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  1. @intrariver thanks for understanding heh. Personal life and friendship it's one thing but fan meetings are another thing. It's not Goblin drama's FM, it's Wookie's. So let it be his own where his fans and not other actor's fans will be present. After collecting some info it looks like fake rumor and I hope it's remain fake. My dream guest for Wookie's Fm will be Daebak and sisters.
  2. I pray hard that the rumor about GY on Wookie's fm in Jakarta is false. If it's organizer's decision then I wish KKE will cancel or re-schedule Fm with another organizer. Sorry Indonesian fans, but I don't want Wookie and you all to share venue with crazy GY fanatics and GY personally. I know I might sound childish but I believe that none will feel themselves comfortable and it's nothing to do with their off screen friendship. What a ridiculous situation OMG. Are they going to hold press conference together as well? I pray for new project asap. Wookie should move on from Goblin.
  3. @world_peace No :(( We didn't have luck @MaysoonD I agree with @giegie that Wookie values his career and he has quite a lot of ambitious in it. So far his popularity is unstable. He should become total A-lister in order not to worry about his acting future. If he'll enter that group of actors he can do whatever he wants and he'll be forgiven by both fans and knetz. I'm not talking about big scandals ofc. As to what kind of husband he'll be...not sure that he'll be the one jealous. most likely his wife will be jealous with his work since he puts it ahead of everything else. too dedicated to work our namja. @giegie as to the project! I was thinking about that project as well, but it should start airing in July, right? And oppa said that he'll choose his project after wrapping Asia tour in July. Theoretically he can statr filming for this drama in June, but that means he should finalize casting in upcoming weeks. As to pairing with HJW I'm totally in. they will match! The only problem I see in this drama that plot seems to be more woman-oriented. I don't want another SOAW. And another issue I'm not familiar with writer and PD to know if they can create hit drama. What do you think about this one? It's from "Doctor"'s writer and plot sounds quite refreshing. It's not medical drama but idk why I have feeling that this Nice Soup can be quite similar to Lee Tae Jo from "Partners". And Wookie loves unique plots. This article has appeared on March, 1st, before Wookie's fm where I believe he already knew his next project. Which means it can be possible option. But who knows maybe it's completely different drama which hasn't been announced yet. Possible pairing: Seo Hyun Jin. They can create lots of fun and hot chemistry. From Dramabeans: The writer of last year’s hit summer drama Doctors, Ha Myung-hee, is rewriting her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone into a drama titled Temperature of Love. The source material depicts the complicated love lives of today’s young people who battle with loneliness and other emotional scars, but writer Ha has revealed her intentions to put a brighter rom-com spin on the drama adaptation. The setup reminds me of This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair because it all starts with an Internet forum. A soon-to-be-married individual joins an online cooking forum, and on the first night, enjoys an interesting conversation that lasts throughout the night. So enthralled with this new experience, that person gets another friend to join as well, and they both get to know a man who goes by the handle “Nice Soup.” The original book explores how relationships develop in this Internet era where misunderstandings and prejudice abound because of screen-only-based communication. Since casting and a drama script for Temperature of Love have yet to be finalized, it probably won’t be broadcast until this fall.
  4. Wookie's TT dance vid has got 2,1mln views, 53k reposts, 15k comments here I have never seen such popular post before
  5. Wookie plays funny game. There is no translation on some parts, but it seams that he has chosen playing good guy over bad guy. That's so Wookie. I have also felt that he want to stick to the good guy image unlike his fans who have been crying out during press con and asking him to play bad guy. His smile is life UPD: posted and then reloaded the paga. @noname111 during her boring seminar has posted before haha. fighting there! Try to imagine wookie dancing TT there in front of you or showing abs haha
  6. @noname111 I'm quite dissapointed with lack of oppa's pics in Japan's magazine as well, but...his pic is the best out of there haha. I mean Sungjae is definately cute (I bet he has concert or smth in Japan coz I've seen some pics), but GY's pics are quite boring (I believe he could do better even though he's not my cup of tea). I'd prefer to have 1-2 awesome and swoon worthy pics over 7 average. Regarding promotions in HK, he has different organizer there and it really depends on organizer weather they spend money on promotion or not. At the end of the day I know that lots of Wookie's fans bought tix on GY's fm there since it was hinted on Wookie's appearance there (they generated sales to GY fm but I have serious doubts that Wookie will be guest there haha which means they could spend their money for not seing Wookie). And without massive promotion tix sales on Wookie's fm are going very good and we all know that he wasn't male lead in popular drama. Moreover unlike GY he has 7 stops in Asia. As to absence of advertising in Japan I have never heard that kactors Fms are advertised there. Do you know that they have? As far as I know it's getting sold out by the time of event quite easily. Btw do you know the capacity of Tokyo's venue? Hopefully it will be 1,2k and not more haha. And thanks a lot for glimse on translation. Could you be so kind to share more from his Interview? Wookie amazes me all the time that he can bring new colors even to most boring topic. Like in SG there were quite a lot of similar questions or topics both on press con and during Fm, but he has managed to give some new juicy details. @giegie I bet that organizer wanted to bring GY cos they thought ppl will spend their money more easie but INA is not HK or SG (no offence please) where people can quite easlily afford themselve paying 150 USD for 1st CAT ticket on bias's fm. Both GY and LDW are not PBG who's young fans would kill to get ticket. heh. I wish they made cheaper tix, as well as in BKK where cheaper CATs have been easily sold out while 1st CAT is going really slow. Btw I've heard that several organizers have asked KKE (same in other countries). Idk why KKE has chosen this one. Returning to that lady ofc random people wouldn't understand why you want to visit second lead's Fm haha. They're too narrow minded to think that that second lead is one of the most talented and adorable human beings. And that before Goblin he had quite a lot decent dramas and varieties to fall for him. Goblin is not everything omg as to our investigation about his next project @noname111 @giegie @MaysoonD and other gals, here is one more hint to consider: From Toggle's article: Having fulfilled his almost-lifelong dream, he shared his wish list of upcoming projects: firstly, he’d like to take on a project that has a more real-life element to it, especially since Goblin was a fantasy drama, pinpointing a medical drama as something he’d like to challenge himself with. (Lee Dong Wook in a doctor’s gown? Count us in.) As for a character he’d like to challenge again, he choose his 2009 drama, Partner, where he played lawyer Lee Tae Jo as one he’s most keen on reprising. Any medical dramas in work for second half of 2017? Or any drama with flirty and witty male lead? And I loved his Partner's character. As well I preffer second option since I'm not a big fan of medical dramas, but ofc if Wookie will be there I might love it like it was with fantasy genre in Goblin. As one SG magazine has stated he's influencer. (I need to find that article haha). I will try to find that drama I have selected for him. Below is full coverege of closed press con from Toggle: 10 minutes with Lee Dong Wook Video: Tay Yixuan It was a blistering hot day as throngs of fans flocked to the outdoor atrium at Plaza Singapura. With brollies in hand, they waited without complaint for hours just to catch a glimpse of one of the most in-demand actors these days: Lee Dong Wook. Making his appearance for a short 10 minutes – including the time spent walking the red carpet to get to the stage – he made sure to thank his fans for waiting for him despite the intense heat, tackling questions posed by the host before calling it a day. Even from that short period of time, we managed to get a hint of what the 35-year-old is like: he’s a straightforward person (fans’ screams for him to pose with finger hearts were rejected with a playful “no”) who takes his responsibility as a public figure pretty seriously (he explained that he blitzed past at the airport during his arrival last Friday as he was aware that it is a public place, and that he didn’t want to cause inconvenience to the public by having the fans crowd the area for an extended period of time.) How different is Lee Dong Wook in public and in private? Fast forward to two hours later, we waited backstage at the MasterCard Theatre at Marina Bay Sands for the actor to enter the room. As he entered with his entourage, he first greeted our team with a bright smile before confirming the flow of the interview. He even took special care to remind his staff to have those in the corridor outside keep their volume down as we would be recording the entire exchange. Ten brownie points to him. Despite his immense popularity, Lee Dong Wook remains down-to-earth and approachable, earnestly thinking about our questions prior to answering them. “Naturally, I’m a little different when I’m with my friends, when I’m alone and when I’m in front of the public,” he explained. “But I’m not someone who is very straightforward (see, what did we say) so I can say that the person that you see now is 50 percent the same as my personality during my personal time.” Admitting that his popularity has surged greatly since his role in hit drama Goblin (also starring Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na), he chuckled that he’s felt the impact of his skyrocketing fame in the most mundane of ways. “I’ve gone to the same gym for about five to six years, but it was only recently that there have been people who started to take photos of me. It was then when I really felt, ‘Wow, the power of Goblin is pretty amazing,’” he grinned. What more is there for Lee Dong Wook to achieve in his career? Having dreamed of being an actor since he was in his second year of high school, Lee Dong Wook wryly mused, “I really can’t see myself in any other occupation… But if I weren’t an actor, I guess I’d have to find a way to feed myself.” He chuckled after hearing his own response, but added that he really can’t see himself doing anything else. Having fulfilled his almost-lifelong dream, he shared his wish list of upcoming projects: firstly, he’d like to take on a project that has a more real-life element to it, especially since Goblin was a fantasy drama, pinpointing a medical drama as something he’d like to challenge himself with. (Lee Dong Wook in a doctor’s gown? Count us in.) As for a character he’d like to challenge again, he choose his 2009 drama, Partner, where he played lawyer Lee Tae Jo as one he’s most keen on reprising. Before we wrapped the interview, we asked him to rank his much-talked about physical appearance on a scale of one to 10, to which he chuckled at before answering, “No comment. This question is for you, the viewers to decide, not me.” As for any physical attribute he’d like to change, he briefly considered the prospect before giving us another wry smile, “I don’t think there’s anything I have to change, right?” Witty, confident, conscientious and a talented actor to boot? I think we just ran out of brownie points to give. Lee Dong Wook gladly tackled all our questions during the interview Unfortunately, he didn't have time for a short photo call after the session wrapped as he had to run off for rehearsals. @Puppywookie nice drawing, chingu! I hope you'll continue to draw uri handsome Wookie. I'd wish I could have more time to attend drawing classes and draw our Wook. p.s. I love our thread full of Wookie's avatars haha. Seeing this is such a moodbooster for me.
  7. Some vids from press with Eng sub. Idk if they have been posted already. - from closed press con. Our namja can't sleep during filming for dramas. - press con and Fm. Here he hints on his next project that it will be realistic one haha. Even though I'm almost sure it will be drama (and I want it to be drama), there is chance it will be a movie. But then...he will not return to us this year which makes no sense. Can we have both drama and movie? First he'll film movie in July-August like @giegie has supposed, then end of Autumn drama. He'll even have few monthes to rest
  8. I'm here again, in Wookie's profile pics heaven. Sorry for being missing and not active for a while. After my trip to Singapore I have left to biz trip, still here. Trying to take some time to share some facts form Press Con and Fm. I have filmed quite a lot of vids but you have already seen them all so no sense to upload again. I will also share one interesting fact from Seoul's fm. In light of his comeback promise it wight be interesting. And for me it was the most important part of both Fms. (sounds weird, right?) I will start with confession and advice. NEVER GO TO LDW FM OR FAN SIGNING!!! Idk what power he has, but the more I see him, the more I want to see him again and again and again. He's like a heavy drugs. Nwo I'm planning to make Japan Fm and so tempted with Thailand, but need to skip it otherwise need to skip Japan and it's my dream country to visit. For lots of fans I've met in Singapore lots of things have been first time: first FM, first press con, first airport greeting, first high touch, first fan support project, first time in front row, first time taking pic with your bias and first time stalking oppa in his hotel. I believe non of us regret doing all those stuff for the first time and most of us are already hooked with no chance to escape his fever. You have seen his pics from press con - he's live. Back to Seoul's Fm. We have sent 3 different requests before Fm. One was to pick up the scene I want to reenact, other was to ask him for advice or smth, and the last one was what I want him to tell me. So among that 1,2k+ audience my request has been picked. I bet it was all done in advance by his team and maybe him. In my request which I sent both in Korean and English to tell me smth I have asked next: Please wish me to have patience and wait for your comeback to acting and that you'll comeback to acting this year. And he read it with confidence. They wouldn't pick up such request unless he's sure that he'll come back with project by the end of this year. And now SIngapore. First in press con and then 2 times during Fm he has mentioned that he'll come back with project this year and hinted that he'll reveal his next project after wrapping Asia Tour. Why I think that he has already picked one and it's drama, not movie? In movie case, he might film it in Autmn or even late Summer, but movie will be out only next year, which means no comeback in 2017. And he said to wait for his new project this year. And why I think it's already desided or in final stage? Since Wookie said he will be choosing carefully and that he will be searching for another turning point role. He won't say that it will be in 2017 unless he has already chosen. So any idea about potential drama for him from the line up for 2nd part of 2017? I have 1-2 in mind but who knows... Reagrding SG and first row experience I will share in different post, need to sleep. But I hint that I had some sort of convo with him twice. It wasn't typical convo, but still something to remember besides his breahtaking features, cute facial expressions, alluring physique and sexy ankles. Thank you so much gals for updates and welcome to all newbies! Arena and Oliver SwOOney pics are daebak! What more Jimmy Choo pics in better quality!
  9. We need to download app from Android or apple store to vote. And it costs smth. Anyways Apple's app is not ready yet. And no chances to beat PBG and GY. And Wookie has no nomination at Baeksang awards. they don't have secondary actor nomination and looks like he doesn't deserve to be nominated as a lead actor for his breathtaking performance in Goblin. Sigh. There is no justice in kent. Where else he has chances to get any award?
  10. @noname111 congrats on buying ticket! I'm tempted to go cos I never been in Japan anf this can be great occasion haha. but I thought that you're from US. Are you flying to Japan? Btw that pic of him in white oversized sweatshirt is from last year's bts of shooting for Onstyle's My Bodyguard show. As to High Cut so called pictorial, I like that he has been captured with ladies. I would like to see him working with OYS even though I don't think she's great person. But she's nice actress. I regret that they haen't took this pic with JRW instead of LMJ. But LMJ is always hot topic cos she's LBH's wife. And OYS will have potential hit drama and movie soon. And Wookie...well it's our Wookie. Man who can create masterpiece shot even from such random shooting place and enviroment. Btw about his availability to create masterpiece. Here is one of those typical comments of ppl who see him working hahaha: This person did catering for his photoshoot for Arena Korea in collaboration with Jimmy Choo. She said that every single shot he has taken was like a piece of art. haha. This Jimmy Choo pictorial reminds me of his collab with Cartier watches and jewellery. Can't wait for more. My collection of Korean magazines is growing rapidly. Regarding this. @NouraNasser we can send our stories as well. Can't get what kind of stories we can share with him, but I bet that we can do it haha. let's be creative. I will send my message for sure. UPD: I love this WangSun vid
  11. Just wanted to drop it here cos if I'm not mistakenit wasn't posted before. That precious moment when ahjossi Lee Dong Wook is loved more then young and trendy Kim Woo Bin. I want Wookie to have another successful drama asap. Kim Woobin x Kim Woobin couple look 9:00:00 PM They're really tall.. The coat would've touched the floor if I was the one who wears it.. instiz -Whoa.. They're so tall..ㄷㄷ -I'd probably sweep the ground with the coat if I wore it..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -But isn't that Kim Woobin and Lee Dongwook? Or maybe Lee Dongwook's character name in that drama is Kim Woobin? -Oh my goodness.. They both are really cool.. -Hoho.. Kim Woobins.. Hoho.. -Kim Woobin looks so innocent in that picture..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Grim Reaper..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -There are two Kim Woobins..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Kim Woobin trying out the video call feature in his phone..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -This might be random but that coat looks like the one that I've seen in Naruto.. -I love Lee Dongwook..ㅠㅠㅠ -I thought the OP did a mistake..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Was Lee Dongwook a model before he pursue his career as an actor..?
  12. this article is hilarious. How can someone post such nonesense?
  13. @noname111 lol I remembered our prayers here when I've seen this pics. But I'm worried that it's not a CF since Arena Homme editor has posted pics. And btw he's fanboying over Wookie in his capture, stating that even though he's a man, he thinks LDW is so hot haha. But that means it could be pictorial for Arena Homme in collaboration wuth Jimmy Choo Man Ice. Like several pages of Wookie's hotness in next spread? Same he did for Ferragamo. I hope I'm wrong and it's his next endorsement. Idk how it works in Korea for parfumes. I have never payed attention to it but it's weird to have several pages for parfume in one magazine...But on the other hand are there other Korean celebs who endorse parfumes? Have you heard about such? I was thinking about KKE's news about his CF contracts that they have been suggested even Asia wide ones (I guess some sort of to be model for Asia). My first thought about Jimmy Choo was that he'll be their model all over Asia, but then this Arena Homme's editor...Confusing. Nevertheress he looks freaking handsome in all shots. Can't wait for HQ. As to our wishes I will make my wish list as well later. Agree with @giegie I don't want beer CF but @noname111 normally wines don't have models (except such brands like Moet or Martini). Sigh. I would love him to endorse fine French wine brand haha.
  14. @noname111 looks like our prayers have been heard and Wookie has established some sort of cooperation with Ferragamo. He's visitng their event in same outfit from his recent pictorial. Please, dear fashion gods, take this man to Italy! And can we have another pictorial in magazine better from Bali or Hawaii...or Rome? Love this vids:
  15. Gals, sorry for MIA. I'm too overload with work :(( Welcome for all newbies! Glad to see new people! Hopefully old ones will not get totally MIA haha. Please,everybody, post your questions!