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  1. She's getting more beautiful as she gets older. Same with WY, he's becoming more handsome as he ages.
  2. Sy has a lot of sponsors from coats to jewelries.
  3. I am also amazed that until today there are still fans making YY fan arts. I miss seeing a lot of them though hehe. 5 more pages to go and we will be on our 2000th page. Though only few of us left, I will still create a second thread once this closes for us to continue supporting WY and SY hehe. I believe there will be new YY fans in the future hehe. Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating. Advance Merry Christmas from 2PM hehe
  4. @standingtallyy Seyoung doesn't need to retire when she gets married. Perfect example would be Lee Boyoung. Though she's married with Jisung she continues to act and even have kissing scenes hehehe. I would always love Wooyoung from debut until 25 more years hehehe. Though nowadays Chansung seems more interesting hahaha. I would also join for gathering in Seoul if we get a dating announcement from YY. Let's go to JYP building and post a congratulatory banner hehehe,
  5. @Gerry58 It would be the other way around hehe. Wooyoung loves diving even before WGM. So my delulu WY influenced SY or he taught her hehehe.
  6. Delulu: SY was good in diving and underwater breathing is because she has a great diving instructor, WY hehehe. WY has a license in Scuba Diving. Probably they had several diving dates hehehe.
  7. @standingtallyy Yes she looks good with anyone. If JH and JSJ are not married, you can ship them with her. She has good chemistry with any guy she works with. Even before when she just started, even she's only a supporting role it can be helped but ship her with the main lead due to good chemistry. And after the drama, she becomes good friends with them. PSY is amazing. Wy really needs to be worried and step up hehehe.
  8. @Gerry58 That's what I appreciate with MBC's dramas, they always released BTS like we scene during MDGSW. We will definitely see more of the scenes. Money Flower is one of the popular dramas in all streaming sites so it would be subbed really fast.
  9. Money Flower BTS. SY's so comfortable with everyone. Look how she placed a heat pack on JSJ neck hehehe. I like this scene SY's swimming
  10. SY and JSJ dated and kissed. Their relationship is indeed moving fast hehehe. I think the second lead will still fall in love with NMH. However, the receptionist will come back with their 6 year old son so that will be the start of the complications.
  11. Celebrity breakups are so common when the guy is in military service. Joo Won and BOA also broke up . I can't understand why they can't sustain the relationship while the guy is in military service. Ordinary couples can do it why can't they hahaha. Always saying that they broke up due to busy schedules doesn't make sense. This has always been used as a reason for celebrity break ups in Korea hahahaha.
  12. Seyoung keeps on getting married in her dramas hehehe. Hope in Money Flower they also have a wedding scene. I am anticipating for her wedding dress haha.
  13. I think the next two episodes will be good. It would be the start of the romance of JBC and NMH. It seems so fast and probably on episodes 5 and 6 they will already get married.