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  1. I love to see GY smiling , his smile is the reason i fall in love with him in CP i hope you're doing well in your life & always join our chatting @2handsintertwined you really write Long comments First i love GY & GHJ chemistry so so much , they were so cute & lovable in Biscuit teacher and star candy . My only wish now is to see them again in any drama. if u love GY you should watch one fine day but i'm not big fan of it . i finished it for GY Asus Nearly paid $2M for GY to be their model , it's considered so so high especially they paid only $1M to their previous model . In Korea Most actors are paid from $400,000 to $800,000 and GY is paid now more than $1M , and was paid nearly $2M For Asus and $2.5 for coway according to some Chinese & Korean news . GY's paid high cuz he's top actor either in Korea or in all Asia and he gained international fame too after train to busan , Goblin Also , i always tell u if there're not many active fans in GY page , it doesn't mean GY isn't popular or fans doesn't like him , nearly all loyal & old GY fans aren't active in Soompi and don't like to use forums but they are so so active in twitter & facebook and instagram and they are my source to update his news. Also many fans Joined us here after Train to busan , Goblin . Even you, @tok-soompi , @kentangbakar @jaysmurf @gongi @_Dokkaebi_ @nuryl_gong @tieya1810 @CatchMine_ID @staygold and other i didn't tag all joined after train to busan , age of shadows , goblin but if they aren't so active , it doesn't mean they don't love him . Also when thee's something important they 're here and comment & join our chatting like in his birthday , in his Fan meeting , Baeksang , cnn interview . Now GY isn't so active Also there're many popular actors & actresses like Gong hyo jin , jo in sung , hyun bin , their fans aren't active here as usual . all are popular , great actors who has big fan base. i miss him too i want to see him in any new project but 2016 was insane year for him , he was filming parts of Age of Shadows in 2016 , filmed Goblin in the end of 2016 " Shooting drama is so difficult and tiring in Korea" he promoted 3 movies , 1 drama including " press con , media interviews , vip , magazines , shows , stage greetings and other things to promote his movies " went to Cannes , shooted new CF for 9 different brands For Spring\ Summer and fall\Winter seasons he travelled to many countries to shoot these CFs . i think he deserves this long vacation and time for himself , i wish he could spend time with his family especially his mom As fan i want to see him everyday either in CF , Magazine , event , new movie or drama but we should be responsible fans too cuz he's human being needs vacations , needs time to regain his inner peace . Also in 2017 we saw him many times more than his previous years he's model for 11 brand , ambassador for international brand " Louis Vuitton " shooted cf with international stars , shooted 2 magazines , many interviews , he's on many magazines covers , attended many events . one of them Fashion show " it's first time to attend fashion show " i still can't believe it Fan meetings , ........
  2. Asus enlists Korean star Gong Yoo as new smartphone endorser TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taipei-based Asustek Computer Inc (華碩) chairman Jonney Shih (施崇棠) confirmed Wednesday that his company has invited Korean star Gong Yoo (孔劉) as its new smartphone endorser. Shih attended a press conference for an artificial intelligence competition event on Wednesday morning. When asked whether Asus will enlist the Korean actor to be its endorser, Shih gave a positive answer, but he didn’t elaborate on details about the endorsement deal. According to a Chinese-language Mirror Media report on July 10, Asus planned to spend NT$60 million to enlist Gong Yoo as the endorser of its new smartphone ZenFone 4 for the Asia-Pacific region. Asus did not confirm the report at that time. However, on July 24 Asus put a photo for a preliminary announcement of the ZenFone 4 on its Facebook account, in which a man with a profile similar to Gong Yoo’s stands in a sea of white flowers. Asus gave four hints for the endorser as someone: “who has a smile that moves girls,” “who makes better coffee than others,” “who is good at beating zombies,” and “whose moods can affect weather.” These traits associate with scenes from TV dramas and movies in which Gong Yoo starred.
  3. ‘Train to Busan’ to open in Japan “Train to Busan” will be opening in Japanese theaters on Sept. 1, the last stop in its worldwide run.The zombie flick, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival’s Midnight Screenings category last year, has been sold to some 160 countries since its release.The film opened in North American theaters in July 2016 and was later released in Europe and South America. It will be shown on 149 screens in 44 cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. “It is the largest-scale release of a Korean movie,” said an official at Contents Panda, the company in charge of the film’s Japanese distribution. The film was directed by Yeon Sang-ho and stars Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok and Jung Yu-mi. More and more success for Train To Busan even after 1 year from its official release in Korea
  4. More Behind The Scenes , Thank iflix TH for sharing these pics credit to Sindy Kao Instagram Gong Yoo 'll be on cover of CNN interactive English Magazine
  5. Cuz he doesn't attend public events don't worry he's not the only one also Jo in sung , Kang do won and hyun bin rarely attend movies premiere Also , I don't think gy isn't in Korea . He was shooting CF in Korea last week
  6. Both articles about Gong yoo confirmed to be Pacific Asian model for Asus "Zenfone 4" and how Asus paid a lot for GY to be their model I knew from the beginning that gy wouldn't attend either he's inside or outside Korea cuz gy never attended movies premiere before , sometimes he attended VIP but didn't walk on red carpet
  7. I'm sorry I'm not good in Asian countries but what I know Gong yoo is model for many Asian countries like "Taiwan , Malaysia, Philippines, till now IDK if there're other countries or not " About reopening Chinese wave , because of political issues between Korea & China , China banned many Korean actors in China . Many activities were cancelled too due to these political issues. You can read more about THaad in spoiler
  8. Guess who is the new Asia Pacific brand ambassador for ASUS Zenfone4 Asus Taiwan Facebook Page Hints: 1.He has a charismatic smile 2.He makes great coffee 3.He is a zombie fighter 4.His mood can affect the weather
  9. @jaysmurf you're welcome , thank u for your updates & translation too According to Chinese & Korean news GY 'll visit Taiwan again since he's chosen to be Asus " Zenfone 4" Asian model Gong Yoo , reopening of Korean Wave in Chinese Gong Yoo, Taiwan's advertising model ... Higher than local top stars. Actor Gong Yoo showed the dignity as a Korean star. Gong Yoo recently announced that it has received a model fee more than 2 billion won " $2 Million " by contracting with an advertising model of Zenfone 4, a smartphone of Taiwanese electronics company Asus.According to local media reports such as 'China Times', Gong yoo will act as an Asian model of Zenfone 4. Of course, this is thanks to the Star Power of Gong Yoo . Gong Yoo has gained considerable popularity as the movie 'Crucible', 'Train To Busan ' and the drama 'Goblin' were introduced in 2007, starting with the drama 'Coffee Prince 1st Shop' . Gong Yoo has secured fandom in Chinese market , including Taiwan , China and Hong Kong, which , are said to have surpassed those of local top stars. As a result, Gong Yoo is expected to fly into Taiwan at the end of this month and start full-fledged modeling activities. He visited the local site on April 29th for the first time and held a fan meeting and got the cheers of more than 5500 fans.
  10. What Stars say about Gong yoo , i Love how they describe GY as an actor who has desire to challenge himself From 2016 when GY was asked why he has honey voice , he said he honey every morning
  11. At least he's reading scripts now , shooting new CFs I noticed that gy doesn't take long time to choose new projects , but releasing this movie or Drama can take long time . Like in 2011 gong yoo chose silenced 2 months after finding Mr destiny released. He also chose the suspect 1 month after drama "big" ended but it took long time to be released because of casting other actors , filming 9 months , editing , so it was released in Dec 2013. He nearly chose man and woman , train to busan in the same month so he doesn't take long time to choose , Also I'm sure if gy find interesting project & suitable for him he'll accept it immediately.