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  1. Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    Just found this thread. Thank you @gentlelily12 for creating this thread
  2. Thank you. He look so sad. Poor him. Well I hope he get lesson learn from here, to choose friend more wisely and to be more cautious when going out with female friends. Well with his recent popularity and papz eyeing him like Liang's spies, and this incident, sadly, I think he gonna be less seen in public from now on.
  3. Report to Madam @cenching I don't think I can read every single page at least not tonight and also I have a busy week coming ahead, so dunno when I'm gonna be able to catch up, just browse to several pages though and I can't find the drunk pic of LGX? My 2 cents toward the incident : From what I've been able to read from everyone posts, insights, and LGX's behaviour toward the incident, I agree with several of you and also have a little bit of different opinion though. I think because LGX having dinner with his ex / just friend in such a public place, and he also know that the papz is all over him now (is the pic a recent pic? Or someone just dig and post an old pic?), most probably they really are just friends. And the female friend get bashed because of her post and reply, what can LGX do? If he defend her, then more people will assume that they were / are dating, will that make matter worst then? I also think ZLY's dove post have something to do with this somehow. Why after that post, this incident happen? Was someone also thought that LGX do have something for ZLY and ZLY kinda replying him with her double meaning post (it could be it just a Dove ad, but the person who make the pics go public also thought that the post is kinda like ZLY answer for LGX), that's why the pics surfaced and she made that post that she and LGX were just friends and replying fans comments and makes matters worse? Could it be that all along is just her intentions, to make nothing into big matters, if that is the case, she has succeeded then, what can LGX do at this point to make damage control?? It also can mean that it's just mere coincidence (the Dove post and this incident), or just someone want to wipe LGX's most recent booming popularity (LGX and the female friend / ex / GF eat together). And I also hate and couldn't believe why ZLY get dragged into this matter, what is her fault in this to get dragged on? But I have theory why LGX didn't defend ZLY like he used to (at FSF incident, etc), maybe ZLY did get angry at LGX for this matter. If LGX meeting the female friend is just a recent event, maybe ZLY already warn him to not meet this girl and now this happen, will LY not be angry then? If this is an old pics, then maybe it's true that LGX did date this girl, so in what positions must he defends LY then, why I get a PA's vibe somehow, when YWY contemplating whether to chase after XE after she left him and Mu Er here?? *sweatdrops* If he is with ZLY, ZLY certainly got angry on this matter. If he is chasing ZLY, this matter will minimize his chance to be LY's BF. So that's why come the drunk pic, it's the prove that he's having a lot of thoughts about this that made him drinking that much. All and all, let's just wait and see, how this incident going to end. Now I have to go hibernating again, see you girls
  4. Just a gentle reminder, for those who is a frequent of this thread and still wants this thread to keep being open, please post according to soompi rules. Don't post other news that are not related to ZLY and/or LGX. Different opinions are normal, but don't bash each other just because they have different opinions. Thanks all.
  5. So sorry, I haven't open soompi for a week or so, not purposely being silent, I just receive an email of someone here messaging about what happen in this thread, I haven't read what's going on, and will start to read. Will update this post
  6. Her 'curse' still in effect on 2016 : Aaron Kwok Back at TJOF, WH also has a curse I believe, every female costar of his, will broke up from their relationship after working on a drama / movie with him. Also back then, when I shipped ZLY with WH, I thought since both of them have a curse of their own so they gonna broke each other curse, but most probably not, ZLY most probably broke up from her boyfriend (I won't name his name, but I also think she dated that male costar, that's why she seems so cautious of getting into a relationship with a costar now) and WH announce his GF is RL and get married, so they're not counter each other curse, instead getting affected by each other curse *sweatdrops* I just hope her curse will broke this year though, because of her Xiao Xin Xin - Xiao Yue Yue Ah, so we can only count on the award show then. @cherubstomato yup, that's the one
  7. Me too, I really looking forward for the award shows, or maybe LGX really going to act on the ads that ZLY accepted earlier (forgot the name of the ads) so we can see them on a photoshoot earlier? I need to see their interactions soon. The last public appearance of them I believe is the presscon? After that, they haven't attend the same event, right? And I also wondering why Ciwen didn't have a celebratory presscon/event like what they did back then when TJOF finished airing? Is it because of the backlash they get because of how they butchering the ending or because the cast especially the leads, all are busy with their activity? And I just remember one thing, back then at TJOF thread, there was a rumour that ZLY had some kind of a 'curse' ~ every male costar of her, always got caught or they just announce it themselves that they had a GF or wife, after they acted on a drama / movie with her. So, if the so called 'curse' is true, if LGX really has GF, and is not ZLY, I think it gonna get revealed soon. But I think, he didn't. Because if he is, he won't reply so randomly on ZLY's post every now and then, and also won't post so random and double meaning on his weibo either, no GF no matter how not a jealous type is she, can endure the level of LGX's reply on ZLY's post
  8. Ahhhh, I skip that round round round part on purpose when I translated LGX's Q&A back then before PA's finale, because I thought is not related and so random. My bad My, LGX do had lots of double meaning in his every post *sweatdrop* I re-translated it here then (I edited, the one that I highlight) : Fan's Question : When you taught XE archery, were that any deep meaning of you made that BIG rotations move or is just a mere awkward dancing? LGX's Answer : circle circle ROUND ROUND circle circle, everyday every year everyday of me, (just want to) deeply look into your face And ZLY's post about the round face and LGX answer : ZLY caption : Not happy, yesterday I go to #72FloorMystery parcel packaging cargo station, and today I got suspected of taking a mandarin duck, it's so wrong, just look at my ROUND face, I've been treated unjustly. Anybody has any clues, to prove that I'm innocent? LGX's reply : your forehead, your eyes, all are ROUND The feels no wonder fans of the OTP are so happy. Thank you @mrsyooknit for sharing
  9. So, can we safely say that his 'antics' on weibo because he loves certain someone, whose eyes bright like a star, so he just do what he's not usually do, passionately? ZLY said : sharing pictures LGX said : after Zhao Ma Ke ate the La Tiao that I gave, (he/she) asked me is this plastic hahahahahahaha. ( is he referring to Mark Zhao here? And is he some kind of complaining to LY that Mark Zhao didn't like the La Tiao, unlike ZLY ) I also thought that LGX look a little "J' LOL. And I also thought that maybe DL somehow knew that LGX like ZLY, because DL looks like so rushing when he gave the rose to ZLY. LGX expressions, is like : "If only staring can kill." DL behaving like he was walking on an egg shells, he can not not do what the MC ask him to do, but he seems doesn't want to make a certain someone get mad because other guy gave a rose to his XE After reading the weibo post that @cherubstomato posted, I agree with @mrsyooknit I think LGX thank Wei Jia because he got invited to the program and HC helps promote artist on their program. But I don't know if his 'Thank You' has double meaning though. I only paying attentions to LGX's weibo posts after PA finish airing, but from what I can read, a lot of his post do has a double meaning. So I dunno My shippers heart really want to think that his thank you because of WJ helping ZLY though Oh, @mrsyooknit I've been meaning to ask you, you posted back then before the PA's finale, that LGX Q&A answers made the OTP fans happy. Which answers were you talking about? And what were the OTP fans think? ZLY said : For you, I can abandon everything Wow, what is her caption means? Is that her answers? Because I also agree that LGX's posts recently like he is testing the water if he ever announce his relationship. So maybe this is ZLY's answer to him??? I still can't catch up with all you girls's posts, will continue reading Add : Just read until the top posts of page 27 @gentlelily12 sorry, I can't open the link that you want me to translate @monchoo so it's an ads? I was so hoping it was some kind of approval for announcement But I agree with @mrsyooknit it's just too coincidence for her to upload that pics Continue reading
  10. You girls move sooooo fast, I still can't catch up with you girls. Just want to share this since yesterday but couldn't. I used to be ZLY-WC shippers, but the moment I saw ZLY with LGX, I quicky jump ship sorry Will. And I must say seeing their latest interaction on HC, their 'relationship' is not as it used to be anymore. I sense that LY look more awkward now to Will especially when the fans ask that question about his and her ideal type. So, I don't know, perhaps there are certain somebody ( *cough* LGX *cough* ) that occupy her mind now. Just my 2 cents. But I certainly hope it will come true. I still think that Will like ZLY too though but like @mrsyooknit said love is not his priority in the moment. Will add some more theory to this later. Gotta go for a meeting. Later girls.
  11. I remember back then at TJOF's thread someone mention about this,that MC's TV station only has certain slot every year for traditional custome drama (Wuxia, Xianxia, Palace Drama) and like @cenching said Hunan already put other drama to air after PA's end. So with that much sponsor that want their artist getting more screen time, the lack back up one (in this case would be LGX who didn't have any big company behind him) will get cut, so that Hunan can still mantain their scheduling plan. Either these, or they just want to milking the success of PA into season 2. Because with the different time slot that they gave to PA's last 3 episodes, they should be able to used that time slot for additional episodes? And I used to think back then at TJOF, that the one who make those cut and bad editing and bad CGI will be the director (sorry Ms Director Lin Yu Fen, I know I'm wrong now). But the director of TJOF next project is Love 020, TMPOB, LLiT and all 3 not have that bad cut, bad editing and bad CGI, so the culprit all along must be Ciwen Media then? If it is, I really hope the cast of PA and other actor/actress will rethink hard if they want to sign project with Ciwen then, so that Ciwen could also learn to stop their bad business act and not make a lot of viewers feel these miserable after giving them such a high viewer rating and success. @dashmount20 Yup I think the 'force kiss' is that one - the one that happen at XC's place, when XC lied to YWY that CQ already left, and then YWY found her at the courtyard and give her a long hug, and before YWY left, he gave her a kiss and his famous line : I need you too, can you feel it?
  12. @40somethingahjumma and @Hapiangle sadly I don't think there will be any Director's CUT DVD, judging from what happen to TJOF. But I'm hoping there will be kind soul that gonna leaked / provide us pictures or unedited scenes for the cut scenes, just like what happen at TJOF back then. Add : @cenching what you and @monchoo said make sense. I HATE Hunan and Ciwen so much. It's not helping though that Hunan is the most popular TV station in MC. Have you girls realize that none of this happen when the drama is being aired at DragonTV? Just like TMOPB, NiF, etc. OtJ2's kiss scenes got cut though, eventhough it aired on DragonTV, but they didn't butchering the plot line.
  13. So most probably Hunan or maybe Ciwen Media did butchering PA just like what they did to TJOF?? Are they not learning any lessons back then when fans are so upset of the butchering of TJOF? Ok TJOF has several steamy hot kisses, eventhough the time slot back then is actually good enough for them to supposedly aired that scenes, if they want to cut it, how we fans can say no, each country has their own set of what is appropriate for public viewing, but why also cut the scene that is not related to kisses. And now it also happen to PA??? Thank you so much @40somethingahjumma and @fallentenshi for providing us with the translations. I think most probably the kisses is just 2, just like the one that aired, because ZLY did say in her interview that there is not much lovey dovey moment between XE and YWY, so they retake the one and only kiss scene to make it more good. It make sense though if they cut the "force kiss", the BTS showed us several angles that is not being aired, but I (again) reluctanly accept if they want to tone down the kiss, but why also cut the XE keeping the bell scene, YWY bandaging his hand and he ask XE about the bell, about her upset when someone called her YX's woman, her confession that she will not be Empress of Yan ever, and the ending that HX look for her at the icy lake and she gonna meet YWY again????? WHY????? So glad that Ciwen's stock took a hit, they should rethink if in the future they gonna do something like this again. And I hope ZLY, LGX, SD, LJ, DL and all other casts of PA will reconsider if Ciwen ever want to cast them again on their project.
  14. Cosmo Bride HQ pics cr pics : on tagged
  15. Wow really? If they are becoming a sponsor will they have a say if their drama going to be release in iQIYI?