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  1. Idk what's the deal with my neighbors?! Like they park their car and it's obstructing my driveway! Like HELLo, how am I suppose to back out of my house? Am I suppose to "squeeze" through the small gap between your car and the gate? Like use your head for goodness sakes! I also don't understand why people are so rude when I've done nothing to warrant it LoL. Like I just want to get my stuff done & I'm out of there. So no need to show your dismay on your face or your use of a condescending tone on me I get it. Sheesh. @Rihyun Are you an introvert by any chance? 'Cause I am too. There's nothing wrong with it, everybody's different.. I'd normally start by making small talk and if the other person acts dismissive, I just move on. No need to keep gettin' their attention if they're snubbing you. Not worth your time. It's important to remember that you're unique & not force yourself to fit in. G'luck!
  2. @AlexG555 Er--to protect their modesty DuH Something I wished girls here would put into practise more Like yea I know we're experiencing heatwave right now but at least keep it classy LoL?!
  3. If anyone is goin' through a hard time, have faith that it won't last forever. Actually nothing lasts forever, and yes while that may sound depressing.. Think of it instead as a time you can look back on with laughs. So don't dwell on the bad, see the good in it and make the best out of it.
  4. Well that's a wrap. I'd like to say this is my other fave drama of Lee Jong-Suk's. The others being, I Hear Your Voice & While You Were Sleeping. Hmm..he was sort of okay in the School drama series ahah Wish him a safe military enlistment (although it's public service) and can't wait until he makes his return to K-Drama Land once again! 'Til then take care everyone! Loved the finale quote as well "We're like books we wait for someone to find us and open us to see what's inside.."
  5. I just love the quotes at the end credits of ep. 15 Especially this in particular:- "A Fair Part of This Unfair World Is Everyone Lives Once.. What Kind of Life it'd be Depends on You..." Just so moving and very true.. and also this gem:- "We're Small But We Can Go Anywhere, You Can Do Anything If You Want It Enough..."
  6. @MissAria I have the same "situation" with my family as well.. My fourth half brother has been consistently treating me like crap, and honestly I don't know how his wife, daughter puts up with him. Birds of a Feather I suppose..?! It sickens me that he did the same toward our mom, she's since passed away.. At least there's 1 half brother who's the saving grace of the family but even he pressures me to do "something" ugh LoL! I pretty much am on my own right now and avoid any interaction as much as possible. But it's hard to keep away as ultimately they are family. Full or half blood related-wise..
  7. Geez that female staffer wanted Dan-I out of there fast as much as that evil female chief editor! I mean I know she's desperate to keep her job by using Dan-I as a scapegoat but sheesh! Dan-I has actually gone out of her way to help her out several times Just goes to show that at the end everyone is only looking out for themselves Sure when they need a favor, you must always oblige but when the situation turns around they have no qualms on throwing you under the bus I like how Hae-Rin stood up for Dan-I. For someone who keeps up appearances, she sure has a lot of wardrobe malfunctions That female chief editor keeps missing buttons tsk. tsk. I mean couldn't that widower President of Gyeoroo just handed her the button ha-ha?! Did he really need to sew it back for her? I see another loveline here...maybe then she wouldn't be so prickly Ok..ok so she redeemed herself halfway through ep. 14 LoL. Having Dan-I be unemployed may not be such a bad thing as we get to enjoy some lovey dovey scenes of our otp lovebirds I think Lee Jong-Suk is having the time of his life here as he seems to be enjoying his role a bit too much, it sort of blurs reality & fantasy as Lee Na-Young has been his crush for ages now. Wonder what her hubby Won-Bin thinks eheheh?!
  8. @stroppyse It doesn't matter whether Dan-I was or was not a regular employee, that's not the issue here. My issue with her dismissal is that it's unfair to let go of someone who obviously is good, no great at what she does! She also helps out the other staff including hapless Ji-Yool so yea rant over. Anyway at least, Dan-I's only consolation is her good looking but very supportive boyfriend so thank goodness for that LoL Way to go to the evil female chief editor! Girl power what BS. Women are suppose to look out for each other not tear each other apart. My heart just breaks for Dan-I
  9. I can't for the life of me figure out why, just W H Y Ji-Yool is still hired in Gyeoroo!? She's dispensable at best. Shows no growth nor improvement, still dumb as ever. AND someone as motivated, contributes , a hard worker as Dan-I gets fired for what? Just a small white lie on her resume. And Ji-Yool keeps her job 'cause she's cute? Young? Sheesh give me a break. Seo-Joon and Hae-Rin are uber cute together, if only he'd give her a chance! K-Dramas sure love referencing that infamous scene from, "Love Actually". I've seen it on other K-Dramas as well. I felt Eun-Ho's sadness on whether to keep or let the Kang writer ahjusshi go... It's always hard to let go of a love one but if they're in a lot of pain, it's really best to let them go.
  10. I watched ep. 10 raw and didn't have much difficulty understanding ha-ha. My years of bein' a K-Drama viewer paid off! Couldn't help laughing when Yoon-Seo mistook Jung-Rok's dad as her fan when all he wanted was to return her P E N And I get butterflies whenever Jung-Rok just swoops in close to Yoon-Seo for a kiss like it's the most natural thing in the world eheheh. Oh her ex is really... H O T
  11. OMG ep. 09 made me overdose on its cheesiness LoL! Were Jung-Rok & Yoon-Seo having ramen at Seung-Ri's? 'Cause In-Na is under YG. On the other I love the atmosphere in Always Law Firm. Everyone's like family.. now there's 3 couples in Always Firm.
  12. @gilaswan Agreed (nods) that it was pettiness. It was pretty obvious when Dan-I came up with ideas for the gift wrapped books, the blurb etc, that female chief editor was seething with envy. As you've mentioned, she couldn't stand someone who's her subordinate to outdo her at something which is considered her turf/speciality. And yea I find her very unlikeable.
  13. When Eun-Ho tried that classic seat belt trick that's ever so popular in most K-Dramas, I was reminded of the hilarious scene Lee Jong-Suk had in his other previous drama with Suzy I don't think it was smart for Seo-Joon to pick the same passcode for both the door to his home AND the secret room By the way, what's in that secret room anyway? It's not like a room where he does kinky stuff is it LoL? Like Christian Grey's Red Room? I'm not as bothered by absence of Dan-I's daughter, maybe it's 'cause I just watch and not expect much eheheh. As for the lying on resume, it's only a crime when the person who applied for the job was incompetent or faked her qualifications. That's just my take on it though (shrugs) But Dan-I on the other is diligent, willing to learn and most importantly, a team player. So for those reasons alone, she should get leeway..at least.
  14. Feeling a lil bad for Hae-RIn as she finally puts together the puzzle pieces to Eun-Ho's "mystery woman". On the other she looks super cute with Seo-Joon sleeping on her shoulder I find her nonchalantly letting him lean on her refreshing as most K-Dramas are pretty conservative when it comes to physical contact, especially when it's the opposite sex. LMFAo at her parents givin' Eun-Ho the stink eye!!! The female chief editor seems to still pine over her former flame, is that why she chose to remain single!? She sure comes across bitter despite her many accolades Would it hurt for her to smile on occasion? Geez. She reminds me of Meryl Streep from, "The Devil Wears Prada". I sure wish they tended to Geum-Bi the dog better especially the part where Eun-Ho left the poor thing tied to the legs of a table was afraid the dog might get agitated & run off with the table Furthermore what if it rained? And Seo-Joon napped for quite a while too.. It looks like Dan-I's actual job identity is in danger of being exposed. From the preview to ep. 12, Eun-Ho & Seo-Joon have a bit of a bromance moment themselves ha-ha!
  15. LMFAo! I bet writing his love confession in a letter must have been a lot harder than when Jung-Rok sat for his bar exam
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