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  1. My thought exactly. Just call them CC already aka "Coincidence Couple".
  2. WTF last night after i updated the app the gap got better. But now its even worse. And i tried to play the game but they didnt give me any vote. Duh this is sooo not fair.
  3. Enlighten us...is it shoulder to shoulder or more like shoulder behind shoulder?
  4. They said it was 2 acc max. But i think it need to be same 2 acc on each device. Mine since i got 5 acc i forgot which acc for which device, then one day 2 of my accounts was blocked due to abnormal voting and now iam losing 4 votes each day. Be careful....
  5. Its 149k in mine though. Screenshot it everytime I opened the app. Wanted to make analysis on it. Hahahhha. I am glad at least it shows some improvement. Please keep voting and adding new account!!!! Fingers cross.
  6. I kinda feel bad too. Lets stop talking about the vote already then. And lets go back to the way before the Vote started. And just focus on our couple, their whereabouts and activities. If he lost the popularity award then let it be. Lets just hoping he would get other more prestigious award like best actor or something. But please keep voting daily.
  7. Tried to sign up using yopmail. but email format is not supported.
  8. Anybody in here uses 2 acc on the same phone? I managed to vote using 1 acc but then when I signed out use the other acc I cant vote ( pop up maybe says I have already used my 2 votes as i do not read any koreans). I can do it yesterday though.
  9. its saturday. They clearly have nothing else to do. But yes the increase is just abnormal. He has at least 1k increase every 10min. Tried to add another acc to since this morning but still can verify email.