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  1. SInce it's cable show, the ratings are really low. I think the highest they reached this year was 6.1% when an actress appeared too. Hope though the last episode with SY has good ratings.
  2. Preview... I think they talked about MKH singing MF's OST and him knowing SY.
  3. Jtbcbros IG Update ...Heechul ??? hahaha It would be great if SY also worn a skirt.
  4. @standingtallyy Yes everything is good that we want more hehehehe. It's like waiting for a new episode of a drama hehehe.
  5. @standingtallyy Your friend is really great in thinking scenarios for a fan fic. This most recent story is like connected to Wy's most recent songs of someone hurting or breaking up with him. Next please hehehehe. Your friend can make a novel for YY hehehehe. @drkangel I agree. Probably, one reason that she agreed to guest in Knowing Brother is JHS is her friend. Since she worried about being boring on the show, HS probably made it easier for her to adapt with the show. Yes she left a congratulatory message to her when she can't come to HS WGM wedding.
  6. @standingtallyy It's great that you're able to watch 2pm performance before it was blocked hehehe. Another great fan fic you have there but I want the next part hehehehe. @hazeljrr_c922 Wow so he sang the OST. For sure he knows SY then hehehehe.
  7. @standingtallyy Try this It's not clear on the preview but it seems Min Kyung-hoon gave the flowers to Sy and he was her partner on the later part of the show. Finding a boyfriend and announcing she is single in a program is definitely not SY hahahaha.
  8. Heechul knowing Sy and the hosts recognizing her popularity is a big thing.
  9. It seems SY attended her friend's baby's 100th celebration. So cute. My favorite boys hehe
  10. Youtube version. Directly watch it on youtube.
  11. Here's 2PM's Full performance. Youtube link not working. Try the Dailymotion Link. Enjoy! As always it was amazing! Cr as tagged. Thanks so much. @drkangel I'll join your delulu hehehehe. Since she's been watching the Olympics, she won't miss the Victory ceremony hehehe. She watched 2pm performance and remembered the good moments they had during WGM and after hahaha. She'll probably miss him more hahaha.