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  1. Good day to all shippers or not or are PPC Supporters. Just a reaction and point of clarification to a post I just read Each of us have our own busy lives to live >>> work, family, etc. And i believe not because old familiar names are not seen here posting nor commenting nor actively participating in the discussions means they do not read nor are updated about PPC. (Like me?) I think they are just around the corner...you know. PPC Shippers and supporters are numerous and scattered in many places. PPC are so private from even before WWWSK so .... let's keep it that way. Thank you for keeping this thread alive. Take care everyone!
  2. Annyeonghasaeyo everyone (hand waiving) It's been sometime since I visited this thread. Anyway, at last, PPC attended the Cosmo Event and that's really good. I tried to read back some pages and I've noticed there are new names I haven't seen before. That is also good meaning supporters of PPC are increasing in numbers. That's about all I want to say for now. Keep the thread going and just a personal piece of advice, let your comments be full of positivity remembering that we are only shippers and although, there maybe lots of speculations and delulus... still their private life is theirs. Take care everyone!!! Bye for now.
  3. Fact is he sung his Lullaby song for Miso and it is in another drama not the one he won... my mind wohoooo... And his boldness to choose that song is something he is shouting to the world... lolsssss.... that was really bold move And from PMY's post, ...connotes celebration so....? does she have something to celebrate or she has to celebrate something with someone #ParkParkCouple yesssss
  4. Hair stylists always plays a big part That explains the pic of PMY with Nana in 2015. Nothing to do with her ex but something to do with her future
  5. Lolsssss.... close sister and brother? come on! are they kidding us?!!! with those passionate kisses???? pmy <<< not dating ok... will not marry? oh minyoungsshi, do you know what the future holds? psj <<< he is really busy THAT MOMENT and those days shooting So, why PMY said PSJ is the best partner she had ??? From that, PMY is clear of anything in the past ... so not dating anyone now...I will take her word for now. But not for long hehehehehehehe
  6. Oh my.... the vacation is over. (delulu mode on) How I would love to suddenly read that PPC is telling everyone they will now date. .... just informing us shippers.... (delulu mode only ... ) Now, drought season will start... my hurting shipper heart also will start...
  7. Waiting or not Chinggus, there's something in there.... Ahh, I remember, when PSJ moved the chair and PMY was startled.... ok..delulu mode ... was he upset becoz PMY's dress was so revealing of her oozing sexiness??? lolssssss Maybe, he could not contain himself hahahaha
  8. Annyeong Chinggu. Could not help not noticing your comment and you said your first post. Anyway, I think to think that it was a purposely done sort of promotional news is absurd. Why? Why will they need to do it when in fact, the ratings from Day 1 WWWSK was aired was already on the top. and it was maintained until it ended. Also, it was aired in cable channel where there are less viewers and that is a fact. The rumors came out because everyone is seeing the very strong chemistry of PPC. I bet even other korean artists and most esp. those with whom both of them had worked with before were ALL either hearing or following their news. Oh no, not only shippers. I am sure of that. It was just unfortunate that the media chose to do just hours after the last episode was aired. Again, I'd take that cue on positive light. WWWSK was such a good-feel drama that paved way for PPC to gain admiration and strong support from the public. Their portrayal of their roles was in such a level of total reality and no one would not wish for them to be real life couple. Actions speaks louder than words so PPC could never deny their attraction for each other. The cupid's arrow hit it strongly right through the center of each other's About My Ear's Candy, it was supposed to be only on a friendship angle only. So whether PMY is dating or not is of no connection to that. But yes, I may agree that she would not have acted in that way if she was with someone or dating someone. However, that program caused the exposure and break-up of a relationship and more so, the effect it had for PMY. I liked that program but when it happened to PMY, the program lost its credibility. About AAA 2017, I just had a chance to see that video once again in slow mo. First, the seating arrangement was for sure done that way whether alphabetical or not. I think it was according to the awards the individual will be receiving. All those sitted in the table where PSJ and PMY are for special awards. When they were both the only one in the table before the awarding proper started, the chair was moved by PSJ and his action startled PMY. BUT, the video was recorded from a far and high angle where their facial expressions are not clear. I would interpret it in a different way tho. They were just acquaintances yet that time.
  9. I guess they'll finish the commentary then only will they become visible in their own way. No doubt, PPC knows many are waiting to see a picture or hear news about them. Whatever netizens will say or comment, no one can stop them. I have avoided reading IG nowadays because of the comments I don't find anymore hmmm.... good. Some delulus are beyond delulus .. Even from some shippers. I hope they learn to give them space and be patient. Part of being a shipper is mastering patience. Where's PDNim? With the group? sorry to ask but just becoz I was busy no time to check any vids and haven't updated and read comments here
  10. Perhaps PP+P are doing the DVD commentary somewhere out there Remember, they need to do it by August... as I also read here.
  11. Lolsss.... Careful shippers ...PPC might just check and read again but knowing them as how they treated the rumors, both of them might just laugh Annyeonghasaeyo PPC
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