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  1. Our girl’s update: It looks like she is having a lot of fun. Hope she stays as happy. And our boy is in Gangneong for his musical.
  2. It is already D-142! I can’t wait for it to become a double digit and for wookie to finally finish his service. Hyunnie is going in a few hours to Vietnam for her well-deserved reward trip. I hope we get some airport fashion pics.
  3. I don’t know if anyone shared this song that hyunnie said she has been listening to lately: I like the vibe of it and seems like our girl is as wild as it seemed in the dcut lmao
  4. It is not them networking but their bosses. Just 2 hours are enough for a meeting and accepting to attend events like this is already a good step forward to connect and is better than not attending. I changed my workplace just thanks to meeting someone in a presentation that lasted half a day and where I talked to my now new boss for 15 minutes. I am just saying that everything is not about their relationship.
  5. Hyunnie updated about attending MMA and thanked her team: While Wookie is in Daejeon for his musical:
  6. I hope everyone is doing well, I have been a bit busy at my new job but things are going well and I am still following Namji and loving them as well as supporting them. Here is a thread of some of what happened in the fanmeeting and it is changwookie oppa to hyunnie no matter how much time passes by:
  7. Why hide and lose work opportunities? Maybe they went there so that their agencies would be able to network for jobs (dramas, movies, cfs...) in the Chinese market? Also rarely do korean celeb couples want to announce their relationships unless they want to announce their wedding but they can still sometimes appear in the same events because it is not only about their relationship but other aspects of their life.
  8. You are the one who decided that her behavior (which was totally fine and just friendly) was confusing people. I have seen people ship pairs that barely interact in the BTS just for the sake of shipping the drama pair or because they like the idea of the two together. People choose to confuse themselves. JSM is not responsible for people misinterpreting her actions and behavior. Also the picture she posted is a totally normal picture and some kdrama watchers just think that a picture of their pair means they have something special, the truth is a picture can mean anything and nothing. You don’t know what LJ really feels and thinks about anything and you can’t.
  9. Oh so it’s not that you like this pair? I guess you have asked all his other ships too, right? You know he is in the army right now? I guess you at least got the suspicious partner dcut as his fan.
  10. How much of a newbie are you? How did you get to know them? Did you watch their drama, BTS and dcut? Did you backread all the thread? What do you like about them? I am so curious too.
  11. So happy she shared the macaroons we (hyunited soompiers) sent her: another successful project. Meanwhile wookie is on a break. I hope he spends a good time. (Already D-174)
  12. Lmao the 30 seconds wasn’t true at all according to the dcut footage we got The first take of that kiss lasted 4 times that.
  13. Any scenario is possible. One thing for sure is that I doubt she would just say: yes I am in a relationship if she is dating (which I honestly think she is whether it is wook or someone else judging from the way she behaved in the BTS of HDH). Let’s not forget that she is the one who said they just kissed for 30s to give us the laundry basket kiss lololol I also loled at her being in a rush last year and now taking her time.
  14. Less than 6 months for Wook to come out and hyunnie’s successful drama finished airing. I am hoping for great ratings for the end. Another successful project for us and she loved the gift too:
  15. I guess even sbs catch can’t move on from Namji