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  1. There are many cases in this industry...... even you have skills but there's 1 thing very important.... ......the .LUCK...... Look, Huyn Bin wasn't the 1rst choice for Secret garden; it was Jang Huyk but he refused ! Gong Yoo wasn't the 1rst choice for Coffee Prince...ect....ect There's 1 case very very wellknown..............the lead character for ..Pretty Woman ! In the beginning, it was Meg Ryan who had been chosen bc she was , in that moment, the lovely " sweetheart" of americans. But she refused bc of a naked scene ! So the production chose .......who you know already right ...........Julia Robert herself hahahaha and you see the popularity of this movie and for 2 leading roles ??! So the LUCK is very important not only in this field but for all of us too !
  2. Finally it's her who did the first move.....takes his hand hahahaha tomorrow it'll be very very ...hot & sweet.....for now I think the 3rd OST is out and it's Racheal Y. who sings it !??!
  3. I have this feeling bc when he comes back to korea; he goes seeing JA first; his sister doesn't know yet even it's her who find appartement for him, did all decoration.for him.....and let the notice on the picture of them " let me know when you're back after seeing this notice"... it's JA who tells him to go seeing KS ! I already watched 2eps ( with another sub) he doesn't want living with his sister even she tells him to for economy his money ! his has a good salary with his job, I know bc my younger sister works in this field, not gamer but animation 3D
  4. I think he had the feelings for her 3 years ago and maybe she had someone else in that moment... so desperated, he went to USA to forget her but .....mission impossible hahahaha ! Now I think he comes back to try again and he's lucky this time bc ...she's desperated now ! Wow LOVE - AMOUR - HEART - REASON ....!!!!! - Le coeur a des raisons que ses raisons ne connaissent plus ! Yet the heart often has the upper hand over reason. When we love, we become unreasonable, we do not analyze things in the same way. The reasons of the heart are not always rational, desires and desires, reason ignores them. Besides, why be reasonable in love? It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to understand the attraction we can have for a person, to understand why we are doing unnatural things for someone else? Because the heart is not reasonable, it does not listen to reason, it has his own reasons.
  5. there are many love stories now in korea between noona & dondaeng : the prooves : Song song couple, Kim ha Neul & her husband, Rain Bi & KTH; Beak Ji Young is older than her husband 9 years........ and recently.. Choi Ji Woo has just get married with a young man Korean people live opened mind now; In 1rst ep, when JA asks her lawyer boyfriend why he wants break up with her : bc she's not young, not rich ..... he said " you know our relationship is , right ? " it means ............ just about money and ....sex ! she pays all when they are in a date and being just his sex partener he doesn't think to get married with her ! This drama wants talking about the love story between a woman with a man younger than her.. Point final it's very clear ! I don't know why people are interested and always have in mind about age gape haizzzzzzzz
  6. Many korean writers like using the last drama's title where actors or actresses played ... for ex here, in the scene they met when JH rides bicycle around JA she said " ah .. it's really you. When did you come back ?'" he said " ...... while you were sleeping ..."" - about the song " Stand by your man " I have just noticed that they use Carla Bruni's song in the drama but, in the end of ep 1 and the pervew, it's another singer maybe .....Racheal Y ?????????
  7. I had a Netflix subsciption longtims ago just for watching US series not for kdramas hahahaha ! so... there's only one thing to do now............. zen attitude hummmmmm !
  8. Netflix is very strong bc it's very .... rich so they can buy everything hehehe but I don't understand if it's very strong why the subbing team isn't strong for others subbing teams, just 7 hours they can do it and good ! I search on Netflix.... no infos for this drama !! C'est bizarre !!!!!
  9. I thnk that it's only Netflix can block others subteams doing sub ... the same with Bad guys 2 Bc Easter WE is finished and .............. no sub So we just watch it like that or..... go learning korean axpress hahahaha
  10. Are there Oh Jak Doo today ?? Did someone watch on line 2 eps today ???
  11. I was wrong last time with " Save the last dance for me " but I think I'm right with " Stand by rour man " sung by ..... Carla bruni not Rachael Yumagata first : the viprato and second in youtube with video ost of " Something in the rain ' there's this phrase 곡명 - stand by your man 가수 - 카를라 브루니 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜누나 ost
  12. Salut ma (ou mon) compatriote Honestly all koreans and japaneses ( or 90%) speak french or english not well especially their ' accent" prononciation bc of their languages ! Like Lee Seung Gi in " The king 2hearts " I think chinese people , especially honkongese people speak well I can hear he said " plus tard " for order hahahahaha