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  1. Happy New Year guys. @alcides14ahjumma hello chinggu. Kodus to you for always holding the fort. I haven't posted in a long time because soompi was acting up on my end. But of course, I still support our girl 100%. I miss interacting with you all. For the complete translation of Shin Hye's latest interview, we can refer to this link http://yysydyo.tumblr.com/post/169034166024/translation-park-shin-hye-interview-in-w-korea As usual, our girl's wit and intuitiveness is shown in this interview. I'm excited to what projects she will accept this year.
  2. A gist of the drama in MV. Shin Hye was only 14 or 16 (?) at the time so they couldn't kiss on the lips. But if you plan to watch chinggu, please prepare lots of tissues for this is a tears fest of a drama...LOL. Shin Hye did so great here and she and Lee Wan had a great chemistry here.
  3. Yes @rori0711 ...when some of SH fans were whiining that all our girl do is play and being lazy, Shin Hye was in fact being busy doing photoshoots. With the volume of different poses she did and clothes she donned for her many cf's aside from magazines photoshoots, she has little rest tbh. She just knows how to manage her time and make the most of the break that she has. Recently, the Visa and Ryo Event. she realy brightens the atmosphere, doesn't she? She looks happy and radiant
  4. Yes chinggu. The one above reminds me of her ceci photoshoot with Miura Haruma. Would love it if she can do a drama with that concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_bmud0WVPI
  5. Hello welcome to this thread. It's always a joy to get to know a fellow SH fan. Looking forward to your posts. Why don't you try this chinggu @Celi67 and @alcides14ahjumma I've ordered mine here. http://www.yesasia.com/global/en/home.html
  6. Oh... our girl is back from Paris and attended the wedding if Yoon So Yi to a musical actor. This is a exactly a manifestation of how friendly and loyal she is. These friendhips of hers go a long way. Seo yoo Rim is a friend she visits from time to time and vacationed with at Hawaii. Chae hung ahn is her longtime friend and they are always together in one agency. From AVA ent to SALT. And i see Yoon So yi commenting in SH IG and vice versa. If possible our girl looks more stunning and gorgeous lately. I really enjoyed her latest instagram post - dancing in the grape farm. Sound of Music Esque feels. LOL
  7. Aww...what a day this is. But RW has been through worse. He'll be fine. It's just I'm sure he will once again retreat in his shell because of this. I hope fans won't upload, reappload or retweet regarding this matter so that it won't blow up to bigger proportions. lately, I always see ascerbic comments of netizens. Our world has come to this that many people see are the negative about other people. Still the fans are so supportive. Hope this will be blow over soon. Fighting to KRW.
  8. Aw thanks @Tiggie. Why does it take so long from the date if photoshoot and publication? Anyway, I'm anticipating.
  9. Allright moving on ...congratz our dear Shin Hye. Even when you are not so visible, stll your followers increase. I wonder which photoshoot is she talking abt coming soon? Is it the one she did in Maldives?
  10. It's okay chinggu. You are free to vent here as long as we don't hurt others with our words. I have read her IG and get frustrated with the narrow-mindedness of some fans there and persistence of some haters, too. Where else can we do this but in forum dedicated to our girl? As what @alcides14ahjumma said, we agree to disagree but stick to the facts. And please let us refrain bringing the names of other celebrities here if it is rumour spreading, negative speculations abt them. We don't want other forums or fandoms to do this to SH so let us be responsible with our actions too. Another thing, Let us not put SH in an unrealistic pedestal. She herself said in her interviews that she has dated in the past or the present (we dont know). This doesn't mean that she is promiscuous. She is like you and me who has undergome a NORMAL development as a teen-ager...as a woman. Actualy, Dream Factory LSH before alowed his talents to date unlike other CEO's coz for him, this will teach them how to deal with emotions and life. But still SH has her family to guide her and she is an avid churchgoer that she has values which makes her value herself and her dignity. She is human too. She is not perfect. She gets hurt, she commits mistakes but she tries her best. But, as fans we accept and love her for what she is- flaws and all
  11. Yes please go to the IG owner's page and like and comment on this picture. Ben Chan is the owner/founder of the Bench company. This area where our girl's billboard are posted ia a prime area and very expensive and being up there is a status of being universally known and famous
  12. Music & lyrics with Yoon Gun and her high school.friends. episode 3 I think. They are celebrating her birthday. She did a wave dance (Mah Boy of Sistar) here LOL But i never saw their song officially performed when itnwas in the trailer? Did anyone here see and can share the link?
  13. How to glow like Shin Hye. But this trend of putting on gradient lipstick has never grown on me. Hehehe...now why no news agency is picking this up. resourceful fans
  14. I'm sorry too if I so was sensitive. Just the bad experience of haters posing as fans and post POV's that in reality has insulting undertones. Now that I've read ypur post again, i realized my mistake. Feeling pseudo-mother like who is being over protective of her chick. It's okay not to.like CTJ. Each of us has our own preference. My protective instincts sometimes extends to her friends -male & female alike. Though its late, welcome to PSH community. And please watch her other works. Peace
  15. Hahaha chinggu... Thanks for this reminder. My words seems so uptight. The case of not following my own counsel and i seem to repeat myself hehehe. Forgive me...my age is showing LOL