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  1. Hey All, I'm a bit late to this post but I have followed this drama since the day it was announced. SKY Castle is already my second best drama for 2018 and we're not even halfway. Right from the first scene, I could tell this drama was gonna be LIT and I am definitely not disappointed! Everything is working well here; the cast, the cinematography, the story, the music... I wait anxiously for Friday nights, and rewatch past episodes, something I haven't done in a while. My main attraction was the more mature cast, veterans I have followed since I started watching dramas 10yrs ago. As soon as I saw the names, I knew I was gonna watch it regardless of the ratings. (A mature cast is almost a guarantee that the story will be solid.) I'm on the better side of 30 so I don't care for idol actors and their pop dramas... However, I will make an exception for Chani because I love SF9. Dramas are business, so I understand why idols have to be included, even though this drama is awesome enough to not need them. The young actors have also been such a revelation! Their acting is solid backed by a solid script. Ms Ubermensch is doing such a good job of being an annoying prick, I can't even be mad at her character!! I won't repeat what has been said here because we all agree they're doing a good job. I especially love the humour the writer has injected. One of my favourite scenes was when the twins are out riding their bikes and spot Ms.Ubermensch walking. The naughty twin whizzes past her and screams in her ear... Oh MAN!! That scene was too funny! Or when Gangnam Bully Number One bumped her head into her neighbour's chest. Ouch! I wonder how the writer thought of it! or this one.... I'm looking forward to seeing how the castles fall from the sky and who will rise up from the debris. The spread of the diary is like a fire that will raze down the entire place. Only the ones who are willing to change will survive. Hopefully, it can make the education policymakers in Korea think about making more comprehensive changes to the education production line. (we have the same problem in my country, just not as bad). A Wife's Credentials didn't wake them up though, so maybe I shouldn't expect some social change. I want to applaud the real star here, the screenwriter. The story and set up is so solid, only a catastrophe can ruin it. I have confidence she can keep up the quality of the story to the end. Now, when is Friday getting here???!!
  2. I was watching a movie some time ago, if I am not wrong it was Jeon Do-Yeon's movie from 2008, My Dear Enemy... They were at a location that looked suspiciously like a building in My Mister. Early in the drama, there's a building that PDH and his brothers talk about, the one that was built to curve with the path of a river. This shot from the movie looks like a shot from the other end of that street in MA. Am I dreaming? It's finally holiday time... I've curled up on my sofa with my laptop and I'm bravely rewatching MA and taking notes. I got to episode 2 yesterday before I felt overwhelmed again and had to stop. LOL!!! Going back in for another two episodes. From the dramas I'm watching currently, Encounter is walking the line between becoming an overhyped cliche or a good comeback drama. I watch it while worrying it will fail but I am a sucker for love so I will persist. However, I strongly, STRONGLY recommend SKY Castle. It's gonna be my second best drama for 2018 already. Awesome plot, awesome characters, awesome actors, crazy comedy and a serious topic.... Highly recommended. @joseph lim, do you have the vLive link of the TV writer's award event?
  3. Even as I watch other dramas, I am still seeing My Mister in there somewhere.... I saw this scene in episode 14 of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, and I had to screenshot it immediately!! Guys, is this our dear Hoogye neigbourhood? Am I seeing my own things?? Because every place in that drama is forever imprinted in my mind!! Otherwise? How are we all doing? I am now watching other dramas without suffering from comparison paralysis. There's some quality stuff to look forward to as a melo/romance addict, even as I relive memories of this show. ( However, I really don't need another drama to wreck me like Ahjussi did. For the next four years. I still cry when I listen to Rainbow several times a day. Every day.)
  4. OMG! Sang Hoon is looking sooooo DADDY here! If he had done his hair like this in the drama, I would have loved him the most!! HE FIIIINNNEEEEE!!! Have y'all been able to rewatch this drama? I can't bring myself to watch it again.... I think I'll be more destroyed than the first time.... I just hope it wins more awards. The award above made me sooooo happy!
  5. SOOOO many awesome scenes, especially in Episode 12!!! First.... DADDY!!! (Creep playing in the background absolutely finished me!! ) Second. I want to live in this neighbour hood!! 3. writernim absolutely killed me with this scene! LOOOOLLLL!!! But most importantly... this sequence had me in tears!!! The sound effects made it even more funny!!! And another love confession...OMO!! OMO!! My kokoro!!
  6. OMG !!! So Ji Sub is so DADDY in that Ahjumma Fashion!! He's so hot, it's not even funny anymore!! If he was my man, I would make wear my mommy pants (which I don't own) every other day!!! He's the hottest cross-dresser on the planet right now! I'm finally getting my wish for a romance. The ship is a tiny dot on the horizon, but it's coming towards the port!! That hug made me sweat, but I confess my spirit was lifted higher by SJS in mommy wear! They also used hugging to show who has more affection for the other, because when Yoo Ji Yeon saw Kim Bon, she's the one who latched on to him more. (That love square needs to be broken up quickly!) I am basically fine with AR and KB getting together, but I would rather AR had told the children the truth, that their father passed away. Is it part of the story line? If she tells the children the truth, as she will have to, will they reject Bon Kim? Is the writer setting that up as a stumbling block to the romance? I recall in the drama Five Enough, the kids who loved their mother's new boyfriend started exhibiting anger and aggression once they got married, creating drama after the happily ever after. That angle is too late to take now, seeing as we only have four episodes. There's no need for Joon-Joon to start processing anger at the reveal, so I am waiting to see how the writer resolves the issue. There's a violent murderer on the loose (who freaks me out!), and an evil empire needs to be brought down. But of utmost importance is that my couple must have enough screen time!! I need the pay off! No handshakes please!
  7. I've become a sort of expert in seeing things in dramas after watching My Mister....lol.... Look at the sign that the KIS unnie is making behind Ae Rin!! Then she switches it up a bit... She has seen the potential love in the air!! Even if episode 6 ended with Ae Rin feeling betrayed, and episode seven looks grim, I expect a romantic ending. With a kiss!! I was excited for this drama, but kinda scared because it is on MBC, a channel that has suffered from a poor catalogue of dramas in the recent past. It has exceeded my expectations tho. A fun drama with neighbourhood mystery and international spy/espionage/conspiracy stuff thrown in there. Action doesn't overshadow the Comedy, and the Comedy doesn't overshadow the Action. Everyone is delivering on their part, but seeing SJS with those children is squeezing my ovaries!! I also wondered how the two leads would pull of a romance, especially seeing their age gap. I didn't want someone who looks and acts too young, but Ae Rin's "basic mom" look, the lack of flashiness in their dressing just makes them look good together! Plus, he's good with her kids, so I am convinced they must be a family!! I can't wait for their kiss! (It better sizzle like what's happening on Devilish Joy)
  8. africandramalover

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    This drama has me weak at the knees! The OTP is doing a hell of a job convincing us of their love. The evil aunties, the CEO, his vengeance and gum popping, and the incurable disease made this drama too heavy, but a kiss scene every episode is all the healing I need!! That's what is called on screen chemistry! (As i wait for Dispatch to confirm the rumours I'm entertaining in my head) Actors and actresses take note! (Especially one or two who I will not name).
  9. This "flower". PDH stops at the sewer cover when he sees Monk waiting for him. They look and smile at one another, then go to buy JH flowers. Another reason that the yellow "flower" stood out for me is as an analogy of their deep and long friendship. This is reinforced in episode 11 when DH goes to the monastery instead of work. It is clear that they have a strong friendship, one that has been maintained through time and distance. Monk escaped 20 yrs ago and has never returned to the neighbourhood ( correct me if I am wrong, only for his parents funeral). DH is the one who sneaks to the mountain to see him. They have maintained their friendship undercover since Jung Hee made the Monk an off-limits topic. I was amused at my initial reaction to this Bromance in episode 11. When DH sat on the steps, staring out into the landscape, Monk came up behind him, hugged him and offered words of support. As he was creeping up behind him, I remember feeling some discomfort at the physical affection that I could see was coming. (OMG, he's gonna give him a backhug!) I had to ask myself why, especially since I think that men should not be shamed for male-male affection. Women have the luxury and blessing of expressing affection by physical touch without fear of shaming, yet here I was feeling some type of way as Monk hugged DH. Worse still, I am the huggy-touchy-feely type. What a contradiction! Of course I laughed at this reaction but didn't think much about their friendship until this flower appeared in my rewatch. I love the display of physical affection and support between the two men, full on body contact. (Not to mention, a brilliant reversal of the overused back hug in Kdramaland). I don't recall seeing it in any other drama, and certainly not like in a situation like this where they discuss deep matters of the heart. The scene presented something that is rare on the screen, affection between men that is not romantic or sexual. The writernim/PDnim showed a deeper aspect of their friendship, love and concern for one another's deepest well-being, as opposed to the usual sports/beer analogy or outlet for male friendship as they complain about work or women. The two discuss the heavy stuff that we "have been conditioned to assume" is reserved for women. And maybe that was my real discomfort, an emotional exchange between two men. Maybe they are also able to do this because Monk cannot drink alcohol, and as someone pursuing enlightenment through Buddhism, he has the tendency to be "real", honest with himself, grounded, which a person like DH needs as a place to unburden his deepest emotions. I would venture to state that he must be "comfort" and a "reinforcement pillar" to DH that DH would seek him out to discuss the dead marriage, as opposed to talking to his brothers. Either way, what they have is not mainstream or conventional. Maybe the guys here can elaborate more on friendships between men.....
  10. I checked the ending credits of the episode and didn't see anything like Cuckoo chicken as an advertiser. This looks like a local shop, so unless PDnim was being generous with advertising space.... The main reason why I noticed this scene is because PDH stomps on that cover with such finality, I just had to. It was almost like a military march the way he stopped on it. You're right, nothing can compare, especially this year. I have been able to move on for most part, enjoyed a few dramas while anticipating some upcoming ones, but there's still a hold the tentacles of My Mister have on a corner of my heart that I cannot reach to yank out. That's what keeps me on this page on Soompi. I check other drama forums, but the default page on my browser is this forum. Plus the fansite. MA will always be in the deepest part of my heart reserved for it. Hopefully Boyfriend and Fates and Fury can deliver melo I need to end the year because I am always ready to be emotionally wrecked. I think they had more meals than were shown in the drama. When Gangster is listening to the audio recordings (ep15 or 16), he hears a conversation that JA and PDH had about him that we had not seen in preceding episodes. I can safely assume that it is the same case with the unseen dinners. Seeing those pics has reactivated my desire to return to Seoul... i'll have to do so, and visit as many sites from this drama as possible. Just as soon as I get back to work life. EDIT: I am not sure what this person was smoking... or if we were even watching the same drama, but I know that we cannot be friends....lol https://mydramalist.com/discussions/my-ajusshi/33686-anyone-else-this-this-is-overrated
  11. I'm so glad this thread is still running. I still check up on it several times a day, even as I check out the fansite. I even go to streaming sites and read the comments on the episodes, some up to around 400 comments! I'm not about to let go any time soon!! I have also never watched the BTS videos or interviews because I don't want to be pulled away from that world into the reality that it is a drama. That being said, I must confess I am a bit annoyed with the Japan interviews. I'm back to feeling cheated! Not because of the content, but because they cannot do the same in Korea. I still need a plausible explanation as to why Korea had such a problem with the drama! As someone mentioned upstairs, the drama may not even get the awards it deserves, especially for Best Couple / Actor/ Actress. I can guess they'll wipe our tears away with an award for directing and the screenplay.... Anywhooo... enough of my whining... I finally watched ep16. Unlike other dramas, my head was in overdrive from the first scene, looking for clues in anything, even in this scene where PDH stands on the sewer cover. I took a screenshot, just because... Seriously.... then as I start typing this, my head starts spinning theories. PDH stops at the cover because he's seen the monk who's come to bid Jung Hee goodbye. In the next scene they get a bouquet of yellow flowers. I'm not sure if anyone has analysed that bouquet, but the yellow color struck me as a symbol of friendship and nothing more (esp romantic), considering that Jung Hee was "finally going to be dumped officially". Back to the sewer cover.... The yellow road markings lead up to the sewer cover, and as I look at it, I'm thinking, hmmm, that looks like a flower!!! Especially because the yellow line ends at the sewer line. Why does it end there? Aren't the yellow lines on the edge and middle of a road? Especially considering that in the shot with the monk, the line goes at the edge of the road.... Why is this line haphazardly drawn? Should the line end at a sewer cover? Shouldn't the line feed into the yellow line of the adjacent road? Why is this drama making me crazy?? Away from hyper-symbolism, there are few scenes that stood out this time. 1. The farewell that Ji An gives her grandmother in the morgue struck me as a goodbye to PDH. He is in the same room and is captured in the frame as she talks to her grandma. Why is he in the same frame in this moment that is technically supposed to be Ji An and her grandma? Or maybe the camera just swung that way... it's nothing. You can basically substitute grandma with Park Dong Hoon. She must have realized that it was the end of her and PDHs relationship since she was dealing with the criminal charges at the police station. They had basically reached the end of their road. 2. JA confronts YH about her affair JA: Why would you cheat on a man like Mister? YH: I could give you 100...no, 1,000 reasons why. I don't know if there is a real reason among those, but... JA is not done with the topic. A bit later, JA comes back for YH.... JA: Among the things that Mister said most often... I think that one thing was the kindest thing he said. "Want me to buy anything on my way home?" YH is dumbstruck. Towards the end of the episode, after THE HUG, YH calls PDH, DH: I'm heading home now. Want me to buy anything on the way home? YH finally gets it. YH: Beer. I loved that callback!!
  12. How on earth did I forget that moment!!! hahahahaha! My other drama had its own layers. The music pieces chosen had such a history to them that tied directly to the two protagonists story in a way that nothing else could have explained their relationship. By the time I was done reading analyses from classical music experts, I knew things about classical music I would never have cared about. When I hear classical music, all I think about is Oh Hye Won and Lee Seon Jae. Each director added more padding to the story in their own way that makes the difference between the two dramas and every other drama ever done. On my school break, I intend to rewatch every episode, analyze every scene in this drama and take extensive notes to learn what it takes to write a good story. That should keep my two weeks busy enough.
  13. This drama is so powerful, I tell you... Sometimes in the middle of preparing my concept paper for my dissertation, I think about something in the drama and feel tears forming at the back of my eyes (then I look at my crappy concept paper and the tears disappear ). I am watching a few new dramas, but I'm definitely dropping more dramas than I am following. Everyday isn't Christmas, is it? After all the analyses about the traffic signs, episode 15 makes it painfully obvious that the director was using the traffic signs as a metaphor/ symbol / motif. Even if I missed traffic signs in other episodes, episode 15 was SOOOOO obvious. PDnim is just brilliant! Aspects of this scene sequence have been analysed before, but what caught my attention is how the scenes were arranged this sequence. Deleting the app should take one second, however.... From around minute 54, Ji Ah tells DH she'll delete the wiretap program. She lays down next to Jung Hee who tells her they need to sleep to feel better. JA picks the phone. We see her phone wallpaper, a tree that is blocking the sun behind it. As I posted this, it became so obvious why the tree is blocking the sun!! JA's life is dark, DHs life is so dark, the light has figuratively been blocked from their lives. By the end of the drama, even the lighting style has changes to something brighter to reflect their new brighter, open lives. Could the picture also mean that JA as DHs light, watched DH from behind a "veil"? Ji An listens to DongHoon for the last time as he walks towards the subway. The warning bell of the approaching train rings and the barriers come down as DH crosses the tracks. The barriers have the red light on, plus the very obvious stop sign. Ji An chooses the "uninstall" option the program as she listens to DHs last footsteps... the light is red = stop wiretapping The train flashes past and the barrier behind DH shows the red light and stop sign. The scene changes focus to his legs was he continues walking. Ji An chooses OK to begin the uninstall option and the program is deleted. This is as he's crossed the Railtrack and the train metaphorically cuts their communication.... I almost fainted seeing this. Back to DH's footsteps that we see and can NO LONGER HEAR. (then the "Adult" OST plays over the footsteps). The link to his footsteps that told her about him is ended. The train barrier turns green and rises behind DH and he continues walking. Even though the light is green, the stop sign and the train sign remind us that the link is broken. PS ... Can someone read what this says? Is she changing the wallpaper? Because the wall paper changes to something brighter and with a "traintrack" looking boardwalk thing... If the wallpapers are contrasted, does it mean that JA now has open access to DH, as opposed to before where she saw him through the wiretap? Does she now have "legal" / open access to him (the board walk) as opposed to the wiretap (the sun behind the tree)? Later when she meets him at the café, she hears his voice "without using any channels".... JA puts the phone down and closes her eyes and we see a tear run down her face. I think this is the first tear she's shed in the entire show. She didn't even cry the two times she was beaten by gangster. JH asks her why she is crying. Obviously she cant say. DH is still walking, but now we can hear his steps. JA cannot. the scene ends. They say the script is edited thrice: by the writer, then by the actors and director during shooting, then during post-production in the editing suite. The sequence of the scenes just hit me BAM! BAM!! BAM!!!. PDNim was playing a piano with how those scenes were arranged. The end of their bond (wiretapping) plays out so beautifully here, I was blown away! I can see PDnim with his directors notes, telling the editing guy how to arrange the scenes, knowing that he's trolling us by hiding awesomeness in plain sight. I'm still gathering the courage to watch episode 16, two weeks after watching 15. I don't know why it's harder now!!!
  14. Awesome!! There's so much detail in the littlest things! I decided to Shazam anything musical in this drama after finding the Simon and Garfunkel song. I have found that the tunes used in the drama have been named very carefully. by tunes I mean the soundtrack without lyrics. The subway also makes an appearance in this episode, when JA, DH and the staff run to catch the last train. JA and DH catch the train as the others miss it... Subway = danger and excitement for the normally sluggish DH, and JA confesses yet again, without prompting. The scene with the office gang running is replayed later at Grandma's funeral when JA and the neighbourhood gang run to the bus. _______ I have been reading through the forum once again ( I'm on page 75) and I have come to the conclusion, finally, like the director said, that this was a healing drama. Anything else was extra. Everyone's story line is working towards Healing as the overall theme. Yeon Hee's backstory and the reason for their poor marriage is not explored in too much detail, so as not to detract us from the healing between DH and JA. They kept a lot of things ambiguous on purpose to achieve this. So now, I am good with the whole handshake ending. It's not the kiss I wanted, which would have been the most amazing kiss in dramaville, but I'm good. Let's look at the drama as they said it is, a healing drama. _______ @seungshin , you really need to be here and watch this drama. I though that there wouldn't be a drama that would come close to SLA for another 20 years, but My Mister proved me soooooo wrong!! @rellea , Japan got a DVD for Secret Love Affair while the rest of us were left high and dry. there had been a campaign to get a DVD out, but they said the numbers were too few.... Japan are so lucky!!
  15. @mymister31 , what was the main reason for the backlash about the drama? Is it as you say, the change in attitudes towards dramas, or did the casting make a difference? Did Koreans have a problem with IU and LSK as a drama couple, as opposed to if IU and Gong Yoo (for example) had been a couple? While I can see how changing attitude towards depictions in dramas can play a role, it seemed like people were more disgusted by LSK and IU as a couple, and IUs controversy from 2012. I think this is a very interesting naming... buffet feminism.... it seems like one of the reasons feminism doesn't gain traction among men, and I dare say, some women. Edit..... this comment from page 37 has some clarity