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  1. @jellybing2009 I love all OST of this drama But Migyo's OST makes me sad everytime I listen to it because it reminds me of scene Dr. Ye rejected Bo Young (the fact they both were so heartbroken that time made me sad Glad they have their happy ending Kudos to Dr. Ye who was fast to make a decision that change his whole life and even his personality LMAO ep 12 is still my fav episode.. He loves Bo Young so much that he can't hide his affection! MIND CONTROL FAILED ) So, till the end, those people in the hospital didn't find out about Bo Young-Dr. Ye relationship? (I haven't watch the full episode yet) I was waiting for their priceless reaction tho.. Their jaw dropping will be good to watch.. aish what a waste My healing drama is ended. I feel so empty... Thanks everyone here for giving all your thoughts about this drama and characters. I enjoy reading it.
  2. I just came home. I can't believe it's already ended.. Usually I will watch preview for next episode Lee Joon Hyuk's hairstyle in v live is Shin Min Ho's hairstyle in last episode LOL.. They looks like kindergarten kids so cute
  3. LOL when he was being serious gives advice to Bo Young but at the end he is just a CUTIE Can't wait to see everyone's reaction in the hospital when they find out about their relationship I will miss all of the hilarious and sweet scene in this drama @triplem The setting...yep, hope so
  4. Here you go! Slide or click '>' button for more pics. I hope he will not delete it again (no wonder he had those stills but it's nowhere on any tvN website - I read his bio he's a photographer and related to tvN LOL)
  5. The preview love to misleading us. Like some of us here thought in ep 12 Bo Young end up with Min Ho because Min Ho was smiling all the time in ep 12 preview. I guess the writer didn't have any idea left so he/she just gonna dragging the love triangle till the end LMAO.. If Bo Young and Min Ho is the end game, this writer should stop writing... BTW, remember the stills of Bo Young and Dr. Ye sweet moments that I said before? It was not shown in ep 15.. Then it must be in last episode... So Ye Line will be the end game But even so, I still anxious about the ending (anxious Ye Liner lol).. Ok I don't care anymore. I need to do my work. Call me when ep 16 ended
  6. Anyone see Lee Joon Hyuk's drawing @triplem shared? It's really cute. Nam Woo with his alligator tho Nam Woo can't complain about his alligator goes missing anymore. He got such a big one from Dr. Ye LOL.. And he drew Bo Young so cute and lovely
  7. I think it's writer's fault LMAO.. We still don't know about Ye Jae Wook's background story. We only know his past about his ex girlfriend and dream (baseball and leg injured). Who is his father? Who is his mother? Does his parents still alive? Does he has any siblings or friends? Even if he's the second lead, in another drama they still show second lead's background story but I saw nothing about Dr. Ye. Are they going to keep this mysterious part about Dr. Ye and never reveal it? About the loveline, it's not that I refuse to see Min Ho as the male lead but I see it's a TYPICAL love triangle where a woman in love with a man and vice versa..all of sudden there's another man who is in love with the woman but sadly the woman don't love him. What is NOT TYPICAL love triangle? It's where the woman is confused with her feelings (she actually loves that 'another' man). But I don't see Bo Young, Jae Wook, Min Ho in NOT TYPICAL love triangle because there's no sign Bo Young likes Min Ho or confused with her feelings. She's in love with Dr. Ye and only Dr. Ye in her mind. That's why I thought Min Ho is the second lead no matter how many screen time he had that others pointed out. EDIT : Sorry, the owner either deleted those stills for next week or the account changed to private like @jellybing2009 said But where they find those stills is still a mystery LMAO
  8. There's text preview for ep 15 on tvN website. I don't know how to put it here. But can anyone translate it? thanks in advance. About the stills for next week that I saw on Instagram, where the hell they got those pics tho I tried to find it for y'all to see everywhere but it's nowhere.
  9. I saw stills for next week on Instagram. Bo Young and Dr. Ye's sweet moments (they hugged while look into each other's eyes and it seems they will have another kiss scene because Dr. Ye is holding Bo Young's face and look at her lips). In the picture, it was at night and around them have many flowers(at garden or park idk). They are so sweet Can't we just jump to Monday Want to put it here but the owner already deleted that post LMAO
  10. If this two did not end up together for a stupid reason, I'm gonna kill the writer. I know the preview might misleading me. But I have no trust in the writer... I really love this drama so I hope for everyone to have their own happy ending. This is a warmhearted drama. Please don't turn it into a melodrama, writer-nim
  11. I'm glad we have Nam Woo and Dr. Park tonight. They both looks so lost LMAO their scenes are the funniest thing tonight I'm glad I still can have a laugh tonight despite seeing Min Ho's childishness. I almost want to kill that guy..lol sorry not sorry Thanks for those who explains about the preview. I thought Bo Young did something stupid. If it's about her career, I'm okay about it as long as our OTP is fine. No break up because I'm tired of it Next week is our last week OH NOOOO @gracebkk I saw tvN gives nicknames "WooYe couple" for them in BTS
  12. Watch ep 14 preview with eng sub. Min Ho said "she made me have hope for nothing and made me into a fool".. BOYYYYY SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW YOU LIKE HER WHY YOU PUT THE BLAME ON HERRRRR.. IT'S ALL IN YOUR MINDDDDD.. IT'S NOT LIKE SHE CHEATED ON YOU OR SOMETHING AND YOU ALREADY KNOW SHE'S IN LOVE WITH DOCTOR YE.. IT'S YOU WHO GIVES YOURSELF HOPEEEEE.. BTW, I read somewhere and there's some people commented Dr. Ye is too boring because he is too good to be real for a male lead LOL.. When there's second lead who is a total sweetheart like Dr. Ye, isn't it your wish for the female lead to be with them?? The writer have fulfill your longtime wishes but in another drama and the second lead become the male lead. You're just having second lead syndrome, why blame my Dr. Ye
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