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  1. JIN YONG TAE YOU PIECE OF!!!! I was actually rooting for you!! If this hostage situation turns out to be another hoax I'm gonna get pissed. AR is not a piece of meat dang it! And KB with them kids omg just keep doing what you do. I find myself smiling so much when it's their scenes also the ones with the 'housewives' Can't wait for the preview!!
  2. Question of the night: "Is it more pitiful not to feel anything or not being aware of your feelings for someone" - Moo Young to Jin Kang And JK that was fast! You ALREADY have feelings for him?? Not that I can blame you...someone needs to give you a medal for resisting so far. (when he stepped closer towards her and she just couldn't look him in the eye though...WOW) SA needs to leave the show! Like what's the use of her character really? What is she adding to the story besides her constant whining for MY? And for her to question JK like that?! I wanted to dive into my computer screen just to give her a beatdown! Also her fiancee sent thugs to beat the crap out of MY Next week looks intense as heck! I'm not mad if SA or the fiancee or both dies. Translation for this scene... just cause JK: Now I understand why you're pitiful. MY: Really? JK: Because you never had a heart to begin with. That's why you keep playing with other people as you like, and you're not even sorry if you hurt them in the process. Then you watch them and get happy because you've won. That's why you don't even realise you're pitiful. MY: Sorry. YJK, want me to tell you why you're getting so ridiculously angry? Because you already know, all too well, that what I said to SA wasn't a joke. Tell me...have you ever thought of me? JK: No. MY: Have you ever missed me? JK: No. MY: Have you ever felt happy for coincidentally running into me? JK: No. MY: Do you truly (steps closer) have no feelings for me at all? JK: (after a long pause) No. MY: (after another long pause) Okay. (MY walks away then turns around) MY: Hey, is it more pitiful not to feel anything or to be unaware of your feelings for someone...? I'd rather feel nothing.
  3. The dude doesn't believe in love at all. So when that girl pointed out that MY likes JK - he was definitely confused and/or curious because he doesn't even believe in the notion of love to begin with (as seen in last night's scene with JK in the playground)
  4. Tonight's episode was amazing! Each episode getting better as more is revealed and I'm still so confused with MY Him confessing to JK just to confirm his doubts was a jerk move no doubt. But that crazy girl keeps on telling everyone MY likes JK - she's to blame really now MY actually realises that there is a difference with JK, she's not a damsel in distress! She can think for herself and she really cares about her friend (one-way street though) and knowing how hung up and desperate SA is over MY is a good deterrent Also why am I still convinced that he's not the killer?? Dude was shocked to find the trophy in that bucket like thing. Maybe he was the clean up crew LOL idk I didn't watch the Japanese version so I'm just genuinely curious. Tomorrow's preview! Did he try to kiss JK?!!! I'm feeling so protective of her right now cause MY still hella shady for now...and SA needs to disappear! Like yesterday.
  5. I may be the minority here but I really wanna like/understand SIW and why he is the way he is?? I am so sure there's more to the story... For example --> - why the sudden change in attitude towards him now? he looked like he actually loved him as a younger brother in the past? - he was clearly holding onto his feelings when he left SY in the past? - there must have been a reason (not that it can validate what he did but it might lessen the blow) - who was the previous owner of that shop? and is there a link SIW? - what was that thing he left in the shop that SY was holding? - why is he trying so hard to expel him from T2? (is he protecting him??) - he was also affected by his own words to SY in tonight's episode? (some reverse psychology ish) SO MANY QUESTIONS but I'm happy that the pace of the show is slowly picking up by consistently revealing a new puzzle piece every week
  6. Can’t explain what I feel about MY at this point?? He’s so damn mysterious but at the same time I feel like ‘what you see is what you’re gonna get’ with him. And SA. Girl needs to get herself checked! How is she trusting a stranger so quickly and having slept with him already?! I get that whole ‘he’s a breath of fresh air’ but damn woman you need to get a grip! JK however has a good head on her shoulders...for now at least. She doesn’t fall for any of his suave words and sweet talk. Her brother raised her well! Can’t wait to see their dynamic as we move forward. Now with MY as a suspect for the case (I doubt it’s him I think it’s that stalker music store girl) and JK’s new found friendship with him! SA gonna rebel and leave her family for MY? Insane!
  7. Dang tonight's episode The ending!! AR looks so hurt and angry when she found out. I'm sure there's a story behind that name, Wang Jeong Nam. Next week looks intense
  8. HANDS DOWN one of the funniest kidnappings I've seen His character (I don't think he's the villain) is almost as mysterious as KB but he is so damn likeable PS. when he was startled by his own henchman HAHAHA he's such a coward!