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  1. Hello guys. I decided to write again, if I am not mistaken my last is April 1, 2018 so 7 months from now I decided to post again in the thread. I choose 7 coz our couple love it. Hehehe I have difficulty in lurking for the last 7mos coz I have double duty from May to July. I have been a student and working at the same time. Then from July to 2nd half of October we dont have a wifi in the house so I just rely on my data, lurk on IG most of the time. For the accomplishments of this thread I am very proud of you. You have deliver a rice wreath and gifts to Ji Hyun which obviously she love. I will take this opportunity too, to apologize on some shippers I bother for the past few months. @pauliza @daloula and @matshu. Sorry if my question all the time is negative. I deeply apologize for this. Although this journey for me is really tough coz in my real life I've been a negative thinker but as I ask why I'm on this shipping business. First, I love namji couple. Second its God will for me to meet a positive thinker person. To develop my personality to see the brighter side. I am happy too that I have meet different races (Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese). I have a chat with them and some have chatted me just to talk about namji. Some also ask how to use google translate and different social media. Hehehe. Why me I am not a computer wizard person?? Well before I end this post.. Have you seen the DVD cut of the kiss scene, specially the court kiss scene. I dont know if you have discussed it already but why some portions of it they remove the sound and use the OST.. Maybe are they hiding something? We cannot hear pdnim voice so we dont know what he is saying. If we cannot discuss the DVD I will remove this portion of my post. Lets claim our victory now for our couple. I have seen this bible verse. I know in this thread not all are christian maybe some diffirent religion can share their verses or saying, to give us inspiration. Goodbye for now. Hey guys are you planning to go in Korea this April 2019 on Chang Wook discharge?? Can we join? Me and @f8te. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys congrats for the 1500 pages . I think it will be my last post for a while. I will be back once our couple confirm their relationship. (Off course to celebrate) but then maybe if I have time I will be a silent lurker. TBH the main reason why I want to quit for a while is the fan wars . Jiji shipper vs NJH fans. I dont think it is healthy for my mind and heart . I cannot believe that fangirling will be this hard though both sides have their points but continously reading makes me sad. I even unfollow all on my IG account (JH fans, CW fans and Jiji shipper) The only one remain there are few shippers whom I develop relationship beyond namji meaning we are sometimes talking about our lives not just namji. I love our couple so much and they will always stay in my heart. Hoping that God can answers our prayers that our couple will confirm , get married and have kids. ( I want too see my grand child coz namji are my babies, hehehe). God bless everyone.
  3. Me too. I have also commented on their old post saying I miss them so much. Huhuhu.
  4. Well as I re-watched the video I believe now they are not CW and JH. I believe the IG owner is a die hard fan of wookie, if its him she will just focus the video to him not to the whole alver area. If u get what I mean. Although there is still a side of me that wanna believe that it is JH and CW. Hahaha
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