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  1. We thnik if Woo Jin is a clone so he'll have an happy end with jung yun they'll be together for a long longtimes BUT........................... the writer is very cruel Jung Yun will become alien and goes back to where she came from haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !
  2. I like si-fy ; I watched many sience fiction US serie& movies korean dramas : not much korean movie OK Now, I only watch Circle, Duel & Secret forest !
  3. So, everyone said " I don't like; I don't think ........ that Human B's chairman is Kim woo Jin...etc... " Except me § I already said one time that I think and I really HOPE that he is the Chairman so it prooves that he is ALIVE !!!! there's no actor who plays Woo Jin in 2037 ! So if he's not chairman; he is dead ! and now; you see ................ it's a clone ! So; there will be many Kim Woo Jin like in Duel ! they wiil do another Woo Jin so Han Jung Yun will live with the clone bc he's never old hahahaha
  4. Hi can someone give me the link to watch on live please ! thanks
  5. the aqua scene with Habaek & his bride looks like Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Dane in Romeo & Juliet
  6. Hello,

    thanks for replying me.

    I think we should pay to watch tvN now ????

    bc efter Kang Ho Dong's show, there nothing on the screen. yesterday was the same.

    I could watch Goblin before, don't know why

    Can u watch it ?? so can u give me the link please

    thanks a lot

    Have a nice day

  7. Someone know about the screenwriter of SF Lee soo-Youn ??? as my knowledge, she's the screenwriter & director of 2 movies Uninvited & Bluebeard ! This is the first time she writes for drama. but someone says that : she was screenwriter for the old drama The Great Seer ...or ..... she's a NEW screenwriter ????
  8. hello everyone, someone know who will do subs for this drama ???? until now, there's no sub
  9. sorry if you feel like that! Honestly it's not for you when I say this words
  10. @bebebisous33 OK. Let's check ! as I said I always analyze the facts of the story we watched all 6 eps I don't "imagine" ! So; all the characters we know in 2017 already appeared in 2037 :Jung Yeon; Min Young, Jun Hyuk (LBG); Detective Seo; Lee Dong So; Pro PDG, sumbae Lee ( LHS now)... It left only 3 persons Woo Jin, Pro Han & twins's dad .....for one place.....................Human B's chairman ???! Pro Han ??? I don't think so; bc if he is, he already orders Lee Huyn Suk " take care" of Joon Huyk. He already put the blue bug in Bum Gum in 2017 so, normally he can do it again. The twins's dad : I don't have the feelings and there's one important thing : Bum Gum's cellphone in chairman's hand ??! as we know, from the day his older brother disappears, for Woo Jin, this cellphone is precious bc he can see Bum Gum face anytime. I don't think he can give it to his dad , the person he doesn't have the sentiment for. He said to BG " Dad is gone and what ???". He didn't suffer like BG with dad's lost ! Why I think and hope the chairman is Woo Jin ???bc it prooves that he is alive ! and as I said, the chairman doesn't "kill" really people; he just " help" people to "forget" bad memories. and you see, in Stars Wars, Anakin Skywalker was a jedi before turning in dark side and becomes Darkvedor
  11. Et Voilà ! What do you think about my theory that Woo Jin is the Chairman of Human B !!! When you watch a drama, you should analyze the characters not .................the actors ! It's not bc Jin Goo plays Woo Jin that Woo Jin is perfect ! I don't didlike Woo Jin but I'm in Bum Gum's side : How do you feel when you know something terrible and nobody believe you even your own brother ; and people say that you're crazy and blind ! yeah, Bum Gum is blind about the aliens and Woo Jin is blind too....... about thinking of FORGETING system !
  12. In today ep, we found out Lee Hyun-Suk is Sumbae Lee in Beta project, the one who dislikes Woo-Jin and works for Pro. Han We saw Pro. Park Dong Gun too. So......... the President of Human B may be Pro. Han ????!!!! I have the bad feelings about Woo-Jin, there'll be something not good for him in the end ! It explains why Bum Gum(s phone is in chairman's hand . and Jung Yun becomes Bluebird and against Human B's chairman .... her " father". Pro. Han knows it's Kim Bum Gum bc he knows Woo Jin is no more, he regrets and doesn't want touching Woo Jin's twin ! You see there's no actor who plays Woo Jin in 2037 ( 41 years old); it can not be Ho Soo ( as I explained before) and Ho So s only 26 years old.!!! There are 2 parts in this drama : Part 1 = Beta Project with main cast Yeo Jin Goo Part 2 : Brave New World with main cast Kim Kang Woo They play in parallel but as I said, I have bad feelings that ther's no Woo Jin 41 years old in 2037; We will see; just my theory
  13. hello everyone, it's WE so I have time to discuss with u hehehe ! I always analyze the characters : what they do, they think ..... I don't have " great" imagination as some people here !! So , now we have 2 teams : one in 2017 and one in 2037 ! some characters in 2017 already appear in 2037 as Boss Detective ( aka Sherlock Homes hahaha); his right arm detective Oh , Dong So and Min Young , the doctor woman, she is twins friend girl ( not girlfriend) who attacks Jung yeon at Myungsun Psy hospital and at the park. Now WE (the vewers) know Kim Jun Huyk is Kim Bum Gum and Bluebird is Jung Yeon.I say WE bc until now, people think that Kim Jun Huyk may be is KWJ. Detective Hong always says to KJH " your twin...???" before the end of ep 4; Jun Huyk's memories don't come back yet ??? even Bluebird ( aka Jung Yeon thinks he's Wo Jin so why she's so surprised and let falling down the cube ! SO ! I already said that : maybe the chairman is.... Professor Han or ......Kim Woo Jin !!!!!! but today, I think the high percent that Woo Jin is the chairman ! You see : in the end of ep 2, we see the cellphone in the chairman's hand and there is picture of the twins. it's Bum Gum who takes it with his twin by himself and only him who has it; even Woo jin not. When he goes to Myungsun hospital, he calls Woo Jin and wants taking a picture to send the proof to Woo Jin but there's a flash light and he let the phone down! I think Bum Gum asks Min Young meeting him there ( we don't see that scene); Min Young comes to hospital but she doesn't find Bum Gum but she found his cellphone ; she think it relates to " alien" Jung Yeon so why she send a message to Jung Yeon coming there and we see she attacks Jung Yeon with a taser. and with Bum Gum's ceelphone, she calls Woo Jin going to the park she fails second time to attack Jung Yeon; after she gives BG's phone to woo Jin and show him the yellow star he did and gave it to "Byul" 10 years ago. and from this moment, it's Woo Jin who has the phone of his huyng and now this cellphone is in the hand of..... the Chairman ! And another point : Kim Woo jin is smart, so I don't think that in 20 years, he'll become an mayor's employee as Ho-Soo even he looks like Woo Jin, he doesn't want keeping bad memories. I think that only the good place he can be is chairman ! and if the chairman is Professeurs Han, he'll order Lee Huyn Suk "take care" of Jung Huyk ! About Jung Yeon : she is an alien who came to earth to help the humans with thier technologies, for the human future. Maybe it's not a bad intention ( like in the US movie The first contact). But the human as Professeur Han, a neuroscientist, use them and apply on the human. Maybe it's not very bad; it doesn't kill people but..... as I say; we are human not robots so we don't accept to be controlled; we are free and control ourselves.
  14. So there's an amazing sy-fy drama to watch hope it works well bc there's a good leading actor
  15. WOW !! So excited !! one month more and.. tadaaaa They are " beautiful"... both ! the water God and his bride ! after Goblin's bride and one more hahahahaha