRW would accept this role. AISHHHHH!!!! SH monologue : "HR, please remember that there was a Black Knight who wanted to protect you to the end. And his life was possible because you were there. I love you." So does that mean his going to kill himself now. Providing his NOT immortal??? Like What the HECK!!! If there was some deity in this story well I just think this deity needs a crash course in what happiness truly lies and a kick up the backside in hopes of some conscience and morality is embedded in their twisted minds . Or that deity is in the hands of this writer....ACKKK!! For starters, Sharon didnt feel any sense of remorse just PEEVED off because she has to look old and then perish. (OK I give you credit in the CGI effects of her burning to death) But hey to me in the end, she got the last laugh as she's so right - SH will FOREVER live a lonely life and that they (HR and SH) wont be happy because his become in Sharon's words - a monster. And to nicely put it a Black Knight whom will and did protect HR till the end of her life. So now his immortal and according to Becky they will meet again. Meaning he will need to wait another 200 plus years for HR to reincarnate for them to find a way out of this horrendous curse. Does that even make sense? His the BK he cant die, well Becky and her prayers of hoping that they'll live happily just went out the window. Wasnt possible when they were HR and SH how could it be in their next lifetime? I understand your point @shebagirl that SH sacrificed being mortal to be with HR. Who's to say that she'll reincarnate? wouldnt that be funny if Sharon returns as well and no Im not laughing I cant be bothered with season 2. The story was set with a purpose that HR and SH would live happy EVER AFTER!! HELLOES WRITERNIM did u forget this?? Like @rittoo said when they finally realised that SH was immortal their worries and depression got the worst of them. Even depriving their wishes of having children and growing old together. SO TRUE, this drama has hit the bottom of my list and Im so glad the kneitz feel the that this writer killed this drama.... ACKK!!! Im not ever going to watch a fantasy drama again and esp from this writer. I loved this scene, in the end he couldnt even shed a tear. YEH I'm so like that now.
  15. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    I havent seen Highlander so I cant refer it. But like he said, he did nothing wrong, he didnt commit any sin to live forever. I thought maybe the curse would be lifted esp now that she passed away, I dont know. Did he even look like he aged? EKKKK!!! She aged naturally over time but he didnt , As for the diary I guess we need the subs to clarify. He deliberately tore it out so she wont read it. Becky mustve said that SH would live forever Im not sure. NOOOOO SEASON 2, its just going to go around in circles. Maybe next time round the female lead will live forever. @kaoriharang Yeah I dont know what to think of this ending too. I wonder if I can brave myself to watch it again with the subs. I so want to know what he said at the end with his monologue. Maybe it might shed some light as to how this stupid curse will end.