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  1. @standingtallyy Indeed she has that "pregnant" look hahaha. It's good to see her after for so long. She's really gaining weight whenever she doesn't appear for so long. I remember when she has the contract dispute and she appeared to promote Cat Funeral she also gained weight. It seems she's not working out if she doesn't have work hahaha. Just reposting Caption It's not my birthday. It's hard to gather. Thanks for coming. It would have been hard for me because of my baby. Wait a minute, it was good that Baine did not find me. One more night, Thank you very much for your gift. Thank you for your late love
  2. Opening of 2PM's 10th Anniversary Exhibition
  3. I don't want to think she's not getting drama offers. With her previous dramas she's probably stereotyped as a villain or this nice lonely girl. With the type of dramas nowadays they might think she's not fit for the roles.
  4. @standingtallyy I think that the new CF was made before she went on "leave" hehehe. I think when she advertised for the mobile app for the same company she already made the car insurance CF. It's still nice to see her. I want to see her current activity and see what she's hiding hahaha.
  5. @Xette12 Don't be sorry. This forum is really made for our delulus hehehe. Other ship out there has not given up yet so we won't too hehehe. @standingtallyy The new company may be nice enough to grant her a "leave" hehehe. 9 months is not that long hahahaha.
  6. @Thuy LE I miss them too. Other WGM couples have unpublished videos posted in Youtube recently. There were a lot that were not aired on TV. I am wondering if YY also has some. @standingtallyy Unfortunately there were no news about them recently. Like you I am starving to get a news about her or even an SNS update. She's hiding thoroughly these months. I am wondering why there were no posts from her or from her friends. If she got married and on the family way, then she would have not signed with a new agency. I don't want to think she doesn't have any offers.
  7. @Xette12 The IG post stated this. Too bad there is no photo again. Dating with my sister ♥ I went to the pretty cafe I was looking at Sitting next to # Se-young Park I laughed and saw my nephew. What is pretty about sunglasses? Yes we would barely see WY now. I hope he'll be an MC or a performer of some military concerts. They usually publicized those so we can see videos or pictures of him.
  8. School 2013 casts became really close. They even hang out with Jang Nara before. However I don't see them hanging out with KWB and LJS. Before they are updating with their pictures but now we rarely see pictures of them. Are they not posting because of SY? Is she pregnant and really needs to hide her baby bump hahahahaha. Just kidding
  9. @Xette12 We're becoming desperate to see even an inch of SY hahahaha. I think because the training is over he was already moved to his assigned battalion. I think based on what I read it's stricter there. So it would be hard to see WY unless he's in a vacation or attending a military concert.
  10. @Xette12 At least we saw her hand hahahaha. Wow she bonded with her School 2013 mates and of course the cute guy with the glasses hehehe. I think they completed the ice bucket challenge. # Ice Bucket Challenge # Bracelet # Certification shot Now after training WY is missing in action hahaha.
  11. @Xette12 It's 2AM's Changmin.