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  1. I love this drama and I just wanted to ask you guys if there's a thread for Seung Ho and So Hyun couple in the shipper paradise forum?
  2. Out of the entire drama, the one scene that broke my heart the most is the one during episode 18 when Yeon-hee told Min-ho that the father of her son is actually him. Like I didn't already cried a river when she said that because she felt sorry for Min-ho and that she loved him when Ji Sung asked her why she had kept all of it a secret until now. Seriously every time Hyun-Kyung (Yeon-hee) delivers her lines, I can feel the depth of it. I'm officially a fan of Uhm Ki Joon as well. The acting from everyone in this drama really needs to be taken seriously because not one single actor didn't pour their heart and soul into this drama I'm sure of it.
  3. I am a big fan of Red Velvet and its members, especially Joy but let me give an honest review of the vibe I've been getting from the 1st episode alone. I love how Joy kept smiling through the good times as well as the tough times in her life. However smiling too much for the tough times can make it seem fake. But she also did show her emotional range in the end when she remembered her past and in meeting Hyun Woo's character, by pouring out a bucket of tears but mind you those tears look fake - although her expressions were honest and a little weak. I'd say she's doing surprisingly well for her first drama. I love Hong Seo-Young's acting as well as Hyun Woo's although his expressions seemed a bit forceful at times. And trust me guys, if you let those 'Rotten Tomatoes' critics to come and give this drama a review you'll hardly be hearing any pleasant words coming out of their keyboards. So when I'm saying I was being honest with my review I wasn't actually being honest. I'm actually kind of biased towards my Joy because she has this bright and optimistic personality that you just can't help but to smile and turn a blind-eye from the screen. But I am sure the way-too-easy-to-please audiences will love this drama.
  4. Ep 9 will air on the 9th day of the 9th month but guess what guys? 2+0+1+6 = 9 !!!!
  5. @panappuru Who will she end up with? Btw, both Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam are Virgos, and you know what that means...
  6. Glad to see so many praises for our Park So Dam. She deserves it. We all know she is cute but we couldn't quite say that she is beautiful. That's her asset right there. People will focus more on her acting and talents. I love her charm since 'The Silenced'. Even without the long hair I reckon she could still win with her passionate acting. I'm looking forward to all the future episodes of this drama. Btw, I don't know why everyone kept on saying this drama is cringy. I thought the vibe was very warm and inviting. I guess it all comes down to personal preference.