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  1. As I know : Oksusu chanel is like Netflix for korea, it's only for South korea and you must pay ! when you enter in Oksusu site, it's blocked and there's a mess that it's not available in your region as dramafever but Oksusu is different; it's restricted to watching within south korea only So, you should use an appli a VPN from a provider such as NordVPN this appli works by following you to pretend you are in south korea So just...................wait until the drama finish and maybe someone will up it on ..........Utube
  2. I'm not very satisfied with last ep I think the writer, in the beginning, wanted 15 eps so why each ep is longer than other"s drama but the production wants once more bc of the success so why they must lengthen the story KCE died so soon and after ..... it's talked about people in the village ! I need the sub to know why Yi Suk doesn"t want staying with LY Btw MY is luckier than KCE ..... MY is loved by 2 weman : So Hee and his sister and he has a brothehood is very loyal to him into the end KCE has nobody even his children don't love him haizzz Bon; I waited a beautiful royal wedding but ................just a kiss !
  3. MY did bad things for KCE to protect his sister. The last mission he did for KCE before leaving and having the freedom is to kill LY ! So why he told HS waiting fot him and they will go hiding somewhere ! During 10 years he didn't go to the bridge bc he was afraid that KCE finding and killing HS ! Even he loves crownprincess but he decided to leave! but after knowing he'll have a child he's a little hesitated .... I know when KCE knows the baby's dad is MY.... MY can't be alive ! KCE does anything to become the future king's grandpa hahahaha
  4. Maybe his daughter will kill him ??! He made so much pression on her, he doesn't love; honestly he only love himself Now he kills MY , her lover and her child's dad..... she's so desparated
  5. Look the picture Nam Ji Huyn's in the crownpricess wedding gown it'll be an happy ending...bref a haft bc MY death ... my poor I hope it's KCE must die MY & Crownprincess ... in jail The Queen must be step down But.......... La vie n'est pas toujours belle !
  6. Honestly, it's impostant these 2 last eps and my .............EQ stream does not work haizzzzzzzzzzzz !
  7. What ?!!! it's already Monday ! Where do u live ?? I'm in France and it's Sunday and it's 7.35 pm So it'll be last ep tomorrow right ? Hope there'll be a deep and passionnated wedding kiss between Lee Yul ( Won Deuk) and Yu Suk ( Hong Shim) And I hope MY will be OK even he'll be in jail ; we know he did many bad things for KCE just to keep his sister's life in safe.
  8. diane90

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    This drama was interesting in the beginning but .. ep after ep; it becomes boring it seems like the writer is very tired and has no more ideas it's a shame !!!!
  9. In this drama I like and admire the guy in MY's team He's not only loyal to vice-minister but he is also with MY it's not the same with the other guy There's one thing I want to know that : where's Dong-joo ? is he really dead ?? and how is eunnuch Jang too ??!!
  10. I think HS"s brother told him who he really is and who they are too. So why as soon as he comes back home and sees her, he hugs and kisses her right away he knows now she's his first love, she's alive and now, he wants having her love even he's WD not CP he doesn't want to return in the palace he wants staying by her side Honestly, what the KISS .. WOWWWWW Well done both of them
  11. In this drama,the things I like the most are ... emojis in the end of each ep ! They are so cute ... as the real characters !
  12. diane90

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    It is the first time I see Kim Eun Sook " kills" all ( almost) hers characters haizzzzz ! What's happened ??? Is she desperated hahahahaha ?!!!!!!
  13. hello evetone, Can someone give me the link for live streaming plizzzzz ! thank you
  14. diane90

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    He is the one who always turns around Yoon Eun Hye and calls her ' my Chan, my Chan ' I can't rewatch this drama ' Coffe Prince' bc there are 2 characters died; it's so sad ! He's welknown now with the movie Along with the God 1 & 2