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  1. I know Wookie can puts aside his ego but I can't expect this from Dahae's side as long as the someone still controlling her from bank account to choose bf. But love the fact 'no marriage in mind' from her .
  2. Dahae's new drama not showing any upward trend. Not a good sign. Already in 12th episode. Seems like high rating in early episode not promising a consistent double digits rating. http://search.daum.net/nate?q=착한마녀전&w=tot&tvkey=81614&rtmaxcoll=TVP
  3. Yes @samzz especially when imagining Wookie choco, wardrobe or whotsover abs. Who can't resist?
  4. As we expected before, Dahae's new drama records lower rating than last week. Only manage single digit rating. While Uee's drama increases in rating. I prefer this way more. Slowly rise than rapid rise but slowly going down again. http://star.fnnews.com/archives/585995 For this, I really dislike the concept of 4 episode back to back for a day to accommodate more cf. And now Dahae's drama already finish 8th episode and people already can expect the story line.
  5. I can't handle this. Does he looks like 37 old man? Seriously not.
  6. And I read recent news Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on break again. Mainly cause by Selena's mom disapproval of Justin. Very similar story with our Wookie and Dahae. And to add to you @samzz, we know how Dahae's clan like to show off their English. Indian celebrities speak English fluently than them to be honest.
  7. If you used to watch Suzy interview. Her joke is quite old man type. Maybe her background also. Really not kind of princess type of chaebol heiress. Yes, JYP himself maybe recommend Suzy to Lee Dong Wook because he knows Wookie personally. And Suzy is one his breadwinner in his company apart from TWICE and GOT7. So he needs to protect Suzy from any scandalous man.
  8. I think her house must be more tidy now as we know Wookie is quite OCD . Her house quite big as big as Dahae house but no surprise she earn a lot and work hard. She looks so simple minded person while I think Wookie quite complex in thinking. Maybe that's why Wookie wants someone simple minded to hang out.
  9. I'm laughing hard reading the comment. LOL>
  10. I always like 'Wait and See' game. Hahaha. But I agree Wookie doesn't need Oxford dictionary anymore. They can talk freely.
  11. Oh no. I just realised something. Suzy used to act together with Gong Yoo in BIG. And the writer of Big is the same writers for My Girl. Maybe Gong Yoo also involve in this. Hihi.
  12. Actually, in my point of view, I think both Wookie and Suzy will be benefited by going public.For Suzy, she will have a boyfriend with a clean image in public. Wookie is also known as public friendly by appearing in many variety show before. And now his fans also increasing day by day in both Korean and International platform. For Wookie case, he will have a comeback drama soon and it will really help to boost the publicity of his upcoming drama. As we know, Suzy is one of top actress and singer in South Korean and also widely recognized in global. For me, even though they are in the early stage but already in a win win situation for their career. But not for the case for the another D.
  13. I just noticed Kim Sun Ah used to leave comment in Suzy 's instagram. Maybe she is the bridge that brings Wookie and Suzy together. From news, insiders said they only had met twice and just in "Some' relationship but decided to dating publicly.
  14. Yes. Suzy also comes from common family. Went to audition. Rise to top.Buy assets to family. Same like Wookie. That's why she is always working hard despite all the criticism towards her.
  15. SUZY - I Love Someone Else