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  1. Nope, just some clear consistent explanations would be ideal and most importantly interpreted in the drama itself and NOT in her interviews. We the viewers should be able to understand the plot without her having to try to reason it out. She shouldnt need to explain her ideas for her work esp if she really didnt care what her critics thought...as I do agree haters will always hate and that you cant please all. Maybe she knows that there are some plotholes in her work and is trying to reason that it was "magic" - its a fantasy drama. Thus anything is possible so why not people dying in games and it can be caused by another player or NPC, wearing a lens or not wearing one your still playing, applying the virus/danger to one player (JW) over any other players because his the male lead, deliberately dumbing or in nicer terms weaken down other secondary characters (Id say its all the other side characters - Choi, police officers, YR, SeJu, CHS, Park, Prof Cha not just HJ) for the sake of the hero. Gosh Im boiling up again, I cant go on. Sorry @wenchanteur lets agree to disagree on anything inregards to SJJ and those interviews...i dont mean to pick on you or any fans of hers. We still have 2 eps to go and even if the finale looks like it will be questionable Im going to TRY and enjoy it. I did say try
  2. Ikr if it wasnt for HJ , Id say JW wouldve been dead many eps back. This drama is very male role centred where JW is the focus. Thus his development in how he overcomes all these game issues, CHS, Prof Cha plot, exwives craze should lead to him to a path of achieving a happy ending esp with HJ...oh my head is spinning. Suddenly Im not looking forward to the finale. I hope they release a better spoiler than SJJ interviews. I need a cold shower to calm down. @hyuuhikari @katakwasabi SJJ ideas is just ... @vangsweetie637 according to SJJ logic magic is the answer because its a fantasy drama.
  3. More tvN stills Here is a clearer SJJ interview ...still some bits I dont understand and disagree but learnt to just let it go. That's her style. She should just stick to movies. @wenchanteur here's another SJJ interview that you'll enjoy. As a writer yourself and a fan of hers maybe you can/would understand her perspective more. Would love to hear you view on her interview. Thanks @maris1 for the link - https://channels.vlive.tv/BF37FF/vtoday/0.9780052 This part of the interview is breaking my heart and making me boil ...like seriously! JW love for HJ is what keeping him from going insane. How could she - SJJ not realise the importance of HJ role into JW life yet concentrate more on his guilt with CHS ▼ Which direction will the two final episodes of the drama be developed? Maybe Jin Woo's frustratingly complicated relationships will be solved. Honestly, I feel pitiful for Hee Joo if she becomes a couple with Jin Woo. Except for the title of "Plutocrat", Jin Woo is a character who has too many issues to discuss. If Jin Woo is supposed to take his relationship with Hee Joo seriously, he will have to handle more things and solve them thoroughly. I hope audiences will pay close attention to the story in which Jin Woo will pay his mental debt to Hyung Suk instead of his love affair because this really is an important thing to me.
  4. Here's another SJJ reasoning.... With credit - yysy I just think SJJ under estimated the skills of PSH. And as I recall IU role in "My Ahjussi" was far more prominent than HJ or Emma put together. More article, now from soompi - https://www.soompi.com/article/1293407wpp/memories-alhambra-writer-reveals-hyun-bins-role-based-elon-musk-death-works-drama “Memories Of The Alhambra” Writer Reveals Hyun Bin’s Role Is Based On Elon Musk + How Death Works In The Drama Song Jae Jung, writer of tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra,” revealed that Yoo Jin Woo (played by Hyun Bin) is based on Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and shared how death works inside the drama. At a press conference, she explained, “I found Elon Musk intriguing after coincidentally reading his autobiography. I drew inspiration from his life and created Yoo Jin Woo.” A few similarities between Yoo Jin Woo and Elon Musk are that they both have PhDs in engineering and that they are both self-made CEOs of extremely successful IT companies. In continuation, she explained the workings behind death in the drama and how the AR (Augmented Reality) game is related to it. Spoilers Asked why Yoo Jin Woo and those close to him are the only ones whose in-game deaths can lead to death in reality, she stated, “You can think of it as a virus. Having murderous intent and breaking the rules created an error in the game. In Yoo Jin Woo and Cha Hyung Suk’s (played by Park Hoon) case as well, the murderous fights between the users caused them to become able to feel pain and unable to log out,” and added, “I had my storyline edited by a professional in the field. Using smart lenses to play an AR game means that the brain can be controlled by the game.” Regarding Cha Hyung Suk’s mysterious death, she explained, “The scene where the police officer speculates that Cha Hyung Suk’s death was caused by a lack of blood in his body was written to trick viewers. That was only a speculation made by the police officer as they couldn’t properly check if it was true. The line was purposely inserted to create a tense atmosphere by implying that Yoo Jin Woo could be involved in the murder case.” The final two episodes of “Memories of the Alhambra” will air this Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST. tvN stills of JW
  5. Yep and I call that lazy bs writing..opps thats harsh. I cant complain becos thats fantasy drama for you. SSJ just lowered my bar of fantasy dramas to rock bottom Bahahaha!
  6. Like/ love or question her work writer Song Jae Jong has given her explanations of MOA in her interviews...Oh this will be interesting. Open all links and you'll need google translate. Read - http://www.mediasr.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=50796 https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2000551 From what I gather esp from this article - http://www.tvj.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=51890 She seems to explain her reasoning of the game as a virus that spread. For JW to still be playing the game even without the lens is part of the virus caused and it triggers the brain to feel the pain (eg.when attacked) and it can also be the reason for the death of CHS. With Seo because his JW ally Seo too would feel the pain of those attacks and share the same experiences as JW. She seems to highlight that MOA is a fantasy drama with some scientific influence. Where some bits cannot be clear because of it's fantasy element....(ME- Really? ) Though how Emma is the key, JW relationship between Director Park, Prof Cha, CHS etc will be explained in ep 15 and 16. (Me: oh it better be lol!) That's how I interpret those articles.... I think we need our trusty translator @stroppyse if you have the time please skim read these interviews and see what interesting points you can share with us. And inregards to PSH...this writer needs to do more than apologising to her...but for whats its worth it is a start With credits yysy in twitter So SJJ admits and did ask PSH to be understanding of her role... that MOA was written to be male hero centred and the female lead is ??? (i dont want to say)...GEEZ this woman needs to watch her in Doctors. Wait she didnt. Though it would indeed be too late
  7. PPL this topic, I giggle when I see it in the drama. These actors/ actresses endorses these products. They have been sponsored by these brands and is contracted to use them in their dramas. So not only do these actors and actress bring their star power to the drama but also sponsors as well. Hence why they are a catch for many film productions. PSH - Mamonde (makeup), Swarovski, the hair product (sorry I cant remember the name) HB- Breitling (whom also sent HB a food truck to the set) and Lexus Im surprised they havent brought in their own clothing or bag sponsors as well. I guess they didnt have to and rather use various brands instead. That aside these brands will in return sponsor the film production and likewise the production must use them somewhere in the drama. I agree the more sponsors the better. MOA is a HUGE production and the budget is I think I read over 20 billion won right? I just hope everyone gets their fair share of the profits and no one gets left out. Its sad to read that some productions have failed to pay the casts or crew and worse the dramas has been cancelled altogether.
  8. Its true ahjussi HB prefers scripts books than reading them on a tablet/ phone. Apparently the bigger the better
  9. Remember agent A? his actor Park Hae Soo and was just married on 14th Jan. The newly wed couple will now fly off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. They were married in a private ceremony with family and close friends. Some of his Prison Playbook casts attended to his wedding. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to him. He looks so happy. I hope our OTP will look this beautiful and blessed when their day comes too. This is real DISPATCH news now cr source - https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2000468
  10. WOW! love this gif...I cant help but think, :"an enemy has appeared" What have MOA done to me, guitars, lightening, rain and storms will never be the same @stroppyse with this scene of your translation, you mention something about PSH being scared that HB blood (Im assuming on his jacket) would stain her....but his jacket that his wearing isnt stained? Is there something more to their conversation that we werent aware of? Im puzzled but giggling how PSH is so scared of him when he suddenly came close to her She's definitely fangirling
  11. @stroppyse Thank you so much for the full translation of the ep 13-14 BTS I hope it doesnt end that way. I cant handle a 1.5 episode of separation to only finally meet in the last half hour.. Though looking at the bits of the English lyrics of OST 6, I think they will be separated for a while. I hope it reflects more on the time that he first left or now that his missing rather than any unnecessary time jump or memory loss. But like the last line said, "We finally can meet" " I've been always here to live with you forever, I think I know it from the smile that look at me shyly All the time with you and all the time behind you Maybe we've loved each other, or in love Wherever you go, oh you Wherever you are, wherever you go. Maybe we're hidden from the world, Following the road that has been fated From the first day we breathed It's a very, very long time. We finally can meet"
  12. @siddy09 gif noted and Im in the "zone" how can I not be esp after reading @PororoQueen epic fanfic. cr. daydream in tumblr Let ask this question particular to @katakwasabi Who did it better? Makes me wonder if Prof Cha is really scared or not Nawww a beautiful fanart of SeJu..rescued, free and home. Yay! we get to see his side of the story... thru a flashback of course
  13. No. no, no more please. Im at wits ends for this to happen again...*flashback* I was ok with it in the beginning. In fact I hardly took notes of it until ep 14. *sigh* I just want answers that has yet to be cleared because it is slowly being revealed through these flashbacks of a flashback of a flashback. I agree, maybe they filmed the scenes all in one long take. Then the PD, Writer and the editing team thought nope, stop it to that, make it more suspenseful - show it later, continue the original timeline then air the flashback again but extend it a bit then cut continue the original timeline - throw in the flashback (again) but with more extended bits, then cut the rest to be aired later.....and the cycle begins again right up to the finale. Woah! have I lost anyone yet?...because I am. Let me try again with @siddy09 post. I hope I dont offend anyone here, Im just voicing my frustrations and as much as I love MOA and Im truly enjoying the laughs that we share here. I just dont like where its heading...anymore eps I think I'll go insane not JW.
  14. Oh I can make a sentence with that but that will be too R rated *pervemodeon* I think we go more pervy with the bts vids than the actual scene