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  1. Perhaps she felt it bebe but I think now she will think it was nothing. Yes its her first time, so she had her fist clenched and eyes closed but she was willing to accept a kiss if he initiated it. As clearly she was surprised that it didnt happen. She was waiting for him to kiss her and since he didnt I think she might be more confused about his feelings for her. MH been toying with her this ep a lil too much lol! MH is confusing BS and sending out some mixed emotions. *sigh* maybe like you said he wants her to sort her feelings out for GD and that he'll wait for for her. But I also think he isnt ready as well. Maybe his stalking issues is worrying him. To add to that his issues with his family too - esp his father. Looks like there wont be a kiss in ep 10 now.... ok Im getting my ava ready noooooo my happy JiSung. AISH! I think pouty MH pretty much sums up my feelings today
  2. GD asks BS to go to the police station to hear the witness voice she agrees. She says its him and there seems to be news on tv which MH sees whilst in hospital. BS and GD goes to see the Chief detective..ENDS Preview ep 10 omo @stroppyseSOS!!! many THANX chingue
  3. Killer killed bride number 2 for leading the group to call out help. He watches them on the monitors and he goes to his dungeon and kills her. His worker clearly hears their scream but does nothing. GD was investigating and hearing one of the victims mothers testimony he remembers the car dump and decides to go there and investigates. GD sees the killer working there and remembers his a witness. He tells him there is something wrong with his car so the killer checks it out. GD investigates and almosts finds the hideout but killer stops him....shucks Omo he asks her if she's the one whom saved her from the bus accident. She tells him it was her 1st time using her strenth to save people His having too much fun toying with her lol
  4. Ok his ok just dont go amnesia on me and BS dont be scared to be with him becos of your strength
  5. Omo he knows shes his angel...and sugar she accidentally hits him EDIT- MH gets stabbed from protecting her..no wonder she's crying...argh!!! GD sees her in action too GD hits the one whom attack her and MH gets stabbed Im praying too
  6. I dont think so chingue I went back and check ep 7 and their clothes are different. It's not this scene of the library stills for ep 10 as indicated by DC gallery. In Ep 7..is this the scene you were referring too? its follows on their amusement park date right? If so she wasnt hiding behind the shelves as indicated in the DC stills and both clothing are different. DC stills of MH and BS in the library in spoiler tag Speaking of DC I found this pic...always so close to him yet missed the opportunity to catch him YIKES he scares me. cr. DC gallery
  7. BS house and interior.. Her bedroom and lounge room MH house his man cave lol! and office source - crazyjyj in twitter
  8. From DC these stills are in ep 10 where they are in a library and BS is watching MH sadly ...why so serious??? and sugar I betted ep 10 for their first kiss cr. DC gallery
  9. Then and Now pics...these are so cute I had to share. Guess who? looks familiar? cr. #NoChillShawol ‏ @andybidibidis_ in twitter Answer in spoiler tag. I swear this isnt an excuse to paste this pic again...mwah!!! I think this one is quite obvious, PBY but at 18 yrs Vs now 27 yrs. Wow she hasnt aged at all. What's her secret? cr. 눈의꽃 @1995_0519 in twitter @bebebisous33 omo kissing bet, Im so in....wait I might loose my Jisung?? NOOOOOO!!! But Im still in ... my bet is ep 10. Thanx Bebe for organising this. I hope you can keep track lol!
  10. More current one now OMG look at his stares.... if looks could kill I think almost everyone here would die already lol!
  11. OMG these are BTS but still soooo SQUEEEE cr Naver Opps @briseis posted them already...sorry. I'll keep the 2 pics that I love.
  12. The Hilton resort looks soooooo pretty...I know where I want to stay when I go to Okinawa WOW love this FMV...makes me want to rewatch the whole drama again.
  13. Nawww how cute are they?? Pls drama Gods if your out there make these 2 reunite with a happy ending. Lol! Ok i dont think that will happen but this pic will do for me. MH goes crazy and looses his mind and YH looks after him taking him to Okinawa to have some fun lol!