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  1. Chinggu's great to see you posting here from time to time. I know you are busy Doc but we miss your very active participation in this thread
  2. I don't think he is her companion. During her backpacking trip she made friends at terminals and airport. Maybe he knew her and they talked just casually. If ever there is someone special sharing her vacation, I'm sure he have gone ahead or later than her at the destination or the plane itself. They won't take the chance to be seen together. It wouldn't be her manager coz she is carrying her own luggage.
  3. She has an Aunt there whom she visited before with her Mom before going to Switzerland
  4. Park Shin Hye's Lip Tint in Doctor Crush Is Selling Like Hotcakes But that's not all, for her 2016 medical drama, Shin Hye trained in martial arts and it seems like her time doing so paid off! Her boxing scene with co-star Kim Rae Won was one of the most-watched scenes from Doctor Crush and her movements in that scene look great! (via As for her diet, the actress observes a strict no meals after 6PM diet and drinks red bean water, which is known to reduce water retention and to help speed up the elimination of waste from the body. Doesn't her discipline amaze you? We're definitely taking notes from this actress' diet and exercise routine! Which celebrity workout do you want us to feature next? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. I love this article. It is so refreshingly realistic and inspiring for those who have a hard time losing and maintaining weight like me ...LOL.
  5. Congratz SA's. This morning it is a 40% gap but now at the end of the day even though SH came second but only a very small margin. Let's make her num 1 tom with a big margin. Her strong competitor has her fandom voting for her as well as shippers Our girl has only those who loves her voting for her but she is holding on. Come on we can do this. We have strong competitors in the past too but she still won. We can do this. Fighting!
  6. Today, our girl is lagging behind the competitor with a big margin. Let us not forget to vote for ShinHye at Baeksang everyone. Just registering alone already earns us 200 pts. If we have no money to spare, we can play games or answer surveys to earn points and votes. $1.00 already allows us 1000 pts. or 5 votes. Fighting for ShinHye. We have done this for the past years, we can do this again..
  7. A great POV chinggu whic i wholeheartedly. That is why up to now, ShinHye and Lee SeungHwan or Dream Factory has good symbiotic relationship because LSH also helped in the moral & normal upbringing of SH. Even Manager Jun and her present CEO were her co-workers from Dream so they treat Sh as a daughter
  8. Yes many fans are complaining that this happened to them too chinggu. A hitch in their syatem. Maybe we can ask the our friends or famly so we can use their cell phones so it will gave a different ip address. Im currently using 3 - mine, my husband's and my son's
  9. How to vote in 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards tru Google App ( Android Users Only ) 1. Install the 52nd Baeksang Arts awards in Play Store. 2. Open the app, Click settings and fill your email & mobile number, received the authentication code and then fill your code into it. 3. You can not vote yet. You need to earn points. Go to charge and click mission. 4. Install free game and play it then you get the earn points. 5. Back to the 52nd baeksang awards check your points in Charge. 6. Go to Vote when your points is enough! (200points/vote). 7. Vote for Park Shin Hye This is another tutorial. Im sorry im not really a JCW stan but they have a detailed instruction. Credit to uploader
  10. @StaRix... Wow you're back. Huggs. You are sorely missed. Hope everythings well for you.chinggu. i have a hard time opening private msgs coz my connection is slow. You know how it is here. Anyway you came at an exciting time -the Baeksang. Glad to have you back
  11. Great job SA's...a bigger margin but we still have a long tine coming so we cant relax yet. Some say that bagging a popularity award is useless vs. Best actor/actress. I don't see it that way. Popularity awards let the people know the power and size of fandom behind the celebrity and their buying power. Companies/corporations looking for cf's model take these things into big considerations. So it is a win win situation- the celebrity wins popularity award through the efforts of fans and the fans gets to see their beloved bias in different cfs
  12. Wow ...just wow! I agree with ypu chinggu. So apt with our girl. As most of her co stars said of her, she cones to the set prepared and had already memorized her script or shall we say internalizef. As Shinhye said hetself, she gives her all to every character so she wont have regrets. And as I watched her grow as an actress, her range of nuances in acting has varied and intensified. As an audience, i get lost into her character and dont see just "ShinHye" per se. She really became Go dok Mi , Cha Eun Sang, Choi Inha, yoo Hye Jung. She really deserves this most coveted Baeksang nomination. Win or not , this is already an honor. There are many high rating drama lately and many good actresses too. And she's the youngest nominee. Even now, i,'m alteady excited to see how she will fare in silent witness. I'm wishing a drama for her which will be shown in Netflix, "Kingdom" a thriller penned by Kim Eun Hee, the writer of signal which is a Zombie drama staged in Joseon era