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  1. Ughhhh....so sexy and fantabulous Hello hello...you're just in time for spazzing chinggu. So many things happening with our girl
  2. Of course we all know you love her very much @Celi67 Let us support each other in riding this journey called Memories of alhambra. SH will hold her own and still shine beside the dashing HB. This OTP promises early on that they will hold a special place in our heart
  3. 1:33 - 1:44 you two please....kangdonim is still speaking. Ssshhh...pay attention
  4. Wow....It was just shown last December 1 and it is number two in CPI rankings already. Most impressive
  5. I agree. Me thinks her being inside the program of the game will be the saving grace of the players there. That is why they have to race back to Alhambra and may be her music will be one of the key to defeating virtual enemies. So far this is just guest work on my part as we don't have much material to analyze yet. So far MOA really tickles at our brain. So far, many netflix watchers are sitting upright taking notice of her and of MOA. Our girl is conquering the world
  6. Is this our girl's new CF? Or did she just happen to buy there? Seeing the ending credits, the sponsors for her drama are so impressive - Lufthansa airlines and many more. We may see many PPL all throughout the drama. LOL...what can we do...they know the leads' worth.
  7. Isn't it just? MOA is so new and so fresh and they are taking it slow in romance part which I like. I am not worried about the ratings. MOA has a complex story that non-Korean viewers prefer not to stream as NETFlix is available to them which has a sub title so they don't want to be spoiled and directly view it there unlike before that we have to do with the raw drama in networks where it is shown. Their acting is all solid. But their chemistry is sooo good that I am afraid it will bring more crazy shippers who are unreasonable
  8. I am confident with AR and VR is so timely and u think will appeal to many people even of different ages. Just look at pokemon go, even elderly got pulled in by the game. And we have seen the special effects, it was beautiful plus the dual power if HB and SH. This will surely be rhe ride if our life
  9. Hello dearest friends. Sorry for being MIA in SH threads. Got loads of responsibilities in RL but still peeks here from time to time. My heart will always belong to our girl rooting for her. And Yehey! We get to see her magic once again in our small screens. Looking forward to the show. Fighting!
  10. When stars are negotiating on a drama or film, its not only the price but the extent of their roles, the number of their screen time. When Hyunbin decided to let it go in favor of another, I am thinking that this may be a a little bit female-centric where the leading actor is not exactly the dominant role. I have a big hunch that SH has more than halfway considered this drama. It's going to be in fall right? Not June but the wheels of drama filming may start on June.
  11. They are both filming already. But So Ji Sub is not staying full time at Jeju as he has a film promos to see to. I think they are only doing it a few times each week flying back & forth to Jeju. Like in Three Meals, they may have separate scenes that dont require them to be in one scree but will just be meshed in in the editing. So excited to see our girl and SJS in a variety. This is the first time for SJS after a long time and our girl is fun and a joy to see in spontaneous situations. She has a knack of being witty and smart. I think she will be a natural in that surrounding...a real trouper. And she is already comfortable in with Na PD and his staff I agree with alcides14ahjumma. We all miss Shin Hye but let us give her the space and privacy she needs. I'm actually disturbed with the op because she is kinda like stalkerish/sasaeng. Let us just enjoy the things Shin Hye shares with us. This is the reason why she said she did not want to divulge her relationship...not to deceive us but to keep this thing to herself. I still shudder in remembrance to what Princess Diana suffered because they were running away from the paparazzi (heaven forbid)
  12. Oh yeah! Loving this news. Our girl is sooo good in variety. We can see her as she is again here as well as her survival skills. She is excellent in fishing, camping and cooking. She also has a gift with interacting with all kinds of people from all ages and walk of life. So Ji Sub as a partner to boot is a bonus. And Na PD in the helm. I'm so in and in can't wait for it to start Yay. (happy dancing here) https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/12/park-shin-hye-ji-sub-confirmed-star-pd-na-young-suks-new-variety-show/