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  1. Just watched the episode. WS pushed her off a cliff?? That piece of ASDFGHJKL Ok now I just want Sunny to avenge Grandma's death and take revenge on LH, YR and WS!!! What even bro?? You're in the same predicament as her - she was also betrayed!! I really don't know how a love arc is gonna happen between the two after this But a makjang is a makjang. Expect the unexpected. We'll just wait and see I guess...
  2. How is WS gonna earn Sunny's trust again...?!! I just LOVE that we can't anticipate anything in this show! It is completely un-cliché Tonight gonna be another crazy roller coaster too I presume...can't wait!
  3. Okay RD is slightly getting on my nerves. Kang is also getting on my nerves. I just need everyone to protect BJS now.
  4. WOAH I was rooting for WS Dude I get that you want to gain the Emperor's loyalty but dang! How does this make you any different...?
  5. First up. THAT KISS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I CRIED. And Huh Gak's voice in the background didn't help! Next, let's talk about our favourite CEO. I do understand SK's predicament with his past trauma and his inability to form relationships or even connect to anyone. BUT that was not cool! Like what OS asked him - "does he only do things when HE wants to?" Felt really bad for her, especially knowing her past experience with the unrequited crush of 3 years! She just wanted to know what the kiss that HE initiated was about. Is that too much to ask? I think she will be leaving the company next week after her brother finds out. And I hope she does - so that SK can reflect on his inhibitions about relationships and RUN and BEG her to come back! Based on the preview, I'm glad she's making a stand for herself and telling him off that she can't be pushed around! And this time, a simple apology won't be enough! Also (is it just me?) I actually thought she would reject him first. Because that kiss would understandably be quite confusing for her...but that boy was like a puppy in love after the first kiss they had. But well, he has deep scars from the past that he needs to work on first I guess and I am glad the story is picking up in terms of depth and angst LOL but more comedy next week please For now, let's just enjoy this BTS of the kiss!
  6. Sunny gonna find out all the tea about her husband next week and I’m here for it!!
  7. Omg this show is so damn dramatic and hella CHEESY So now we find out the Princess' actual mum is the nanny?? So much fun watching every episode - it's literally a roller coaster ride LOL I feel so bad for WS/WB though...and CJH is killing it! His controlled emotions are so obvious yet extremely subtle. And his crying scenes He's just a really good actor man. LH is just evil! Dare I say there was some (weird) bromance between them in tonight's episode?? LH is taking a liking to him so the revenge is just gonna be sweeter (for the audience at least ) SUNNY FOUND OUT!! FINALLY! I was kinda tired watching her being all gullible and misled into thinking LH actually liked her. I mean, I don't blame her - he's really charming when he wants to be! But I'm glad she found out and YES! WS was by her side their chemistry is amazing so far! Can't wait for the actual sparks...we know it's gonna be angsty by the look of the makjang-ness so far I can totally understand how they're nearly leading in ratings every week so far
  8. I really don't know if they're planning to have LH in a redemption arc...cause at this point I'm just done with him! Not even pitying him for his past and first love/wife excuse! Now he's just evil. Manipulative and evil. Like how do you plot to kill your wife on your wedding day??! If he actually does end up 'falling' for her I hope Sunny kicks him to the curb! And do we need a bed scene or make out session in EVERY episode?? Is it really necessary...? I get they're having a PASSIONATE affair but do we need to see it so many times?? Don't get me wrong guys - I love the show and I can't wait for the romance between WS and OS but dang. LH and YR need to CHILL And his mum (I'm not going to go there, she's a whole other set of problems) but you guys get the gist.