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  1. BTS pics released source read -http://news.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=261654
  2. I found this article from DISPATCH... my first reaction was WOAH!!! DISPATCH doing a scoop on PHS? YES!!!! his caught dating PBY?? But to my disappointment NO. They just wrote an article on his thoughts before and during his filming of SWDBS with PBY. ME- SHUCKS!!!! Still it's an interesting read. From what I understand it's very similar to what @bongsoonie said in her previous translations on various sources of PHS interviews. That he felt pressured knowing he would film a drama with PBY whom is so talented and was worried that he was not up to par esp since this was his first leading role. Then again he couldnt or didnt want to miss this opportunity to not work with PBY. He read the script and immediately laughed and enjoyed it so he def didnt want to reject this role. Im so glad he didnt pass this offer of AMH as Im sure there is no better actor whom would play the role of AMH as well as he did. As @stroppyse (MANY THANX for that) translated the previous article from Zenith News- we saw that PHS indeed brought AMH to life just by adding little things (though I would call it little) that would show AMH flamboyant and quirky characteristics. It's these lil/ HUGE things that PHS did (eg his signature pose of walking through those automatic doors or his way of saying -no - singing, "Intern") which I will forever love and remember. Im def looking forward to his next project as I wonder how he can top this character of AMH... let's see indeed This Dispatch article also states that PHS is looking forward to his next projectl, he wants to explore other genres and challenge himself further as an actor. More here - http://www.dispatch.co.kr/734229
  3. I missed all this....nawww I m so jealous. Singapore is sooo far. Those whom were so lucky to meet/ see them I hope you gave them an extra hug for us or something. Oh how I wish I was in Singapore... but then even if I was I dont know how I can get thru the crowd... OMG it's massive and them being shy of their kiss scene..kekeke! She left 1st and him later PHS hiding yet still watching the screen until he couldnt bear it and OMG PBY was the first to leave but hiding as well Im loving the twitter feed on these two..they are so cute. Please excuse my spamming He is such a spunk...but just as I feared he does look tired She looks so radiant... Bali was indeed a blessing for her cto After this fan meet both PHS and PBY updated their socio accts with PBY on Vlive and PHS on IG S
  4. Im so loving the NG's clips. WOW smart move to use those to entice people to buy the Blu-ray but the asking is price is SO EXPENSIVE!!! GEEZ but thats roughly the same amount as other kdramas as well....*sigh* Im so tempted to buy it...just a heads up and based on my previous collections. The NG's are normally not eng subbed just the drama itself is. That's why Im so hesitant to spend that amount of money AGAIN. Still Im so torn in my decision. I love this article esp what I highlighted below. Seeing them so happy filming just makes me want to buy it ARGH!!! just my dilemma Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DVD Team Releases Teaser BTS Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DVD team is slaying us with these cuteness overload BTS / NGs from Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. I absolutely adore the NGs. Bo Young exudes so much cuteness, whilst Hyung Sik is ridiculously hilarious with his cheekiness. #1: Behind the Scenes After Their First Hug - YT clip #2 Bloopers of All Casts - YT clip LOL at Bo Young choking from the Royce chocolate. Should I say serve her right for teasing Min Min? Tee hee. And THIS! OMG ROFLLLLL!!! I remember coming across one of Bo Young’s interview with her mentioning about this scene. She was genuinely frightened by actor, Kim Won Hae, because she didn’t know he was going to appear beside the door when she enter. He gave her such a huge fright that she was in tears, literally. (WOW!!! I didnt know that GOOD ONE ODB! payback for the cutlery bangles right??) Have to give it to Kim Won Hae. Even though I disliked both his characters due to its irrelevance to the plot, but judging his performance on its own, he did an excellent job. He is a scene stealer when he plays Oh Dong Byung. Regardless of how ‘exaggerated’ he was in his performance that some audiences find him mocking certain type of people, but you have to admit, he got your attention—be it this strong impression is negative or positive! #3 Bong Bong + Min Min - YT clip This video is poisonous—I need sunglasses to shield me from all these cuteness. Is there another word to describe ‘cuteness’ because it seems to be all I use in every Do Bong Soon’s posts. One of my favourites is Hyung Sik being annoyingly but hilariously cheeky as shown in the GIF below. I cannot ,for the love of god, stop laughing at him prancing left to right with that face! So childish. So sulky. Yet so funny. ROFLLLL. Me - She's so pretty here Me- His so savy, cool and adorb Okay. I figure out why I love watching this clip the most. It’s not only the cuteness that I love; it’s how much fun and laughter I see they were having whilst filming. Their laughters are infectious and makes me grin from ear to ear. It definitely made my day. If you are now convinced by these 3 clips and that you want the Blu-ray DVD, head to the below websites and find out more. Source: Twitter | Cafe Daum CR -https://eukybearlovesdrama.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/do-bong-soon-teaser-bts-for-dvd/
  5. WOW! that's crazy he flew in from Hawaii to Singapore.... I hope jetlag wont affect him. Get Ready Singapore...you are so lucky. I found this article : http://www.zenithnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=82796 An article which PHS did after this drama. I read a bit of it with Uncle Google translate and it isnt really clear. Can I pls request @stroppyse or @bongsoonie to translate the article in that link above. I know you might be busy so it might be too bothersome to translate the whole article. But there is a bit that Im MOST curious about... its this scene here Can you please esp translate this bit as I want to know if he made those moves himself. Here is the question asked in the article: Q. 출입문 앞에서 양팔 펼치는 것도 그렇고, 다양한 리액션이 인상적이었어요. 저 혼자 만든 리액션은 아니었어요. 주변에서 “민혁이가 더 활발해도 좋을 것 같다”는 이야기를 하시면서 여러 가지 리액션들을 제안해주시더라고요. 그래서 제가 “이거 해도 돼요?”라고 물어보고 리액션을 하기 시작했어요. 한 번은 봉순(박보영 분)을 부르는 장면을 연기해야 하는데 대본에는 ‘도 인턴’이라는 세 글자와 느낌표 두 개가 전부였어요. 그런데 즉흥적으로 성악 발성으로 하기도 했어요. 민혁이가 더 활발하게 그려진 건 모두 감독님 덕분이에요. 하고 싶은 것을 모두 할 수 있게 해주셨거든요. MANY THANX IN ADVANCE!! cr as tag
  6. Not sure if I can find the full one... theres 2 parts with this and the 1st one in eng subs I will check later when im free. though Section TV interviews are hard to find as they are heavily copyright guarded so its really hard to find the full vid and they usually dont upload it as well though i saw it here before but I didnt check if it was the full vid. Was it you @lingx2 whom posted it? Mian I cant remember lol! l
  7. I think so too @supergal99 Ok I wont complain I'll just try to be patient lol! but these spoilers arent helping. She looks so pretty there. If the camera didnt zoom in on them I would think that she was pregnant HAHAHA! Click the spoiler tag if you want to be spoiled AGAIN Im loving SH lines in this drama...his rapport with his secretary is GOLD
  8. Another Bali update...this time his with Jisoo (his detective partner. Gosh this is so funny
  9. Yes that's just another reason I have such a huge grudge on this writer. .. funny I was speaking to my sister and recommending her to watch this drama. But I warned her that the later part of the drama kinds of spreads out to diff directions according to it's genre - Comedy, Romance and Thriller and not necessarily will it relate to each other. She was like Kekekeke! I still told her to watch it becos PBY and PHS is like a dynamic OTP that you cant help but love this drama jus becos of them. BTW did we get a Eng sub version of this interview. I can read a lil Chinese and the interviewer said "Your girlfriend is here" MC- "I am BY" MC -Come in front of our TV audience and greet us or is she referring to PBY?? Im so not sure I just love his expression
  10. Yes I think he now knows that the person she was referring to was herself and the guy is JW. No wonder he was angry. Poor puppy... I think his hair makes him look more like a puppy hahaha! cr. tenasia More stills to look forward to... JW and YM autumn date Omo this is just YM be like "Please dont be ill" and I'll be like "Where is my live streaming link?" cr. oksusu
  11. Wow love the spoilers @Chellsee THANK YOU!!! New stills for next ep... still a long way to go till Monday *sigh* Has this been shared?? Short YT clips of ep 5 and 6 spoilers
  12. More Bali pics... GOSH Jisoo looks so HOT!! I guess he seriously misses Bali
  13. I love both your posts on HT...what's with the 2nd leads always falling for the leading lady since HS and yet never had the courage to take that extra step...Avengers you know whom Im also referring to right? Like SWDBS, Love all about timing. Even though HT is slightly different as his a one sided crush. He just waited so long to a point where she's become too comfortable in seeing him as a "friend" only. It's far too late for him to take that step esp now that JW came in. Poor HT. He must be so frustrated and even more so for letting her slip away. I sense we will see a shattered teary HT. Similar scenes to the web novel cr. http://novel.naver.com/webnovel/detail.nhn?novelId=614740&volumeNo=22
  14. I wonder where he is?? Omo he just needs BongBong and that heart and we are back to SWDBS beach kissing ep