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  1. When stars are negotiating on a drama or film, its not only the price but the extent of their roles, the number of their screen time. When Hyunbin decided to let it go in favor of another, I am thinking that this may be a a little bit female-centric where the leading actor is not exactly the dominant role. I have a big hunch that SH has more than halfway considered this drama. It's going to be in fall right? Not June but the wheels of drama filming may start on June.
  2. They are both filming already. But So Ji Sub is not staying full time at Jeju as he has a film promos to see to. I think they are only doing it a few times each week flying back & forth to Jeju. Like in Three Meals, they may have separate scenes that dont require them to be in one scree but will just be meshed in in the editing. So excited to see our girl and SJS in a variety. This is the first time for SJS after a long time and our girl is fun and a joy to see in spontaneous situations. She has a knack of being witty and smart. I think she will be a natural in that surrounding...a real trouper. And she is already comfortable in with Na PD and his staff I agree with alcides14ahjumma. We all miss Shin Hye but let us give her the space and privacy she needs. I'm actually disturbed with the op because she is kinda like stalkerish/sasaeng. Let us just enjoy the things Shin Hye shares with us. This is the reason why she said she did not want to divulge her relationship...not to deceive us but to keep this thing to herself. I still shudder in remembrance to what Princess Diana suffered because they were running away from the paparazzi (heaven forbid)
  3. Oh yeah! Loving this news. Our girl is sooo good in variety. We can see her as she is again here as well as her survival skills. She is excellent in fishing, camping and cooking. She also has a gift with interacting with all kinds of people from all ages and walk of life. So Ji Sub as a partner to boot is a bonus. And Na PD in the helm. I'm so in and in can't wait for it to start Yay. (happy dancing here) https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/12/park-shin-hye-ji-sub-confirmed-star-pd-na-young-suks-new-variety-show/
  4. Yeah how sad that there are "fans" who are so judgemental and like.to impose their will on SH. But then again events like this is a test for true fans. I think those.kind are mostly shippers who are disappointed that she's not with their bias oppa or her haters who hide behind the name if "fans". I hope this blows over soon.
  5. He's a July 91'r she's a Feb 90'r just 7 mos actually but they have a unique age system that's why she's considered 2 yrs older Here is an article proving they've known each other for a long time now. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/01/park-shin-hye-reveals-shes-kakaotalk-friends-with-her-peer-kang-so-ra They are classmates in Chung-ang University, both of them are bowling mates together with Hongki (accdg. to past articles I've read. My point is that, them being friends make a good foundation for a deeper relationship and they are already adjusted to each other. Choi Tae Joon seems a good man too manifested by his long lasting friendships. he supported Zico even when the latter was not yet popular. He is also friends with Seungri of BB because Seungri was their classmate too at Chung-ang. Shin Hye chose him and for that alone we should trust her judgement. Every one of us wants to find someone who truly loves us and cares for us. Our girl has found the ONE. So let us be happy for her.
  6. @verit it's okay. She's of age. Although I'm sure our girl would have kept it secret if there was no pressure as ahe had admitted dating and keeping it secret which is okay with many fans coz it's her life and we respect her privacy. But now that it is in the open its okay too. As @alcides14ahjumma said, now she can be lauded for the success of her acting projects because of her acting, not only.because of her chemistry with a co star which leads to shipping (which is ok too as long as not too obssessive) What I'm happy.about from the pictures is that he seems close to Shin Hye's parents which means he got their approval. Parents know best and he seems so gentleman to our girl
  7. Aww for the dating news. I'm happy when our girl is happy. She has known him and been friends with him for a long time. This is a good foundation for a relationship. Be happy both of you. We got your back our dearest girl
  8. Happy New Year guys. @alcides14ahjumma hello chinggu. Kodus to you for always holding the fort. I haven't posted in a long time because soompi was acting up on my end. But of course, I still support our girl 100%. I miss interacting with you all. For the complete translation of Shin Hye's latest interview, we can refer to this link http://yysydyo.tumblr.com/post/169034166024/translation-park-shin-hye-interview-in-w-korea As usual, our girl's wit and intuitiveness is shown in this interview. I'm excited to what projects she will accept this year.
  9. A gist of the drama in MV. Shin Hye was only 14 or 16 (?) at the time so they couldn't kiss on the lips. But if you plan to watch chinggu, please prepare lots of tissues for this is a tears fest of a drama...LOL. Shin Hye did so great here and she and Lee Wan had a great chemistry here.