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  1. This totally slipped my mind but thanks to reading all your comments I just remembered. So here goes. Anyway that should cover some of the other points. Going to bed now. So take care all of you and keep posting as I am looking forward to reading them.
  2. So let me start of by admitting when I was wrong in my theories and for all of you barring with them as well as the fact that Mr. Kang was actually innocent. Guess that I am glad that he isn’t guilty but being a drama one should have already expected that. Now on to the post itself. Anyway that will be all for now. Take care all of you while I go and enjoy my birthday cake. Also keep posting.
  3. Forgive my late response but I haven’t been in town lately thus I ended up missing a few episodes. I thought that where I went I would have access to atleast KBS World but for some reason the channel wasn’t working there due to signal error and I didn’t want to waste my hosts bandwidth as they didn’t have that much to begin with.. Anyway enough with that let me get on to the show. While I still have to catch up on the missing episodes I have skipped on to the latest episodes so I am sort of up to date and I don’t feel like I have missed much. Will eventually get to them. Anyway while I have more to add will do so later because not only has this post gotten longer than I expected but also because I seem to have lost my train of thought regarding a few more points and when I recall them will add them to my next post hopefully. So till then take care and keep posting as I look forward to reading them. Till then I will try and watch the latest episode atleast.
  4. After watching the last episode I have come to the conclusion that both Seho and Seo Jung are extremely competitive and neither like to lose. They are more than willing to even bend the rules as long as they win or is it that will even break them. Also neither of them are willing to be even honest with themselves regarding this issue. Anyway I think that this covers most of my points for the time being. So till then take care and keep posting as I will be looking forward to reading them. I unfortunately won’t be able to respond to said posts because I am with my maternal grandfather (since he isn’t feeling all that well) and we have a limited amount of internet here. Thus I won’t be able to watch said episodes. Have to also figure out how to get KBS World back over here so that I can have my fix of Korean Dramas as well catch up on some of the older dramas that I have missed but had downloaded prior to coming here.
  5. @cynkdf I have to agree with you that I have to thank the person that recommended this show to me. So far I haven’t been disappointed by it and at the same time I find it extremely hilarious at times as well. Especially the scenes where he may get mistaken for pulling a Hong Kill Dong (the series) ie he forgets about his pride and is ready to become the class shuttle just to protect his nephew from suffering from all the humiliation that he was going through. While others just mistook him for being plain weird. Now on to the episodes itself. Well let’s see what happens next so keep posting as I look forward to reading all your thoughts and posts.
  6. Sorry my bad if I was unclear. In one of the early episodes Miran's mother pinched Baby Doran making her (Doran) cry. Unfortunately when she tried to quiet her the stress got to her and she (the mother) nearly miscarried Miran. One can assume that the Dad came just in time and rushed his wife to hospital and that is why everyone was healthy. as for Ji Chang Wook reference was just a joke on my part as I was aware that he was still doing his Military Service. Why I recomednded him was because the first drama that I watched happened to have both Ji Chang Wook and the actor for Wang Dae Rook in first and second lead roles. The drama was Smile Again (2010 version) also known as Smile Dongae. As for you leaving the show for the time being is sad but being myself busy with work and all is something that I totally understand. as of now you probably wont miss much. The real interesting parts will happen when it is discovered who Doran's father is by the others and that he was not only a criminal but a murderer as well (clearly he didn't do any of it on purpose and was in a desperate situation). Probably that is the reason why he was eventually released. Anyway sorry for any misunderstanding that I may have caused. My English isn't the best at times. My English Teacher always told me to write shorter points as that would prevent both Grammatical Errors as well as other misunderstandings due to my posts not being on the dot or being unclear. I wish I heeded such useful advice. if there is anything else that you have doubts regarding my posts please let me know.
  7. Was just recommended this show and so far I haven’t been disappointed with what they have shown us. Love all the characters. They are fun to watch as well as try and understand their motivations as well. But before I get into the drama itself I have to wonder if Seho really the villain. At times that is exactly what it seems like with him giving those evil looking smirks knowing that he has finally got what he wants and has pulled one successfully over the main leads but at other times his motivation seems to be just as puzzling. Anyway let’s leave it at this for the moment. Will add more later on but have to attend to my work for the time being. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Also lets hope that the drama doesn’t disappoint but continues to improve.
  8. @stargazer187 thankyou for answering my questions. Yes your answer seems to be far more reasonable and believable them my suggestion that the grandmother fakes her condition at times. Though that would indeed be an interesting twist if that was the case as well. Well either way let’s see what happens in today’s episode before we can make a better verdict. So far it seems to be an interesting show. Just wait till more secrets are going to be revealed. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Will be looking forward to reading them.
  9. I came across this drama recently and seem to have a few questions since I skipped a few episodes while trying to get a feel for this drama. Something I usually don’t do so please forgive me if these points have already been answered. I will be reading all the previous posts after posting this. Anyway I think that things might just start to get interesting at this point. If I get time I will definitely be watching this drama and commenting on it. So far it seems to have a nice feel to it. Till next time take care all of you and hope that you enjoy it as well. If anyone can confirm the grandmothers condition will really appreciate it.
  10. The drama is finally done so congratulations to everyone that managed to stick and watch even those that stopped enjoying the show. To be honest I enjoyed most of the show because it was slightly different from what we generally watch. Now while I am sure that I have more to add things seem to be slipping from my mind at the moment unfortunately so I will probably leave it at this for the time being. Hope to join the rest of you on some other drama also assuming that I have enough time to do so. I have enjoyed not only this drama but also the thoughts and comments of the other viewers/posters here as well. I just wish the ending was a bit better as well as some of the flaws that were there. Anyway till next time all of you take care.
  11. Sorry for the late response been busy with work and also had to attend a few weddings along the way as well. But still I felt that I had to comment since this show is about to end and all. But before I get into all that I wanted to thank @triplem and @Lmangla for further clarifying the rules regarding quoting pictures and all as well as regarding double posts etc.. @Jillia I have to disagree with you in regards to you and the other moderators not being Party Poopers and all. You are far worse than that. All of you are nothing short of Dictators who want to prevent our Freedom Of Speech and Thought. How Dare You. (Just in case you didn’t get it I was only joking in regards to this) but on a more serious thought I have never thought any of you moderators were Party Poopers and all and if any of my posts indicated that I want to apologize in regards to that. Also thanks for explaining the matter regarding Double Posts as well. It explains why no one warned me in regards to me recapping a few episodes of Love To The End to keep the thread alive till other people joined it and I was the only one posting in it. Oh and perhaps Jillian is your evil Doppleganger who is a Party Pooper while you are the cool moderator and the original. Anyway will watch the final episodes with subs and then try to comment on it if I get the time. So till then take care all of you and look forward to reading your posts and your thoughts regarding the episodes.
  12. @Saja La the person that you are trying to refer in regards to your posts being edited is @Jillia not Jillian. Personally I don’t seem to have an issue with how the moderators are doing their job. So far I have only had one of my posts edited by them but that was clearly a fault on my part. Though I could attribute part of it on my being forgetful and not fully understanding the instructions given to me by them. (It was just after they had given me said advice and I haven’t made the same mistake since.). now I can understand you being slightly frustrated when it comes to the matter of double posting and how they merge your two posts together and don’t even give a separating line between your old and new posts but I have to suggest to you to bear with it and to give these moderators a bit of slack in regards to this. To us this may not seem such a big deal and perhaps only requires a slight modification but that isn’t necessarily the same for the mods. A better example here would be of how we simply write a few posts and that’s part of our jobs. At the most we then wait to read a few other posts of threads that simply interest us. Depending on how popular a thread is we may have to read 10 – 15 posts for instance and if we have a few more just add the results together. But that isn’t the case with moderators they have to literally go over 100 of posts. Some to see if they meet the proper requirements and some of which they are actually interested in (as watching said shows and sharing their thoughts as well). Meaning that they invest far more time and effort than an average poster. I doubt that even if they share their workload it is enough at times. So them just quickly editing a post makes sense. Yes it might be true that they haven’t read the entire post you wrote just saw that it didn’t follow the guidelines so they edited it but I feel that is understandable at this point. We need to be careful not to violate these rules so that they not only have an easier job but also get to enjoy the shows that they watch, read and comment about. Anyway while I have more to add will do so later on. Till then take care all of you and look forward to reading your posts.
  13. Another week gone by with another set of interesting episodes. As of now the show has continued to keep me interested in both the story as well as the characters. It is also interesting to see just how far each of these characters will go to achieve their goals. This show is by no means perfect and if you look closely one can easily spot Drama Logic Fails. But since I have gotten so used to them at this point I can sort of ignore them. Will surely add that later on for hopes that someone else has a better suggestion as to why they happened. Anyway that will be all for the moment. Take care all of you and keep posting as I will be looking forward to reading your posts as well as hope that this show continues to remain an interesting as it currently is. I also need to catch up on my other shows. Some of them have been left behind.
  14. Episodes 3 and 4 are interesting because we get a bit of character development as well as have a few of our suspicions confirmed as well or atleast we get to ask ourselves a few questions regarding the characters. But before I get into that let me answer a question. Anyway that should cover most of my points for now. Will head off to bed so take care all of you and keep posting. Will be looking forward to reading them.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you in regards to this but this show is going to drag just as much as Mysterious Personal Shopper since this is in the 100 episode category list like that one. If you like shows that have quick resolutions you might want to watch the smaller ones that come twice a week but are about 1 hour each. For Example Are You Human that just finished or Lovely Horribly which is ongoing. So in other words pretty much expect Sena to be in control of things and getting away with all the evil things till pretty much the last episode. :( @watchumlots It depends on Sena's plans in regards to her current marriage over her Ex. Sure there may not be such a huge difference between Gangsta Prince and her husband but we have to question what was her end game in the first place. For instance I have always wondered was her initial plan to always get married to her husband for the intel that her dad required for the LED Facemask or was she rushed into doing that. For instance did she plan on getting the plans some other way prior to this. Also according to Scum he expects her to be married only for a year before she should get a divorce and move on from her current life. Meaning he might have discussed this aspect with her before he told her to get married. This might have been enough to convince her to go along with the plan for the time being. What is a year compared to her living with 5 years with another man. She could just bare with it etc.. Also it would be much better if they actually explained what her revenge plans are and how she plans to go about them. Unfortunately the most we get to see her currently is trying to break her Ex from marrying her SiL for various reasons and how those plans are failing. For instance we know that she is Eying Scum's wealth and she is showing that she is planning on backstabbing him when the time arises by recording all of his incriminating conversations. But how and when is she going to use them. On top of all this she has already gotten her hands on YB Company shares. She needs to collect more of them if she wants to try and take over that company. To some extent I can see her trying to use money that she gets through certain ways and buys some more shares. She convinces Scum that they are on the same side and thus he lets her do so since he thinks that when both of them have enough they will combine those shares and take over the company with him leading it naturally. What he won't realize until to late is that it's going to be the exact opposite since she will probably use this as a perfect time to use the recordings as blackmail material to get the rest of the shares from him as well. In many ways Sena fits in perfectly with her Fake Family because she is just as likely to backstab the other as the others do try and do to each other. The only thing that I can see so far is that Hyun Ki and the Grandfather atleast don't try and do this to each other unlike Scum who is clearly after the company and all. I can only assume that Hyun Ki is like that because he knows how his grandfather values his bloodline so much and on top of all this since he is a male it seems like he knows that as of now he has no real competition to speak of and thus naturally his grandfather will simply hand the company down to him. Thus he simply needs to wait to get it. On the other hand Scum is totally aware of this fact as well. But thinks that he deserves the company due to his age and for how long that he has served it. As for Sena she is crazy since there is no real justification for her to try and take it apart from that fake delusion of Revenge that she thinks that she is carrying out. A question regarding her revenge plans is that what is she going to do when she gets her hands on the company and Scum's properties etc.. Lets assume for a moment that she manages to kick them all out of the house and the company will that be sufficient. I think not simply because what will she do next. Let's say that the later works and she gets to live in a nice and comfortable house for the rest of her life but the same can't be said about the former because she hasn't shown any sign that she can run a company just fine if she takes it over. It has been stated that she has a MBA but so far we have seen no real proof of that. If she had atleast done something for either company that helps them and all I might find it believable but as of now I don't think so. Also even if she does take over the company will the workers over there be willing to work under her. Anyway will be waiting for the next episode before I add anything else. SO till then take care all of you and keep posting. :)
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