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  1. @charlotte0303 yes, I was referring to Seo Hyun Jin. Sorry, I always confuse spelling of their names. @noname111 love your new avatar haha. Regarding Fms. If I would seat on Seoul's fm at least in row 7-8 I'd pick up it as the best. As to SG fm I think I should place it on 1st place togethere with JP one hehe. I've understood that the most important in Fm are your seats and oppa's mood haha. SHJ is bae. I have suggested her in my top list of actresses only based on her acting in Oh Hae Young haha. I liked her a lot although her beauty is not my type. But she has strong charizma. Anyways now I hope Wookie won't take this drama. @giegie yeh, I have noticed that drama from Oh Hae Young writer and I would prefer him to go with that writer as well, but what makes it quite unrealistic is that drama will air in 2018 and as to Wookie he should come back with drama by the end of 2017...but who knows maybe he has meant that he'll begin filming by the end of 2017. As to Temperature of love, this writer is ok for me. At least I prefer her more then KES in terms of style. Doctor was typical rom com drama but High Society was quite refreshing, I have read description of her novel on which "Tempersture of love" will be based and I liked it, it was refreshing. BUT! I don't want anymore him to be the part of this drama! Cos kim Jae Wook has been casted as the second lead. It's not Bubblegum, Blade Man or Hotel King where second leads have been not that attractive, but KJW is quite hot topic nowadays and I don't want to read permanent comments of people who will ship him with female lead and state that he should be main lead. I can agree only if male lead's character will be perfectly written and there won't be lot of space in ppl's hearts for secondary lead. But...oh man, can you imagine how many worries we'll have as fans. It's almost like Goblin #2 just Wookie will be lead this time. Lead who;ll share screen time and storyline with another actor who's loved a lot. I don't know what to think anymore...I want him to announce project faster. Another issue for Temperature of Love that it still doesn't have finalized casting but the airing date is rumored to be mid September (after Falsify which is 32 eps (and its actually 16 eps). Too short to film quality drama tbh. Unless they will postpone it.
  2. Sorry for being missing, chingu! @noname111 chingu your recap is awesome! I don't know even what to add haha. Just agree with you, that Tokyo FM was so awesome. For me this Fm now on the 1st place haha. And I will definately do my best to join another Wookie's JP fm. Wookie aka sweet lolipop/marshmellow/watermelon ice cream/cup cake was just DAEBAK cool! I want more haha. Will watch replay now with subs. Chingus who're eagerly waiting for Wookie's next drama announcement ( I remember we have actively discussed it with @giegie quite a while ago hehe) I think I have chances that my dream will come true. Remember drama I wanted Wookie to take? "Temperature of love". And actress I wanted Wookie to act with? Song Hyo Jin. Looks like she'll play female lead in this drama, there is still no male lead, this drama will air end October - November, the main lead dreams to become French chef (it's particular profession), from what I have found out about novel male lead will be Lee Tae Jo like...all made for he wants...except that drama should be rom com and Wookie said that he doesn't want to take rom com next. But who knows...I don't see any other potential drama for him planned to air in 2017 without male lead. So I will keep praing that project he has chosen even before his Seoul's Fm ( I belive that he did it 99%) will be this drama "Temperature of love"
  3. @MaysoonD sorry, chingu, life and work obliges and distracts from fangirling after my return back from Japan trip. Will try to share my experience a bit later heh. Now to our interesting topic hehe. Many has been already said and I will try not to repeat same thoughts. But I share your fears totally @winterdew @joyezz @missbuttercup I feel like it's not right timing for Wookie to get married. I have shared my thoughts multiple times here and they still remain the same. And I really believe in what I'm saying afrer following his various interviews and shows last 3 years - Wookie won't be happy even married and with kids if he'll struggle to get nice project and will stuck again in same position he was before Bubblegum. That's actually the main point of our fears as his hardcore fans @intrariver heh (btw thank you for your opinion, it's always nice to know different way of thinking then my own). We're not delusional fake fans who'll stop being his fans, following his news and project after he'll get marry. I think you have missunderstood @winterdew and in your post I see it as well, the reflection of our main concern. Wookie is not big and stable enough to risk with his career now. And marriage is risk. Cos it's hit or miss but mostly miss in kent to get marry when you're not A-list actor. You have mentioned Won Bin, Ji Sung and Go Soo as examples. but as far as I know they have been more stable in industry when they have tight knots. Ji Sung has married very famous and highly loved Lee Bo Young, Won Bin is legend who's comback is highly anticipated always, I don't know much about Go Soo, just that he's not really hot lately but still he's not only drama actor, but movie actor as well. Do you remember any sucessful story of marriage of actor who're not in A-list or not really well established and highly loved by masses like Ji Sung or Won Bin? I don't recall any My oppinion he still needs one or better two successful projects to secure his future in acting then he can do same as SJK did recently. Ind it's few years more. That's what @winterdew was talking about. And with this potential sucessful projects he might gain more love from fans all over the world, but what's more important for kent is get recognition from masses who're watching dramas in Korea. Now he has all chances for that. you know why Wookie was so upset after Hotel King, Blade Man and even before? People has called him "actor who can't choose right projects". And in Korea there is no trust in such actors. Maybe you have noticed knetz comments like "you can always trust Lee Min Ho/Gong Yoo/Song Joon Ki/etc", cos ppl know that those actors will choose hit projects and that's the green light for knetz to anticipate their dramas/movies. That's what Wookie should achieve and currently after hit Goblin he should secure his place in this category with successful leading role. Yes, you still can be unlucky with projects like Gong Yoo had with Big or Kim Soo Hyun with movie Real but people will forgive one fail if you're already in that A-list. Reffering to the fangirling aspect. Have you seen Won Bin, Go Soo or Ji Sung holding Fm tours after their marriage? I know Ji Sung did small fms in Korea and Japan after KMHM, most likely Go Soo did smth similar. I don't see neither of them during my trips in Korea (I go there quite often and always notice all advertisings with actors). The only one visible CF with Ji Sung is the one with his wife, they're modelling something for house. And besides KMHM (the one with already loved couple from his pre-marriage Secret time)Ji Sung hasn't got any credible drama with love line and he's doing more dramas which are not romantic. I know one Wookie's fan who's Ji Sung's fan as well but I have noticed how passionate she's about Wookie and how calm she's with Ji Sung. But it hasn't happen in one day after he has got married, it's slow but inavitable process. Ji Sung doesn't have passinate fans who're following him in airports and overseas schedules, overall his fan base is just supportive. It's widely known that single men wil have more attention and love then married. And for some fans it will be awkward to follow married man to the airport or visit his fms or running fan accounts. It's normall for fangirls to be passionate more about single celeb then about married one. So all those fans who will just follow him are fake? Or they all have dreamed about dating oppa? I don't think that's the case. It's just a definition of fangirling over actor or celeb (even musicians sometimes). Some of Wookie's hardcore fans who doesn't want him to get married soon have families or boyfriends and you think that they want to date Wookie? Or I'm spending lots of time, money and energy (as well as @winterdew and other fans) to organize support projects because I'm dreaming to date him? Heh I'm not even getting any benefits from it like personal contact with Wookie or else. We all understand that he's idol who's far away and that he'll find his Korean girlfriend one time and will marry her, will have cute Daebakie-like kids and hopefully will join TROS. And we will be happy for him but same time we will feel upset cos it's normal for PASSIONATE fans. Idk...maybe it's hard for you to understand us and you think we're delusional fans cos you're not that passionate over him as some of us are cos I remember that you have stated that it's hard for you to watch other Wookie's drama where his partner is not YIN? And I know that that's common for shippers. Unlike shippers we enjoy every his drama especially love lines cos Wookie is so good in romance. And we want to continue to enjoy his dramas further. But if he will get marry now he might stop doing romance dramas and it will definately make his passionate fans be less passionate since at the end of the day most of us are watching kdramas because of romances. And what if he will marry woman who you won't like? Not his perfect kdrama co-star like SongSong or Ji Sung/Lee Bo Eun or nation's little sister like LMH's date Suzy? What if he''ll marry someone who's getting hate or not loved enough to make such a huge media play as they did with SongSong? This might affect his career even more if he'll decide to get married before securing his place in A-list. So please don't judge or hate us, passionate fans for not pushing him towards marriage right now haha. It's definately not because of us being delusional. It's the group of factors. What I know for sure that we, hardcore fans will follow his career nevertheless but will all of us support and follow him to that extent that we'll be inspired and passionate enough to create buzz around him, organize support projects, follow him on his Fms and run fan accounts? Not sure. And not only international fans, but Koreans as well. That's why he should receive first SJK's or at least Ji Sung's status to afford himself marriage in such a cruel Jungle called Korean Entertainment. Then his projects will be highly anticipated and loved nevertheless single he or married. And there won't be much need in our passionate support, cos he'll have lots of admirers just because he's top actor and always hot topic. Sorry for long post but i always fail making it short. :(( Btw here is unsucessful example of popular idol who has got married. That's kent huh. I believe this will never happen to Wookie but that's just another side of marriage in kent industry and how crazy people can be there:
  4. Today I've woke up in Wookie's heaven with KKE post. But agree with @noname111 why not more!!! It's coverage of his 4(!!!) events. And lots of pics are either from deep side view or we have seen something similar from fans or press. But well, 10-15 pics are really daebak. They are showing us how you can film magazine's pictorial on ransoms streets without equipment but simply with right model who's work of art as most of you have admitted. I will forgive KKE if they will make another Naver post soon with his CFs bts. The most I want Pizza Alvolo's bts. And well, I want Wookie film pictorial for magazine outdoor. Even if it won't be Paris or Hawaii, can they just let his beauty shine on Seoul's or Jeju streets? Thanks for posting all those awesome pics and vids, gals!
  5. Good news is that looks like Wookie was filming for Liz K yesterday. If it's true we'll have another heavenly handsome Wookie in their new CF. Wonder if it's for First C serum or other product. Thisperson has done this flower boquet for him to hold during CF filming for Liz K. I love Wookie with flowers. Can't wait to see the result and hopefully there will be new pics besides CF. In a meantime, why not to post other CFs bts.... @orihimegirl yup, he was with Jump. Idk much about this company but from what I've heard from Koreans that they have tried to milk their cow after My Girl and then SOAW without even having exclusive contract. Wookie had nice CF selection after SOAW, but I think that KKE with whom he has done those CFs hasn't played big role in signing Cass, Chevrolett or Downy. It's Wookie who has attracted them.
  6. Sorry for being missing. I need to work to afford Japan trip lol. @noname111 you know like I want him to visit fashion week. But knowing how week KKE is...and he hasn't even been on Seoul Fashion Week. And yesterday there was Louis Vuitton event but he wasn't there...GY was instead (suddenly he has started attending fashion events). I'm too skeptical about KKE's power. None of their artists haven't visited such overseas events, right? I know that none of them are that perfect for fashion purposes as Wookie but well you know what I mean. We can dream about it, and cross everything we can cross (haha, that was so funny), but this uncertain situation about Wookie's future in that cruel world is killing me. Among fashion weeks the biggest possibility is still Milano with Ferragamo since Wookie had few projects with them and has been mentioned on their IG. I'm not greedy, even one event either in Milano or Paris will be enough. Please, fashion gods, listen to us!!! @giegie Thank you so much for your recap of MC's vid. From press con and fm vids I also have feeling that they haven't been comfortable with each other. So Wookie himself has asked MC to take picture together? That's so weird. I have checked IG of this MC and he has posted selfie with So Jo Sub praising him. From what you have said about MC I don't think he's professional haha. Cos it's his job to make artist feel comfortable by studying his works and interviews, to make so jokes which will open him. And he can't compare him with PBG or GOT7. At least he has realized it. Actually the best MC was in Seoul haha, cos it was Wookie himself. But Jo Se Ho in the second half was great as well, cos he knows Wookie and he knows how to make him do things he would refuse to do if someone else would ask haha (like showing abs...2 times). As to agencies...Gals I know that other agencies have their flaws as well and that they're focusing on that person who's the hottest currently paying less attention to others (like in PBG and SJK situation. I also have feeling that they have somehow put SJK in PBG's shadow), but that's understandable since unfortunately all about the money. But Wookie is now one of those who brings money to KKE. He's the hottest among their artists at least in Korea (LKS is hot more overseas and KJW still has ongoing drama with unstable ratings situation, YYS is popular but not that much as it was 2 years ago). I remember that after DOTS all their efforts were on KJW. They have released so many bts pics with her. And made Naver posts. Why they don't do it with Wookie? Yes, I want justice to my bias haha. Especially when he's still in demand. I also know all those agencies you have mentioned - their strength and weaknesses. Wookie now is in average one who has not much power, it doesn't have any super star in it but they're focusing a lot on their current trendy stars still lacking power to maintain few of them same time, it's PR department sucks and still I don't see what benefits KKE has now being canabalized by Starship. Soyou could come to Wookie's FM as guest? What is the most positive in KKE for Wookie and what has actually brought him there and why he stays with them is their agreement that he has lots of freedom. Freedom to choose projects, freedom to choose CFs, to attend event or not. As you have mentioned before he's bossy, he manages his own team there and he decides what and how to do. Unlike with Jump Entertainment when they have obliged him to make numerous CFs without even having proper contract. But with KKE Wookie will not rise to the top. Only if he will be lucky enough to get few more popular projects in a row at least with 1st position in their time slotes. Then he will receive title as rating-driven actor and people will trust him and his choices. In this case PR will be important but not as much as now. Honestly I'm worried about him and his future. From what I see I like Jo Jung Seok's JJH's agency. They always have great projects and lots of high end endorsements. And it doesn't seem that they're lacking freedom. But I believe Wookie will stay with KKE. Thus I hope he will be able to maintain his popularity by his own if KKE can't do that. At least he should visit some of his friends in their varieties. He has so many friends among hosts. Really hope he will react on 'Life Bar''s PD invitation even though we will not get english subs for this show. He can reunite with his SDY and this can be nice media occasion and funny discussion. @noname111 Your contests are always fun and a mood booster. I can feel your withdrawal, chingu! 3 weeks till D-Day. I can imagine how much time you have spent collecting, choosing, editing pics to make this game. My applause! Ofc I love all squads. But I will choose Squadra Azzuro since I always on the "blue" side. It's one of my all time favorite color, this color suits Wookie so perfectly (no one can wear navy blue like Wooki does it) and it's color of my fav football team as well hehe. 2nd place will go to white squad, 3rd to Black. As to the leader, 1st place I would give to Ginseng Leader ( I want to see more of Wookie in red), 2nd place to Mr. Vampire, 3rd to Mr.Grim Reaper. Btw @giegie you was right, I was satisfied that it wasn't Wookie who has been suggested "Hospital ship". Not bcs of HJW but bcs of writer and director. But looks like the place is still vacant. Now I even pray that he won't take this role. It's red light when someone is rejecting the role. I still remember how he has saved Blade Man when Ji Sung has declined role few weeks before airing. But it didn't bring Wookie recognition...just title of actor who can't pick successful projects. I don't mind Wookie to spread his activity among Asia, even China (cos it will bring us international fans more possibilities to attend his events In future) but they should balance it with activities in Korea. So far he hasn't done any fan signing events while actors/actresses who're less popular are doing lots of them. But the variety of brands he is endorsing now unlikely will make Fan signing event. He should take another clothing brand and/or cosmetics.
  7. @onrainydays47 oh so you're initially GY fan? I'm even more proud of Wookie that he made GY fan to fall for him. Cos normally ppl fall for KES male leads easily and if you already was a fan then you should double/tripple your affection. @deurinlee btw welcome here! So you was at his Jakarta fm? So cool. More and more fans here who had real life meeting with him. I really hope all of us here will have their chance to meet him. @PuppywookieI also have actors/celebs who I don't like at all and think that they deliberetly sucks to those who have fame and are not the best ppl, but I understand that it might be only my feeling or the way I read their gazes/facial expressions. Before falling for Wookie I have watched few JIS works and then interviews/varieties. He always have this cold vibe and his eyes are not shining brightly and his external appearance always makes him perfect guy to play bastards. I guss this might confuse viewers and make them think that he's like this in real live. But I don't think that he was jealous or smth of Wookie in that program, cos he's already A-list actor. Yes, he's not that mainstream as PBG or SJK, but his movie is second successful movie this year and his dramas always become very successful and loved. For my regret (haha) Wookie has nothing for him to be jealous about...well except Wookie's wittiness, sence of humor,variety skills and sunshine personality. Don't bother yourself with actors you don't like! Better to concentrate our energy on supporting Wookie and investigate his next project hehe. @giegie I know we always want more when it comes to our biases. Honestly I was expecting more coverage from HK and SG press as well and that they will ask some interesting and witty questions but they haven't. ottoke. And now we'll get Marie Claire Taiwan only in August. But who knows, maybe in that magazine he will reveal his next project. or it will be already revealed and he'll talk about it. As to KKE I don't say that they are doing nothing in comparing with their top artists (LKS, KJW, YYS), I compare them with other agencies who're doing better for their mainstream artists. Right now Wookie is their most mainstream since his drama was not only hit in ratings but it was most talked about drama and GR was one of the most loveble characters in both 2016 and 2017. YYS has got hit drama too, but no offence his drama hasn't become big enough hit in Asia,that's the answer why he had only Seoul's FM and didn't have Asia tour. Among KKE artist recently only KJW and LKS can be considered Hallyu stars besides Wookie. For LKS obviously no need to make Asia tour cos he has permanent tours with RM and other overseas promotional events. KJW was busy filming dozens CFs and making Fan signing events after DOTS. From what we already know it was Wookie's decision to make Asia tour to meet his overseas fans. But while he's traveling Koreans are slowly forgetting him. And without constant support from media and work or KKE by the end of his Fm tour none will care about photobook or articles or even Naver post with his SG, HK or Jakarta fms which were few months ago. Without fan signing events or releasing news about his successful overseas fms ppl will forget him. And KKE are loosing the chance to prolong his popularity in Korea. I'm not following lots of actors and their agencies but I always see what Soop is doing because of bromance fans who reposts everything in Twitter as well as I read news and permanently check what's going on on Naver or Daum. Soop also has actress who's currently starring in "Suspicious partner", but they're doing outstanding job with keeping GY on the surface. they have released Naver posts on main page with tons of pics and vids after every his fm and several from his CF shootings. not talking about press relese articles they have released immediately after each event. What have we got from KKE? The only post after Seoul's Fm. No articles about his overseas fms, no pics, vids, no bts from Alvolo, Oliver Sweeney or Post. They have released only few bts pics from his Jimmy Choo pictorial, that's it. From my friends I know that not only Soop is active, but JCW's agency as well, LJK has his own web site, etc. And from what I know from KKE directly Wookie as well as othertop actors has his own team (manager, PR manager, photographer and sometimes cameramen). It's besides common KKE staff who works there. How comes that they can't release more on one of their breadwinner and maintain his popularity on local market. They have dedicated stuff for that.
  8. @giegie Oh it was hard to bring cameras in both SG and BKK as well. They have confiscated them on entrance. I have managed to hide it both times cos I have small one and I put separately lens and camera in sunglasses bags and cases hah but they have confiscated it at the beggining of both fms when cought me taking shots. But fans who're so called stalkers with huge lenses know some tricks and they know how to bring camera inside and how to snap pics carefully. that's why they don't buy tickets in first rows or aisle seats cos they have other mission haha (although one of his Korean fans who's pictures we all adore has lost all taken pics in BKK cos has got caught by security). But I case of INA I was talking more about press then fans. Press can bring lenses inside both press con and Fm, but why almost all pics are like taken on Fancam... Press and fan pics are the only sourse of our happiness cos KKE are the worst agency ever (I'm sooo pissed with their unprofessionalism). After his overseas Fm tour have started they haven't released neith bts pics nor vids, they have barely posted few bts pics from his mags pictorials and absolutely nothing on his CFs. I respect Wookie's ties with KKE, but they can't maintain his popularity since they do nothing. Not talking about strengthen it. He has got GR's hit role by himself and that's how he has got CFs and FM tour. All they should do is to organize fms and maintain his top star status in Korea...which they don't do. I'm so mad oh. As to your discussion about next KES drama @longleg @giegie @joyezz I have feeling that it will be JIS since he has sent love calls to KES and he matches the image of described character. Idk about JJS, I don't see him there as KES typical superhero lead. Another option is KSH before heading to army and they can still make him look a bit more mature. YAI is not KES's style for male lead, he's not that big. PBG...I hope she won't choose him otherwise I will be totally disapointed in KES. He's too young and fresh to be her male lead. From all of them I'd prefer JIS even though I will be dissapointed in him. After his outstanding drama and movie chices he will go to cheesy KES's writing. But who knows, maybe she will surprise this time and will change my mind about her leading characters. Then I will be ok if Wookie will become male lead in one of her future dramas haha @giegie regarding ginseng CF. Yes, it's same brand as JJS is endorsing. But besides JJS (who endorses sticks only) there are 4-5 other actors who endorse other products. Among them LMH, actress from Personal Taste SYJ, main lead from Romantic Doctor and few others. This brand is more for foreigners (except some products) and Koreans says that it's the biggest ginseng brand in Korea but all ginseng brands are oriented on export. Thus you can see advertising mostly at Incheon duty free or at Myeondong specialized shops for tourists. So Wookie is chosen as their face for chinese speaking region, that means most likely it will be like Downy endorcement when his CF will be playing in certain countries, but not in Korea. And his promo pics will be used overseas. Although it's possible that his face will be at Incheon or Myeondong as well, since it's mostly for tourists. Knetz reaction on this news was priceless "Why not in Korea?", "I want him to be ambassador for Korea as well". Cos such endorsement means there might be fan signing events and they know it and regret that it's not for Korea. Actually here I don't like KKE strategy as well. Ecxept "On the air" he doesn't have any activities in Korea. They should pay more attention to the local market otherwise people will forget about him. Why not to do fan signing event with one of his existing brands? why not to make at least once a month Naver post with tons of HQ pics their photographer is taking during all of his Fms and shootings? So lame oh...
  9. Sorry chingus that it took me long to write recap. Busy times oh. I will not describe all fanmeeting cos chingu @noname111 did it perfectly. Just will stop on some interesting moments which caught my attention and which I want to share. I have been already on 3 Fms (Seoul, Singapore and Bangkok)/ Will try to determine some aspects important to me and write some comments. As well I have watched lots of vids from Hong Kong and Jakarta and I think I'm able to compare, thus I will mention those Fms as well. Airport arrival: Similar in each his stop (well in Singapore and HK a bit more hectic, but SG was his first overseas Fm in this tourand HK had VIP exit with tiny distance to the car to walt) Press Con: Singapore was the best. Have you noticed how many pics from that press con have been used in produsing merch or creating banners, ads? He was heavenly handsome in the daylight and even basic fan cams have been awesome. And lots of people have managed to see him. (thus in HK people have better view of him). Both Jakarta and Bangkok were closed. I didn''t like the lighting in Jakarta's press con sorry. And it looked like press have came there with heandphones only. Press con look: Singapore. His lavander suit and Press con mood: Hong Kong. He was a ray of sunshine from the start. I can see his eyes smiling and shining on most of pics and vids (but he had great mood in SG and BKK as well) Fan Meeting. Look: My favourite is Seoul and Singapore. I love both outfits in both Fms. As well as hairtyles. I call it Lee Hyuk hairtyle or goblin's press con. It's Comma hairtyle haha. Fan meeting. Mood. Seoul, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok on the same place and only after Singapore. In Singapore he was fresh from the oven, it was his first overseas fan meeting (I don't count Japan cos he has used to them and here was smth new for him) and itt took quite a lot for him to become relaxed. But after games have started he became relaxed and happy. Fan meeting. Fan requests/Games. It's hard to rate, cos each fm had smth special and different. But I think Jakarta with sharades game will win (his ostrich and pinguin tho). If leave it out I would call Hong Kong and Singapore as the most interesting in terms of fans requests. And how can we forget that male fan who has reenacted Pichi couple scene? Fan meeting. Fan service. Seoul is no comments. Even though there were lack of games, he did TT dance twice and shown abs...twice. With each stop Wookie became more relaxed and ready to do cute poses and selcas with almost every fan on stage.Thus ofc I think Jakarta and Bangkok have been the luckiest. But he hasn't done TT moves there. Fan meeting. Group photo. I can't judge here, but from what I've heard the most fair one was in Hong Kong on first come-first served basis. But in BKK it was well organized as well (all 1st CAT ticket holders have got it). And I loved the way it was organized in BKK when we were able to watch from afar how he was taking pics with others and doing high touch with them. Fan meeting. High touch. Organization. Can't judge properly but from what I've heard from others and have seen on vids and myself BKK was the best. He was standing before exit inside hall and lots of fans around in line have been able to watch him while he's doing high touch. And high touch for photo op holders was even better, it was organized on stage after group photo and we were able to see him in light and even some seconds to tell him something. Fan meeting. High touch. Mood. I've heard a lot from you here that he had not the best mood at HK high touch, but as well I've read in Instagram that he had good mood. Maybe you has cought that moment when he hasn't smiled and was distracted...As to other countries I think that more or less the same. but if compare my experiences, I think in BKK he was a bit more relaxed and enthusiastic during high touch cos of place where he was doing that, not table between him and fans as well. Fan meeting. Audience.Jakarta and Bangkok. Jakarta was the crasiest haha. So cool. I loved to be in Bangkok where people have been passionate just like I am and almost all fans have cried while running to stage to meet their oppa. And I felt myself totally ok shouting and crying out while in SG and Seoul I had feeling that I'm the craziest one (well @winterdew as well haha). What I didn't like in both Jakarta and BKK audience, that they haven't asked him to do TT. AT ALL! I was trying to shout out it and was hoping ppl around will join me but not. I believe he has waited for us to request TT so he can do few moves. Fan meeting. Fan project. BKK, then Jakarta and SG. Idk about HK fan projects but standees in hall were nice. I will tell more about BKK fan projects which I have seen later, they have very good team and overall 10 years of supporting him...that's so touching. For SG and INA fans I think we all did great but ofc I think INA have succed more especially cos their fan video has been played during FM. And Fan Video was awesome (honestly much more better then in BKK - no offence please). In case of SG we all know that EO has screwed. Fan meeting. Post coverage. Seoul then Hong Kong and after Singapore because in all places there were quite a lot fans with professional cameras who have managed to snap gorgeous shots. And other fans have completed it with vids. In BKK it was horrible. Security was very tough. It seems it was ok in Jakarta and we've got lots of nice vids but still lack of fans with prof cameras. Fan meeting. Language. For me of course Singapore. No need to explain why haha. Fan meeting. Seat and view. Singapore. The best experience in my life. First row central seat...3-4 meeters from him seeing his face so close... Even though I had 2nd row central seat in BKK the stage was 10-12 meeters from me. Fan meeting. Company. Seoul & Singapore cos I had chingu @winterdew next to me who's as passionate over oppa as I am. Fan meeting. Interaction with oppa. Singapore cos I have talked to him a bit thanks to the host. But in BKK high touch was nice as well. Fanmeeting. Overall. I will rate only those I've been in. Singapore. Nothing can beat for me first row central seat and English language. Stalking experience. BKK although in SG I have seen him 3 days in a row. Will talk about it in next post. Expectations from Japan. I have no expectations as always. I only hope that host will be better then previous Japanese hosts and that fans requests won't bee dull. If oppa will laugh at least once, then his mood will be awesome till the very end. Expectations about further fan activities. I hope he'll do Birthday Fm in Seoul but I really hope no guests this time and instead more games with fans, cos fans requests/games are the funniest. I also have some thought that he might do closing Fm in Seoul because he hasn't done such program with fans in Seoul (fans requests, games, awards), but who knows...let's wait and see. And of course I want him to do fan signing event. Although I have ffeling that his On The Air is some sort of alternative to fan signings. I will continue with some tidbits from BK fm tmr, cos I need to sleep now haha. Sorry for long not fun post and no pics in it. Will do better next time. All I have said above is 100% imo so please don't take it serious.I love all fms Wookie is doing and I love all his fans. Btw @noname111 there won't be Marie Claire issue with Wookie this month. Looks like they have scheduled it for July when he'll have FM and Goblin will start airing. Sigh. No oppa in fashion spreads this month.
  10. Chinus, I'm back. Will try to post report later today. In short, the crowd was wild but not as wild as in Jakarta. But Wookie has felt the love cos he has fan club there which operates, supports him for already 10 years and he told few times about that and was very touched by everything they did for him (from local Tai food which he really enjoys to hand banners and fan video). Personally I find INA video much more better then Thai but Wookie has been equally moved. Still my fave experience remains SG cos I have understood English haha. Here with Korean and Thai the only part I've really enjoyed was his games with fans. All other time I was just gazing at him and his handsome features. Even though I had 2nd row it felt like 8th row in SG or Seoul because of stage and seats arrangements. on the positive side, I've finally got photo op and it was quite cool. Will share about everything in more details later Btw about his personal pictures. The rain was so heavy all the time that I believe Wookie simply didn't have opportunity to go out to the streets. it's the view from his hotel on the fm day:
  11. @intrariver I doubt that they will appear :(( from my understanding SeHo will be calling Wookie inviting him, but no news about his appearance, only JIS and if I'm not mistaken G Dragon. I hope that I'm wrong! fingers crossed he'll appear As Wookie's fan I'm already waiting for his new project and new chemistry but I still love PichiCouple and want drama or moview for them. What a waste of outstanding chemistry it was in Goblin.
  12. @giegie so my post has sounded like confirmation that he is in talkes for HJW drama? Oh no, it was just my thoughts after previous discussions that if he wants to do medical drama I hope he will skip this one and will wait for better script writer, Not that I've heard about him being in talks for this drama. but I'm 99% sure he ha chosen already his comeback project. he promisses to comeback this year with good project which means he has selected already otherwise how does he know that there will be good project haha. Agree with you NHK is star writer as well and she was before with IOTL and she's on my wish list as well, but who knows if she'll return with drama this year. So fat not many dramas are in discussion for Autumn-Winter. We need to be patient. My wishfull thinking is that Wookie will hint on his next project during his life broadcast in June or at least July. As to fangirling stuff I'm freshman as well here. It's just we have already experienced some ups and downs in SG and I know now that Wookie is not a type of person who doesn't like to be stalked and that he's ok with that. Hopefully next time all of us will be more confident and less shy haha. Btw I'm going to BKK as well and I think the security there will be very strong (I have seen from other artists' visits) but fans are as passionate as in Indonesia and hopefully even though press con will be even more closed then in Jakarta, Wookie will be warm welcomed. As to your experience with merchandise and security, have you managed to solve the problem with merchandize?
  13. Ladies @noname111 and @giegie I'm so excited omo. Just like I was there with you. I really think that Wookie left Jakarta happy and in knowing how loving and passionate his fans are. And I believe that even though the tix sales where bad and he might know this your passion and especially screams will bring him to Jakarta again if he'll have popular project. I also believe that Wookie is such a type of person who gets inspiration and energy from fans. We can see that he really likes to be in the crowd, he's not afraid of beind touched but he's worried about fans safety. Just like in that lift video from Hong Kong. That's why I think he's even ok to be stalked in hotel and elsewhere just likechinese fans did in Urumqui and Thai in BKK. It feels like the more crazy about him fans are the more inspired he is. I believe that he felt lack of love in past 5 years and that's why it's so important to him now. I also feel that he was very attentive and open to fan gifts. Partly thay's about security. In SG everything was super strict (idk how about HK but at the airport for sure more strict). Another thing he was frustrated that he couldn't meet fans during press con. Like he has mentioned in HK press con is great opportunity for him to meet more fans and even random peopel who mightget curious about him haha (so smart our oppa). As to high touch from that vid I feel not a big difference from SG, just less security, no table and better place for him to stand (not at the very exit). But his smiles and attitude the same. @noname111 I was reading your recap on twitter, thanks a lot! I'm so happy for you that you have managed to get extra time during high touch! So smart of you bravo. And I'm happy that you feel same as I felt when first met him. He's really special and precious...but so real, like you have described in your post I adore that he's open, honest and natural in his emotions and you can read his face, he's not hiding when he's down and you're worried with him, but when he's in a good mood the whole world shines around him. @giegie the Trophy is awesome! I believe he liked it and will put in his home sweet home. Glad that you have managed to give him personal gift and have seen him 4 times. Great experience! Now you can relax, eat, sleep and come back to investigation what project he'll choose next And we'll all be praying for him to choose hit project cos that will mean even more now. That will mean he'll do Asia tour again! p.s. so proud of being a part of Lee Dong Wook's fan-mily. We should design common banner, should't we? And can't wait for our trip to Japan. This time I hope we'll be more successful right @winterdew ?
  14. @giegie have forgotten. The story about pregnant fan is so touching. Our Wookie has such a generous heart. And how was high touch organized? Was he standing right after the exit? Did you have a chanc to say smth to him or give a present? love his dedication here and sincere laugh:
  15. @giegie OMG. After reading your post I feel like I was there with you experiencing ups and downs of those past days. When I've read about your ups I had butterflies in my stomach and sort of trembling haha. So weird, but I guess that's because your storry is so passionate and I feel so happy that nevertheless difficulties you have faced, you're feeling happyness and you're not dissapointed in our Wookie. And I feel so proud of you and Lucy and all INA fans who made video project happen. You're daebak, girls!!!!! I really hope that he'll enjoy your presents and I believe he will and also I feel thateven though press conference made him a bit down due to close doors for fans, he has felt love from INA fans and he would love to come back. I'm praying he'll have this opportunity with his next project. And I love his new segment hehe. Thanks for sharing your experience! Would you mind to share the pic of your trophy? I'm so curious hehe. And btw are you gals planning to go to the airport tomorrow? In case if you don't know his departure time, 99% that he'll take this flight Korean Air KE628, 22.05 pm, which means he'll arrive to the airport at 20.30-20.45. But better to be there a bit earlier. @noname111 waiting for your story as well, chingu! Have seen your posts on twitter. Looks like you're not dissapointed in our oppa as well?