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  1. 2PM started releasing the new set of concert posters for 6 nights. First was Chansung. His concept is a pro photographer. Watch out for WY's
  2. WY was meeting Jun K. Too bad no pictures hehe Jun_K IG Story: Met JWY yesterday, Junho & Chansung today. Meeting Wooyoung tmrw again. Taec & Khunnie probably meeting next week. Excited. Trans by 2pmalways
  3. Here's the other videos. She's enjoying her vacation with the cast. I am sure she'll become close friends with them. She's so close now with the female actresses. and look how comfortable she is even with the guys.
  4. It's great Seyoung did live. She's simple but so pretty. She doesn't need any effort to become pretty. Some YY fans was asking her about WY haha. Love it. @JuneQT and @yun84 Hi. Keep visiting. We love new members.
  5. BTS. It would be great though if there is a video.
  6. I am hoping that there will be photos however based on this since some casts wont be able to join they will go low profile. Unless SY will post that's the only time will be seeing her.
  7. I read the article for their reward vacation in Jeju. So good the 3 leads and casts will be able to bond. Too bad for Kwon Yool though. So cute SY doing her happy dance at the beginning. Her simple outfit at the end when they took the final photo with a reverse snap back is so cute.
  8. Yah she looks pretty even in prisoner's clothes hahaha. Atleast she was shown happy even in prison. Too bad though they did not reach 30%. It reached 30% we will have the chance to see the casts more since they will fulfill their promise.
  9. Why there are no news or pictures of SY arriving at their wrap up party.? All three leads has one. Why? I want to see her full outfit. The only girl hahaha
  10. SY going in prison. I pity her when she cried in her cell while JI is just laughing. Too sad for her. It's now twice she went to prison in dramas. If WY just congratulated Oull cosmetics then I will be in delulu mode now hahaha. I wonder why WY congratulated Inklouz. I wonder if he'll join the company's Secret Party launching show. Most performers are rappers. I think Sy won't be signing with a different cosmetics company which will have the same line as Oull.
  11. Though there are a lot of good Chinese dramas, I am not fond of watching them. Probably since I am used to watching Korean dramas for years.
  12. Suspicious partner has a great story and interesting. I started it because of JCW and Chansung and got hooked from then. The reason why Suspicious partner is not doing well is because they divided one episode in two airings per day due to China ban. So instead of watching just one episode for the day, they will be 2 episodes per day and inserted advertisements. Instead of only 20 episodes there will be 40 episodes which is not typical for a weekday drama. The other drama Ruler of the Mask , which is on the same time slot with Suspicious Partner followed this format too. Though they had beaten Suspicious partner their rating is only 10%. They started with these dramas and this will be followed by all three networks in future dramas to cover production cost they will lose due to China ban. I guess Korean production of drama is really suffering to the ban of China. I haven't started Whisper yet since I am still watching My secret romance and currently watching Law of the Jungle since the actor is there and GOT7 Mark is there too haha.
  13. Wow I love how they tagged her as one great villains together with Kim Seo Hyeong and Lee Yu-ri. Too bad they did not reach 30% so that they can fulfill their promise to the fans.