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  1. I'm back, Ive been so busy esp with Xmas around the corner. Aish, I only just finished watching ep 2 just now. Talk about late right?? Hope to join here as much as possible. Annyeong to many friends here @bebebisous33 @USAFarmgirl @gladys57 @sava2sava@vangsweetie637 @valentvcd and why isnt my tagging working lol!!!! Sorry I give up. EDIT- ok its working now. So Im calling some patients here. Many HongHong vibes here chingues and despite the festive season I hope to see you here too. @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @rori0711 @nonski @lclarakl @jadecloud @anoasys Anyway I just wanna say if I ever meet KRW, I'm so going to cry and eat ice-cream. @maria1983 we can ditch our partners just a few seconds and just SWOOON!!! Some behind the scenes of ep 2 BTS of ep 3 Read source - http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1368718
  2. Annyeong Chingu!!! so good to see another familiar name. I miss our Choi Ban Do too. His doing so well now as I hear he has a fan meet soon, is that right?? opps wrong thread to chat about . Anyway back to this drama, I totally feel your pain. I dont want another tragic ending for YYS Im just so WHY??? indeed. But now that I've read his interviews on some of the reasons why he took up the role of a transgender in a musical theatre I see that he enjoys the challenge. His growing into a more versatile actor and credits to him for not taking just taking on the typical "flower boy" roles. Im still going to get my heart broken for him here.... I know it. Let's stock up on tissues as we wait for a much later production
  3. @larus and @stroppyse yes like @triplem said there were many remakes of Journey to the West which I too cringed. I agree the HK movie version with Stephen Chow in it and the HK drama version with Dicky Cheung is the best to get a fair idea on the story. The latest ones is ruined with too many CGI effects. Or you could've grew up watching the Japanese version (very catered for children) with dubbed English voices that was broadcasted internationally around many countries. In the various C-version the love line with Monkey or the Monk was tragic that's what made me a lil scared to watch this k-version. Now that I read the synopsis, this k-version seems to differ and its not just the difference in time. If I read it right, Hwayugi has the same characters - Monk ( is OYS descendants of the Monk), Monkey (LSG), Bull Demon King (CSW), Pigsy (poor HongKi ), and Jang Gwan as Sandy but the storyline seems to differ. For starters the Monk is suppose to be a male and like a teacher/ preacher to tame Monkey. Another twist is the Monk -OYS will have a love line entangled between LSG and CSW. Maybe it wont be tragic after all? Im still not really sure of whats the main point of this K-version. But the C-version in brief - Monkey caused havoc in Heaven believing he was the most powerful. In battle, Buddha trapped Monkey under a mountain rock on Earth as punishment. Pigsy and Sandy were once deities but committed a crime thus too was punished by the heavens and sent to Earth. To redeem themselves they agreed to go on a pilgrimage to the west and protect their teacher - the Monk. They had to get the scriptures to ensure peace to the world. Along their journey evil spirits like the Bull demon will try to stop them and kill/ eat the Monk to regain immortality and power. These fanart is cute...
  4. Im still quite hesitant of this drama. The Chinese version has been done, redone and perhaps over done too many times. The teasers looks promising as are the star studded casts. Thanks @larus for the update, its classed as a romantic-fantasy drama... Oh I love a romantic drama but if Hwayugi is following the Chinese - Journey to the West version. We need tissues ready. New stills of OYS, she's the monk character with the power to see evil spirits, plus perhaps the power to tame the cheeky Monkey - LSG. I wonder if all the demons including the Demon King CSW will try to eat her Cr. http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1362576
  5. The Vlive interview with the 3 main leads - http://www.vlive.tv/video/50596
  6. Longer teaser release....opps double post and if you were like me whom missed the Press con. Black Knight Fighting!!! Click title link to read source - Kim Byung Ok And Park Sung Hoon Are Cold Father And Son In “Black Knight” Stills
  7. 6th Dec chingu...Get ready for him to light up our screens cr. http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1024505#_enliple and dont forget the 5th Dec vlive interview at 7:30pm KST that @AlexandraReid posted earlier http://www.vlive.tv/video/50596 D2 new stills release cr. http://www.newsinside.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=480120 I want to know will they share a bed?? HAHAHAHA!!! Hello @evie7 good to see you here too. Let's have fun here...if possible
  8. OMO 4th Teaser release... See http://www.vlive.tv/video/50112 or
  9. Here are some translated bits from NG interviews To read the whole article click on the source - http://jjangkiyong.tumblr.com/ Sorry not everyone can rock the yellow BAHAHAHA! Just personnal preference I guess. He also said “During the filming, Jang Nara always said ‘I’m an old lady’, and whenever she said that, I wondered ‘Why would she say something like that? She’s so beautiful….’. When I looked into her eyes, my heart just fluttered naturally. I forgot about her age and the age gap between us. I look so much older than her instead. She doesn’t look like she’s older than me, she looks more like a same-age friend or even a younger sister.” Moreover, he stated “I liked this Jung Nam Gil character so much that I had a lot of greed since the audition stage. I told myself I really had to get this role so I prepared so many things, took acting lessons and analyzed the character. During the filming, I was really nervous and there was a lot of things that made me worried because I’m the youngest person there with the least experience.” as he recalled that time. He confessed, “In the beginning of the filming I had no confidence, but I had the chance to talk with the director and Jang Nara in the middle of it. Namgil character is a senior who looks confident but I lacked the energy. Seeing that, the director and Nara noona called me over and both of them simultaneously said ’Just trust us, let’s go.’ to me. Those words changed me. I lifted my shoulder up again while thinking ’Why should I be nervous? I just need to trust these people’. For the first time, I felt like I belonged to this team. Since that, I went to the filming site with a fluttering heart.”
  10. More stills on our second lead -SJH Gosh she looks stunning I dont mean to compare lol! but here are some new stills of SSK cr https://twitter.com/KorenesiaCom And the main cast poster release Who's the short hair lady in the green coat?? Nevermind I found the answer.. she's Rose Hee though Im not sure what her role will be. Credit read Naver article - http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003184699
  11. Jang Nara from "Go Back Couple" talks about Chang Ki-yong Actress Jang Nara talked honestly about the people she met through "Go Back Couple". Jang Nara recently starred in the KBS 2TV drama "Go Back Couple" as Ma Jin-joo, a thirty-eight year old mother who is exhausted out of raising a child by herself. Jang Nara said, "This drama earned me many friends like Son Ho-jun, Chang Ki-yong, Han Bo-reum, Jo Hye-jeong, Heo Jung-min, Lee Yi-kyung, Go Bo-gyeol and more". About Son Ho-jun, Jang Nara said, "He's a really sturdy actor. He really felt like the leader of a family and he worked really hard if not even harder". About Chang Ki-yong who is the youngest of the group, Jang Nara said, "He's got a lot of skills and more potential. He's clumsy and he seems like a little kid but on TV he's mature. He works hard to work into the character". "Lee Yi-kyung threw ad-libs all the time. The director even had to tell him to stand down. Han Bo-ruem worked so hard on her cheerleading and Go Bo-gyeol, ballet. Jo Hye-jeong felt like a real friend later on. I couldn't slack because everyone did their best". It's been 16 years since Jang Nara's debut. She says 'acting is fun'. "Acting gets me away from my life. I am quite without much going on usually but acting is the best thing that can happen to me and I won't stop". Meanwhile, "Go Back Couple" ended on the 18th. Source : joynews.inews24.com/p... Credit - http://www.hancinema.net/jang-nara-from-go-back-couple-talks-about-chang-ki-yong-112604.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  12. cr. cr. http://www.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=329296
  13. I cant believe its only one week without GBC. I miss them already Back on board my kayak cr. topstar news From this article in Topstar it seems like he says thats its impossible for a season 2 esp since CBD and JJ have their happy ending. Which I agree, I dont think they can make a season 2 and if they do it might just be a different story with diff casts. It's just so hard to get everyone back on board. Anyway I got this video interview from @vinsensa Thank you chingu. I hope you dont mind me sharing it on your behalf. I think many of us miss him heaps. Even if we dont understand what he said it doesnt matter as seeing him for a brief 5 min interview is better than nothing. His wearing the same mustard yellow jumper too. @xxPeepsxx thank you so much for translating that interview article. SJ and BD are so cute. I knew Arin would easily walk and hug SHJ and its even more cute that she does that even in front of her real father. I wonder if he gets offended lol! Would it be too much if I could please request a brief overview of what he said in the above video interview?? THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
  14. Omg I saw those pics of his hair.. is he trying to make me jump off my kayak for good? it looks like a birds nest just dropped on him hahaha! JK no way will I jump off but just incase no more perms please. The OST album looks good all, u get these inside it. Photo cards plus signatures cr. GBC DC gallery And if your interested in the GBC DVD or Blu Ray copies here is the difference in picture quality. I def like the Blu Ray but pity I cant understand Korean and often they these copies dont have eng subs @anopinion @xxPeepsxx or anyone, Can you please help translate this article especially when SHJ mentions lil Arin at the last 2 paragraphs. What did he say? Many thanx in advance http://star.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/OhmyStar/at_pg.aspx?CNTN_CD=A0002379597