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  1. I miss his goofiness. Im so glad his back and looking...hhmmmmm Some guaranteed laughs See more here in 8 min highlight: http://tv.naver.com/v/2156221 I cant see it, as it's not in my country...
  2. @dramalover1 Can I ask how do you know Li is not real? Emperor Qin legacy and Im not referring to his achievements on the battlefield or dominance in China but more towards his love life. Did he ever have any moments of hesitation? Even in this drama, when you referred to the scene of his breakdown after killing so many people... surely it's possible for a human to feel remorseful afterall its many lives that he killed. Yet I understand historically lives were taken as if it was a norm and our modern way of thinking knows it's morally wrong since we tend to treasure a human life. Different mindsets in different eras. Also when he killed JK thru making kebab out of LZ (HAHAHA! @january1234 love your reference and pls dont mind me using it again) to me it didnt show YZ ruthlessness but more that LZ death of protecting him will not go in vain. His death allowed him to not only kill JK but served as a reminder of what their initial goal was /is. Again I see that a soldier's goal is to protect their King/ Nation even if it is at the risk of their own lives. Similar mindsets of our soldiers today. Anyway to continue, did Emperor Qin ever love someone that perhaps we were never told or made aware of? Surely a man of such power and intelligence (despite his tyrant ways of thinking) would spark some love? I mean he cant be all that cold blooded as history paints him to be? There got to be another reason why he never had a Queen other than not trusting others being too busy ruling the Nations? Am I wrong? I dunno I like to think that Emperor Qin did have a love in his life, that he was capable of it? Maybe despite the HUGE flaws of this drama Im glad I could see a different side of Emperor Qin that it was possible that he did love someone as much as Li? or that it was indeed possible that Emperor Qin isnt as cold blooded. I hope I make some sense lol! Im confusing myself too.
  3. @raziela omo ZBB lost his voice geez that must be early on. I guess since this is a preproduced drama the editors can afford to dub the voices. I thought they did this becos of their contracts as many other cdramas are dubbed. Another reason why I cringe while watching them. And I agree ZBB demands presence. I saw their interviews and the man sure has it. No wonder he was selected as Emperor Quin. I cant wait for his next project to come about. I might try EL as suggested by @dramalover1 but Im picky. His not the lead oh well Im going back to kdramas. Even though I joined much later I had fun here. This thread has been so fun and insightful to read and surpringsly no mods though I know their lurking and grinning at my post for mentioning them. I learnt so much history here so THANK YOU all for your contributions. I hope to see your posts again. Im not good at remembering names and pls give a wave when we do cross paths. Its not a farewell as we will meet again and I will still linger here.
  4. Sorry I laughed becos I never thought about the bromance between them kekeke! But in seriousness it just made YZ realise more that his moment of hestitancy can prove fatal to those whom he treasures. LZ death served as a reminder of YZ purpose - yut tong tien ha! (In Cantonese- sorry I tried my best to write the ping yang as closely as possible ) or simply to rule over the 6 nations
  5. Yes for sure Emperor Quin most probably didnt like having a Queen and all those issues following it. I believe this story foretells why. As a child, I was told about a legend of Quin and it remains dearly to me. I dont know if its of any truth but I like this legend and perhaps this was the intial reason that drew me close to this drama yet I was so hestitant becos of DD's acting. This legend was shown in a HK drama many many years ago. But again i dont know if it holds any truth or if the writers just twisted it. Anyway the legend was that Emperor Quin did fall in love with a everyday girl (whom I cant remember her name) but she was already married with a child. (Very similar to Lier right?) Emperor Quin rulership killed her father and her people whilst forced into slavery to build the Great Wall. When her father died and her husband captured she cried and the walls of the Great Wall fell. This brought attention to Emperor Quin and he met and fell in love with her. He made her into his concubine by promising that her husband would be free and also protected her from all the palace dangers esp from his other concubines but was never able to receive her love back. In the end, she couldnt accept Quin betrayal whom killed her husband and declared war with her people. She commited suicided and jumped off the Great Wall making it crumble again. From these 2 dramas we see that Emperor Quin did most likely fell in love. But their love wasnt meant to be and it contributed to his ruthfulness during his reign.
  6. Oh I havent tried EL. My friends tells me its good but Ive seen snippets of it and somehow (Im so sorry u may disagree)I just cant see the leads chemistry. Esp the guy he seems more robotic hence why I couldnt even watch the Chinese version of She Was Pretty. DD and the lead guy OMG was the worst combination ever it was not only until ZBB came on that I slightly enjoyed it. Still I couldnt finish it esp knowing the ending. Im totally WTF!!! Like you all too. Im beyond didappointed. I hate endings like this. I understand her point to use herself to give YZ the pain of loosing someone/something whom he treasures most and I knew she would do something stupid like that. I guess theyre still sticking to history to show that his always put his ambition of China 1st and will always not trust others. Stupid, stupid poor YZ- Emperor Qin, has to live a life of guilt and loneliness. He scarficed so much for the good of his own people. I guess this proves what a Kings life is like - one of scarfice, loneliness, ruthlessness and paranoia. Not all could achieve this and he did. For whats this drama is worth I kind of glad I saw this side of Emperor Quin. That he isnt as ruthless as history paints him to be. More misunderstood of his actions and that in his lifetime he did had a moment where he did questioned and hesitated on his own ambitions. As for Lier, gosh I wish I could say I couldnt care less but from her role's stance I kindof understand her pov. Shes stuck between the love of 2 men, her son and also her people. The only way she felt possible to stop this conflict is her death.... I only wished it was another actress to portray her role as maybe just maybe this show would prove more of its worth. I dont think I can even watch the ending.
  7. Ikr I can watch that promo over and over again and laugh. His def adorable. He needs to come back in a rom-com and preferably with his own voice. Maybe steer clear from Chinese dramas and head over to Taiwan. He speaks the same language though their plot is just as draggy but it never is this stupid and big bonus is they use their own actors/ actresses voices. I seriously hope his management team will come into this forum and read our critiques and hopefully they will know better. Im glad the YT clips have similar criticism, so fingers X
  8. In regards to how JK suddenly looses to YZ in a fight I thought perhaps maybe one of his men was captured and tortured hence why he stopped his fight and was willing to give in his life to set the other free. I cant make out who the other guy is. Oh well doesnt matter this drama has just lost it's plot. Im sticking to watching this promo instead. ZBB as the legendary Qin Emperor taking selfies.... I need the laughter than this ludicrous ending
  9. what have they done!!! I think Lier tries to stop JK from going into the palace to assassinate YZ by telling that girl to drug him with a odour. YZ will inturn drug Lier so she wont stop him from killing JK. Becos shes a fighter her body is strong enough to fight off the drug and was able to enter the palace court to stop YZ. So they both will charge towards each other. Looks like it...i thought it ends at ep 50...WTF!! Im so disappointed.I knew Chinese dramas never ends well and for this reason I never could finish their dramas this one just proves it. I feel so sorry for ZBB who is carrying this drama. But despite this dramas MANY flaws his proven his abilities and I hope he gets better opportunties and one with a better acting partner to challenge him more. @briaes
  10. Wait before I reply to u...@lavender2love i dont like this soompi upgrade. I will complain when I get back hm. @dramalover1 love your forthcoming insights which is so true on many accounts. I only wish I have more time to reply. Maybe my 1st post weren't as clear. What i was trying to say that KW like many of the cdramas has its faults but it is not entirely the writers fault. I dont believe their scripts were written to give each character such a poor development. There must be more scenes which wasn't shown.What it lacks( and boy does it ever ) wasnt perhaps shown due to many edits thru diff editing teams that Ive suggested in my previous posts. Hence why many actors/actresses and even the director were neva aware on what is aired or not during their drama run. Some even said it was their 1st time to watch it along with all other viewers. Inregards to ML the writer and director was a lil TOO ambiguous. Warning bells sparked with the k version ending at 20 eps as compared to the much longer (35 eps) and detailed chinese version. No wonder it was messy.
  11. Thx everyone for your contributions here. Its been amazing to read. This forum for once (ok more than once) makes this drama so much easier to understand. But please allow me to add some input to the so called choppy scenes and poor plot. Im no expert in how dramas are written directed etc so my insights are purely based on what Ive seen so far and somehow it made some sense to why Chinese dramas are always or most of the time sooo choppy. 1st due to the laws in China dramas must be fully produced edited etc by the film makers team before it is submitted to the television network to watch over and then granted approval to broadcast in China. So therefore the KW film crew wouldve made any of their changes as agreed upon by the director and writers. After submission it is pretty much out of the hands of the director and his/her team. The television network will then do some more editing based on their laws and of course audience preferences. Thus more cutting of scenes to ensure that each ep fits the time span for it to be aired in whateva timeslot they have. Have I lost anyone as yet?? Shall I continue?? Anyway I will, so in all the actual drama will undergo more than 1 rounds of editing: 1. Their own director editing team, 2. The tv network team and now Im also speculating here so anyone knows more pls clarify..3. The international broadcasters(including Viki, youku etc)...how do I know this? Ive seen a Cdrama (Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan) previously and its was so much better thru i believed was a live ep link (i watched it thru youtube and later it was banned by the copyright laws it had total of 40 something eps). Later I tried to watch it thru Viki and it has less eps than the YT version I watched which was longer than other eng subs drama sites. The highlight was that there def were more scenes and the editing was not way off. It actually made more sense than when I rewatched it with eng subs and Im not even fluent in Mandarin. This is when I knew that something is wrong. This also happened with another drama -Cruel Romance. Why are we international fans watching something entirely diff..another example which many of you may know. If youve seen Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo(kversion) you will know that it was a preproduced drama that China had bought rights to air simultaneously with Korea. Though China somehow aired it earlier maybe because of their time difference Im not sure. Despite this when it aired in China, the Chinese TV Network also made some editing changes. Evidently we saw 2 diff versions of each ep and some drama sites posts two versions of the eps for people to compare. (Boy did we live recappers on this forum had a field day of recapping lol! Me included) This only proves that these dramas in China undergo immense changes and editing. So maybe we shouldn't criticise the actual directing or writers team of these Chinese dramas. Because sadly once when they submit it in to these tv networks its pretty much out of their hands in what scene is aired and what isnt. This drama has an advantage that not only does it have the history but they have the novel to rely on and whether or not it follows it doesnt matter because in the end it must be a complete script with a complete drama all filmed and edited. So therefore a writer would be crazy to write a story that is as choppy as we see. Plus bare in mind these Chinese tv network has the Chinese audience as their market not international viewers whom may or may not know nor understand the Chinese historical facts so thus they wont cater for international viewers. The networks will edit scenes and will assume the Chinese market have already understood the history thus certain scenes can be edited out. Not fair I know but to these networks its understandable and how they operate. I knew this would happen to this drama as soon as I saw some bad editing probs. I tried to find this drama in hopes to find a full version but sadly no luck. Sorry to bore you but i just had to add my 2cents and why Ive always despite my Chinese heritage dont like cdramas. On a more relatable note..next preview is a total WTF!!! @lavender2love hiya sista!!!! This new facelift of soompi is so not user friendly esp on my phone. I cant read the pages properly....hmmm I may need to seek helpdesk.