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  1. No I think it's just his job.. spy and undercover. You see, he explosed his car in front of " his wife" so she'll think that he's dead and he throwed the ring away. tha same with the jail
  2. Hello everyone, Honestly; it's good this drama; sorry, I prefer this one than StrongDBS. Two actors are good, he's like Lee Jong Suk in W; it means in a BD. I watch it before going to bed so I can sleep ..................... well In this moment there's a trend of bromance right ?? : after Goblin, in here and next drama Man to man ...... OCN is not bad to do a romance
  3. hello everyone, can someone give me the link to watch on live please thank you so much
  4. I think this drama's writer wants telling us that if we want having a good future we should do the rights things now like we plant a tree : First we sow the grains, water the plants; Well maintain ............ so we'll pick good fruits in the future Now, there's no true love between SJ & MR so why their future will be a desaster like in Goblin; it must have " true love" so Eun Tak can pull the sword out; it's not SJ's fault, neither MR's ahjussi will disappear bc of this reason ??????????????????????????
  5. Hello, I think people should watch this drama as they're watching a..............movie ! The rhythm; time, element ..... pass slowly even we have the feeling quickly : about their feelings, dating, marriage ....... I think SJ has the feelings for MR and vice versa; not very deeply but there's something betwwen them. Yeah, SJ gets married to MR to change their fate but he's worried too. As you know, he's not rich bc of heritage of his parents but bc of elements he gets back from future : high-tech; projects..... only his best friend knows it. Nobody else know even the director! And I think there'll be something wrong after; they'll separate.............. so why SJ future is in depression; he wants dying with MR future ??!! when SJ future talks with SJ present he said " what did you do to her ???? " so why we see SJ present isn't happy during and after the wedding . Yeah, Lee Je Hoon tries acting in many different characters even difficult to understand; I think he plays for ART not for MONEY or POPULARITY I like this drama more than rom-com SMA playing before and LJH of course ! TWY fighting !
  6. hello everyone, I saw the news before that there is a Goblin's book, written by writer Kim Someone tell me " Is there an eng copy ? or it's written in korean only ! My younger sister will go visiting Séoul nest May and she wants buying it thank you
  7. God saif his punishment is over! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  8. In this drama , we don't know what'll happen after sad scene, there'll ba happy scene and vice versa
  9. Hi everyone, So.. the favorite song I'm waiting for from ep 1 is out .. And I'm here by it's just perfect !! All ost are good but this one is emotional but; I don't know who is the singer ????? someone know who sing this song ???!!!
  10. Que l'année 2017 t'apportera plein de belles choses : santé - bonheur - la paix

    Bonne Année

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      Hello Caro :smile: je ne t'ai pas répondu mais tout va bien pour moi, mis à part que je suis débordée en ce début d'année... Ottoke ? 24 heures dans une journée ce n'est pas assez et je ne peux plus être autant active qu'avant sur Soompi :persevere:

      Wow Diane so you're working in a palace "dans les quartiers chics de Paris", that's very nice. Do you like it? Yes last night was quite scary with the storm and it was SOOOOO cold today, brrrrrr. Finally Winter has come.

      Je n'ai pas encore fait les soldes, I may go for a look around la rue de Rivoli this week-end, IF I have time :grin:

      Bises et bonne soirée :star:


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      Ah les filles! Paris me manque avec vos discussions de soldes, etc...

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      Salut Caro; heureuse de te connaître; Bonne Année .

      Je n'aime pas de soldes, je préfère la vente privéé; on peut faire les courses tranquillement; 

      Ktiminie : oui, il y a beaucoup d'avantages sociaux dans les grandes boîtes mais trop de pressions également.:cry:

      On travaille 200km/heure... on ne marche pas, on court :grin:

      J'ai fait un peu de soldes à Londres en visitant mon grand-frère qui travaille et habite là-bas, surtout les livres ont perdu de valeur bon....on en profite 

      Bonne journée les filles

      Bisous Diane

  11. In this drama everyone has the secret; we already knew GR is King's incarnaration; Sunny is Queen's ..... but we don't know yet WHAT happened and WHY, and others : for ex - Euntak : I don't think it's not by chance she's chosen as Goblin's bride; we see : she has the power in calling Goblin even when she was in her mother's womb ! even KS told her they knew each other even she wasn't born .... you see the proof is at the ski resort ! - DH : yeah I think he's someone abnormal hahaha -Chairman too : I think he was a loyal KS's subject - People said that Secretary KIM is bad enneuk's reincarnation .. I don't agree bc that bad guy killed many innocent people in the past; especially KS; the Queen and all family ; loyal subjects of the King so why in this life he lives in good position like that. I think... maybe bad eunuck is the hoobae grim reaper of Wang Yeo. He did a terrible sin in the past so why he became grim reaper and the hoobae of Wang Yeo like the previous life
  12. This poster is really beautiful !!! Lovers in the .............. snow ! love it Someone know if ep 10 will be aired tomorrow or not ????????
  13. Hi, can you give me the link to watch Goblin on live please. You know it  ?????

    thank you so much

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      thank you so much and 

      Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

      Best wishes for New Year

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      Merci, merci, à toi aussi :heart:

      Best Wishes for 2017!!