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  1. Wait, what?!? How did Yu-ra's burn marks disappear completely from her face? Those plastic surgeons in SK are REALLY good - never seen a burn mark heal that fast! On a side note, I always get confused when you guys use the abbreviation ED for the "Empress Dowager". I always think of ED as being... (watch it on your own risk)
  2. We have more activity on this thread, yippee! And I am in love with Soompi's new reaction buttons @qynn Ugh, I was just thinking the same thing during last week's episodes, when NK was so happy when she told JW she still had a card to play so that she wouldn't be kicked out of the family. Of course, NK won't give her consent to giving JS's stem cells to HW, and that's how we get to the courtroom and trial shown in the beginning of the drama. JY won't have any other choice than to drag NK to court. I just can't fathom how selfish an adult can be that she is willing to sacrifice an innocent child for her own gain? I mean, I thought NK was just insecure, but it isn't explaining why she is so desperate to cling to the position she has even though everyone else in the family would despise her. To be honest, I think she might exhibit some form of psychopathy or sociopathy. At first I felt sorry for JS if he would have to lose his mom, but I don't think that NK is a good role model in the long run for him. I know this isn't a makjang , but I have faith the writers will make sure that NK is "punished" for her wrongdoings by the end of this drama. She needs to really fall on her knees and suffer, before she is willing to even go on a path of redemption... @zenya22 Thanks for the info regarding the ratings. Glad to see people in SK are tuning into this show.
  3. Welcome to the thread @kiklaminHo NK is being despicable. Sure, she is driven by her fears, but she really needs some mental help. FAST. I don't like the father-in-law, but he was right to test if NK is driven by greed only. She failed his test big time, and I am glad JW is starting to see it. She has destroyed so many peoples' lives and relationships because of her greed. She is not a good mom, because she will teach JS the same values as she has. Get that boy away from him before it is too late, I say. I am getting a bit tired of seeing JW in his pained expression. He needs to take responsibility, be a man and protect JY and his children! I agree. HW is a boy that is taking responsibility for his parents' feelings and emotions. No one is responsible for anyone else's feelings, and he needs therapy to learn that. I don't like this noble idiocy plot that the writers are throwing at us.
  4. I want to know too. I hope so, because NK has been way too selfish by not telling anyone about HW's condition. There must be consequences for her actions.
  5. So, I am finally watching the latest episodes and I have to give a big shout-out to Shin Sung-rok who can roll down backwards from a bed and not spill a single drop of liquor from his bottle! Notice the bottle is still upright!
  6. I have to agree! I guess it's not a myth that some women choose the bad guys... I mean, sure, it's really sad what happened to LH when he was a child, and yes, we should feel empathy towards him. And yes, he deserves to be happy too. But no, he isn't reformed yet and yes, he is still a chilling character with too much sadism in him. it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that this guy is NOT husband material! And yet there are women around the world who are willing to marry serial killers, because they think that they with their love and nurturing can heal those hardened criminals (who by the way, probably are clinical psychopaths who cannot be cured even with the best psychologists / medicines in the world). Well, in the end, I guess it reveals a lot more about the women's state of minds and psyche than the serial killers... <shrugs> I actually enjoyed the interactions between CWB and Sunny in this week's episodes. I was actually giddy and happy to see them getting closer to each other, and I hope that they will end up having a wonderful life together.
  7. Tonight's episode was for me by far the most heartbreaking to watch throughout this drama. Seeing CWK start to remember what happened - I couldn't stop crying. I agree with the LEH-YTJ theory that some people pointed out on this thread. Also, I have to applaud Kim Sun-ah's performance in this series! She is a PHENOMENAL actress. The way she portrays her character during the hypnosis sessions is unbelievably realistic.
  8. Thought I would stop by again to say that I am still enjoying this drama a lot! With regards to the whole AB- blood issue, Rh negative blood is extremely uncommon in South Korea. The average percentage is about 10% in the whole world - in South Korea only 0.3% are Rhesus negative. That I think would explain, that there are some issues with having access to that blood type from time to time. The latest episodes really shocked me. I have to say the makjang seems to be increasing.... I wouldn't mind her toning down a little bit, though. I felt REALLY uncomfortable watching the scenes where the crazy empress mom tried to seduce that young trainee, as well as, where they grafted Yu-ra's skin without pain killers. Yuck!!! Also, even though there probably are cultural differences, I felt it was really excessive to show Sunny disciplining Ari by hitting her calves. I personally don't believe in corporal punishment and come from a country where that type of punishment would land the parent in jail, so I had to fast forward that scene.... On a positive note, I like that we are seeing more lovey dovey scenes between Sunny and CWB, but I think the writer could throw in a couple of more cute scenes per episode. Preferably with kissing Jang Na-ra and Choi Jin-hyuk are good kissers - please, dear writer, don't let their talents go to waste....
  9. I couldn't agree more! That was really despicable not telling anyone about HW's condition... On a side note, I really like the grandmother. She is a voice of reason, and has been that throughout the series. Good that she told HW the truth about his brother!
  10. Finally I had a chance to watch Thursday's episodes with subs. There have been so many awesome theories, thoughts and viewpoints on this thread, I don't feel the need to add too much to them. A few thoughts of my own: I applaud the writer for having the courage to show Eun-ho's past traumas and what made him into a murderer. As I have stated many times on this thread, there is always a reason why a person commits a terrible act. It's alright to judge the act, but it's great if one can find some empathy and understanding for the person who committed the act. When it comes to this drama, it seems the writer succeeded gaining sympathy for LEH despite the horrible crimes he committed. That is a very powerful and strong message that, I feel, is important to remember when it comes to real-life criminals. I could be wrong here, but I don't think anyone else than LEH is Red Cry. I think that the writer will use the rest of the episodes to dwell into the past of CWK, CSK, stepmom, JH and perhaps the female detective too. We might get some more revelations about Red Cry, but I hope the writer focuses on bringing healing to our remaining characters. The story of CWK and CSK intrigues me. Maybe CSK is the real CSK or then she is an adopted child (maybe smth happened to the real CSK). What is certain is that the stepmom is hiding something. She is not a warm and affectionate person, not in touch with her own feelings. She has set them aside. Even CSK said about stepmom: "I don't like the look in her eyes.It's scary. Do you know how coldly she looks at me?". Something's fishy here.... Also, as a last thought: In my opinion, Lee Eun-ho died in that last scene. The reason why I think that is because of the beautiful cinematography in Thursday's episodes. The director utilized very well light and scenery to convey feelings in different scenes: How fitting that it was snowing while CWK was driving and LEH was telling about his crimes. Snow symbolizes purity and cleansing. LEH was finally able to tell someone about his crime. Even though he believed 100% that he was right in committing those murders, he knew he was going to die and therefore probably felt the need to confess his sins to someone. When they stop at the pier / light house, we see the sun shining on the light house and the dark clouds starting to move away. In the last scene, the snow has stopped falling and the sun is shining. LEH is shot, and goes limp in JH's arms - all the while the sun is shining on his face. Though it was sad, it was also very beautiful. I interpreted it as such that LEH finally found peace...
  11. I watched yesterday's episodes with subs, and today's episodes without subs. I really want to comment on yesterday's episodes, but after having watched today's episodes I feel I need to watch them again with subs before I am ready to comment in more detail. I just want to say that these were VERY strong episodes, very sad and very shocking indeed... Yet I think that with 3 more episodes to go, our writer still has some aces up her sleeve. I think we still have some surprises ahead for sure.
  12. @bedifferent @gaby81 @bella1025 Thanks for the videos and the heads-up on what happened in ep 23-24. I got chills watching the video where the Girl In The Green Dress appeared next to BOTH stepmom and CSK.... I think we can safely deduct from this that both individuals are victims of abuse. Who could be abusing stepmom, though? Didn't CWK's father pass away? I thought she hadn't remarried and was living alone. Could she be abusing herself....? So many questions and so few subs....
  13. @selenette Good catch on how the male victim was killed in a more sadistic way, thus probably meaning that Red Cry has more animosity towards male figures! The first victim was burned in her car. As far as I have understood, burning to death is an excruciating way to die and will inflict a lot of suffering on the victim. If I remember correctly, she was drugged which of course might have lessened her pain? Ha Na's mom suffocated to death, which probably was very scary and a painful way to go. Bit Na's mom had according to the autopsy doctor also been in massive pain before she died from the fall. Maybe had she jumped from a higher place, death would have been quicker. But it seems Red Cry chose the place and egged Bit Na's mom to jump. Somehow I feel like these deaths were very sadistic in their own ways, too. What are your thoughts about the way the females died and what that could tell us about the killer/killers? Thanks in advance @selenette It's very interesting to get sociological and psycho-social views about this drama, so I appreciate it if you are able to give us more insight to the background and minds of the killer(s).
  14. @bebebisous33 I 100% agree with the fact that the GGD (girl in the green dress ) is a memory from her past as well as a warning or premonition of another abused child. I also think that GGD's appearance is there to warn her to act/react. I think that is the theory I had from the beginning of the show, and I am still standing behind it. I do not know necessarily yet if the child is CWK or CSK. In the beginning of the drama I was convinced that GGD was CWK's inner child, but as the show has progressed I for some reason am more and more inclined to believe she could very well be CSK. A few reasons why I believe so: Si Wan saw a girl in a red dress, I believe she probably might have been his sister judging from his reactions - wouldn't it make sense that GGD be CWK's sister too? CSK reacted very strongly to the drawing of the GGD, she knew her for sure - I feel like she recognized her younger self and had a flashback of abuse/trauma - that is why her memories are coming back so strongly. Maybe that is why she is shunning the stepmom's touch because she is remembering things? She is in great distress at the end of the last episode. Poor CSK. CWK remembered receiving the dress as a gift from her mother(?), yet it was a girl that was younger who was pushed in the dress Si Wan said the picture of GGD looked like CWK, but then again sisters often have similar features @akiera I am also very worried about Si Wan and his family after the foolish(?) choice of choosing a real case as Red Cry's bait....
  15. Congratulations! Yoon Shi Yoon won Excellence Award for Actor (Your Honor) and Le Yoo Young won the Best New Actress Award (Your Honor). Here is a list of all the winners if anyone is interested: https://www.soompi.com/article/1286163wpp/winners-2018-sbs-drama-awards