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  1. It's ok GE just know CP loves you cto Last day of filming is now on 30th Jun... Zoomers, looks like YSH's CP robe is taken away for him. lol! Tthis is cute, I didnt notice the crew was shining their mobile lights for YSH and HJH. and they were father and son in the 2004 drama "Precious Family". WOW 13 years makes a huge difference. YSH looks so manly now.
  2. @vangsweetie637 Oh dear me I must behave.... excuse my PAC thoughts but 2 long years Ok I understand your bed scene. Keep it at sweet and innocent just like our next posts though Im not sure if it is really innocent I love your dialogue GE must take the initiative like she did in this scene. Oh Im going crazy waiting for the next eps. Gotta go back to work now.
  3. Omo bed scene?? chingue she's not legal right? seriously there are restrictions on young actresses and Im sure that will be one of them. Fan arts.. WOW look at this drawing. The detail is amazing more in spoiler tag
  4. As much as I hate this sort of drama cliche, it will be the only way for GE to forgive CP. and Im beginning to understand the negativity in GE character. That aside, I just hope its the poison in his blood that his spewing out. cr. DC gallery
  5. IG updates..mian if its a double post I will edit it later She's so pretty Ruler is sending hearts to all Esp from YSH
  6. I was wondering whom the other guy was..his the one of the CP ministers HAHAHA! Heres some more from his IG acc Here's some other IG updates
  7. Wow im beginning to understand DM mentality now. He mustve been treated harshly so now his become the cold evil man that he is now. "JUSTICE BELONGS TO THE POWERFUL" Iknew those words were meant to describe his past injustice.
  8. Omo i didnt know there would be him included in that quiz lol!!! This is hilarious. We need a character description of him. What did they say? Im curious lol! Maybe we should change our ava to the characters we got in DF QUIZ? Who's in?
  9. But the ones in this drama looks like the ones that symbolises the remembrance of those in military service. I know theres a drug related one where in some countries is illegal to plant. Maybe this is what DM clan been using. and @ktcjdrama Wow so lucky... goal!! you've come closer to your idol. Now waiting for someone to get GE. I wonder how DF depicts her character. EDIT- Nevermind @joyspartace_stv got her lol! and about the vlive interview. Dont worry chingues generally their spirits are lifted when they are given the opportunity to speak/ interact with their fans. Tired or not they will feel so much better when they see so many fans (around the world) online encouraging them.. well I hope so Dont forget to give hearts as msg of support.
  10. @faye406 @kentangbakar thank you chingues. I hope this means CP will burn down those poppy fields and set those children and workers free. They need to end this mass poison production. Poppy flowers are known to have some poison but to me its a symbol for us to remember the soldiers whom died during ANZAC day. So i have real mix feelings about the use of Poppy flowers in this drama. My dilemma i guess.
  11. As heartbreaking as this scene was. I really enjoyed it. They nailed this scene and it just picked up the plot more. She's so beautiful cr. DC gallery Well shot PDnim!! Here's one more... CP will be ok and is set to take his throne. I hope he throws out all those corrupt Ministers. YAY!!!! no more masks. That's a good sign right?
  12. Yes there is one at 1700 Kst. IHere is the link and you can see what time it will be on in your country. http://www.vlive.tv/video/33709 EDIT- SORRY CHINGUE I had to double check the date it's on 26th JUNE
  13. OMG!! dont kill me I just tried the DF quiz and I got ...kkkk!!!! LS. Does that mean the pots and tables are flying my way Im taking their comments on his character to heart. L will change as I dont think Im all that BAD. His just twisted because his been poppy poisoned and those things does strange things to the mind. Paranoid, bad tempered and schizo just to name a few. "You were born with a heart of gold. You may not always be able to show your emotions, but your good intentions are there all the same. You are meek and highly value other's opinions of you. " HAVE A GO CHINGUES!!! I want to be GE so I can have CP. OH WELL GOODLUCK!!! https://www.dramafever.com/news/quiz-which-character-from-ruler-master-of-the-mask-are-you/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=dramafever