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  1. really? It doesnt really make sense since he just shot the new ad with Naeun.
  2. We have discussed this before in this thread and we are already pass that.
  3. I feel kinda pervert these couple of days because of "can you spot the tongue" thingy and those kissing gifs. . Its like whenever I have free time I would go back to see the "tongue involving kiss".
  4. Your point 5, I think I got it....waiting for you to share it dear when the time is right.
  5. Agreee. I was just wondering I think I saw PSJ sat on the same type of chair as in her FM before. Is it at his FM? Will try to wonder about your Point 5, see if I can also get some hint. Hehehehe
  6. Quoted from her FM eng trans Q3. You guys remember who else like to make and eat pasta? Its really PPCC aka ParkPark "coincidence" Couple.
  7. Well guys always expect for the best but prepare for the worse. In the meantime Keep Calm and Keep Shipping and Supporting
  8. No wonder PSJ seem at lost for words most of the time during fiming (see for example during almost kissed pizza scene bts where he looked at her putting sauce on her lip). Will insert the pic when I can find one to add more dramatic effect. Anybody care to help.
  9. Me too. I hardly download any drama esp korean drama. But with WWSK, i downloaded the whole episode and rewatched at least 1 ep per day till this day. Its so unlike me. And i dont even know who on earth PSJ and PMY prior this drama.
  10. I suddenly realized this, why did she hit him when he said "I felt like i was hugging my friend". As if she doesnt want him to consider her as mere friend. Get what I mean right? When you are with the person you like and he suddenly said something like that. I wouldve done the same thing as her too. Also, look at the way they were looking at each other when they finished the kissing scene, when she moved backward. Look at their eyes..... In the meantime Chill Out, Keep Calm and Keep Shipping.
  11. Keep Calm And Keep Shipping. Let time answers all our questions. PSJ is a very thoughtful and wise person, so whatever the reason it must've been a solid one. Though i said it was related to PMY on my prev post (thats what shippers normaly wanted to believe in their delulu mind), I dont think it was the cause, coz if it was it would not be good for both image esp PMY. In the meantime please enjoy
  12. Exactly. Schedule can be re-arranged esp when you won such prestigious award. Anyways, were they the only recipient not showing up?
  13. Fishy, confused, delulu. Fishy: She's apparently overseas so its good enough reason. But without stylish? Must be personal..... Confused: Him? The moment i knew PMY did not attend, i kinda have a hunch that he will not attend too. Though i strongly believe that he will recieve top excellence award (he really deserve this). Delulu: So him not showing up i think has something to do or related with PMY not showing up.