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  1. Our girl went to watch opera yesterday with her friends and got to meet her fellow child actor who she met in the past on the set WBDS: I love her look in this picture. It suits the season and it is sophisticated. Today wookie is having his musical in Andong for thé second day. I hope everything goes well as usual. Have a nice week-end everyone. Edit: forgot to share this too:
  2. I did but it wasn’t as pretty as in the pic you shared. I really need a vacation cause I am already tired of work lmao: I keep looking at Busan’s sea pics and dreaming about an escape. I should also find me a good seafood restaurant cause I love seafood including shrimp. Some people don’t like mussels and oysters but I love them lmao I also love snails. Here is one of my favorite fancams of namji:
  3. I feel like going on a vacation to the beach in Busan but I am stuck at work these days and it is not the best time to go to the beach. When I visited it the last time, I had to take a super long (13 hours) flight and then the ktx before getting greeted by a typhoon but I still had a great time. I wonder if namji likes Busan too.
  4. @hpcrtrus Thanks for making a new account just to drop by and share a plagiarized post I posted on another thread in the past. I guess tagging in my post and wondering where you have seen me before was being too obvious so you edited that out (but the thing is I already received the original by mail since I am following the thread, just for your knowledge). I guess you have became lately curious about this thread for whatever reason but the thing is, we don’t go around in this thread saying a committed person is engaged to someone else like in the thread you saw me in. And about your question about the receipts, yes we have them.
  5. @khalinkikyo Lmao she ships wook with someone else but I won’t say who cause that is irrelevant to the thread and it is a ship that sunk even before it sailed. She also used to call your other ship a fake one who is just for promotion lmao
  6. Lmao I was testing to see if some pathetic people were still lurking and they really are and it takes so little to get them triggered. I mean we weren’t making up things about the BTS of their first kiss being shared for the pleasure of all wook’s fans and also about the change in his answer about dating in the military. You can choose to interpret that however you want. The people who went there already met him and saw him and didn’t complain and some of them even are here in this thread. If you are getting triggered then it is your own problem. So pathetic and sad. Why keep lurking in the thread of a pair you don’t ship instead of going to the one you were/are shipping? And came by accident? Like you tripped and fell into this thread out of the big internet?
  7. I can’t believe namji is the only reason I would regret not spending money. Here are my regrets: - I regret buying the dvd of the dcut instead of the blu Ray, - I regret not going to jiscovery and I am jealous of everyone here who got to go there and witness the age restricted BTS being shown while wook was singing the SP ost (that must have been awkward for the fans lmao) and also him changing his answer about dating while in the military, - I regret not going to the musical but for this one it is impossible since I just started a new job in September. I hope hyunnie organizes a fanmeeting in the future cause I will fight to get a ticket for sure.
  8. @excitedgal Thank you for putting your adventures into writing. It must have not been easy to do. I am sure you will never forgot the happiness of not only getting to watch the musical several times and delivering our birthday gifts to Soop but also getting to meet Wookie face to face on that day out of all days and all dressed up and getting his autograph.
  9. I had to come too to join the fun of being a namji shipper too. When I first joined I was super skeptical and planning to stop shipping once the drama ends lmao. But here I am today, not moving from this ship at all and more confident than ever.
  10. It’s not really comparable. It was his goodbye fanmeeting before enlisting while for DO it was just a concert and they were still filming and went there with the rest of the cast. I don’t really see the point of comparing plus I dont want people to nitpick on this since it is bringing up someone who is not part of our ship. And to be honest, there is clearly nothing to hide between those two, they were friendly coworkers.
  11. The only gathering they had was the wrap up party and the interviews are also the same type Hyunnie and wook had. They only had them after the drama filming wrapped up because it is a preproduced drama.
  12. Ah how I wish we could spazz about the dcut and all its content freely in the thread but seems like people are pressed about it and keep reporting our shippers’ instagram accounts even those who never shared the dcut content. Seems like our otp is still connected just like I expected lmao I am so happy for Hyunnie’s drama’s great ratings and I hope it will keep going up and we will get to see her dancing with the rest of the cast. Not only is she doing great in her career but she is also enjoying her life as a college student while keeping in touch with people from her acting career. Meanwhile, wookie has successfully finished his musical in Seoul and is now getting ready to tour the rest of South Korea. He, now, has 204 days left in the army. I can’t wait for him to finally come out.