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  1. Yah! miss chatting to you of MOA as well as the crazy Emperor. I was more satisfied with that drama esp since all the female casts were stronger unlike this drama. It must be a phase that these writers were going thru. Lets just write WTF endings ...Grrrr! I like this scene, made me think that they definetly bickered during this game and there were bits that didnt aired. and this is why. HB doesnt have much patience
  2. Helloes, it's been a while and I still do miss this couple. Yep I totally agree with you here. I havent wated the last 2 ep with subs as I would feel more disappointed. So Im just going to believe HeJoo and JinWoo did meet and are now playing Jenga
  3. @Lawyerh thanks for the tag. I do have a soft spot for Hyun Bin dimple smiles. cr.jet lee Opps criteria check of this thread- CEO status, in a drama within 6 months, I guess that rules out Min Tae Gu (The Negotiations) then J One CEO Jin Woo Ahjussi is the best cr captianjoonki in tumblr
  4. @flutterby06 their friendship is so real and you can see they both value and support each other. Hankyul even posted a pic with NWS. So rocky bear came to the after party but CJH didnt Is there any news if CJH will attend the reward trip?
  5. Naw isnt he cute, is he wearing the badge that WS wears as the Royal bodyguard? Very matching with Ari too
  6. Just when I thought where is the wrap up party, here it comes. After the finale...odd right? Love SSR
  7. Mianhae Im so late to come back, mianhae I kind of over slept and missed the finale. So I have yet to catch the finale and just enjoyed being spoilt by all these spoilers here. Sadly I dont think I can watch it, it will be too heartbreaking for my so mixed up emotions. Let's just say Im in a love hate relationship with this drama particularly with Hyuk. I pity him that he had to die in the hands of his mother. How could she do that and not feel an ounce of remorse afterwards? then again Im talking about the ED whom never had any logic and always was evil and selfish to the bitter end. I'd rather Hyuk lived and as Sunni hoped he would live a life of begging for forgiveness. @annchoi I really loved that funny FMV clip you posted. Makes me really think this drama wouldve been far more entertaining if it it was a rom com and if you minus all those crazy killings and sufferings it wouldve been perfect. Glad even Hyuk agrees with me. I hope Nara and SSR will reunite again in a rom com please. Im weary for a 3rd time lucky for CJH so will hope for SSR lol! But OMG if it does happen I suggest we all go and buy lotto
  8. Wait did I miss something? who was the mummified body with the diamond necklace? @katakwasabi Some updates read source - http://sports.chosun.com/news/utype.htm?id=201902220100132360009860&ServiceDate=20190221 Thank you @nikki7 for the extended trailer... it does look like WS is the bandage man and even was able to perform some fight scenes. Hyuk will is stamped and dated for todays date. Wrap up photo with the cast and crew of TLE...why SSR and Nara was photographed separately and sadly I dont see CJH in it.
  9. I hope he returns in a rom com even then I might still think he could flip lol! and the beautiful Nara
  10. This whole family day out, I cant help but think that its a sign that Hyuk will die or that he will end his reign himself. Did he say something along the lines of being content to stay like this forever @stroppyse please translate what Hyuk said As the bomb was ticking, despite all that he did to her, she saves Hyuk first and then he wakes to save her. He even sees the blurred injured man (Im assuming is WS) putting himself on the line to protect them from another explosion. Geez maybe this will be his wake up call.
  11. True no one dies... this reminds me of the American soaps no one dies and even if theres a corpse they somehow still return. Did you see the preview? This is my first time putting recaps in spoilers lol!
  12. OMG so they did have WS but you cant see his face..... this is so absurd
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