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  1. Reposting with Eng subs. His red coat reminds me of wgm when he and Sy wore the same red coat. Also he gave Taecyeon a ukelele. Hope he is reminded if Sy playing one during wgm especially he recorded this video last July during Sy's birthday.
  2. Based on the drama description before the divorce they had a fiery love so there maybe a kiss scene. Probably thru flashbacks haha
  3. It's a different role from her other dramas. Excited to watch in April. She would have 3 months to lose weight hehehe. @standingtallyy To add to the delulu it would be great if this was on the news. "PSY accepted the drama after one year in Money Flower. This is also her first drama after her marriage with 2pm JWY and birth of their first child" hahahaha.
  4. The actor already accepted the drama.It's all over the news. As per the news, the drama is one of the anticipated drama of 2019 so hope Sy accepts.
  5. Yes it looks interesting. Is she the main lead? If she is maybe her new company is marketing her as main instead of the antagonist.
  6. @Gerry58 That's good news. Hope she accepts so that we can see her soon.
  7. Happy new year YY Nation. I just noticed now that SY attended SBS drama awards as a presenter with Kwon Yul. She was wearing white with her blonde hair. She gained weight. Check it out on part two of the show. Her new company did not even advised her fans. Though it was short so glad to see her. Kwon Yul promoted his new drama for SBS. Sy did not promote anything which means she won't have any drama yet.
  8. Merry christmas YY nation. Here's Wy
  9. Translated interview of Sy after Money Flower. She also a perfectionist like Wy hehehe
  10. Latest pics from Sy. I guess the other friend who locked the IG wanted privacy. These pics are from h.j_angel who always posts pics and videos of Sy. That blonde hair hehehe
  11. Yes cannot access the IG post anymore. Too bad was not able to screen shot hehehe. Before even if her photos were shared on her friend's IG it's not being locked or deleted. Now we only see 1 or 2 pics of her from friends and it's being locked. Now my curiosity on Sy's hiding is growing hahaha.