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  1. It is too long to drive. I live in Paris and to go to London, it is better and faster to take the Eurostar.
  2. It really feels like yesterday when we got in this thread after watching SP and namji’s BTS. I started off thinking I would move on after the end of the drama but here I am today after namji kept bringing me and keeping me here. First with all the Sbs catch clips, the interviews, jiscovery, her sbs awards speech, the dcut and all the things that kept happening all throughout this enlistment.
  3. Wookie wrote a letter to his fans: It feels surreal that he is going to come back this year. 81 days left.
  4. Kyah! I might be busy at work but each passing day means a day closer to Wook’s end of service and it makes me happy:
  5. Some old WGM couples updates: SJR saying the skinship was just them working to finish filming fast: https://www.soompi.com/article/1290903wpp/song-jae-rim-reveals-truth-behind-physical-intimacy-kim-eun-got-married HJH and Yura meeting for dinner thanks to HJH working on a drama with Minah:
  6. We are getting closer and closer and now with the encore, we will get to see him before his discharge too:
  7. The feeling of seeing April 27th getting closer and closer is so satisfying. I can’t wait for Wook to come out. Meanwhile, Hyunnie was spotted in GukJoo’s instagram since the two had a meal together: It is nice to see our girl enjoying her free time.
  8. We are getting closer and closer to the end of Wookie’s service:
  9. Seems To me that it is only a matter of time before HB and SYJ confirm their relationship: https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=609&aid=0000049498
  10. I think PMY has a secret account and she sometimes forgets that she is not using it and ends up liking posts about park park using her public account instead by mistake.
  11. Hyunnie is out with her friends: and wookie is back to the camp: And last But not least, we finally reached the double digits:
  12. Just above in your quoted first message, you were claiming the copyright of the whole videos and not only of the subtitles. Good thing that you finally discovered how copyright works for someone working in that field. You will also like to know that reuploading videos that you don’t own on YouTube while adding your subtitles as you are doing in the jichangwook kitchen YouTube channel is illegal and actually adding the « no copyright infringement intended » to your descriptions can be used against you because it proves that you know that you are using content that is not yours. It is a blatant confession that you are stealing content. The US Copyright office defines copyright infringement as the performance, publication, reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work without the copyright holder’s permission. This also includes use in derivative works. Not making profit out of those videos doesn’t make it ok since reuploading those videos still hurts the creators (the rightful owners = production companies / broadcasters) because it reduces the commercial value of the content and it is their property to distribute as they wish. A better attitude next time (which I hope doesn’t happen) instead of threatening and acting condescending would have been a better approach when you yourself are not respecting the copyright laws. This thread has been calm and respectful for a long time and we intend for it to stay this way.
  13. I was going to address the copyright/crédit thing but most of what I wanted to say was already said by @luvforever And for copyright claims, you need to own the whole thing or make transformative content out of it. Providing subs doesn’t make someone the owner of the whole video. Anyway, I am totally with giving credit when it is due but copyright claims are not a game.
  14. Hyunnie’s latest update even though these are late posts since she was back to Seoul a bit earlier: Wookie is on his break too and here we are in the countdown: