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  1. He is the one who always turns around Yoon Eun Hye and calls her ' my Chan, my Chan ' I can't rewatch this drama ' Coffe Prince' bc there are 2 characters died; it's so sad ! He's welknown now with the movie Along with the God 1 & 2
  2. Really it's the speciality of OCN hahaha the most scarier chanel ! I like watching but NOT at night ! It's amazing to see the two actors of Coffee Prince reunited here
  3. The red woman wants killing people who are angry like her before ! She was very angry when nobody came saving her ! And Yeo Woel is always angry wo why she's manipulated by Red woman ! I don't know why she's always angry for everything this girl haizzz and I don't know why Da Il is scared when he's a ghost now ???!! I can't watch 2 dramas at night now : The guest and this one , bc I can't sleep especially with The guest hahahaha
  4. Choi Daniel is really good looking in this drama More manly than before. I like this look! Hope this dramma works well. Bc OCN is wellknown for this kind; don't know how KBS is ???!! Waiting for tomorrow
  5. She should say ' J'ai envie de Toi " ' Je te veux' is not ....litteral; someone who can't speak french well I'm french so ....
  6. So another guy is a witch too ???!!! I think he knows So Hong and her 2 grand-mothers are witches and he approaches her with purpose .. don't know good or bad !
  7. I think it'll be amazing ! All dramas in next sept, I'm only waiting this one ! So excited !!!!
  8. I like the song in the end of today ep : maybe it's ost part 8 ????? it's happier than others parts haizzzzzzzzzz
  9. These 3 men look like .. The Good, the Bad and the weird
  10. So it's happy ending and he can ..................... cry NS3 and human NS becomes good guy in the end ! it is realllllyyyy korean drama
  11. I don't know why people try defending NS's acts ! If you are good, you'll be good forever ! Look YH; even bad people approach him but he's always loyal to NS until the day he can't anymore ! NS characters are not good in the beginning : do not work hard, always fighting outside, drugs ..... unstable man so he will be shaked easily by evil people like Seo So stop protecting him ! I want saying like YH " NS shoudn't has woken up "
  12. It's right that people say ' the most cruels thins in the world are not animals as shark, lion ...... but are the human beings! Animals kill bc of theirs instincts surviving... kill to eat to survive ! But human beings kill bc they want to kill........ just it ! Like real NS ! He curses all the worlds bc he lost his dad, his mom ! Yeah, it's his grandpa's fault; so why he didn't learn more, study hard .. so he can take PK and makes his mom caming back with him ! he knows well that she can't come back bc chairman why he hates her ! about robot NS3... he must understand her, she made NS3 bc she missed him ! A robot is better than a ..... step father.. and she had the right to re-married ! But she didn't do it, she always thinks of him ! He's so childish , selfish...... and I don't know why YH is blind before him ! Just like the character in the movie I've just watched ' Last knights' Even the Minister is a monster, his commander is always loyal to him, died for him even he knows it's not worth for it I wait for the end; maybe open ending but do not know how ???????????!!!!!!!!!
  13. SHS acts really really good ! I don't waste my time in waiting this drama a relaxing summer scent
  14. In the beginning I thought real NS is not a bad guy; He lied to his mom that he didn't want living with her but with his grandpa...he just wanted protecting his mom from chairman. and after he made a scadal at airport just to find a way to go searching his mom... But now, he changes his behaviors to become a real .................. jerk !! How can he think and speak to people who did anything to save his life like that ???? especially to his mom ! If he's a good person; he should thank to NS3 to replace him all the time being beside his mom and defend for his place in PK. I think the writer changes the scripte : it's like that in korean drama, the story changes following the viewers' reactions. Maybe the production saw the viewers like the love story between NS3 & SB; so they make the real NS into bad guy so ... maybe they ' kill' him in the end ??????? Like in ' The mirecle we met', the writer created a ' love story" to be between KHJ and the CEO but it didn't work so she came back to her husband Kim Muyng Ming ... So why many writers don't want pro-production !
  15. People say ... the most cruel thing in the world is ......................human being ! and they are right ! Animals as lions, crocodile, sharks ...... attack humans for surviving bc they are hungry, they need to eat but humans kill animals just for the desir ....to kill ! the same here, when they need NS 3 they speak to him nicely but when they need him for saving real NS ! even JH : he dares to scream at NS 3 but he didn't do it before real NS ! Only Mom's friend ; he really love his " son" NS 3 hehehe I think he loves him more than real NS bc he created him with love and he didn't contact with real NS before ( I guess)