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  1. But I think it's alright if you are solid fan of psj or pmy and ship them with another actor/actress as long as you don't become a hater. In fact next year, I know they will be shipped again with co-actors in their next drama.
  2. Wow.. I remember in that bts pmy and psj were far from from each other. PMY is talking to pyo ye jin. Now, look at that pic posted by larazsnow
  3. Is it true that there are two houses? The one that is 700m away from pmy villa and the other one located at the back of pmy villa
  4. alicolumna

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Who is ksh? I'm curious
  5. I just noticed that some international fanbases of these actors are also doing this
  6. No..it's between pmy fans and one 'fake shipper'. I know we have to respect opinions of other people but this one account is infuriating just because pmy did not attend the apan awards night.
  7. THIS and I want to emphasize that Twitter account. That's all. Happy shipping!!!!
  8. For now, please rate the app 1 star and submit your review and complain.
  9. She has a shiseido fansigning event in Seoul in Wednesday. Some said the place is near pmy house.
  10. Hi guys, is it typical for some Korean actresses to not take selfies with fans? I remember back then when I stan a Korean actress, she doesn't take selfies with fans or she doesn't allowed to be photographed with fans especially in random places. Some said her agency prohibited it. I just stated this because pmy is so different.
  11. Hi!!! Is there an English version of the book?can you give me the link
  12. What are they talking in there? He wants to cover her mouth. Is that alright for just a colleague?or acquaintance in Korea?
  13. alicolumna

    Park Min Young 박민영

    I've learned from watching kdramas that as long as the story of the drama is good, a famous leading man is not needed ex.jung hae in (famous now after something in the rain) so maybe a newcomer will be okay for pmy next drama