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  1. Hello guys. I decided to write again, if I am not mistaken my last is April 1, 2018 so 7 months from now I decided to post again in the thread. I choose 7 coz our couple love it. Hehehe I have difficulty in lurking for the last 7mos coz I have double duty from May to July. I have been a student and working at the same time. Then from July to 2nd half of October we dont have a wifi in the house so I just rely on my data, lurk on IG most of the time. For the accomplishments of this thread I am very proud of you. You have deliver a rice wreath and gifts to Ji Hyun which obviously she love. I will take this opportunity too, to apologize on some shippers I bother for the past few months. @pauliza @daloula and @matshu. Sorry if my question all the time is negative. I deeply apologize for this. Although this journey for me is really tough coz in my real life I've been a negative thinker but as I ask why I'm on this shipping business. First, I love namji couple. Second its God will for me to meet a positive thinker person. To develop my personality to see the brighter side. I am happy too that I have meet different races (Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese). I have a chat with them and some have chatted me just to talk about namji. Some also ask how to use google translate and different social media. Hehehe. Why me I am not a computer wizard person?? Well before I end this post.. Have you seen the DVD cut of the kiss scene, specially the court kiss scene. I dont know if you have discussed it already but why some portions of it they remove the sound and use the OST.. Maybe are they hiding something? We cannot hear pdnim voice so we dont know what he is saying. If we cannot discuss the DVD I will remove this portion of my post. Lets claim our victory now for our couple. I have seen this bible verse. I know in this thread not all are christian maybe some diffirent religion can share their verses or saying, to give us inspiration. Goodbye for now. Hey guys are you planning to go in Korea this April 2019 on Chang Wook discharge?? Can we join? Me and @f8te. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys congrats for the 1500 pages . I think it will be my last post for a while. I will be back once our couple confirm their relationship. (Off course to celebrate) but then maybe if I have time I will be a silent lurker. TBH the main reason why I want to quit for a while is the fan wars . Jiji shipper vs NJH fans. I dont think it is healthy for my mind and heart . I cannot believe that fangirling will be this hard though both sides have their points but continously reading makes me sad. I even unfollow all on my IG account (JH fans, CW fans and Jiji shipper) The only one remain there are few shippers whom I develop relationship beyond namji meaning we are sometimes talking about our lives not just namji. I love our couple so much and they will always stay in my heart. Hoping that God can answers our prayers that our couple will confirm , get married and have kids. ( I want too see my grand child coz namji are my babies, hehehe). God bless everyone.
  3. Me too. I have also commented on their old post saying I miss them so much. Huhuhu.
  4. Well as I re-watched the video I believe now they are not CW and JH. I believe the IG owner is a die hard fan of wookie, if its him she will just focus the video to him not to the whole alver area. If u get what I mean. Although there is still a side of me that wanna believe that it is JH and CW. Hahaha
  5. Is this an old pic??? Coz the guys hair is still long. We all know wookies hair is short right now coz of MS. This IG owner always share fan cam video, (Old videos to be exact)
  6. Well being glued to the phone is an ordinary thing now adays so for me dont want to be delulu on that area. Maybe they just want to lurk on IG etc. since korea has a good internet service. Me always glued to my phone coz of namji. Hahaha. Not my personal life but namji namji namji all the time.
  7. Me too I am missing namji so much. So I try to divert my attention and watching the drama of CW friend from CNblue. I believe I can finish the drama, although I still remember SP because 1 of the charaters name is CEO Nam, which obviously reminds me of our co captain and the character there of Kim So Eun loves cat. Ottoke??? Am I the only thinking of them everyday?? When I saw a pics of them makes me very happy but after a day I immediately misses them.
  8. That is what I am thinking too I believe this period is his 200days so is he out every 100 days? coz if that is the case lets try to countdown in this thread everyday. Hahaha . I've read on IG that he did not finish the musical play someone take a shot on his seat during half time and it is empty and unfortunately he didnt come back. Now I am curious where did he go?? And I have read too when he was sitting according to them he looks like he is looking for someone. Woo wookie boy now you are really suspicious.. Hahaha. Please dont take it seriously. Hehehe.
  9. In reading the thread I always lurk on the last page and then back reading it. TBH I was so emotional when somebody badmouthing our guy. Its the first thing that I read that is why I quoted it immediately. TBH the Five Finger thing is 2012?? Personally I dont believe that he doesnt have a relationship from 2012 to 2015. I dont know but I do have a feeling that maybe he has a very brief relationship with some other girls. But strongly believe he is single from maybe late 2015 to early 2017. I dont know just my gut insticts. I do not have evidence also just purely gut feel. The past is not important anymore what it is important is the present and future and we do hope its JH.
  10. Actually it really caught my attention when she said that she likes color matching. So we can delulu about the color of the jacket and the polka dots too. Hahahaha. Dont take it seriously. TBH, i dont think that polo of CW is polka dots.
  11. I dont know about the jacket thing but as per checking the fabric for me is quite different. Although obviously I dont have a good eye sight. The jacket have also a wrinkle bcoz of thread design. Debunk me if I am wrong. Now its almost 1am in my country and cannot sleep bcoz what I've read that our ship are delusional and theirs are not. Huhuhu. I am boiling.
  12. But he denied that rumor even his agency denied it too. I dont think its a risk in his career if he dated that Ms. Korea. And what is the proof?? The couple items?? A lot of celebrity are misled bcoz of that thinking they are dating but in reality they are dating somebody else. I still believe on what he said that as much as he can he will not lie. He admitted that he dated in secret before or after five fingers thats it. But never mention who the girl was. So please @rose90 dont make the captain of our ship a liar.
  13. Me too cannot help but delulu. With the turtle and the you are very special to me. Haaist I want to jump in my bed bcoz of over joy. And passing the relay to CTJ hahaha. Its a good thing that the dating news with PHS is out, so we can rule out that the relationship of them is really a good friend.
  14. Sorry chingu but I have to debunk you with the Serendipity hat. It is a verutum hat. Verutum CEO always post that hat. Although I am always thinking that the right endorser for that Hat are CW and JH. Hahaha
  15. I wonder too. Is this new pic?? It looks like he is wearing the Serendipity hat. But not sure dont have good eye sight. Hehehe.
  16. Hi chingu what post are u talking about?? I saw JH post but I cannot see March 15 on it. Correct me if I am wrong. Hope u can share it.
  17. Happy White day. Although in my country we are not celebrating it but for the love of namji couple I will try to celebrate it with myself. Hahaha. Belated anniversary too when CW draws his ideal girl similar to JH. Hahaha. I love love this couple so much. I do pray I can witness all if God's will. Dating news, marriage and having kids. I want them also to make another drama so please God I do pray it will all come true.
  18. She is really meant to have a v live. Hahaha. It makes me happy. First of all it is for a good cause and offcourse it will feed my shipper's heart.
  19. Is this pic were taken in cheorwon?? Or in other places?? Coz I know Kang Ha Neul is not based in cheorwon right?? Its good that we have a new pic of him, his skin is a little bit darker. Oh Wookie dont work too hard. We hope he can join the musical in September. It's JH bday month. Hehehe.
  20. Does it mean she is in jeju right now?? I believe that spring classes is starting this March. http://wwwe.sogang.ac.kr/academic/academic_calendar.jsp Maybe her classes will start officially in March 15 so having a vacay is really good for her coz the pressure of schooling is coming.
  21. Wow. This is really a drought season for us. No new pic of our captain and no post from our co captain. Trying again to watch the SP piece by piece for the nth time. I terrribly miss them, watching the BTS in youtube their past interviews, just to get my namji vitamins. Huhuhu
  22. Hi thank you chingu. Still have a fever and cough. @khalinkikyo @achinawa @masthu @pauliza. Thank you for your well wishes and video for my namji vitamins. Hehehe. Do you happen to know to whom he send the food truck? I am not very familiar of his friends. Hope he send food truck to JH when she said yes to the role. Although now I am doubt she will accept it coz spring semester is coming. I understand her if she will not accept the role. Continuing her studies is a very good reason after all. Hope we can have a new pic of CW and a new post of JH . I miss them so much.
  23. Hi chingu, not feeling well again. My immune system is getting low. I believe I need namji vitamins. Hahaha. I hope we can get new pics of our guy and praying that JH will update her IG. I terribly miss them so much. Huhuhu.
  24. Hi guys, I have in read in IG that 1 of the member of Bigbang will be enlisting here in cheorwon it is the same military base where CW enlisted. That video is the whole cheorwon parking space. Do you think guys there is a comfort room?? Where CW ran?? Hahaha. This is just for fun.
  25. You make me laugh chingu. Although dont like the idea of JH still sick. My take is that originally planned that JH will join them but because she recently got sick so she opt to choose to stay home. Dont take it seriously this is just a delulu. Hahaha