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  1. After voting for SY, please also vote for 2pm. Thanks http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1702
  2. Wy's schedule 2017.10.24 (Tue) MUSIC ON! TV 'M - ON! SPECIAL' WOOYOUNG (From 2 PM) '' (17: 30 ~ 18: 00) WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) Special program http://www.m-on.jp/program/detail/mon-sp-wooyoung-1710/ 2017.10.23 (Monday) CanCam WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) interview posted 2017.10.19 (Thursday) BARFOUT WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) back cover & 8 pages feature interview posted http://barfout.jp/index.php 2017.10.12 (Thursday) BAILA WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) Interview posted https://baila.hpplus.jp/ Tuesday 2017.9.26 LINE LIVE https://live.line.me/channels/21/upcoming/5295538 WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) LINE LIVE Raw delivery decision! 2nd Mini Album scheduled to be released on October 11 "I am still ..." Production secret story, special program to deliver such as enthusiasm for tour starting from the end of September! In addition, 2PM 's LINE official account "WOOYOUNG answers your concerns" Great recruitment for the project. What advice would you do ...! What? Look forward to live delivery. In case Furthermore, on this day Heart mission "I still am ..." MV monopoly is the first lifting ban! ! Please push the heart and join the program. On air (planned) 9 / 26㈫21: 30-22: 30 2017.9.24 (Sunday) smart WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) Interview posted http://tkj.jp/smart/ More pics Cr jngwyng
  3. It would be hard for 2AM to release a new album because their members are with different companies. Most veteran idol artists of JYP are leaving. Starting with Miss A Jia, Wonder Girls and 2AM. 2PM contract is only until 2018 so let's see what will happen. What's good with JYP is that when his artists leave the company they still remain close just like Rain and G.O.D. He's been visiting Jia in China too. Wy's good for his upcoming solo concert are so good. Who would go to Japan? Please buy me the goods hehe.
  4. 20170921. Se Young updated IG (Reply Yoon Hyun Min's invitation- Support message for 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Game) · She nominated her actress friends. She did not nominate any guy friend hehehe. •"Hello~ This is Park Se Young. "One passion, One Korea, One World", supporting the success of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games & 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games ·•I pray for success of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics ·•Actor Yoon Hyun Min nominated me to join this meaningful relay together. I now pass it to Actress #Ha Jae Suk, Actress #KoWoo Ri and Actress #Gil Eun Hye ·•I sincerely wish 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games & 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games success. It's Pyeongchang Olympic supporting message relay. Please pass this "Passion Connect" relay to the other three (artists)! ·•This is the 'Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Game' supporting message relay. Pass this 'Passion Connect' relay on to 3 others ·•# 2018 Pyeongchang #Pyeongchang2018 # One passion # Korean # Suhorang # Bandabi # soohorang # bandabi # paralympics Yes the girl is pretty. I think the girl might be the girlfriend of the guy in the picture too hehehe. Again WY and SY appeared the same time in SNS hehehe.
  5. Yes SY would not care about popularity but it would be great if she win hehehe.
  6. @Gerry58 Thanks for voting. It would be great if she enters even the top 50. However it would be really hard. The fandom of idol actresses are no joke hehehe.
  7. YY friends. I know it would be hard but let's try and vote for Seyoung. Let's show our support. 1 vote per day. Let's vote for Seyoung for 2017 Asia Artist Awards'! http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704 The end of 2017 is quickly approaching, and you know what that means! Time to see which artists, actors, actresses, songs, albums, dramas, and more touched the hearts of fans in the past year! One upcoming year-end award show is the '2017 Asia Artist Awards' , which will take place on November 15 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Fans can vote for their favorite artist, actor, and actress to receive the 'Fans' Popularity Award', with the first round voting taking place from September 20 - October 10. The top 50 who receive the most votes in the first round period will then move on to the second round. The second round voting will be carried out through the organizers' mobile app.
  8. I think WY won't change his mind and do a drama hehehe. After Dream High, I just rewatched this Master's Sun parody to see him act. He did a great job on this hehehe. I think this would be the last time I'll see him in a drama and a drama press conference hehe.
  9. Old video of Sy dancing to PSY Gentleman during Music Bank.
  10. @2handsintertwined Correct except for WY. I would love to see him in a drama though hehe. Miss his Dream high days. Taec - army and drama Khun - Korean drama and travel show with Jun K\ Jun K - travel show with Khun Chansung - Japanese musical Altar Boyz Junho - Korean solo and drama Wooyoung - Japanese solo album. He won't have drama hehehe.
  11. @Gerry58 I am still waiting for the English subs of The Star Japanese version. They said the questions asked to him are different from the Korean version. # 2PM # Woo Young Japanese magazine cover! Confession of love affair | Daily News | Billboard JAPANhttp: // www. billboard-japan.com/d_news/detail/ 55265 ... # 투 피엠 # Woooyong # 우영 # 장우영 # THESTAR 日本 版 # THESTAR # 더 스타 # 더 스타일 오판 Popular K-pop idol 2 PM in Japan. It is a big artist who line up with Tohoshinki, BIGBANG and others. From September 4, Tae Kyung enlistment began, enlistment of members started in order from this year. Activities for all six people can not be seen for a while, but since joining Wyon has been actively working on solo activities in Japan since next year. Japan tour from Solo to September 29 and holding solo mini album in October. Before that, it appeared as a cover model of Japanese new magazine "THE STAR (Japan Version)" (on sale). "THE STAR (Japan Version)" is a Japanese version of Korean fashionable tabloid monthly magazine. Season's studio 's gravure & interview - and latest fashion & cosmetic information have been published, popular magazines for Korean young people. The Korean version August issue where Woo Young decorated the cover, sold-out continued in Korea as well. And it also appeared in the cover issue in the first issue of the Japanese version. You must read photos that are not on the Korean version and interviews that talk about frank feelings to Japanese fans. Debu - at that time it was called "Beast Idol", Macho was 2PM for sale, but Woo Young says "I have not got to the gym at all now." Before enlisting, I am talking about the feeling of working separately from the member who ran through the 20th generation together, the last year of my twenties, and the feeling of romance, in a stressed language for Japanese readers. A girl with a young man who became an adult unfamiliar with experiences of idol who is active all over the world can see a glimpse. There is another Japanese magazine interview he will be featured on # Kazuya Ninomiya Cover & 12 pages launched 25th anniversary 10/19 issue # BARFOUT ! # Bafout ! # WOOYOUNG (From 2PM) in theNovember issueback cover & appeared in the 8 page feature! Amazon reservation started →http: // amzn.to/2fhbugZ # Woo Young # 2 PM
  12. I think two years ago someone also spotted WY with his Audi. It was when he partied with Nickhun (pic is on page 1333). There was a delulu here in YY nation that he bought the car because he was already dating. He doesn't want to be driven by his manager anymore hehehe. He and Chansung has the simplest car among the members. Wooyoung's HJM Q&A.
  13. WY supported and watched JoKwon's play. #JoKwon's twitter update with #2PM #Wooyoung
  14. It seems they have already fixed Soompi. I like the react buttons hehehe. I feel like Sy's new drama would coincide with Wy tour dates hahaha. Anyway. I read latest magazine interview of Taec. He was talking about his type and what he'll do with his girlfriend. He like to go to Rome with his girlfriend and talked history with her. He also talked about marriage. He will marry within 10 years. I hope the next interviews of WY will talk about these as well. But I hope he wants to marry earlier hehehe.