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  1. Waaahhhhh . . . . . We got our KISS guys!!! So many kisses at the end!!! Yesyesyes!!!! squealing in delight!!! I am hyperventilating right now because of the KISS!
  2. Hi guys! Count me in guys, i am a JiChangWook & Yoona Shipper. I love both of them in The K2 and they the reason that i am watching it. I am neither a fan of both of them but i love them in K2. I.hope and pray for them to be real. I also love them as Jeha and Anna in K2, which is all it started and i began to shipped them to be real. By the way, thanks Nerise for starting this thread and to all those who posted pictures, gifs and videos. Kamsahamnida!
  3. OMG! I want to join the fun as well. I LOVE JEHA and ANNA or shall i say JEHANNA!!! They are the reason that i watch K2. Boy, Episode 10 is by far my favorite episode. The kiss is sweet and makes my heart feel giddy while watching them. The chemistry between JCW and Yoona is explosive. I am rooting for them till the end. I hope and pray that there will be a happy ending for JehAnna.
  4. Wow, i am speechless and touched by Hye Kyo's IG post! Congratulations to all those who are involved in this project and to those who have donated. I just want to say that i am proud to be a SongSong Shipper!!! Thanks SHK for recognizing us.
  5. OMG!!!! I am late with spazzing with you guys. I was out during the livestreaming of the fanmeet of JoongKi but anyways, thank you for all those who posted updates, pictures and videos during the fanmeet!!! You guys are heaven sent. Looking at the pictures and watching the videos makes my heart skip and i feel giddy!!! I just want to say that SONGSONG COUPLE is REAL!!! I am proud to be part of this group. Thanks again and hello to my fellow SongSong Shippers! Now back to lurking mode 'coz i still need to BR more than 15 pages. Whew, you guys are fast! This ship is definitely SAILING!!!!
  6. Just wanted to unlurk to say thank you to @khxy and to our Captain, @joongkyo for bringing the good news to us here ----- wherein our Goddess, Song Hye Kyo is the guest of our beloved sangnamja Song Joong Ki in his FanMeet in Chengdu, China on June 17!!!! Waaahhhhhh . . . . Let me shout because of the excitement upon seeing the news here while i was backreading. If am not working, i would like to go to Chengdu, China to see for myself the interaction of our couple in flesh but sadly, i cannot go 'coz my work would not allow me to go in a jiffy since i need to secure a travel authority whenever i travel abroad 'coz i work for the government. Anyways, i will be here on the thread spazzing with you guys on June 17. Mark your calendar guys and let's all spazz together. By the way, thank you also to those who constantly post updates and pictures here on our thread. Your posts are highly appreciated. Love you all guys and i am glad that i am a member of this SongSong Couple thread and i am proud to be one. I've been here since the beginning when it was less than 20 pages and now we are nearing the 1000th page, WOW!!!, what a journey we have experience but it was worth it. There may be ups and downs that we experience but we always remain victorious. Thank you again to all my fellow SongSong Shipper! P.S. I am excited on what will happen in the Chengdu Fanmeet!!!
  7. @joongkyo That IG post you just share on the thread is really telling of the relationship of our SongSong Couple. I saw it earlier while i was browsing IG kingdom and find it sweet and cute. Just show that SONGSONG Couple is REAL!!! This ship is really sailing. By the way, thank you for posting it here. Hi to my fellow shippers!!!
  8. WAAAAHHHHHH . . . . . I still can't get over what i have seen fro IQIYI livestreaming, our SONGSONG COUPLE walking hand in hand and fans were real shouting on top of their lungs when they saw them walking on the red carpet together!!!! I am DEAD!!! They are really KOREA'S NATIONAL COUPLE! Just get married you too!!! JoongKi was ever the gentleman and Kyo was beautiful as a goddess!
  9. OMGGGG!!!!!! I cannot breathe, our SONGSONG Couple came together holding hands!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I am hyperventilating right now!!! Our DREAMS CAME TRUE SONGSONG/KIKYO SHIPPERS!!!
  10. @~*kYo*~, @ilovesjk and @angieknows It's good that you have arrived safely in Korea and enjoy your mini vacation. I am excited for you guys in attending the BA on Friday, June 3. Hope and pray that you will have an opportunity to take a picture of our SongSong/KiKyo Couple at the awards night. Anyways, thanks in advance for your effort. Enjoy your stay in Korea and have fun. Take care guys. (Just unlurk to wish you guys goodluck on your stargazing on Friday and also, congratulations on winning a ticket and getting a chance to attend the Baeksang Awards. Also, @angieknows thanks for bringing the messages (which was spearheaded by our Captain @joongkyo) of Kikyo Shippers here in Soompi to be given to our couple (what a presentation! ) and thank you as well for @~*kYo*~ for the banner, they are both beautiful. Just unlurk to say thanks for all your effort guys. SongSong/KiKyo Couple Fighting!!!
  11. Count me in guys, i like both JOTA and JINKYUNG!!! I happen to read an article about them and them being a new WGM Couple so i decided to check out their first episode and I love them from the start. Watching them is like a breath of fresh air and i love their sincerity. I will support them till the end of their journey in WGM. This couple made me comeback to watch WGM again after a long hiatus since my favorite couple (SoLim) ended their run. I loved Jota's shyness and JinKyung bubbly personality. Hope to spazz with you guys in the coming days. Excited for the next episode - - - which is the JUDO Episode because there is a lot of skinship going on.
  12. Just passing by to greet our Captain @joongkyo a Happy, happy birthday to you! Wishing u good health and more blessings on your birthday. Also, thank you to all those who posted updates regarding th guesting of SJK on Happy Camp and SJK's Fan Meet in Wuhan, China and also updates on our Goddess, SHK. Thank you guys. Your updates and posting of pictures and videos are very appreciated! Bye for now. Doing some backreading and back to lurker mode.
  13. Just have to unlurk again to say my thanks to those who have posted updates on Song Joong Ki's FM and travels to China and to Song Hye Kyo's whereabouts as well. Thank you so much to those who continuously posted updates here in our SS Thread! Kamsahamnida!!! Also, welcome back to @joongkyo, our captain of updates! So glad that you are back here again. Mwuah! I just wanted to spazz with all of you for the private pictures that our real Captain SJK posted last night in his Beijing FM!!! I was squealing when i was reading updates thru my phone last night. That pics speaks volume of what their real relationship is and i am happy that he choose to post those pics despite the haters and his fangirls. There's no need for explanation already. "What you see is what you get!!!" I am really happy with what is happening with our SongSong Couple. I will only wait for the announcement of their engagement or marriage in the future, hehehehehe . . . . About the voting, i am sorry i cannot contribute as i am also technologically challenge or incompetent when it comes to voting. Sorry guys. Anyways, keep voting for our SongSong Couple. I hope and pray that they will win in the upcoming Baeksang Awards and Quiyi Awards as well. SONGSONG COUPLE FIGHTING!!!