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  1. !!! Aware that when people are insecure, troubled, scared, concerned, worried, or nervous, they covered or touched their neck. Neck touching and/or stroking is one of the most significant and frequent pacifying behaviors we use in responding to stress. Some people rub or massage the back of their neck with their fingers; others stroke the sides of their neck or just under the chin above the Adam’s apple, tugging at the fleshy area of the neck. This area is rich with nerve endings that, when stroked, reduce blood pressure, lower the heart rate, and calm the individual down. Women touch their hand to this part of their neck and/or cover it when they feel stressed, insecure, threatened, fearful, uncomfortable, or anxious. This gesture is done when a person does something they believe is wrong, immoral or embarrassing. We also do it in situations when someone mentions something negative about us or when we're caught in the middle of an embarrassing situation in public. The person doing this gesture is non-verbally telling himself, “I'm in deep trouble”, “I shouldn't have done that” or “I shouldn't have said that”. In courtship or dating behavior you see a lot of neck touching at first, as couples are learning about each other. If the woman begins to play with her necklace, most likely she is a little nervous or timid. As these individuals grow more comfortable around each other, you will see more head tilt and therefore more exposure of the neck. In fact, both may sit mesmerized looking into each other’s eyes, head tilted, necks exposed. But the minute there is discomfort, the necks will straighten, and there will be more neck touching. We not only touch our necks or massage our necks when there is an “issue”, we also do other interesting behaviors that communicate our discomfort or insecurity. Neck behaviors are extremely accurate and communicate effectively across all cultures because they are limbic-ally derived and respond to the world in real time. > Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/spycatcher/200911/body-language-secrets-the-neck
  2. I think I know the reason why So-Hyun looks mature for her age!!! She has her Ascendant in Capricorn!!! There’s a seriousness to Capricorn rising people that is unmistakable. Even when they’re joking around, it’s of the deadpan variety. In fact, plenty of very humorous people has Capricorn Ascendants. It’s all about the timing…and the fact that they don’t giggle before the joke is over. Capricorn Ascendant people project competence. They simply ooze it. They’re generally very image-conscious people–the clothes they wear and their manner are a big deal to them. They want to appear successful, and they generally succeed! Often the Ascendant persona is the one that was forced upon us by family conditioning. In the case of Capricorn Ascendants, these were the children who were considered the responsible ones. Sometimes, it was they themselves who looked around them and felt the need to be the structured, dependable, and responsible members of the family. So, often, Capricorn rising people adopted a strong sense of tradition, family, and responsibility at a very young age. Capricorn rising people are generally big on family and forever worry about security–for themselves and their dependents. They come across to others as hardworking, competent, and dependable people. What others may not see under that cool, even suave, exterior, is an inner struggle: they often ask themselves, “Am I doing enough?”, “Do I deserve all of this?”, “How can I make things better?” They worry a lot about the future. If success seemed to have come easy to these folks, it hasn’t. They just made it look that way with a patient, hard-working, driven personality. Some Capricorn rising people practice some form of self-denial. They know how to do away with the frivolous. Still, they’ll spend money on the clothes they really want (the ones with the right labels, that is), and other status symbols. Although they’re rarely showy, their quiet air of success is often a result of conscious effort. More often than not, Capricorn rising individuals are success stories. Their childhoods may have been difficult, but they slowly but surely turn their lives around. Saturn rules this Ascendant, and this generally means a kind of backwards way of living–as children, they are serious and bear a lot of responsibility; and as they grow up, they age beautifully, learning how to loosen up. Hard-headed realism, earthly pragmatism and a concern for outward form or reputation colour your entire life expression. You are ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, old age, and maturity, as well as of pruning, discipline, and restriction, the archetype of the Crone or the Seney, the old man. Thus, you possess the impersonal detachment and worldly understanding of an elder, even in youth. You will have to cultivate flexibility and moisture (in your body as well as in your thinking) in order to offset your natural tendency toward dryness and/or rigidity and stiffness. (Since you are Saturn-ruled, the section on this planet later in the report is especially relevant to you). Esoterically, mastery of the world of form and the ability to physically manifest and embody spirit is a key to your soul function. The hallmark of this rising sign is intelligent activity. Thus it is important for you to pay attention to whatever subjects you study and to go beyond the facts to discern the theory that governs your interests. Finally, you will be able to use your skills to identify multiple solutions to problems. Then you can exercise spiritual discernment to identify the solution that best suits the situation and the individuals involved. Underlying the desire to find a workable solution lies the desire to work that solution harmoniously. “Cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained, you are a person who approaches life realistically and who is not inclined to take foolish chances or get carried away by the overly optimistic or idealistic schemes of starry-eyed dreamers. In fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young age, even something of a cynic. Often the world doesn’t seem like a safe, friendly place to you, and you tend to approach life in a guarded, conservative manner. You are generally calculating and careful and are rarely spontaneous, fluid, open, and childlike. You are pragmatic, shrewd, and an excellent strategist, carefully planning your moves for maximum effectiveness and advantage. You are willing to work long and persistently for what you want and you often do things the hard way. You do not expect others to take care of you and sometimes refuse or simply don’t seek any outside help. You are often very ambitious, but quietly so. There is nothing flamboyant or flashy about your approach. You are very responsible, conscientious, and very concerned with your duties to others and how you appear in society, your “rank” so to speak. To others, you seem mature, serious, quiet, reflective, and emotionally detached. You dislike sloppy sentimentality and won’t openly display your feelings, especially the softer ones. You like to always appear poised and in control and hate to show any weakness, vulnerability, or richard simmons in the armour. You respect tradition and the time-honoured way of doing things, and you feel there is much to be gained from studying history and also by learning from older, more experienced people. A wise mentor or father is often your guide in life, and you, in turn, develop a great deal of hard-earned wisdom which you like to impart to younger people. You have a stern, authoritarian, no-nonsense aspect to your personality. You expect much from yourself and may not give yourself enough room to experiment and make mistakes. You also tend to be rather close-fisted, to save and conserve your money and resources rather than spending, enjoying, or splurging with them. You spend money on things of quality and of lasting value, things which are good investments, but not frivolous, temporary pleasures. There is a bit of the ascetic in you. You have great self-discipline and self-control and can “do without” very well. Your tastes are generally understated and simple. Though you may have other, more colourful and imaginative sides, the face you show the world is modest and rather conservative.”
  3. SOUP is the best hands down! SKONO and Samsung CFs may be fun and colourful but So-Hyun looks more suave and chic in SOUP CFs. Nothing can get past this tough and handsome-prince-like look of hers. Nothing.
  4. I really love the way So-Hyun answered the questions in these interviews, very open-minded and mature: https://video.toggle.sg/en/video/clips/kim-so-hyun-shares-about-the-ghostly-encounters-on-the-set-of-bring-it-on-ghost/449043
  5. “I have never been in love before. I want to love someone that I can fall in love at first sight. I never dreamed of first love, but I finally thought about it while filming Unforgettable. I felt the painful feeling of liking a person by connecting the feeling to Soo Ok. That is my first feeling of the first love.” - Kim So-Hyun. “I tried to be mature. I unconsciously thought that ‘I must act like that’ since young. Also, I loved to hear stories from senior actors. I could not feel sympathy with their stories, but I just heard it because I loved to hear their lives and wisdom. Particularly, senior actor Um Ki Joon gave me a lot of advice while acting and invited me to his Musical. I won through my hard times by reminding his words.” - Kim So-Hyun. “I have learned a lot. It was not in my plan, but I did many dramas and movies. I learned a lot from every single one and it helped me to build my career. It feels like I just opened the door for my future career. I am grateful and thankful that I spend blissful time by taking good roles.” - Kim So-Hyun.“It will be nice to show myself in various ways to the audience, but I want to show myself as an actor. I want to focus on myself because I think I don’t have enough unique color of myself. I want to try the strong role like a psychopath and cheerful and childish role like the character in the genre of romantic comedy. I want to hear people saying, ‘I never knew that she could do such a thing like that’.” - Kim So-Hyun.
  6. "Instead of feeling me, you are seeing me." "You have to go for the mind first before you go for the physical." "Throughout your life, you will meet many of your soulmates. But there is only one true soulmate for you." "In recognizing your soulmate, there are no borders, no boundaries or separations and there's a total letting go of ego." 0.5 X 0.5 = 0.25 1 X 1 = 1 Strongly recommend you guys watch this video. Beautiful insight through beautiful words from a beautiful soul. Seung Ho was right all along. He doesn't have an ideal type because he knows he'll fall in love when he meets the right person for him.
  7. HOW TO KNOW IF THAT PERSON'S YOUR SOULMATE It's not about the appearance of that person. It's not about the looks. It's not about what you want in a person. It's not about what you want. It's not about that list you make of the things you idealize and imagine that person to be. You can't go out and seek them. It's not about love at first sight. It's not something that can be forced. You can't force to make it happen. None of that will get you your soulmate. There are two types of people. One who you want to be with and think you should be with - and the other is someone who you're meant to be with. Your soulmate is someone who has chemistry with you, connects with you on a spiritual level, comes to you at the right time when you're ready, doesn't look anything like that list you made, is someone you can live without, is someone you can let go of, is someone who you're not afraid of losing, is someone that will come back to you eventually, is someone who doesn't fill your void for you and is someone who is wholly themselves. He or she is not someone you can go out there and look for, they come to you when you're ready, when you're wholly yourself, i.e. when you are living your life to its fullest potential. That person will come along the moment you least expect it. And their spirit will be just like yours. You feel like you've known the spirit of that person all your life. It won't take long until you know it, but you will know it when you see it. And that person is your soulmate.
  8. Anyone who is really good at English, whether you're single or married, should really listen to this video. It won't take all o your time. Let's hope that after we listen to this we can learn something from it and perhaps maybe to stop shipping So-Hyun with other guys blindly: It's so good you guys should really listen to it in your own time. Wow! It blew my mind!
  9. Here's a list of some interesting facts about So-Hyun that you may or may not know: She was born in South Australia (possibly in Adelaide). She isn't really interested in idol groups. In an interview with KBS 2TV Entertainment on July 4, 2015, Cho Chung-Hyeon announcer said, "Kim So-Hyun sings well." In an MBC section TV entertainment communication interview, Kim So-Hyun hung up because she was in a hurry to go to a photo shoot at the time. She was originally planned to be admitted to Yongin Sui High School. She said that her hardest subject at school was maths but that's also the subject that she's best at. She said that no matter how hard a subject is, if she tries her best then she would get good results, just like her maths subject. She uses Twitter and Instagram as a way of communicating with her fans. She is receiving a lot of requests for fans' followings, and there are many followings, unlike other entertainers. She usually uses twitter more than once a day, but what she usually uses twitter for is to promote her drama, film promotion, CF promotion, entertainment promotion, pictorial promotion, support certification, daily life report...etc. The name of her dog, Mongsuk, means 'Additional Wind' (추가바람). She says she wants to be an actor who can hear from her viewers the praise "She is a good person." When asked about her role model, she always answered Son Ye-jin, but truthfully she tried not to think of her role models. So-Hyun said "If you keep watching your favourite actors, your acting can become similar to them. I aim to have my own colour and my own individuality rather than being similar to someone else." She has never been abroad before 2014. She was born in Australia and came to Korea but because she was very young she couldn't remember it... She went to Thailand for the first time for the Pocari Sweat CF shooting. That same year, she also had a photoshoot in Taiwan. She said that in the future the airport will be like her house where she lives in. Back then, Jung Il-woo, Song Jae-rim, Kwak Dong-Yeon, and Kang Min- Hyeok all said Kim So-Hyun was their ideal type. This list grew longer ever since. She likes sad class ballads and ballad singers like 4MEN and Brown Eyes. People who encountered her in real life say that she is like a doll. However, unlike much of the beauty praise, she has been self-taught as 'presbyopia'. In addition, she has never heard that she was beautiful before, ever. At the age of 10, she said she had chickenpox. She has never received acting training before she became an actress. However, after success in the audition, Joon Sung, Jae Hyun, and Jang Hyuk's acting teacher "Ahn Hyung Mo" gave her acting classes. Tooniverse's trilogy drama 'Maboy' was a black history. When the scene of her dancing to Trouble Maker came out, it was deemed inappropriate for younger viewers. In 2012, she played the villain in the MBC drama Moon Embracing the Sun which brings in much popularity for her. But of course, nothing comes for free because, in DCInside, 99% of it was negative responses. She returned to Korea in 2003 when she was 3 years old and spent her childhood in Uijeongbu and Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. She grew up in a single-parent family, but her personality is cheerful and is willing to live with the people around her. She has won a prize in her Elementary School contest. Her blood type is O. She is good friends with Choi Minho And Im Siwan. What other celebrities say about So-Hyun: Cho Soo-Hyang: "Kim is really great. At the time of filming, the schedule was so ridiculous. However, when she had to do a reshoot, she laughs it off and become serious. I think it is great to see such things. In the case of So-Hyun, there would be a lot of difficult parts. I thought that I should really learn about these things too." David Lee: "When I first saw So-Hyun, I thought she was great. I acted in a serious manner because I felt like I should not be teasing her because she was so pure and nice. But since I got to know her later on, it was really different from the first impression. She has wit, good sense of humour, and she's really funny. So-Hyun, who you only knew to be well behaved, turned out that she's also a lively child who played around a lot. The more you look at her, the more attractive she is." Nam Joo-Hyuk: "So-Hyun has that feeling of a high school student in certain aspects but is actually mature and reliable when you get to know her. She's a good friend who does not express anger even when things get tough. She was acting so well and I felt like she was a nice and a naive sister. Actually, when I look at our acting, she does it better than me. Other than acting, she seems to be really cute and a good friend." Shin Eun Jung: "So-Hyun is like my younger sister who I want to do anything with. She is loved by all the staffs and actors on set. Her attitude toward acting is also very rare, a sincere and enthusiastic present-day student. She has a bright and pure attitude, even though she looks more mature than her age." Park Won Sang: "Kim So-Hyun, who I've watched from the side, is an actress with depth and a strong minded person that is way ahead of her time. She is the next generation's entertainer to lead Korea." Cheon Jeong-Mi: "She is one of the 3 Kims. Of course, she is much more than that, but it is hard for So-Hyun to admit. Even when we talk, she is nice and polite. She is so charming that I would think she's the best actor of her time. When I was shooting with her, I was very surprised."