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  1. @gongi you did a fabulous job translating , collecting new staff u deserved the title of GY wife by the way i'm admin of Gongyooarab page the one you shared
  2. Gong Yoo Says He Misses The “Goblin” Cast And Admits It’s Hard To Stay In Touch Due To Busy Schedules Actor Gong Yoo recently reaffirmed his affection for the cast of tvN’s hit drama “Goblin.” He opened up about the team on April 28 during the press conference ahead of his fan meeting in Taiwan. When talking about Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo said, “When we were in the army together, I thought he was such a cool guy. Working with him on ‘Goblin’ made me realize he’s an even better person than I thought.” He continued to state that the actors of “Goblin” were able to create a great production because they all sincerely respected each other. Gong Yoo added, “Lee Dong Wook was especially considerate towards me. Because he’s been acting for so long, there was a sense of ease when acting alongside him.” Gong Yoo concluded with, “Though all of us haven’t been able to stay in touch because we’re all so busy, I miss everyone.”
  3. @gongi please if you've better translation , post it here i feel his interview more emotional but Google translate doesn't help
  4. [Interview] Gong Yoo worth 10 million "happy" , but lonely "There is no grief can last for thousands of years, nor love can last for thousands of years ." "Dokkaebi" in the letter of the sword in the chest, shackles his millennium, the play, Gong Yoo's chest is also trapped in a sword. There is no life can continue for thousands of years of sadness and love, popularity is so, debut 16 years, Gong Yoo, a pair of bright eyes to see clear, with reputation, income, popularity, to the "are you happy" question, he stopped for a few seconds, Contemplation, faintly said: "The letter of the sword, and my real life is the same." "This is the world's most difficult question to answer, I think ... half of it!" The chest of the sword will be cut into positive and negative sides, his heart often pull, "the outside world, I made a lot of money, fame, glory, you all look on me, I said happy or unhappy, should be very careful. "Everyone said he was sunny, modest, low-key, he shook his head, the original body of his sword, carry the lonely. Gong Yoo's lonely face, in fact, I was not too far away from you, his most vulnerable time, was actually before the camera , "standing in front of the camera is my most lonely time, that moment I also have joy and loneliness. My condition, I can not always keep the best condition, I have to bear all the pressure, no one can help me, next I have to make the results. "He wry smile," very paradise, although there is a strong sense of loneliness, but this... It was also the motive for me to move forward. " So low-profile calm Gong Yoo, what is life doing the most crazy thing? He thought for a long time, "I am afraid, I said you will feel better." Gong Yoo so cautious, each answer are considered again and again, and finally to the broker for help, he remembered: "Yes, I shot" Train To Busan" and the crew live in Busan, one night we drink well and happy, I suddenly rushed into the sea, they all advised me not, but I still do, rushed into the moment, I am so happy! The morning, the dormitory is full of sand. "Perhaps he entered the waves of the moment, the chest of the sword was pulled out, throwing fame and applause of the light, so that the gods instantly free. ※ Remind you: forbidden drunk drinking excessive exposure to health Thanks to Djin Ing Tan for translation , @gongi if there's any corrections for some words tell us
  5. @gongi Thank again for your translation , i fall in love again with his honesty and his funny side i expected it's his cat "Kong " cuz there were cute together Lol, he chose his 2 cats instead of his parents but his answer is intelligent I can't choose between my mum and dad. also he added he doesn't want to separate his parents so it's better to be zombies together i feel him it's be difficult to choose new project cuz everyone 'll compare his new project with Train to Busan , Goblin . i just hope he won't take long time to return i vote for cool bad guy it's so sweetie from GY to ask Taiwanses fans to support LDW
  6. @gongi Thank u for translations , our Gong yoo is so intelligent and sweetie @kentangbakar Yup,it's new
  7. @everyone i want to welcome my lovely friend @IngJGY here in GY page , she's one of best GY fans , core fan of him always support him and updates his latest news , pics and everything about him
  8. @WhiteTruckOfDoom @calicocalic welcome in GY page , i'm sorry i'm busy collecting GY pics , videos so i forgot to welcome u @nuryl i'm surprised too , especially they're so fast ,
  9. Updates from soop management , aurabeauty , it seems he has photoshoots , interviews with media
  10. @kentangbakar he likes loose clothes but i never saw him were loose suit before @kentangbakar @gongi i'll use my detective side to know he's his manager too or not @angjay @2handsintertwined P.M
  11. @kentangbakar @2handsintertwined no GY has only 1 manager , the one who is wearing blue shirt , the other one with black beanie isn't his manager . GY is so cool he brought with him his friend MYq , his family , and soop management "Kim JangKhun" GY 'll stay 3 nights and 4 days in Taipei in "Mandarin oriental " She should tell u i'm the reason she knew K-drama . and knew GY
  12. @angjay i read GY's mm and dad joined him too in Taiwan , also his best friend MYQ went to Taiwan too
  13. South Korean actor Gong Yoo visits Taiwan ed in the Korean hit film "Train to Busan" last year, arrived Thursday on his first visit to Taiwan and is scheduled to meet with fans Saturday.Gong, 37, was all smiles on arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, where a group of fans showed up to greet him.He is expected to hold a news conference Friday and meet with fans at Xinzhuang Gymnasium in New Taipei on Saturday.Both events will be hosted by Mickey Huang (黃子佼), one of the most popular TV presenters in Taiwan.The 5,500 tickets for Saturday's event were sold out within 10 minutes, the organizers said. The breakout role of the model-turned-actor was in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007), a South Korean TV drama that became a hit.Gong's rise to international stardom accelerated when he starred in the 2016 horror-thriller "Train to Busan," which tells the story of a group of terrified passengers on a suspicion-filled, blood-drenched train ride during a nationwide outbreak of a mysterious virus.Gong plays a fund manager who sacrifices his life to save his daughter and other passengers on the train.He also starred in the Korean TV drama series "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" which became a mega hit in 2016, gaining massive popularity across Asia.Gong will wrap up his visit to Taiwan on Sunday.
  14. Gong yoo arrival to Taiwan , lol his manager missed electric car but i spot Soop Management manager " MR. Kim Jang Kyun" His smile in the end