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  1. @Gerry58 English subs already out for Wy's Vlive. He talked about his upcoming birthday concert in Busan in April 29th, how he might get emotional doing a solo concert there. He also talked about his childhood mostly where he ate. He was speaking some English too hehehe. He also said he's trying to do something like a World Tour so let's wait for him hehehe. So after his concert on the 29th, he'll just spend his birthday on the 30th with his family in Busan hehehe. SY is really MIA. I wish she can update her IG hehehe. No news yet about her new agency.
  2. I did not know SY appeared in this drama. She was really being promoted before with PSH. That's why she was getting negative comments before from fans. It's good that she transferred to another agency and somehow created her own name.
  3. Wy appearing again. Now on Vlive [VLive] Invitation to Wooyoung's Birthday http://www.vlive.tv/video/67262
  4. He's been doing live nowadays hehehe cr: @0410minnie
  5. @Gerry58 Based on some fan translations, he bought a refurbished or a second hand piano and I think it's the one he's playing with.
  6. WY and SY both doing pilates hehehe WY Live
  7. WY looks young he can be a member of Got7, Day6 or Stray Kids. 2pm is always well loved in Japan so whenever there is a KCON in Japan, the group or a member is always invited to get fans hehehehe. The KCON is like his solo concert hehehe.
  8. with Stray kids vlive http://www.vlive.tv/video/66916