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  1. WOW they make sub for this drama very quickly there's already ep 3 with sub I go watching now.......waiting for 1 week haizzzzz
  2. @rittoo : as he already said with HS ' if you want to be King, it means : enter in the politic field, you forget yourself. When you want takingsomething, you must lose something ! it's the price....very high price to do politique / I always hate the politique, it's a.....salade composée.... I don't like Gwanghae, Sado neither.... I see in korean history, almost kings of air joseon were not good but these two are the worst !!! When I see the drama talk about Gwanghae, I didn't want seeing. Thanks to the music background Serenade that I came here. But I saw many comments are hidden by someone in spoilers so why I think it's my last comt in this thread ! Sayonara everyone...Bye
  3. He killed Yul ubder LH's order bc in that time, he didn't know LH will become like that btw if LH isn't killed by Lee ; he'll be killed by others hands.... there are many assassination threads : so why LH ordered Lee find someone to remplace him; to " die" for him ! I think it's better LH dies by Lee bc there's HS to replace him and he'll become a " good" King; he'll work with Lee to make the better world. If LH's killed by Shin Chi Soo...it'll be the worst for people
  4. My cousins are twins; they look really identicals except...... the color of theirs retinas : one has black eyes, one has brown eyes and betwwen black and brown , it's very difficult to recongnize from far and with the King, do you dare to look straight in his eyes ??????
  5. I watched only one movie of Lee Na Young ' Howling' with Song Kang Ho she didn't give so much feelings for me but I fell for her in this drama; so touching as Dan-i I wait for the romance between her and LJS ! when will WE come ???????
  6. This drama makes me laugh and cry with Dan-i I see wemen in Asia are the same : after getting married, they stay at home to become ' Desperated housewives' ; they sacrifice their carrier fot their familes. If they are luckys, theirs husbands love and cheer them but..... So, for sure, after the wedding continue working hahahaha
  7. After watching 2 eps, I love this drama; even iy's just the beginning but I feel the chemistry will be good between LJS é NY She's really beautiful naturally so why Won Bin fell down hahaha ! so sorry but this one is better than Encounter
  8. The second season begins in production nest month, Feb I think , maybe it'll aire in next August ! Bc Netflix wanted make the 1rst season in ...4 months but in the end it took 2 more months, it means 6 months ! So I think maybe in the end of the year, and this time they change the director the writer is the same. In this drama, for me, the principals characters are ................... the zombies anytime ........anywhere
  9. @maplinh hahahahahahaha ! so just be vegetarian like me ! I said the Crown Prince is weak maybe.....bc I compare JJH with his character in Along with God
  10. It's done with 2 eps; it's really the trademark of Netflix : horror, violence....! I"ll continue tomorrow with ep 3 if not I can't sleep well tonight hahaha ! I don't want watch it while eating........grurururruur ! So until now I don't like the Crown Prince : he's so weak; not brave, no skills.... I don't know what he will do in the future to save his people and his kingdom