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  1. About Loreal, they don't like someone who always in controversy. Usually, all their representatives will represent them for a long time. Aishwarya Rai still represent Loreal till now after more than 10 years. Even Sonam Kapoor also more than 5 years.
  2. I agree with @samzz . I don't think we should worry or sad about the cancellation of the VS. Actually, the VS still can continue if the casts are really determined to continue for the show. I still think the casts are the one who want to stop the show. Or maybe the sponsor "Dahae" didn't get back her investment so she wants to discontinue the show. So once again, my prediction about this show is correct. It doesn't survive for too long. Many not too popular female lead internationally still can get offer as female lead but Dahae who used to really popular internationally is going nowhere for drama offer. Seriously, there is something wrong in her team in negotiating with casting director. Maybe she still put high price or there's still some ego in her. I put all this words because I still love her as an actor.
  3. Many years have passed. And the Mc Olga Syahputra also already passes away. One of best MC, Indonesia ever have. His programme always entertaining.
  4. Yeah. I notice too. Mostly married after the girl pregnant. But not only celebs. When I watched Hello from KBS, mostly their people also like that. I feel sympathy especially for the young girl to be pregnant at young age and the sad thing when they are not even ready. Don't they wear condom or calculate the fertile time. Just my two cent.
  5. @samzz kenapa seorang "hujan" will active only apabila kita active.
  6. Why I think Wookie maybe has tattoo now in his body. He didn't show his body anymore. Haha.
  7. I want to react like innocent fan. "They must have love history before" Hmmm.
  8. Mkan ubat la. Hahaha. But I have Alzheimer to Donghey. Slow and slowly forgetting them.
  9. You ni mistake for another Dong Wook la.C Dong Wook and L Dong Wook.
  10. I totally agree with @samzz and @bogs_0712. Rather than sad with her love life, I feel more disappointed in her acting career. I become her fans because of her acting talent not because I ship her with "who" and "who". I really sad no drama in S.Korea for 3 years. She wastes her acting talent. If she really hardworking, in the end she also can grab a Daesang. She wastes her time for her looks, lovelife, abroad holiday. Totally "chaebol heiress" attitude. I still love her but please give me one drama for me to watch not a "PPL marketing"
  11. So pitiful. Even Wookie can freely mentioning Sunah noona during Roommate. She just made our 'delusional' 'harsh' assumptions true.
  12. Seem like changing cast or the concept still cannot help the show. The lowest rating for yesterday episode. 1.9%. 1.9% (7회, 닐슨코리아)
  13. Two MBC drama couples will get married this year. Lee Sang woo-Kim So Yeon and Joo Sang Wook- Cha Ye Ryun. Supposely our Donghey will get married too if the relationship was going smooth. But too much obstacle went to their way.
  14. I just realised King Kong is merged with Starship. No wonder Soyu is the guest.