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  1. Hello sominkis! I’m currently watching the show Secretary Kim, after watching Yoon’s Kitchen season II. Didn’t realize the connection between Secretary Kim and BTIMFL. Really great to know that these 2 will have a cameo ❤️ They look happy. Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate this holiday!
  2. @40somethingahjumma I think we’re watching the same show - yes! You have summed up JA - rather the 2 JA’s - in your recent post very well and I agree. I am hopeful that we get to see the real JA as the story unfolds and am confident the writing/ directing team will not let us down. But then I hear the words to Tammy Wynette’s song “Stand By Your Man” and I realize that it’s been JH “standing by” his woman in the first few episodes. And I’m getting a little worried - is she going to waver later?
  3. I rewatched all 4 subbed episodes again — thank you all here who contributed and for keeping this forum the hub for all things translations. The subbed eps definitely filled in major gaps from my previous non-subbed marathon Thank you again! @stroppyse I’ve been a regular fan of your translated posts.. thank you!! Something in the Rain is an instant classic, for me, and I venture to guess for most of you here. It’s beautifully executed — all the way around. I’m signing up for of all the highs and lows of this show. I’m ready for a good cry - or so I think. ** The stuff I wrote after this paragraph is a mood killer - so stop reading if you just want to enjoy all of episode 5 (ahh, all the kisses - who’s counting anyway , and the very well done “bed scenes”** I can’t help but think - without diminishing the OTPs obvious devotion, love, attraction towards each other - that this is a rebound relationship for JA.. and maybe even JH (?) as his story is not yet fleshed out. If JA was my close girlfriend and she confided in me, I’d probably tell her to wait awhile. (I’m not sure that this is the same message that KS is giving her.) There is the tendency to be ultra-vulnerable when things are unsettled with a recent breakup/ previous relationship (which in this case is clearly emotionally draining for JA and by extension may also become emotionally draining for JH). Also, KS and JH seem to not have all that much confidence in JA in how she navigates her life. I can’t blame them of course with all that’s happened with GM — and maybe that’s how they show they care (?) At some point though , I think JA will “grow up” and things will shift and change. Will she then become a “konjac” to JH? Because then she won’t need rescuing?? (Providing that I understood “konjac” correctly, of course). I’m hoping that JH is right - that they’ll be fine because they will deal with them together.
  4. Yeah, I noticed this too! Maybe this changes in later episodes as the storyline progresses (?) and/or the actors get more comfortable with their kiss scenes (?)....
  5. Hi there! It reminded me of What’s Up Fox too. It took me a while to warm up to the OTP there. But here, almost instantaneously. SYJ does not look like a Noona at all! And JHI - (*sighs) Life is just not fair (*sighs*)
  6. Me too @ihyw I watched the raw eps too. And can watch ep 4 many times. They are lovely. I can’t wait for eng subs - but then again, I can. Them - just being together. Heart flutters everywhere
  7. What did I just do?!? For the first time in my drama watching history, I watched all 4 raw episodes of this drama, understanding very little of what was said, and loved every minute. And I loved it even more after reading the Eng subs written by all the wonderful, kind-hearted translators in this forum. Thank you so much! I will be frequently lurking here for your updates, analyses, and translations. It’s Spring season where I am - and what better way to usher in the season than the heart fluttering scenes between JA and JH.