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  1. People say ... the most cruel thing in the world is ......................human being ! and they are right ! Animals as lions, crocodile, sharks ...... attack humans for surviving bc they are hungry, they need to eat but humans kill animals just for the desir ....to kill ! the same here, when they need NS 3 they speak to him nicely but when they need him for saving real NS ! even JH : he dares to scream at NS 3 but he didn't do it before real NS ! Only Mom's friend ; he really love his " son" NS 3 hehehe I think he loves him more than real NS bc he created him with love and he didn't contact with real NS before ( I guess)
  2. Nam Shin's act is not good but So Bong neither ! Why he chose SB bc he knew she likes money; she does anything to have money ! What's bodyguards's job ????? The must protect the clients at any price even sracrifice theirs lifes ; they're paid for protecting NS from paparazzi and the bodyguard is a paparazzi herseft ! It's an act unforgiven and a big risk for the carrer ! I work in a famous hotel ( called palace) in Paris, when I meet a celibrity , I just say " good morning Mam or Sir ' and go away: not an autograph : it's forbidden ! A risk to be ...fired !
  3. Sin isn't a bad boy ! He jsut a rebel against his grand-father ! Bc of him Sin had been separated from his Mom ! The same about the act he slapped SB; he just wants making a scandal so his grand-father'll have a big headache For me he is a good guy, he loves so much his mom, tried to protect her even he is still a kid He always tried finding her ! Poor guy !
  4. Wowwwwww ! after a good fantasy drama ' The miracle we met' and now we have an interesting sience-fiction ! Hope it'll be good in to the end ! SKJ is good !
  5. So everyone has the second chance, the happiness but HC banker has a bonus : all memories and his life : he can live It's a good drama; I like Kim Myung Min I Watched all his dramas & movies; the last movie Detective K Secret of the living deads ! Very longtimes I don't see him kissing ( after the movie with Ha Ji Won ????) Wait for his next project
  6. I have just watch last ep RAW, even there's no sub yet but I think I can understand a little ! I think HC banker asks Dead Angel giving him a second chance ! Dead angel turns the time back but only HC banker has old memories : he rememders every thing happened ! nobody remember even HC cooker . When HC cooker comes in HC banker office; we see the emotion of HC banker : he can see the one inside his body a moment ! And in the end when he goes to HC cooker home, he meets HW, the same emotion : he remembers her but she not ! BUT .. when HC kisses HJ in the beginning of the ep; I don't know WHO : is it A, or B or C For me, I think it's NEW HC ( haft banker & haft cooker) who kisses HJ and says I love you ! A goodbye kiss ! Bc when the time's back; haft HC cooker will not be there !
  7. So... WHAT ????? All of this is a......................... dream ???????? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! No one die ??? So people screamed at the writer for ... nothing ! next time, before screaming someone, be calm down haizzzzzzzz !
  8. I don't know why destiny changes ???????????? Destiny of HC banker is the death and he died ! for HC cooker, his destiny is alive and he's alives even in another body, but he's alive ! So what's the matter now ??? Yeah, new HC doesn't live with YH & JS but he takes care of them even his father too; his dad doesn't work hard anymore he eats, rest and goes dancing ! just he doesn't live.... exactly he can't .. with them bc of the law; Now he's a married man and his wife ( by the law) is HJ. He can't divorce and goes living with YH & JS bc of his social status; and I said before YH will suffer with people critics " she steals other's husband even in the reality he's hers... but nobody know or belive that ! So why they can't live like he divorces YH and gets married with HJ and continues taking care of 2 families ??! I don't like the solution that HC will die for YH returns in life ! this is the worst solution ! NOW, even YH & JS suffer bc HC doesn't live with them but they can see him, he's alive ! Everyone is happy ! But if HC dies now, how many people will suffer ??? MANY.... HJ , KH, MH, HC banker mother, his sister and his friend... and YH, JS and HC cooker dad.... I don't know what Death angel wants doing.... he made a mess and now the worst ! He should demission
  9. So after " The miracle "... we'll have .... a handsome Android Soo interesting ! Waiting for it !
  10. Like HJ said to HC to get a divorce and start the new one ' just let him go " ! Yeah; this is a NEW HC : a haft of A , a haft of B = NEW HC this man has a soul of the cooker but the mind of a banker, it's not HW's husband bc HC cooker didn't have a good studies ! New HC is interested by HJ's character bc she's calm, wise, warm .... not like HW even Ji So, she looks like her mom and Kang Ho looks like HJ ! Ji So told KH ' It's my Dad, not yours, he lives with Us now... or .... I share MY dad with you ' Mine and mine !!!!!! This new HC belongs to BOTH ! Before HW lived a happy life with the cooker while HJ suffered with the banker ! So.....make a twist ! or Kill HC ... just become 2 widows ! I don't like they 'kill' HJ so HC can come back to HW ! So the first time I like the lead man dies !
  11. So it's not the end today ; is there an extension ????? -------------------------------------------------------------------- I've just read in hancinema.net; there are 20 eps not 16 !
  12. It's really a big headache ! the best difficult math !!! Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do someone watch today ep ? Why Yun Hua screams at him ??? and he will have another accident ?????
  13. I hope that JA will live with regret until the end of her life to lose two very precious things that she does not know to cherish: the love of her life JH and the eternal friendship KS. It's very rare to find a friend like KS and now, we see only BR ?????? What the hell
  14. For the first time, I don't expect or want a happy end for a drama; I want a break-up .... a real one ! WHY ??????? Bc JA doesn't deserve it ! JH isn't wrong when he decided to go in US with her ! He knows that she's not a determinated person; she's is a easygoing person as agnostic ...... she looks like a flag, fllows the wind where it goes hahahaha ! He just wants living together with her ........ is it wrong ???? She said she wants being independant.. she xan work there, in US ! Bon ..... bla bla bla ..... I can understand all her reasons, I tried But I can't accept the idea about a new boyfriend ! and if her new boyfriend is a good one ( as the CEO in The Miracle We Met) ...... it's OK ! or at least, the production invites a great actor to play cameo like ....................... So Ji Sub , I can understand But, one more time, she meets a scumbag ( this actor plays a scumbag in TMWM hahaha) there's a french speech " Dis moi qui est ton ami, je te dirai qui tu es " A woman likes JA deserves the scumbags as boyfriends ( KM....); and the family like hers deserves a jerk gender sorry Mod ! In the movie The beauty inside, the woman had a wrong decision and made her boyfriend suffered but........ she didn't have another man in her life until she meets him again. 3 years ..... it's not long; I will understand if it's 10 years ; oh my God ...JA ! Who are you ?? You make me think that you are a woman who is always thirsty....of Man ; like you can't live if there's no man, no sex ..... It's a shame that after a long way , the drama turns in a wrong direction ! Luckily, there'll be About time at next monday and the 2 last eps of TMWM. So, today I don't wast my time to watch this " n'importe quoi" ep; I'll watch a good serie, perfect ending : romantic, Un conte de fée : - serie title : When HARRY meets MEGAN - last ep title : ROYAL WEDDING Nice WE guys
  15. I think the ratings of today ep are very............................. down !!!!!!!!!!!! like vewers' feelings ! Honestly I try many times defending for JA but this time ............impossible ! I try to understand her but ....................impossible !!!!