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  1. No, I don't think they do choose their own clothes for dramas....they have stylists that come up with a concept. If I were Bai He I would be like, no way, I'm not wearing that! It makes me look like an Ahjumma on the way to the fish market!! That is not sexy nerdy chic! @Latte_Anyday I saw him in I Wanna be Sup'Tar, Roy Leh Saneh Rai (Not for the faint of heart) and Game Maya.
  2. Ok, Chingus! Now we're talking. I guess it's more of a generational thing. Let's be clear, drunken forced kisses are never OK from strangers or in a case where men want to hurt or demean you. Be sure to stand up for yourselves and not let anyone treat you in a disrespectful way. In this case, she is already into him and a bit angry because he has been gone for a few days without explanation. So, I see them already as a couple and didn't perceive him as trying to hurt her. All I saw was a tsunami of passion. It reminded me of He Yichen and Moshen from Silent Separation/You Are My Sunshine...starring Wallace Chung. I am a strong woman with a strong personality...I like a little of the "Alpha" and see that in Shi Yue/William is crushing the part. So, that's why I was all "For the love of swoon" after I saw that scene. I find the frozen fish and let's not move - kiss wax lips technique to be so boring so I was happy to see something exciting for once! I'm surprised they got that passed the Chinese censorship board.
  3. Thanks for your comments and as a whole, I would agree... That's the beauty of having opinions and everyone gets a chance to see the drama and determine their own thoughts and conclusions regarding each character based on their own life filter. Perhaps, we might not agree on the term validation. I think of validation as recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile. Whether BY is motivated out of the goodness of her heart or getting a full-time job, she still wants her colleagues to recognize and affirm that she is an equal person, that her feelings matter and her opinions are both valid and worthwhile. If not, then why does she have hurt feelings? and why does she continue? She can stop, case in point she no longer really tries with Min Ho. I think it's because her sincere actions are not recognized by the "heard" and often ridiculed. Dr. Cry Baby Woo...her colleagues "recognize" her as a pushover, a convenient target for their ire, a clutz and affirm her as too uncomfortably sensitive. All of her sincere work to befriend and get along is met with a big *whatever* In episode 1, she was voted the "friendliest DR" she was thrilled because it validated her on some level and brought her positive recognition within her department as well as the opportunity for full-time employment. She wants to use JW as an example. I can't remember in which episode she admired his ability to "just be himself and not worry about others opinions.." He validates himself and does not look outside for it. His work speaks for itself. I guess I would ask why BY can't say no. She is a classic people pleaser. She has an intense need to please and care for others which probably comes from a fear of rejection or failure/conflict. Anyway....as for her feistiness only so far with Min Ho but her occasional passive aggressive moments are funny.
  4. After watching Ep 3 and 4 I have to say that my hope for the character of BY is that she comes to a point in her life where she doesn't have to "care so much" about how others perceive her. Her actions, values, work ethic should be enough and she should never have to apologize for having a sensitive heart. BY often seems to be in need of validation and will bend over backward to be accepted by her colleagues. I wonder if we will get more information about her past/childhood in future episodes which might help us better understand why she is the way she is. I finally feel like the drama is starting to hit it's stride with the last scene.
  5. @Latte_Anyday I don't mind a showcase for William's fitness...it's nice to be inspired don't you think? *wink* and OK, since you brought up the hats I have to bring up the shirt. First, I sincerely apologize to anyone that I liked this shirt...this is only my opinion because it looked like a velvet pajama top I had years ago. Scarlett with white piping and a weird pair of pants and clodhopper shoes...what is happening? When she walked out of the building I was like, what is she wearing....again? It's almost as if her clothes are their own character and they are wearing her!!! I can't remember which episode - its the one where they have the visiting professor from the US @ihyw and @Prettysup you are both right. The pool scene was funny and her clothes are at least fitting her better. @Latte_Anyday Push is really good looking! Do you have a favorite Lakorn where he was the star?
  6. Hi Chingus. Just caught up on ep 16 and 17. Some thoughts on them... Shi Yue's entrance into the mob and his intention to help the police. Undergoing a beating in order to keep himself in play - I found the whole knife in the back from the gangster chick (I know she has a name, I just can't help it I like calling her gangster chick but mobster moll has a good ring like @ihyw said) to be FORESHADOWING. Her words about him becoming "her man" where meant as her worker and maybe also as her boy toy. I think her feelings started to develop because SY showed compassion for the guys getting beat up in the ring something that was missing from her life surrounded by brutality. His feelings obviously were, "can I use you to spy on the organization" so, it waits to be seen if his feelings for changed throughout the years....which is possible that they where just convenient outlets to scratch an itch...yuck The company team building event was staged to be a duplicate of the real-life army exercise Chang and Shi Yue completed. Funny how Chang was the one to set it up and made NQ invite SY. NQ's father was there potentially an interesting development as to how couldn't you admire SY's tenacity and creativity in combat. We learned about the reason Chang gave NQ the bullet necklace bc NQ said that a "bullet is like a dream" Say what? How can he think that she will get the meaning that he wants to make all of her dreams come true. On the surface, "how romantic" on the practical side, "get real." Wen Di has her work cut out for her. Although I will say that it's clear to me that NQ has to know that Chang likes her. Everyone else does...So if she does...let's pose a moral question- is she wrong because she has continued to ignore his feelings letting him turn himself inside out to please her and not addressing his feelings so that he could move on? So, I learned from the Love Sage Wen Di that the gym is the place to work out your hormones...really? Can I go to this gym? My gym is not a hormone inducing work out zone... Now I know it's true, NQ is seriously Fifty Shades of Cray!!! How could she even....even walk away from the Shi Yue HOT DRUNKEN MESS in her apartment....why go to the gym...work out your hormones at home...seriously when NQ asked him, "Who are you, the owner of the bar Lucid Dream or the investor in Future UP" and he said, "I'm your Man" so Jerry McGuire/Tom Cruise but still effective. He had me at I'm your man and the passionate kissing. WOW! William you rock! What was the name of his tour? The Gangster Chick is going to be a problem and Chang keeps calling her a widow but is she? Didn't her husband come back? (I Know flashback...so maybe he is dead) Weird seeing Chang and Shi Yue on the hood of the car like bro's without any bad blood. NQ acted so stupid in the meeting in Ep 17. Really grow up girl! Pouting at your age and education level - not your best look. And where was Shi Yue taking NQ - where he first met her? I don't know but it's not going to be the parking lot right? I think it's somewhere else. Maybe Shi Yue has known NQ from a past meeting...'cause a parking garage is not romantic...
  7. Hi @Prettysup Not sure on the debt/AN and her husband/Undercover part. Guess I read the subs wrong For some reason I thought that the debt Shi Yue had to pay was his fathers gambling debt. He became responsible for paying it back when his father died - the day he was kicked out of the special forces program. So, he was in a situation that would probably have led to getting his organs harvested at some point which would have been a "crime" if you ask me. Not sure how he ended up being an informant for the police. Maybe it was a way to "help" AN by getting rid of the competition or his way of staying true to himself when all else around him was crap. Not sure if I'm right...but looking forward to finding out more as the drama world turns... Yep, Chang suffers from "scumbag syndrome"...I'm sure the writers are trying to make him both good and bad which makes for a more interesting character. @ihyw Thanks again for the great video's posted. The first one really cracked me up and the second makes me want to work on the set of the show.
  8. Just finished watching episode 3. All I can say about "shipping" : One is a Man - the other a Boy
  9. Hi @Latte_Anyday I was also a bit conflicted when I learned about Chang's "bailing" Shi Yue out of a deadly beatdown - however, I also thought that he could have stepped in earlier and paid off Shi Yue's debt (after all Chang is loaded $$$) then, Shi Yue could have had a "different" life at least a life that he could have chosen outside of his dream of being in the special forces. So, I didn't feel that Chang got "all" of the brownie points on that move. Agree, with you on Bai He...she feels a bit "wooden" at times - maybe that is her take on "nerdy chic." IKR? Chang calling Shi Yue a coward? Dude, you're projecting....Yes Dad, let's take NQ like we take the mountain maybe throw in a "pincer or flanking movement" to overwhelm her defenses. For some reason, I thought he was more sophisticated than he is turning out to be (Chang) I thought the parkour run was fun and sexy and was touched when he kept watching the video of her climbing. Won't be long before the *feels* take over... @ihyw Thanks for posting the video preview...I don't know what anybody else has to say about it...my, my, my I think my ovaries exploded.
  10. @themarchioness Thanks Chingu for helping me get the character names straight - must have been a late night after catching up on a few different dramas or let's face it, I'm losing it I was laughing reading through my post....I'm also looking forward to "what happens next." You are spot on in regards to Ariel's boyfriend and his new "girlfriend." It's hard to believe that she's "never dated before" evidenced in her easy manipulation of the boyfriend and I suspect her mother. As for Ye Zi, I think you are on to something...I was hopeful for ZZ's father because he probably deserves a "normal/healthy" relationship with a smart capable woman. You're correct, in mentioning the ethics involved with attorney/client, however, drama worlds don't always operate in the "real" world some ethics are stressed but not all....and often "love trumps all" that's why it can be an exercise in sweet- frustration watching because the rules change throughout the drama. Anyway, I'm sure it's a moot point - Shi Fei will be shipped with Ye Zi. Thanks for your thoughts-hope to read more of them in the next few weeks as the drama continues
  11. Chang is desperate to find a way to remove SY from NQ. So, his bringing the "battle" to the office to show SY who is boss/and gets NQ has everything to do with NQ not finding out about what happened to SY because of his and inadvertently her actions. He needs a trump card to discredit and prove that SY is "not a good guy." However, he has to be careful because the trump card can backfire on him. Worst case scenario for Chang is that NQ finds out about the thesis and model airplane competition. It would be too hard for her to overcome the knowledge that she inadvertently participated in the destruction of someone's life - especially through her loved media - drones, and flight and that he hid it, continued to hide it and did everything possible to keep the truth from her. So far, she believes Chang. After all, wasn't he there when something happened and she became afraid of the dark. I think the show alluded to Chang sending her a paper plane (maybe that is where her love of flying came from?) when she was trapped and that action somehow helped her so that is where I think Chang's motivation comes from - his need to help her with Future Up and his desire to please her hence, the "borrowing" of the thesis. For all of Chang's prowess as a special agent/special forces guy, he has completely miscalculated- he should have come clean right away or even after SY's return. As we continue to watch the show, Chang's character will get more complicated. He isn't completely bad or completely good so it makes him a bit of a loose cannon in this. I think that it won't be long before he fesses up and tells NQ because the pressure will be too much. In the past, Chang always played by the rules. Evident in all of the army background on the show. Whereas SY played it smart, found shortcuts, and won more often than not. Chang never really had to work for anything. His life was never on the line. He was always protected by his status, money, and family - SY suffered bc of his family (father debts) with no money and fighting for his life, he made himself into a heck of an opponent. Chang is also alone in this fight or at least mostly alone. The favor he garners from Future Up coworkers, NQ, his dad and NQ's father can disappear with the story coming to light. However, SY has his bro's....poor Chang-best bet was to come clean, suffer the blow and then move forward with sincere apology to have made it right instead he has poked a lion and shown that deep down, he was a coward both with the army and with not telling NQ about his feelings. Seriously, I can't wait for the next episodes...I've got "Side by Side With You" addiction or better yet, William Chan/Shi Yue addiction.
  12. LOL! Yep, there is some chemistry brewing between Shi Yue and Chang it's a mixture of (Shi Yue - revenge - payback for a stolen future and friendship and for Chang - fear of his lies and coward behavior coming to light and destroying any hope for a future with NQ as well as regret for the loss of friendship with SY) They really did have a good bromance while in the army. I'm not sure what episode it was that Chang confronted Shi Yue on the deck of his club and told him to stab him to atone for his mistakes/lies...and Shi Yue had a great response...he pointed to his heart and told him that there is where Chang had stabbed him and that he, Chang, could not withstand a life for a life, because, in essence, Chang killed him that day, any hope for the future that he dreamed of and drove him into a situation that to survive, he would have to "get in bed" ha, ha, ha - couldn't resist with the criminal element. I'm at Ep 13 and waiting for 14 and 15. Things are taking an interesting turn and motivations and actions are slightly shifting. Can't wait for you to catch up...would be interested in your thoughts. Sometimes longer dramas get a bit draggy here and there with several love lines working in tandem. I admit, sometimes I fast forward through bc I'm not interested in some of the characters and want to get to the "meat of the matter." It will come as a shock to NQ when she discovers the truth about the thesis, the plane/technology stolen from Shi Yue and the result on Shi Yue's life....all because of Chang's love for her. His behind the scenes manipulation of her life under the guise of protecting her...the brutal way she found out her fiance was cheating on her was orchestrated by him. Chang has shown his cowardice over the years by not being upfront with NQ about his feelings and letting Shi Yue take all of the blame for his mistakes. Whereas Shi Yue, he survived his plunge into the gangster life, not by his own doing, thrived and come out the other side and also, even though he approached NQ more seriously bc of her relationship with Chang and the drones (revenge) he was still kind to her at first prior to knowing anything about her relationship with Chang. He is going after it without hesitation and perhaps Chang really fears that when feelings arise, which the will, Shi Yue will not hesitate to seal the deal....LOL!! Did anyone think it was a surprise when at the paintball event, Chang didn't hesitate to shoot NQ? It was the opposite of what NQ and SY thought would happen.
  13. Hi @yusefull and @Mindy thanks for sharing your comments on Re 88. Didn't watch that drama (maybe now I will to catch up) and Sc 2017. So, I'm kind of going into this drama without any background on the actor playing Min Ho. I tend to agree with @yusefull on the character of JW. Even though he is coming off as cold and arrogant there is a deep wound. Perhaps he, like LYB's character needs to recover his self confidence...(seems something happened to drive him to the "small" hospital) Both JW and LYB are wounded and needing to regain self confidence/power back into their lives. I think they will be able to do that for each other. She will be supportive in the right way (soft, sincere, kind, sensitive) and he with appreciation for her sensitive side, her caring and validation of her work. I see a purpose to their relationship whether romantic (I hope) or as a mentor (OK too). However, I don't YET see a fit with Min Ho. For me, like @yusefull said, "he doesn't need her." I just can't get past an adult man laying on the floor throwing a tantrum because he wants his parents to open a cafe for him. I guess I could feel some sympathy for him bc he is being pushed to do something he doesn't want to do by his parents....perhaps like college and other situations in this characters life, the cafe is just a "fad" and wont be taken seriously either reason why parents are pushing him to at least have some skills to support him which seems reasonable. What also bothers me regarding MH is that he ridiculed her true love "Poetry" his disdain at her sensitivity etc. Where as JW is intrigued by what means everything to her...remember, she gave up the opportunity to study Literature/Poetry to earn money for her family. Hey, I could be all wrong about this and MH has a tremendous turn around and they fit together like two sides of a coin and that would be fine too. and this drama could go completely off the rails and she ends up with no one...or who knows? I am willing to give it a chance, yet if it gets boring or changes don't start happening I would drop it and watch something else...but for now...I'm willing to see what happens
  14. @vlvl1 Please keep the running commentary on the book vs. the show. I (don't want to speak for everyone else) like to hear the parts that we may be missing in the PG version. Sigh....makes me wish I could read the book....
  15. @Latte_Anyday I think the tattoo on his finger is sexy and fits his image...especially in this show. As I continue watching the story develop I feel angrier towards Chang. See spoiler.....when the truth finally comes out NQ will have to deal with alot of guilt and Chang, the hero, will have to survive the loss of his prestige As for William and his clothes off and/or on totally agree with you....not complaining and actually will put in a request for MORE OF THIS FAN SERVICE....Please?!
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