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  1. @Gerry58 I am guessing she will be bad all through out the drama however she may still have a good love with Kwon Yul's character since he's the one she really wants to marry. English subs on Dramacool but I think we need to wait a bit longer since the sub timing is not that good yet.
  2. SY in a wedding dress. It would be her fourth time wearing one hahaha Her character is so evil haha. They married but she's having an affair too haha. People are hating her character now. Choi Soo-yeon, the heiress to the largest law firm in the country (Taebak), marries Lee Dong Joon through the deal made by her father, Choi Il-Hwan( Kim Gap Soo - scary!). However, she maintains a relationship with Kang Jung-Il, an attorney in Taebak who very much wants to be in DJ's son in law position. Soo-yeon actually wants to marry Jung-Il (!!). Kang Jung-Il's father is Kang Yu-tak who works as a defense attorney. The Choi family has past tie with the Kang family, to the beginning when Il-Hwan formed Taebak (I think Yu-tak was promised shares of Taebak in exchange for helping Il-Hwan solved and won a case). Il-Hwan's father was also an employee of the Kang family years ago.
  3. [TRANS] CanCam May 2017 - Wooyoung Interview Solo Mini Album 「Party Shots」 to be released soon! CRAZY PARTY with WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) 「“Party Shots” is a song that tells you to enjoy like crazy without thinking about anything」 The title song 「Party Shots」 is a song about forgetting oneself while just having fun like crazy♪ In the midst of deciding the title, I was struck with an idea to try combining the words “party” and “shots” from shot glass! After that, I checked my English with my (2PM’s) members Taecyeon and Nichkhun just to make sure, and they told me that “Party Shots” can also mean “big party.” (laughs) That’s how I came up with my song title this time! 「Whenever I go to parties, I just want to dance! (laughs)」 I think I don’t pay particular attention to my fashion when I go to parties. Because I just want to dance. (laughs) I don’t mind being alone, but when you dance, your company gets bigger and bigger, and before you even know it, you’re already friends with everyone. How about doing a party with the Cancam readers? Everyone~ Please come to my house! (laughs) I’ll do the DJ scratching and liven up the party♪ 「I want to be an artist who continues to do what he wants to do」 As a 2PM member, we had our Tokyo Dome concert last October as our final activity in Japan for the meantime. I think there wasn’t any pressure. But when I think that we couldn’t be together as 6 for a while after that, I got lonely and it felt like there was a hole left in my heart. Looking back now, all I could do was focus on the concert since my will to come back someday as 6 is bigger. As a solo artist, I want to continue the things I truly want to do. I want to be an artist who can express his own self freely. 「There is no correct answer in life. That’s why, shouldn’t it be okay whatever I choose?」 If I were to explain briefly my new mini album 「Party Shots」, the content of this album would be “I expressed everything I want to convey through music!” If there is the title song 「Party Shots」 which is a fully fun dance song, there are also hip hop-like and ballad songs. I think it really gives off a very free feeling. I believe that there is no correct answer in life. (laughs) Since there is no such thing as correct answers, it’s important to do the music that I really want to do! That’s why this mini album is filled with that feeling of mine. I, myself, was extremely satisfied with the content of my previous work 「R.O.S.E」, so when I was producing the new album, I honestly felt pressured. But at the same time, my determination of wanting to do music more got even bigger. Since my previous single, I think my musicianship was more broadened. I’d be happy if a gap will be felt from my first album to the point that people would think “Is this produced by a different person?” ♪ JPN-ENG: Yumi Scans by 2PMAlways
  4. Videos Elle Japan 170326 CAPS Clip of 2PM Wooyoung from @/ellejapan update
  5. @Gerry58 It's ok. It's good you're also updating SY's forum. Thanks for sharing the video of the full press conference. I was looking so hard for the video.
  6. @Gerry58 I was able to post on Seyoung's Soompi forum. ANAN No. 1940 Source: &
  7. Wow that see through blouse hehe. She looks so happy in the press conference. I am also wondering about her tweet being in a low place and new change. But there is a smiley afterwards so it may not be a bad thing.
  8. Most of the articles I've seen is Ji Sung visiting his wife LBY on their set. They are really couple goals. This is also a good promotion since Defendant has a high rating, it may continue to Whisper. Hopefully after the press conference we may have articles for SY. Off topic. TY attended SES Bada's wedding. It would be great if he attended one of the member's wedding hahaha.
  9. It's really hard to see updates from SBS. I don't know if they have SNS accounts. Unlike KBS they have SNS accounts. They do live streaming even in Youtube.