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  1. Hi everyone and to all my chinggus SS Shippers here! It's been a long time since i last posted here and unlurking just to say my piece on the explosive news that i got to know this morning - SJK and SHK TO GET MARRIED ON OCTOBER 31, 2017!!! I was happy and teary-eyed when i first heard it. I was here from the very beginning where the pages of this thread was only less than 30 pages, i would constantly visit this thread for updates and news and made the deal for me that something is going on with our SongSong couple is the NY date early last year which was later confirmed in early April. More happenings and more sightings were happening which make me believe that there is something special going on with our Fave SongSong couple. Also, added to video of Mr. Kang acting as bodyguard for Kyo in a wedding of the UAA staff, this made me realize that something serious is going on with SS Couple. They may not be able to confirm their relationship last year but i truly believe that they are in a relationship and with the happenings of last year from Baeksang Awards, to the Chengdu Fanmeet to the Sweden sighting, to National Culture & Arts Awards and to the KBS Awards night (which is a night to remember for every SongSong Shipper!!!). As i was recalling the happenings, i was only waiting for a marriage announcement from the both of them and they did not fail me!!! CONGRATULATIONS FIRST AND FOREMOST, TO SONG JOONG KI AND SONG HYE KYO FOR THEIR UPCOMING WEDDING!!! I WISH FOR BOTH OF THEM TO BE HAPPY INTHEIR MARRIED LIFE AND MAY THEY BLESS WITH MANY CUTE CHILDREN!:) Also, Congratulations to us all SONGSONG SHIPPERS! Our ship is truly sailing and i never doubt it even for a moment. Love you all!
  2. Waaahhhhh . . . . . We got our KISS guys!!! So many kisses at the end!!! Yesyesyes!!!! squealing in delight!!! I am hyperventilating right now because of the KISS!
  3. Hi guys! Count me in guys, i am a JiChangWook & Yoona Shipper. I love both of them in The K2 and they the reason that i am watching it. I am neither a fan of both of them but i love them in K2. I.hope and pray for them to be real. I also love them as Jeha and Anna in K2, which is all it started and i began to shipped them to be real. By the way, thanks Nerise for starting this thread and to all those who posted pictures, gifs and videos. Kamsahamnida!
  4. [ Drama 2016] The K2 더 케이투

    OMG! I want to join the fun as well. I LOVE JEHA and ANNA or shall i say JEHANNA!!! They are the reason that i watch K2. Boy, Episode 10 is by far my favorite episode. The kiss is sweet and makes my heart feel giddy while watching them. The chemistry between JCW and Yoona is explosive. I am rooting for them till the end. I hope and pray that there will be a happy ending for JehAnna.