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  1. Did Wy take a leave to attend Dara's birthday? Hehehe Now I hate to think that fans speculations of them dating are true. There is a page posting all couple items for both. We have caps, shirts and jewelries. Wy following her on SNS and liking her posts and pics. Dara doing the same too.
  2. It's nice to see SY thru this commercial but I need a different update for her
  3. K food star Cupful latte stick power with Wy and an actress. Oh I just wished he collaborated with our favorite actress. That would be great and it would make us really happy.
  4. @Xette12 hahaha your posts are so funny. Sy might have undo his shirt while in labor hahahaha.
  5. @Xette12 The comment is indeed funny hahaha. What if he's really nervous not because of the performance but because his wife at home is really giving birth hahahaha. I know someone who always carry a hot pack. It's PSY hahaha
  6. What is going on with Sy? I agree @standingtallyy this is worst than the time there was a company dispute. Is she not receiving any kind of offer. Unless she is on her way I can fully accept her missing in action hahahaha
  7. Wy chose a great song to remake hehe
  8. Too bad SY did not win. She did not attend too. But I am still happy because Chansung won two awards.
  9. Hope Money Flower bags most awards including of course the excellence actress Marry Me Now,” “Money Flower” and “My Golden Life” lead the nominees for the 11th Korea Drama Awards. Grand Prize (Daesang) Lee Mi-sook – Money Flower Lee Byung-hun – Mr. Sunshine Yoo Dong-geun – Marry Me Now Chun Ho-jin – My Golden Life Best Drama Marry Me Now (KBS2) My Mister (tvN) Money Flower (MBC) My Golden Life (KBS2) Top Excellence Award, Actor Kam Woo-sung – Should We Kiss First? Park Seo-joon – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Park Si-hoo – My Golden Life Lee Sang-woo – Marry Me Now Top Excellence Award, Actress Shin Hye-sun – My Golden Life Wang Bit-na – Mysterious Personal Shopper Jung Yu-mi – Live Han Ji-hye – Marry Me Now Excellence Award, Actor Ryu Soo-young – Nice Witch Seo Kang-joon – Are You Human? On Joo-wan – Man in the Kitchen Hwang Chan-sung – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Excellence Award, Actress Park Se-young – Money Flower Shin Se-kyung – Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Uee – My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh Chae Jung-an – Suits Best New Actor Lee Shi-kang – Happy Sisters Yeo Hoe-hyun – Marry Me Now Wi Ha-joon – Something in the Rain Cha Eun-woo – Gangnam Beauty Best New Actress Kim Tae-ri – Mr. Sunshine Park Se-wan – Marry Me Now Seo Eun-soo – My Golden Life Jung Hye-sung – Oh, the Mysterious Best Screenplay Park Pil-joo – Marry Me Now Park Hae-young – My Mister Lee Myung-hee – Money Flower So Hyun-kyung – My Golden Life Best Original Soundtrack “Because I Only See You” (Kim Na-young) – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim “Days Without Tears” (Kim Yoon-ah) – Mr. Sunshine “The Person Within Me” (Monday Kiz) – Marry Me Now “No Longer Mine” (Roy Kim) – Familiar Wife The 11th Korea Drama Awards is happening on October 2, 2018.