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  1. Sorry but was there any article about that dating news being fake? Please share if you have it cause I must have missed that.
  2. I can’t wait for Nam Ji Hyun’s new drama, the teasers look so promising:
  3. I mean the same writer wrote Scent if a Woman and gave it the right label so I expect her to do the same for this one too I watched that drama while knowing what I was getting myself into
  4. Maybe it’s just to describe the period of his memory loss where he became her husband for 100 days before going back to his previous functions? And after those hundred days, they finally start a real relationship. It’s listed as a romcom (unless they changed it) so I can’t accept the otp being doomed.
  5. For those looking for the source of the « Fate » interview, you can activate the cc for the English subtitles too:
  6. After having so many people put down the mention of some of our shippers of all the coincidences our pair share, it is funny to discover that our captain Wook himself chose the big word « Fate » to describe those and he even seems more fascinated than me by those happenings.
  7. Another hyunnie update since it’s Independence Day in Korea:
  8. We got an update from our girl too, it’s been a while:
  9. Yes it’s after the press conference. Mr. Lee is actually a member of the National Assembly and also the grandson of Lee Hoeyeong who was a Korean indépendance activist and one of the founders of Shinheung Military Academy that the musical is about. Credit to: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Hoe-yeong https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Jong-kul