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  1. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Hello My anwer is.....simple and cjear....... Let him go ! I want a heart not a body without soul or love ! Like my sister, she took a lawyer and asked a divorce after a boring life with her husband. It said : it's MSH now not LMS in the past life that he has nothing to do with Sharon If it's like that why BH does everything for SH; he has nothing with her too. It's a drama do not forget.... we can't find a logic in a drama, especially kdrama ! I don't like Sharon neither; I already called her a psycho but........ I think everyone in this drama hace a sin............ all of them ! So everyone must pay now ! It's the rule of God ! Do not say we have nothing to pay what we did in the past life ! So why in all religions .... " You must give for recieving " Christ said
  2. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Hello When I said SH owns a debt towards Sharon I want saying about the law Even HR and him are meant being together by the destiny ( spiritual) but by the law he was Sharon's husband: when he fell in love with another woman; he was " infifele" by the " heart"; it's good but by the law it's bad Tell me : What do you do when your husband loves another woman ?????????
  3. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Even SH will reborn in thousand times; he will always be with HR ( present name) or Boon Yi in the past or other name in the future bc it's their destiny...... In the past Lee Myung Hoo had been destinated to get married with the daughter of Choi family it was in reality ..... Boon Yi, she was the real Choi's daughter but bc of BH's jalousy, she swiched the child so why there was a tragedy until now! Remember, the fortuneteller saw there are three sons in Choi's family; so why Seo Rin couldn't be pergnant ??? bc she wasn't the real Choi's family; the real bride.. Now she stabs MH and said that she'll wait him in the future... it's really stupid this woman is never mature; like a child;.................. a psycho
  4. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    I don't know why SH went seeing Sharon, crazy evil ??!! He told HR not to go but he did haizzzzzzz Maybe it's destiny; he must repay his debt toward Sharon even she was and will be......... an evil ! but by the law of joseon, they were husband & wife but..... the price of repaying the debt is very high..... his life ! I don't know what will happen next but hope that SH & HR will be together in the end and Back Hee & Sharon vanish. I don't like SH becoms immortal; it's not a gift; it's a punishment. He'll see people he loves dying and he's still there !!! it's not good idea About Back Hee, I don't know why she always support Sharon; she's stronger than Sharon but she can't control her ????
  5. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    hello everyone, So.... how many episodes are there ???? It should be ended today or not yet ????
  6. I'm very happy that Jung Yae In accepted the male leading role I already love this couple hahahaha
  7. hello everyone someone know who was the human betraying SOG in the past ???? I watched China odyssey but I can't guess who is ????
  8. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    I don't know why Sharon did many bad things but there are nor words appear on her face I'm waiting for that haizzzz this woman is really obssessed she has any dignyty for a woman
  9. So... as I know, there won't be ep 4 next sunday right ???? bc of the New Eve ????
  10. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    In this drama I like the most actress Jang Mi-Hee who plays Baek-Hee. She's very " classe"; chic; her hand movements are really royal she looks alike an hongkongese actress Brigitte LIN especially in the scene she met Sharon at lake's side, she wears a mongolian clothes She's really very beautiful at her age !
  11. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    hello everyone, Do someone know what's relationship between Back Hee & Sharon 200 years ago ????? so why it said " what's is your's will be your's; anytime "
  12. When a shy, nice, kind girl becomes rebel as Ji Soo does now....... We know that she really really hurted They are both, Ji An & Ji Soo, in deep pain; their reactions are differents but So, let them be in hell with you girls : let them suffer all of them Seo family & Choi family : they are all responsible ! fighting Ji Soo !! fighting Ji An !
  13. If Ji So bacomes rebel... it's bc of all people around make her like that. JA is used to be in the difficult situation but Ji So is not. So she's really heatbroken to discover her" parents and sister" cheated on her. You, vewers, you can see what happen after JA knew the true but she is not ! so do not scream at her ! about the young sister of DK; she's not a bad girl ! we should know the reason why she becomes like that. Parents are always busy with their business, do not take care of children. They think just give them many money than they are happy. No , it's not ! Everyone has a passion ! Ji So too. She likes bakering , it's a good thing , better than people who don't know what they like to do in their life. As in " Temperature of love " lead man likes cooking ! Btw I see Ji So is stronger than Ji An; ske looks like ger bio-dad; not " thief dad" !
  14. Everyone says : " poor JA, she's innocent, victime......." ! honestly she is not! for me The victime here is Ji So, I don't understand why nobody think about her... neither in the drama or vewers ?????????? Why ???? Bc JA is leading character ??? I like this actress too from drama Stranger but I don't like Ji An here Except Ji Tae & Ji Ho, all Seo's family members deserved the punishment ! They are not kidnappers but thiefs, they stole a child of someone else ! And they don't love Ji So as a child but replace her in the place of their dead child '( as Ji So said) Do not say that JA's dad is innocent : it's a weak man, useless... he knows what his wife does is bad but he does nothing; he participates In the beginning, he must tell his wife declare the lost child to the police but .... he didn't. The worst thing is ...... they cut the child hair, change her image , made a passport with their dead child name and.......... gone to Dubai !!!! JA's mom is really sick, a mental sick; she is greedy....... JA is a little like her too ! sorry There are many jobs in korea, people can live in doing many jobs why she wants absolutly working in Hae Sung ???? Look Ji So, she works in a little bakery and she enjoys with this ! and JA is not a genius, why DK keeps her to prepare the evement and tell the truth after. Is it bc of this evement or he wants keeping her beside him a little more ???! If Hae Sung can't find someone else to prepare the evement except JA............ Korea is done hahahahaha ! This girl doesn't have a great diplome, great studies ......!!! And when she discovered the truth, she only thinks about her parents hos to save them; she does not have one second to think about Ji So's reactions so she really deserves a slap ! Do Kyung too ! When I said JA dad is a weak man I have reason : look at DK's dad : his wife is more powerful than him ( bc she's chairman daughter) but he doesn't let her do what she wants and she's afraid of him : this is a man ! I think DK will become like JA dad too a weak man