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  1. Chinggu how many times can we vote in a day? what is the interval of time in voting? And thank you so much for continuing to post the link in every page as a reminder. Yes let us do our part for this wonderful girl. let us all be patient in waiting for her project. As of now she is giving herself a "me" time to replenish her energy and spend time with family and friends. She is not that greedy for attention that she has to post her every activity in social media. We can see she's doing her part everytime she has a project but other than that she is always low key and low profile. That is our girl - humble and real to the core.
  2. Hard with this RW...hard with SH...but we reached 1004 pages...tsk...tsk...awesome fans LOL
  3. See what happens chinggu if the fans suspect that there is something more? They can destroy the celebrities orderly life and peaceful mind. So most of the time, denying each other is the only way to protect a budding relationship
  4. This is another thing RW and SK have in common. Their fashion are either hit or miss. They are so carefree with what they wear I sometimes itch to take it off them and scream...wear something different LOL But their smiles more than make up for their fashion
  5. Hahaha yeah right. This funny oppa You know i'm also fond of many Minshin shippers. Many of them are level headed too. If you happen to watch youtube, you can see the post of immelodyx there, a Minshin. I love her attitude. She still makes videos of her otp and label it as her dream. She knows true reality but ahe still dreams them together and accepts that they are just friends. I watchbit coz of PSH and KRW is there too. Its just that I love KRW for SH more than anybody else. This should be our mindset too coz shiiping is hard...we get heartbroken but in the end.. We saw our beloved bias with a person whom we think is perfect gor her/him. But we cannot live their lives. We still love them individually and where to get updates of them together? In the shipping thread. And whats important is we are all friends here who understand each other's hearts desire.LOL... I wrote a novel but in my heart of hearts i can see them together as in TOGETHER
  6. Dearie dont take this shipping too seriously. We are not privy to what they do, who they are with in private. Both of them didnt attend each other's premier. But it could be a good thing. Meaning to say they are protecting something so precious. Now if their feelings in Dictors didnt carry over to real life, then its ok too. We them individually and still come to this thread because there is always hope....a chance that they will act on the spark we saw i Doctors
  7. Yes he wants to workwith SH but his term was she emits her own light. Coz he hasnt workef with her yet
  8. As i understand this vip premier, each of the cast are given a limit of seats for guests or else it may happen that there no available seat s for some of them. Guests may include their family too. Maybe KRW quota of guests is already enough gor close friends and that hes shy in inviting the Doctors cast. Many of thendoctors cast has a drama filming goingnon now well except for SH who is a spegial case LOL
  9. Hahaha so right....we haven't covered everything floor, window, eyes...pets, tea, 57 rosebuds, many yet Now come on girl...hold yourself LOL....its dangerous territory...just skim a little hehehe
  10. What's wrong with you people?!!! You are going to leave this thread soon with the way you are posting.... we are soon to have thread 2 at this rate hahahaha. This is a hot thread again. Well...seems just right when what we are talking about is always hot More so today because it's VIP premier day
  11. While KRW before can refreshingly blunt, SH on the other hand can be frustratingly reticent. Oh she will gush about all her co stars and can be honest about their good traits and qualities but THIS is the very reason why fans can't read her and why her fans come to love all her leading men and co-stars, men and women alike. she said she cant keep a secret if she likes aomeone..esp in BTS. She may seem close to her co stars- she is that friendly but there is always a distance. As you can see... Kissing bts - she initiated some of it, hugs RW comfortably, always keep his clothes in order LOL
  12. Hahaha... Coz many fans like us loves to analyze and with both of them veteran in the field, they are aware of repercussiions and I think RW is more careful this time too. He was scolded by some k- netizens when he threw a hint about his first love and made it so obvious who LOL
  13. Yes take for example in a car racing prpgram when asked about her feelings in kissing YSY in fbnd, she answeted, "OH when falling down and makingbit look like an accidental kissing, ypu have to be careful not tp hitbthe nose of each othet while still making it look pretty....yada yada" ...something to that effect
  14. On the contrary.... Shinhye is an expert in answering without really answering, in taking the interviewer in different route from.what is intended. It's for sel preservation .