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  1. Gong yoo is so handsome & dashing for Harper's Bazaar China I can't believe my eyes gy has 2 magazines in a row Elle Magazine Jan issue and now Harper's Bazaar China in Feb . May be he is preparing for his come back to screen
  2. I wish GY will choose movie with Social content I love this kind of movies & Koreans love it too. Something like His movie "Silenced, or like "SKH" movies "The Attorney, Taxi Driver" . I think gorgeous man like him with golden heart should play this kind of movies And I agree with u , I want him appears in romantic movie with deep story
  3. Thank u for all updates . I am waiting for his next project. I can't wait anymore. I am curious what he will choose ? Really It's so difficult to read casting news of all actors & actresses . And nothing about gy
  4. When, I read marriage rumors of GY & Yumi you came in my mind cuz I know you love both of them. The strange thing 2 days before these news I talked with my sister & told her I think gy will end up with Yumi . I told her I am preparing myself to read news of gy & Yumi marriage.then I read these news I said wow I was right , there's something between these 2 Anyway I don't know what 'll happen now but honestly I want gy get married soon. He's in the right age to settle down, Start family . New update for Bc Card Sk broadband
  5. ok , i am waiting for more details , i am so glad you'll always be with us Monsieur Gong yoo attended Louis Vuitton SS 2018 Fashion show at Paris Jun 22 , 2017
  6. i love Friendship between GY & Mrs. Hye Young . i don't feel she's just his stylist i feel she's his good friend , his sister or even his mom What're you doing GY oppa
  7. He chose GhJ as his ideal woman Happy New year & Welcome back sis , we missed you so much , where did you go ?? I still can't believe my eyes you came back . I wish you won't leave us again After these rumors, I really wish gy will get married soon. I want him be more happy , has his own family. Also I wish he will choose his next project soon , I can't wait anymore
  8. Hi @2handsintertwined@tok-soompi @staygold @kentangbakar @jaysmurf @gongi @CatchMine_ID @_Dokkaebi_ @nuryl_gong @alohagongyoo i missed you all , i am sorry i am so late but "Happy New year" i wish 2018 'll be a happy & blessing year for all of U i came here after reading GY & Yumi marriage rumors . Honestly i was sad the last few days cuz i missed GY so much , also all actors , actresses i know & i don't know had new project except GY but today i opened and found many articles about GY & Yumi marriage rumors . i thought many times that there's spark between GY & yumi . i loved their chemistry off screen . GY always praise her , wanted to act with her as a couple. she's lovely too Anyway , i don't care if GY 'll end up with Yumi or other actress . i just care about his happiness . i want him get married soon & has his own kids i loved GHJ comment , she's so cute , witty , lovely and funny too i think it's the best comment i read about any dating rumors “It’s driving me crazy. Why isn’t he ever rumored to be [dating] me? I hate that more!” “We’re just always known as the Gong siblings?!”
  9. Another Article Top Advertisement Models Of 2017 Revealed Consumers have chosen their favorite advertisement models of the year 2017. According to the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation’s 2017 Media & Consumer Research results, this year’s most favorite advertisement model is Gong Yoo with 6.7 percent of the votes. With Gong Yoo’s hit drama “Goblin” in the beginning of the year, he received many love calls from companies to advertise diverse merchandise from coffee to clothing. Ever since 2007, he has not ranked within the top three, but this year, he took the crown as the top advertisement model. The most memorable advertisement of this year was Gong Yoo’s commercial for the Kanu’s coffee product. Second place was taken by Park Bo Gum’s advertisement for Domino’s Pizza, and Jung Woo Sung’s SK Telecom advertisement won third place. https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/28/top-advertisement-models-2017-revealed/
  10. Actor Gong Yoo found to be most favored ad model in 2017: survey Koreans' three favorite advertising models for 2017 were found to be Gong Yoo, Song Joong-ki and Seol Hyun, according to a recent survey on consumer behavior. The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) released the annual Media & Consumer Research (MCR) Thursday, which surveyed 5,000 Koreans aged between 13-64, to study consumer behavior. The result showed that the actor of the mega-hit drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" turned out to be the most popular ad model, with 6.7 percent, closely followed by Song Joong-ki of "Descendants of the Sun" with 6.5 percent. Singer and actress Seol Hyun came in third with 5.6 percent and Jeon Ji-hyun, the heroine of "My Love from the Star," ranked fourth with 4.7 percent. The fifth and sixth spots were taken by actor Park Bo-gum (4.6 percent) and singer and actor Suzi (4.2 percent), respectively. The most memorable ad of this year was found to be the instant coffee brand "Kanu" embraced by Gong Yoo. Park Bo-gum's Domino Pizza ad came in second. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2017/12/28/0200000000AEN20171228005300315.html i am so glad for GY finally , he gained the attention & love he deserves
  11. Let’s See Gong Yoo’s Sweetest Romantic Smile~ Actor Gong yoo attended a Brand event held at COEX live Plaza on December 19. His lovely smile melted cold weather away. https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/12/26/lets-see-gong-yoos-sweetest-romantic-smile/ https://www.koreadispatch.com/2017/12/26/long-time-no-see-gong-yoo-at-a-brand-event/