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  1. Thanks so much @SonShinAe !!! Translation: Until 'Dazzling's' end the real dazzling story begins. Only 2 episodes remain of JTBC's Mon-Tues drama 'Dazzling.' Ahead of the final episodes, Kim Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Son Ho-Joon shared their thoughts and the final point for the viewers. With dazzling emotional magic, 'Dazzling' made viewers laugh and cry. After making every moment full of laughter and made us feel emotions deep in our heart, the show broke away from the secret of time travel and gave us a shock. That Hye-Ja was suffering from Alzheimer's was a surprising twist that turned everything that happened before upside down. Kim Hye-Ja, who showed us unfathomably great acting ability was indeed the greatest 'nation's actor,' true to her name. Living inside her precious memories, the Hye-Ja that Kim Hye-Ja showed us went beyond emotion itself. Kim Hye-Ja believes that 'Dazzling' contains a whole life in itself. The viewers felt all the joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure together, and she is grateful to them. She hoped that this show will remain in everyone's hearts for a long time. She wants 'everyone to spend their dazzling todays, this very moment, preciously and meaningfully, and happily, for the rest of their lives,' that was her warm message. As the 25-year-old Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min again proved that she is worthy of being considered one of the top actors. The reason she drew the viewer's eye was her ability to successfully show us a performance of the same one person as Kim Hye-Ja, transcending time itself, not missing any small detail or emotion. She said that through 'Dazzling," she could move people, provide laughter, and was happy to make even a small contribution to this meaningful project. She said this project, as much as she received great love, the more unforgettable it will be. She is grateful to everyone who laughed and cried for Hye-Ja. She cheers everyone on that every moment of their lives will be dazzling. Everyone is intensely curious to know what the young Hye-Ja's story will be, the one who emerged with tears in her eyes as Hye-Ja's secret was revealed. Han Ji-Min says, "How long will Hye-Ja's dazzling moment last? Please watch until the end to see how her tangled past is explained." Nam Joo-Hyuk stimulated emotion with certain tangibility. He expressed Joon-Ha's loneliness and pain very realistically. The Joon-Ha he created was the face of new youth, who hurts but also shines. He said, "I was happy that everyone laughed and cried along with us. As I acted as Joon-Ha, I felt and learned a lot of things, and it was a dazzling time for me. I am grateful for all the love. Please watch until the end." He added, "Joon-Ha and Hye-Ja's hidden experiences and relationship will be revealed, and the secret of the wristwatch will be solved as well, so please watch." Son Ho-Joon who spread the laugh virus, full of weird funniness, was judged to have shown a comic talent that was previously unseen. He said, "I was happy to make the viewers laugh. Young-Soo was immature and weird, but you couldn't hate him and I was happy to act this character. Thank you for watching Young-Soo grow up. Please watch until the end." He gave his all to show Young-Soo act crazy, and drew the applause of the viewers. As soon as he appeared, he made sure you laughed, he was a total "laugh maker," and he made 'Dazzling' delightful. He said, "Please watch Hye-Ja's twisted life become solved like a puzzle and it will reveal Young-Soo's true image."
  2. https://www.82cook.com/entiz/read.php?bn=15&num=2735607 Translated: Kim Hye-Ja, dementia patient, lives with her son, his wife, and her grandson. When she was young, her father was a taxi driver and her mother was a beautician. Not wealthy, but a happy family. She wanted to be an announcer, but could not realize her dream. Fell in love with Joon-Ha, who wanted to be a reporter. After marrying, they had one son and lived happily. Joon-Ha, as a reporter, was taken, tortured and died. She lives with the guilt of not having saved her husband, and her son loses his leg in a car accident. Her husband's death and her son's accident are buried deep in her subconscious, and Hye-Ja keeps trying to save them, even while suffering dementia. If only she could turn back time, she could save her son and her husband. She becomes obsessed with turning back time due to deep regret in her past, and that caused her to fantasize about a wristwatch that could turn back time. So in her imagination, she returns to age 25 when she first met Joon-Ha. However, her face remains that of an old woman, so she thinks that it is because of this strange wristwatch. In Hye-Ja's world, her son becomes her father, her daughter-in-law becomes her mother and her grandson becomes her older brother. And the doctor who cares for her at the nursing home becomes her husband before they married. She lives every day in a delusion. She wants to work, so she imagines selling eggs and working part-time at a supermarket using her nice voice. She has fun with her friends, but her 25-year-old friends are only 25 in her imagination. They have all become old, or died. Her husband who became a reporter and died does not become a reporter in Hye-Ja's imagination. He works at a Senior Center and she sees him every day. But this Joon-Ha is her doctor who just looks like Joon-Ha. Her young friends and Joon-Ha no longer exist in this world. When her father looks at her with sad eyes, Hye-Ja imagines that he is not used to her old appearance, but the truth is that it saddens him to see her call him "Dad." Her daughter-in-law feels the same. Her delusions become worse as time passes. The daughter-in-law is exhausted caring for a mother-in-law with dementia and considers divorce, but when Hye-Ja tells her that she is on her side, she cries as she eats noodles. Hye-Ja thinks that her cooking skills have suddenly improved, but the truth is that she's been cooking her whole life, which is why she is good at it. She is good at kitchen work and packing lunches. This is why her father hates eating anchovies, because she fed them to him so many times, because it was good for his bones. When he is insulted at his security job, Hye-Ja says that she is his mother and stands up for him, but her father looks sad, seeing his mother's dementia getting worse. In this imaginary world, Joon-Ha becomes ruined by his tough reality, and Hye-Ja continues to try and rescue Joon-Ha. Hye-Ja will save you, Hye-Ja will save you. Joon-Ha goes to see the Aurora to find himself thanks to Hye-Ja's help. But as he prepares to leave her world, she can't let him go yet. Hye-Ja had to save Joon-Ha herself, and bring the bloodied Joon-Ha to see the ocean. Only after she saved him herself could he leave her world. In her imaginary world, Hye-Ja saves Joon-Ha from the room where he was tortured. When she rescues him from death and takes him to the ocean, that is when she comes to her senses and becomes aware of reality. Hye-Ja now knows that she is not 25, but an old woman with dementia. She sees her son and daughter-in-law, and she sees the young doctor, instead of Joon-Ha. Hye-Ja is now ready to go on a long trip. The truth is that she had been planning this long trip with her friends (i.e., death) but it was delayed because she had to rescue Joon-Ha. She couldn't leave Joon-Ha collapsed in a cold basement room, so she had to save him no matter what and take him to the ocean. She is now free from his unfair death, and she will leave soon to go to where he is. But the watch was returned to her by the detective who caused Joon-Ha's death, could she forgive him? The perpetrator and victim have both become old people suffering dementia. Could she forgive the person who caused her grief before she leaves? -- Thank you, @SonShinAe !!!
  3. Yes, you are correct. "Breaking the 4th wall" is when a character acknowledges the audience directly. The final scene is Poong-Sang looking at the audience and giving us a "finger heart" as if to say, "I love you" to us. (Why is he wearing all white? Is he dead? And why is he at the locker putting an envelope of money in it? To the last moment, this show makes NO SENSE.) Shows used to do that regularly in the past where the cast gathers and everyone bows to the audience and says "Thanks for watching!" There are so many things that I do not understand. I did have a soft spot for the characters, especially Hwa-Sang. And we do all know people in real life who just can't get their s**t together and you feel anxious for them. It happens. And it was nice to see that everyone is happy in the end. But I still can't shake this feeling like the entire thing was some sort of sick joke. It's as if the show was written by robots working from a "How to write a weekend Korean drama" guidebook. Like it was written by people who don't actually understand human emotions. Wae-Sang being raped by that girl is one of those things. It just leaves you scratching your head thinking, "Why?" Or Yeol-Han's mother showing up once in a while just to scream and slap people - but in the end, they just ignore her and that's that. So what was the point of that? I love the actors. I really love Yoo Joon-Sang (Poong-Sang) and Lee Si-Young (Hwa-Sang). I will always give a chance to any of their projects, and that hasn't changed. But here's to hoping that their next show is more dignified and less WTF. I also like Lee Bo-Hee (the mother) but her character was so terrible that I will have a hard time getting past it the next time I see her.
  4. Finale. Everyone is fine. Hwa-Sang gets together with Chil-Bok. After a time jump you see that she is pregnant. His pants split one last time. Jeong-Sang and husband are happy. Pregnant at the same time as Hwa-Sang. Poong-Sang finds out his two sisters gave him their liver. He's grateful. Everyone decides to pretend not to know about this secret, which is SO KOREAN of them. Wae-Sang left his family about $300,000 after almost dying, but wakes up. Perfectly fine. Gets with that woman he likes (Jeong-Sang's friend). The Rapist has the baby and leaves the baby at their door. Runs away crying, never seen again. (I guess the baby was Wae-Sang's, despite our assumptions.) Time jump. Jin-Sang gets a job as a used car salesman. Seems pretty good at it because he is handsome and good at buttering people up. Apparently stopped gambling. Gets revenge on Mi-Ryun after he gets beat up by someone and is lying in the hospital in a full body cast. Eats jja-jang-myun in front of him to make him salivate, then throws $1000 in his face. Poong-Sang and Wae-Sang work at a nicer car repair shop that Boon-Shil is the owner of. Chil-Bok's mom is running a nicer, upgraded convenience store. Everyone is pregnant or has a baby. Jin-Sang is with that one woman who liked him before, and they have a baby, too. Everyone gathers for a meal. This is the typical Korean Weekend Drama happy ending - a wedding, or everyone gathered to eat, holding their babies or pregnant bellies. No Yang-Shim is ruined. She carts around junk to sell and digs through trash. I mean, just desserts I guess, but it's like a cartoon. She even has a bandage over one eye and a scar on her face. Lightning strikes when she curses Poong-Sang, literally. Ridiculous. Poong-Sang leaves some households goods he bought at her doorstep but does not stop to see her. He says, "I can't forgive you, but I no longer hate you." No redemption. Poong-Sang breaks the 4th wall and gives finger-heart to the audience. The end. -- My thoughts. Well, you know what I think! Ultra-formulaic but they really kicked up to cray-cray levels. It did make the stock ending (everyone happy!) feel ... like relief, but still. There is a korean expression: 병주고 약주고 which means: "Give the disease and offer the remedy" In English, the equivalent phrase is apparently, "carry fire in one hand and water in the other." I feel like that's the best way to describe this show. It made me so irritated and angry by the character's frustrating and stupid, self-defeating behavior - but you felt relief when they finally started behaving like decent human beings. So, that was a masochistic experience. I think this was in every way a weekend family drama that was strangely morphed into a weeknight drama - a 50-episode drama that was squeezed into 20 (but felt like 100) - and they had to make everyone behave like cartoons instead of human beings in order to compete with idols, zombies, time travel, and other stuff that the weekday dramas have. And it worked! A ratings hit! And it kept me hate-watching until the end. So, um... yay? And even those cheesy weekend dramas always have some good tear-jerking scenes and at least teach you some life wisdom, which, even though it feels trite is always true. But the final lesson is that money DOES buy happiness. Geez, this show.
  5. Twins reconciled. It was nice to not see them at each other's throats. Right before Hwa-Sang goes under, she learned that her liver is actually big enough, but Jeong-Sang insisted on contributing her liver anyway, to help Hwa-Sang feel less lonely, and so that they cut less of her liver out. Nothing really dramatic except Yeol-Han's WITCH mother shows up to scream and be a WITCH to Jeong-Sang. How random. NO YANG-SHIM makes an appearance just to remind all of us that she is still TRASH. Hwa-Sang gets to tell her off but it won't make any difference to TRASH. These two crappy moms can go jump in that shallow river any time. Jin-Sang feels guilty that he was not the liver donor and gets on a bus. Uhhh, whatever. Maybe he should stick around and help nurse his THREE siblings recover from surgery? No? That makes too much sense? I'm sure it will all turn out fine. Everyone will be happy by the end, break the fourth wall and smile and wave at the audience.
  6. Give us star candies! *sigh* I have so many thoughts. Storytelling - It was great! Very skillful, well-done! Emotionally - Devastating! And we don't even know everything yet! I have no idea what we will learn next week, so I'll just focus on how much I enjoyed everything in this episode. When they rescued Joon-Ha, it was so funny, it was easily the most entertaining, hilarious sequence I have seen in a long time. When Hyun said, "Let's meet in the next life as lovers," and Hye-Ja cuts him down one last time - "I go to church! (i.e., I don't believe in reincarnation)" I was dying with laughter. And then when Hyun started kicking everyone's a$$ I was DEAD. And seeing the photos of the oldsters when they were young while they were riding in the van was beautiful. When Hye-Ja's father called out and said, "Mom!" that was the moment I realized that this story was about to emotionally punch me in the gut somehow. And then... it did. Okay, well... see you all next week. (Joon-Ha's retro-hair is pretty glorious, right?)
  7. the grandma who looks like an ordinary person. You're right, I didn't realize how funny that was. Anyway, according to my husband, the lady who walks really slow and the man who had the dog are pretty well-known actors who have been acting for a long time. But he doesn't know their names. So maybe that lady?
  8. Thank you @nrllee for posting that link from melohwa: https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-10-spoilers.html The last comment says: 8. [+356,-10] It's more goosebumps-inducing to know that they cast actors who have participated in the pro-democracy movement in real life. Woo Hyun, Ahn Nae Sang, and the grandma who looks like an ordinary person. Interesting! First of all, I had no idea that Woo Hyun (Hyun, the man who has a crush on Hye-Ja) and Ahn Nae-Sang (Hye-Ja's father/son) participated in the pro-democracy movement. But it does say that in their Korean wikipedia entries. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/우현_(배우) https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/안내상 They attended Yonsei University together and majored in theology. It's possible that this show is also a tribute to that movement as well. Is this how Hye-Ja's husband passed away? (speculation)
  9. Wow, that was amazing. Daebak. My brain hasn't quite processed what I saw so I'm still not totally sure about what happened, but I still felt my heart break. I can't wait until next week! I'll be sad when it's all over. I miss you all already. -- Aside from the plot twist, how freaking cute was that caper when everyone totally kicked butt while rescuing Joon-Ha from the dungeon? I was crying from laughing so hard. Young-Soo was shipped off to Africa. OMG, OMG, too silly... <===== my face today while watching this show
  10. Every single one of them are better off now that they know the truth about their mother. Jin-Sang saw his mother run out on her son after promising to give her liver, leaving him to die. Wae-Sang finally knows that his mother stole his rehab money. Hwa-Sang finally knows that she sold her off to be a slave. If they had realized before that she is a toxic monster, they wouldn't have allowed her to continue to take advantage of them. Poong-Sang should have told them. His worst problem is that he thinks he knows best and decides for his siblings. He even decided for his wife (for Jeong-Sang to lie to her about not being a liver match). He should stop acting like this.
  11. Ep. 10 text preview translated: [10회 예고] 이준하 팀장이 납치를요!? 겉으로 티내진 않지만 혜자(김혜자)는 떠난 준하(남주혁)가 그립기만 하다. 그런데 우연히 들린 준하의 집에서 여행 가방이 그대로 남아있는 것을 보고 혜자는 준하가 출국하지 않았다는 사실을 알게 되고... 한편, 준하의 소식을 알기 위해 홍보관을 찾은 혜자는 희원(김희원)이 사망보험에 가입된 노인들만 야유회를 데리고 간다는 사실에 수상함을 느끼는데... Hye-Ja doesn't show it, but she longs to see Joon-Ha again. She happens to visit Joon-Ha's home and sees that his packed luggage is still there, so she learns that he did not leave the country... To find out where he is, she visits the Senior Center and feels suspicion when she hears that Hee-Won is taking only the people who bought life insurance on a picnic... -- My thoughts on 9: Aftermath of Chanel's death: As a pure storytelling critique, I liked that this entire storyline was treated rather gently, without histrionics. The son neglected and ignored his mother. Not much else to this. It was just a quiet, casual neglect that could happen to so many people. Even the investigation and the exoneration was dealt with in a sober way, with none of the usual intrigue or screaming and throwing stuff that you see in so many police station scenes. It really drove home what an everyday tragedy this is. Joon-Ha's grief and heartbreak over this was so... . And his conversation with Hye-Ja at their usual noodle shop was so... I loved it when some of the elderly stuck up for Joon-Ha when he was suspected of killing Chanel for her insurance money. They saw his truth, just like Hye-Ja did. Hee-Won and his henchman reveal themselves to be the cackling villains we always knew they were. Tomorrow we learn more about that old man with the watch. I can't begin to guess what's going on there, but I can't wait to find out. I love that Young-Soo is finally getting off his butt to do something during the day besides making his stupid broadcasts. But I also miss the broadcasts, too. They were so funny. -- ETA: More thoughts on 9 I really appreciate this show for addressing ageism. Old people don't deserve plastic surgery and during a fire alarm, they should be the last ones who get to escape the building. If there were not enough life jackets on a sinking ship, I guess they would throw the oldsters overboard! This show really made me think about how the elderly can be exploited and ignored by society. Paradoxically, elders are treated with deference in Korea - people speak formally to them and sit on their knees in front of them - these manners are taught and ingrained to the point that when Hyun-Joo and Sang-Eun speak ban-mal in public to Hye-Ja, people stare and scold them. Good manners is one thing, but then they mock and ignore the elderly when it really matters. I feel that the way that Chanel's son treated her is part of this. He simply ignored her and pretended that she didn't exist. He probably thought of her as burdensome. He won't show up for his mother's entire funeral, but he shows up on the last day to make it appear to the public as if he was a filial son. We wonder - how can he do this? But it's probably a lot more common than we realize. It's a more severe version of what a lot of older people on the show feel. The reason they enjoyed going to the Senior Center so much is that they felt like they were burdens to their family. Some of their families even admitted (at the salon) that having the old grandma or grandpa around the house was suffocating. A lot of people feel that old people are boring. It's why some people think that this show is boring - too many old people being old and not enough dewy, fresh young people kissing each other. This show is a tribute to Kim Hye-Ja but it's a tribute to old people in general. A lot of the old people you see are screen are not professional actors. Some of them are (like Chanel and Hyun), but some of them are real-life regular people and this show is a tribute to them, too. Old people can be awesome. Bring on the "Halvengers" tomorrow. (Ha ha. Koreans are the masters at making these weird, hybrid words. I'll bet they have a cute word for 'hybrid words,' too!) (So Hee-Won is going take all the people who bought life insurance on a picnic? Is he going to drown them all at once so he can collect all the insurance money? Geez. we knew he was a scam artist, but that escalated quickly.)
  12. Agree, @tas82 Hwa-Sang's repentance and crocodile's tears didn't mean much. Yes, Poong-Sang did rescue her after their mother sold her off to be a sex slave - and now that she knows that she finally forgives him. But she should also have been grateful for the decades he let her mooch off her, too. Yes, he did some hurtful things to her when they were young. It is painful to be compared to a twin sister. But that didn't mean she had to live as a selfish brat, and she could have just appreciated him for the sacrifices he made that she already did know about, which were plenty. She shouldn't have needed proof that he risked his life for her sake. Ugh, I don't know what they are doing with Heung-Man. If a man beats you, that man is NO GOOD.
  13. I personally think that the show is extremely romantic. That wistful, heartbreaking way that Joon-Ha’s face looks when he remembers the short time they had together is unbearably romantic to me. He loved her, and she was already his everything. And then she disappeared. They can’t be together now as a couple, but they are truly together in spirit, because he may not know it, but she is actually watching over him very close by (in the form of an older woman). They can’t be young lovers right now, but their hearts are still reaching towards each other. All the problems he has now - resentment towards his parents, self-esteem and anger issues - were always there. She gets to see him from a different perspective, and they interact with each other differently, than if she had stayed young. They are there for each other through tough times. They're about to deal with a terrible crisis, and they'll lean on each other. It's beautiful. I really love this show.
  14. Ep. 9 Text Preview, translated: http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/trailer/pr10010994/pm10051122/vo10283071/view [9회 예고] 너 이럴래 끝까지(!!)…어떡하냐? 너 비행기 못 탈 거 같은데? 샤넬할머니(정영숙)가 사망했다는 소식을 듣고 혜자(김혜자)와 준하(남주혁)는 큰 충격을 받는다. 샤넬할머니와 가깝게 지내던 준하는 조사를 받게 되지만 그녀의 행적과 자신의 알리바이를 말하지 않고 입을 굳게 다물고... 게다가 샤넬할머니가 가입한 사망보험의 보험금 수령자가 준하라는 것이 밝혀지며 혜자를 비롯한 두 사람을 아는 모든 이들이 혼란에 빠지는데... After hearing that Chanel Grandma has passed away, Hye-Ja and Joon-Ha are deeply shocked. Joon-Ha is investigated because he was close to Chanel Grandma, but he won't say anything about her whereabouts or his alibi. On top of all that, Chanel Grandma had bought a life insurance policy and the recipient turns out to be Joon-Ha - when this is revealed, all the people who know Hye-Ja and Joon-Ha fall into chaos... -- A few notes about Chanel from her character description: http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/cast/PR10010994/9 The show does not give her a name, she is simply called Chanel or Chanel Grandma. She was always well-to-do, but her husband died suddenly. Her only child, a son, inherited her husband's business and unwisely tried to expand, but ended up losing everything. He moved to the U.S. to start over and took his wife and child(ren) with him. His first and last gift to her before leaving was a Chanel handbag which she cherishes. She was happy when she could write letters to her son again.
  15. I'm laughing like a madwoman after seeing the last episode. Where are we now? 33-34? My brain is broken. This show has made me feel so dead inside that what should have been a shocking and sad event (mom runs out of the operating room) was: (1) utterly predictable - you knew she would never really go through with it (2) not even that sad because they've manipulated the audience so much and this whole "game show" feel (Whose liver is he gonna get? eeney-meeney-miney-moe) has become so ridiculous that almost nothing in this show resembles actual human emotions anymore. Wae-sang will probably live. He probably also got stabbed in his liver making it un-donatable. LIVER OR DIE. This horrible title should have given me a clue - this show is next level cray-cray.
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