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  1. How come so similar @samzz. Was he the director? Hahha
  2. Time for wookie to use his connection with casting director to cast him with Dahae. Hahahaha
  3. Wow. Dahae is in league with big stars( SHK, JJH, KTH) only return to screen after 4 years.
  4. Not just Jelena, Miley and Liam already do that before them.
  5. Justin approach Selena back after noticing she had kidney transplant. I'm not ship them but seeing their recent pictures, I'm happy because they are really happy together.Selena has really big smile when with Justin.Fyi, I heard Selena's fmily don't like Justin.
  6. And usually time span for makjang is long . They will be reunited maybe after 5 year or more. or Separate forever. Continue with their children story maybe will love each other in future.
  7. Their love is pure Korean Makjang Drama.
  8. And I love the song so much recently. Keep repeating all over again and get teary eyes.
  9. Wookie with his secretary also okay. She's single right now. Hahahaha
  10. And After School member also there. Seulong's birthday in May. I know Seulong birthday cause used to be fan of 2AM. For my logic, I think wookie is dating Seho. Hahha
  11. Not Seulong's birthday but Nana's birthday. Hong Jonghyun, Nana's rumor bf also there. No wonder there's a lot of Roommate's member there.
  12. Should put all their Hotel King's videos that achieve more than 1M views. Let them realise they achieve a lot actually from HK. MBC , you're stupid to ignore them for award recognition.
  13. @samzz And this is 14 M. Surely they have a lot of new fans. Put aside the ego. Third collaboration please!!
  14. Never thought that the plot happens in k drama really happen in real life. No wonder they love makjang drama.
  15. So sad cause they are forbidden to be loved to each other.