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  1. When a shy, nice, kind girl becomes rebel as Ji Soo does now....... We know that she really really hurted They are both, Ji An & Ji Soo, in deep pain; their reactions are differents but So, let them be in hell with you girls : let them suffer all of them Seo family & Choi family : they are all responsible ! fighting Ji Soo !! fighting Ji An !
  2. If Ji So bacomes rebel... it's bc of all people around make her like that. JA is used to be in the difficult situation but Ji So is not. So she's really heatbroken to discover her" parents and sister" cheated on her. You, vewers, you can see what happen after JA knew the true but she is not ! so do not scream at her ! about the young sister of DK; she's not a bad girl ! we should know the reason why she becomes like that. Parents are always busy with their business, do not take care of children. They think just give them many money than they are happy. No , it's not ! Everyone has a passion ! Ji So too. She likes bakering , it's a good thing , better than people who don't know what they like to do in their life. As in " Temperature of love " lead man likes cooking ! Btw I see Ji So is stronger than Ji An; ske looks like ger bio-dad; not " thief dad" !
  3. Everyone says : " poor JA, she's innocent, victime......." ! honestly she is not! for me The victime here is Ji So, I don't understand why nobody think about her... neither in the drama or vewers ?????????? Why ???? Bc JA is leading character ??? I like this actress too from drama Stranger but I don't like Ji An here Except Ji Tae & Ji Ho, all Seo's family members deserved the punishment ! They are not kidnappers but thiefs, they stole a child of someone else ! And they don't love Ji So as a child but replace her in the place of their dead child '( as Ji So said) Do not say that JA's dad is innocent : it's a weak man, useless... he knows what his wife does is bad but he does nothing; he participates In the beginning, he must tell his wife declare the lost child to the police but .... he didn't. The worst thing is ...... they cut the child hair, change her image , made a passport with their dead child name and.......... gone to Dubai !!!! JA's mom is really sick, a mental sick; she is greedy....... JA is a little like her too ! sorry There are many jobs in korea, people can live in doing many jobs why she wants absolutly working in Hae Sung ???? Look Ji So, she works in a little bakery and she enjoys with this ! and JA is not a genius, why DK keeps her to prepare the evement and tell the truth after. Is it bc of this evement or he wants keeping her beside him a little more ???! If Hae Sung can't find someone else to prepare the evement except JA............ Korea is done hahahahaha ! This girl doesn't have a great diplome, great studies ......!!! And when she discovered the truth, she only thinks about her parents hos to save them; she does not have one second to think about Ji So's reactions so she really deserves a slap ! Do Kyung too ! When I said JA dad is a weak man I have reason : look at DK's dad : his wife is more powerful than him ( bc she's chairman daughter) but he doesn't let her do what she wants and she's afraid of him : this is a man ! I think DK will become like JA dad too a weak man
  4. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Hello everyone, After 2 first eps;I'm very confused..... many questions even I tried watching 2 times but .... Is MG dead or Not ????? Is he grim reaper or ....................not ?????! If he died................how : did he drown in water or be shot ?????!! If he died at young age, he should have the same age forever, he can't be grown up look in Goblin : Goblin died at 39 , he's always 39 Grim reaper is the same age when he suicided so why; I don' understand even I tried many stories in 2 frist eps and they are not connected so .................?????????????????????????????
  5. hello everyone, So Ji Ah will discover the birth secret herself ...... at the end of ep 12 !! BUT............. always there's this word .......... there are 50 eps for this drama So; let me guess ................... Ji AH will become ......evil, in dark side; it means; she won't tell to anyone; WHY ??? She suffered so much in the past : in poor family; no job.... and now she's in a rich family and have a regular job in the beginning and higher place in the future.............she won't let this luck out her hands. I don't hate her BUT.... she can't reveal the thruth now..... in 12th ep It's not logic for a korean drama so I'll see if it happens as I guess
  6. Hello, I don't like WE drama so much, it's the 1rst time I watch this one bc I like SHS especially her character in Stranger. I don't know who do sub for it ? I watched ep 01 no sub
  7. It's not the best but it's a good drama ! All actors & actresses did well theirs jobs. For me, NJH's acting is not bad, he tried his best , so ....... bravo ! SSK's acting is good too, she made me cry a little in last ep ! I had a good time with you here in watching this drama
  8. They also drive Bentley and this one is really served for ..... very rich people more than Huyndai
  9. hello everyone, Can someone tell me where I can download link RAW please ! there's a problem the site I know thank you so much
  10. Hi

    Sorry to ask you this : can u give me a site that I can download link raw/

    There's a problem with the site I know today.

    There are only old links at July 26th  ??  today is 29th

    it left only 2 eps of SF so .............


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      Hi @diane90, not sure I understand. You mean the link to watch raw ep or to download raw files? You can find raw ep in Kissasian but once they have the Eng sub, no more raw ep. 
      If you mean download file, sorry, I don't know the link. 

      Hope this helps. 

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      thank you for replying me

      I mean download file as in Avistaz but I can't now bc of my ratio

      I always download RAW files in Torrentkim 5.net

      But there's a problem now

      Hope it'll come back tomorrow

      thanks again

  11. Hi, can you give me the link to watch live thanks
  12. After reading yours comts make me think that ...................... Ho Ye is .............HB's son ?????????????????????? Nooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! I like so much watching animations movies but I never ..read Manga or manwha so, can someone tell me : who is NB ???? HB loved her before and they had a child as ........HY ??????? Oh my Gad High priest told HB they won't exist if they are not believed ( byt human) it's normel, it looks like " Wraft of the titans" with Zeus ..... This show isn't exciting now bc HB lost his powers; people like lead character is handsome, smart, powerful like .......Goblin ! I hope his powers will be back soon
  13. for me I don't think it's Yoon who kills ES; if it's him he didn't let be catched like that. like the last time with Ga Young and he didn't want killing GY neither. I think he just wants explosing the dirty affairs of Lee Boom Yeom, Chang Jun Lee , and others bad prosecutors or police chiefs ......just for revenge we don't know until now. I thin the guy who works for Lee Beom Yeom kills ES, Park Moo Sung and it's him who enters in Si Mok's appart. Until now, there's no sign that Si Mok likes who and who ? it's just people who like couple SM & YJ who have the "feelings" that ..???!!! but ofr me, SM has " the thinking" toward ES.... it's not love but he thinks about her sometimes..... In the beginning of ep 13; when they take selfie, if you watch clearly, he looks after him to ....find ES
  14. hello everyone I like this drama.. it's amazing especially OST; someone know the title and who sings it ??