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  1. cr: Timepass Paisa Wasool slightly off topic, but is anyone else having to sign in to soompi every couple of weeks? This time, I had to change my password. Re: 8 letters. My favorite Minho look is #7 suit Minho because I like when his hair is off his forehead.
  2. cr:Timepass Paisa Wasool @msdot: I'm watching a j-drama about a criminologist. I think a role such as that might be interesting for LMH, something different.
  3. cr: Minoz Argentina Official @Claudia XimenaI actually feel that the (almost) 2 years went by faster than I imagined. Sure, there were a couple of dead periods, but for the most part, the time passed. I think the worse, at least from my perspective, was the period between the end of LBS (or maybe his last fan meet) and when he finally enlisted. The not knowing exactly when he was leaving and counting down the days was the hardest.
  4. Let's get excited to see Kim Tan! Especially in that skin tight wet suit! Woo hoo!
  5. cr for translation lmhworldsubs Aww, don't you just want to hug him? He looks so young and vulnerable; nothing like CY.
  6. CarolynH

    [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    @fitzsimmons: Coincidentally, we are watching the final episode this week in the LMH thread. You're more than welcome to join us with your comments. The recap should be posted by Sunday. I have the DVD. I believe it's PMP Entertainment which I understand isn't as good well made as others. The quality isn't as good as other DVDs. As far as I can remember it does not have deleted scenes or BTS like my City Hunter DVD.
  7. cr: tagged via J E Kim Tan is coming! @syntyche I don't think the video gives away too much, although I suspect that you've already seen some of the video/photos.
  8. cr: SBS via Woodalchi Minoz Some randomness on a Sunday. I don't know why, but I really like this photo of LMH. Maybe it's the pillow lol. There was another photo years ago with LMH holding a pillow lying on his stomach that I liked a lot.
  9. cr: as tagged via Minoz Canada The music in the video drove me crazy, but focus on LMH in his wetsuit and the music becomes secondary lol
  10. cr: as tagged via leeminhosha Ли Мин Хо Do we all miss his goofy laugh?
  11. cr: Snow snow Sigh, my favorite couple. They're so comfortable with each other. PS. Re 8 letters Christmas teaser: Someone needs to tell Minho not to peel his banana so far down; there's a good chance, especially with a skinny banana, that it will break! lol. i guess another example of our 3yo.
  12. cr: as tagged. Happy holidays everyone! cr for photo below: as tagged @tshering12: I believe it's 124 days left.
  13. cr: ? Re 8 letters: I think a theme of LMH's lack of direction- going in the wrong car, door, direction would make a charming episode, don't you?