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  1. I just realised King Kong is merged with Starship. No wonder Soyu is the guest.
  2. Yeah. Actually like any normal people. Date, break up, marry, divorce are normal thing. Just fans always view for celebrity in a perfect way.
  3. offtopic. 1. [+219, -17] Please not Gong Yoo.....2. [+205, -8] I didn't believe the rumors when I first read them... but they must be true then3. [+191, -24] She probably sees the world differently after shooting 'Goblin'4. [+40, -1] Has she moved on to the goblin... so many rumors about it5. [+37, -2] Her scandal with the goblin is going to break out soon. There are a ton of spottings of them together ㅋㅋ6. [+36, -2] Rumors say that her and Gong Yoo take care of each other a lot7. [+35, -4] People spotted her with the goblin at a restaurant in Gangnam being all lovey dovey ㅋㅋㅋ I guess she has a ton of charms to attract men
  4. Hi guys. Just to share this post. The perfect example of lust that will never go nowhere.
  5. I notice too because they kept saying "the name". But I sense Dahae quite uncomfortable when Sugeun and Jongmin said "the name". But yeah, she really try hard and she actually has good emceeing skill.
  6. I don't know if I already don't observe her for a long time. But I feel suddenly she wore full set of Cartier. I thought she has a lot of watch collection but why she likes to wear same watch. Is it she really has mental problem or actually try be funny by talking to flowers and camera?
  7. And the rating keeps dropping. Last night episode only 2.8%. Even Kim Daesang, Kim Jong Min cannot help the show. For a variety, guest is not important. But the member must be really into the show and especially the concept of the program must be fresh. Even I feel 2 Days 1 night more fun without guest.
  8. Youngji just doing what Shoo already did before. I feel that Youngji's statement seem like a threat to Wookie.
  9. That's why Wookie loves Dahae so much before. She's never taking for granted of Wookie.
  10. I notice too. He must happy just counting money now. I guess money non-stop flowing in his account.
  11. off topic. Congratulation to Wookie's agency mate, Jo Yun Hee for the dating news.
  12. So obvious @samzz. When others gave loud cheers, I only see her bittersweet smile. HMMM
  13. Wookie- Gucci boy They also love cartier, rolex and many more. hahahaha
  14. Just checked Dahae new VS. just episode 2 but the rating already drop from 5.4% to 3.1%. Not a good sign to maintain the show for 2 years time. Hmm