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  1. Waaahhhhh . . . . . We got our KISS guys!!! So many kisses at the end!!! Yesyesyes!!!! squealing in delight!!! I am hyperventilating right now because of the KISS!
  2. Hi guys! Count me in guys, i am a JiChangWook & Yoona Shipper. I love both of them in The K2 and they the reason that i am watching it. I am neither a fan of both of them but i love them in K2. I.hope and pray for them to be real. I also love them as Jeha and Anna in K2, which is all it started and i began to shipped them to be real. By the way, thanks Nerise for starting this thread and to all those who posted pictures, gifs and videos. Kamsahamnida!
  3. OMG! I want to join the fun as well. I LOVE JEHA and ANNA or shall i say JEHANNA!!! They are the reason that i watch K2. Boy, Episode 10 is by far my favorite episode. The kiss is sweet and makes my heart feel giddy while watching them. The chemistry between JCW and Yoona is explosive. I am rooting for them till the end. I hope and pray that there will be a happy ending for JehAnna.