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  1. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    I loved it. Ahhh, my heart is soothed. Isn't that how real romance is? You just know you love each other, so you go for it. No one EVER knows what's going to happen. No guarantees for anyone. Even with the benefit of time travel that these two have had. You just know that you love each other, and that is all that matters. This reminds me of that "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" movie. Or the saying, "It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." There is always a possibility that things will end with heartbreak and misery, but the LOVE. Gotta go for it. Hurray, Joo Hyuk. You hold on to her this time! I guess it's a little sad that he needed to be jolted by the possibility of her death in order to snap out of his Ultra-Noble-Idiocy... but that's K-dramas for you, I guess?
  2. Wow, that was... I have so many thoughts. Well, everything is paying off like gangbusters. It's going to be fireworks every minute until the finale. There was something very staid about this show. It spent a huge amount of time with careful character-building and world-building. And there were so many characters to know, so much of this world to learn about. But that time invested was more than worth it. Seeing Haman-daek fall (NOOOOO!), seeing Eun-San whip off his mask, seeing Seung-Gu pin down Wan-Ik, seeing Hina break down, seeing Ae-Shin on the rooftop... every minute is just flippin' epic that my senses are just blown. What happened to Hong-Pa (the Ju-Mo, or tavern owner / row-woman) was the start. The massacre at the 49 days ceremony was horrible, but what they did to that woman was the real shock to the system. This story will not spare you from not just how brutal, but downright obscene the Japanese occupation of Korea was.
  3. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    I think Joo-Hyuk has affirmed his love for Woo-Jin. I think they will definitely find each other. Maybe not at the bus stop, but definitely somewhere. It would be funny if she was the one who had second thoughts about him, though. HAHA. I want to revisit Hye-Won. I previously said that she was a spoiled brat because she was a product of her environment. She was an only child, born into privilege and her parents seem so indulgent. But... I did not expect that she was an actual sociopath, completely incapable of any empathy towards her husband, whatsoever. One wrong move and DIVORCE. Wow. It is astonishing that Joo-Hyuk stayed with her for 12 years because Joo-Hyuk, despite his flaws, and whatever timeline he is in, he's still the same person. And I just can't imagine him putting up with *that* for 12 years. But slow golf claps for that scene at the gas station. It takes someone special to out-gap-jil the other nasty lady who was doing the gap-jil to Hyun-Soo. So Hye-Won is actually capable of some sort of empathy for someone who she knows isn't her lap dog. Progress? (Gap-jil is such a great word. It's when a rich person acts terribly because he thinks his money gives him that right. There's no one-word equivalent in English, although there should be.) My only regret about the latest time travel is that we won't get to see Hye-Won's face when her father is disgraced and thrown in jail. My last note is about friendships. I noted that when it comes to Jong-Hoo+wife and Joo-Eun+Sang-Shik - it seems like it was one fateful moment that brought them together, but that if that fateful moment didn't happen, these people stayed apart and alone. But when it comes to friendships: Jong-Hoo+Joo-Hyuk and Joo-Eun+Woo-Jin, no matter what timeline, they always end up friends. So their basic personalities and the people they are drawn to doesn't change when it comes to friendships, which is nice! (I won't count Joo-Hyuk+Sang-Shik because their friendship pre-dated 2006.)
  4. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    I am so interested to know where this is going. The one "butterfly effect" that we know of for sure is that Joo-Hyuk stole Jong-Hoo's cab in 2006 to rush to his date with Hye-Won, and that caused Jong-Hoo to remain single for the next 12 years. The next sort-of "butterfly effect" was that Joo-Eun and Sang-Shik got together after Joo-Hyuk and Hye-Won's wedding. So if they didn't marry, Joo-Eun and Sang-Shik wouldn't get together? There are other random things that happened that haven't been accounted for - such as the fact that in the 2nd (brief) timeline, Joo-Hyuk's friend's mother was alive, but in the original timeline she had recently died in an accident. What has changed? Anyway, I'm excited to see how both Joo-Hyuk and Woo-Jin handle being given another chance to live 6/6/2006 over again, knowing what they each know. This is what is so interesting to me. Is it always just that one split-second decision you make in life that changes the whole trajectory? I mean, just because Jong-Hoo didn't catch that cab, he lost his girl forever? If he was really meant to be with her, couldn't he have tracked her down later? And what about Joo-Eun and Sang-Shik? If they really liked each other so much, you'd think they'd have found a chance to be together at some other point in time. One thing is for sure. Woo-Jin is choosing Joo-Hyuk, no matter what stands in her way. Such great acting from the main OTP. They give me chills, seriously.
  5. Well, I enjoyed it. I'm sad that the main couple never had a chance to really get together, but on the bright side... less chance that she will be killed off in LE4! If she's not an official girlfriend, isn't there wiggle room? HAHA. No, really, it can't be perfect when the lead actor is suddenly MIA. I feel the the ending was rushed, but also true to character. These two would not suddenly jump each other's bones based on what we saw so far. It's nice enough to know that they'll continue to be there for each other no matter what. I'm still not crazy about all that time wasted on Seo-Yeon's journey of learning to be a passably decent human being. I guess that's in place of the usual crime thriller / mystery element in the 1st 2 seasons? Honestly, just seeing everyone hang out and eat is enough for me. They can stop trying to add unnecessary action and drama. The flashbacks were the best part. We never find out what happened to two of the three guy friends, though. Since Yoon Doo-Joon was suddenly shipped off to the army, they could have filled the last two eps with just catching up with the guys, and I would have been okay with that. Oh well.
  6. A few thoughts after Ep.16: - Ae-Shin's a lucky girl. Three great guys are ride-or-die for you, going all out to protect you. Love it. Hee-Seong is really kicking butt this week. He can't fight physically, but he is sharp. Love that he's going to start publishing newspapers, it's perfect. (Chicago Typewriter!) - Love Grandpa Go. Turns out he's the true head of the Righteous Army! I love how everything he does is to make sure Ae-shin lives. Sending her to Gunner Jang to train her as an assassin, betrothing her to Hee-Seong, and will (eventually) let her be with Eugene. She is the apple of his eye, and he will make sure she survives. Awww. Which bring me to question - what about Ae-Soon? Does Grandpa know that his other granddaughter is married to an absolute piece of trash who treats her like garbage? And he is helping sell out Joseon? Pay attention, dude! - Speaking of which, WAN-IK. So hateful, so evil... Such a great actor. (Kim Eui-Sung)
  7. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    He's really only known her for a few days. In this world, they've been married for a few years but only she knows about that history. He doesn't know her well at all. It's like how he doesn't know how to play golf. Hye-Won = golf. He does not know her. He may be technically married to her, but to him, she's basically a stranger. Can you cheat on a stranger?
  8. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    I'm intrigued by the time travel on this show. 1st timeline - Woo-Jin and Joo-Hyuk are both pretty miserable. Two kids. Joo-Eun seems to not be married. Jong-Hoo is married with twins. Apparently his wife is the love of his life. 2nd timeline - It's 2018, a mysterious scar appears on JH's hand (from being hit by motorcycle in 2006?), friend's mother who recently died in a vehicle accident is now alive. Woo-Jin and Joo-Hyuk are the same, unhappy. Joo-Hyuk uses his 2nd coin to travel to the past. 3rd timeline - This is the 2018 that we are in now. JH is married to Hye-Won. Woo-Jin is his co-worker. Jong-Hoo is not married. And there are good things about this timeline, most important is that his sister Joo-Eun is married to his friend Sang-Shik and they seem happy together. So I guess the conclusion will somehow be a 4th timeline, where the happiest version of everything is somehow magically true? - WJ and JH are married, they still have their two kids, are happier than in 1st timeline because JH is wiser - Joo-Eun and Sang-Shik are married with child, happy - Jong-Hoo with his wife and twins, happy - friend's mother, still alive - Hye-Won, married to the right guy for her, whoever that is (valet playboy?), and happy
  9. Now that we are more than 1/2 way through, some random thoughts: While I 100% enjoy this show, there is something about the Main Romance that keeps me from fully reveling and squeeeeeing. I realized it's the same reason that kept me from fully being "all in" with the Song-Song couple in DoTS. I feel like the show's message is this: Look at these two gorgeous people in love! Bow down to its majesty! And the audience is supposed to be in awe of the sheer beauty and miracle of this couple that it's supposed to blind us to any plot holes or faulty logic. (Because come on, DoTS had some preposterous plot lines.) Anyway, I still enjoy Eugene for all his strapping manliness and by-the-numbers quality - he's like a product of a K-drama hero factory. (Tragic background? Check. Willingness to self-maim and/or die for beloved woman? Check. Square-jawed handsomeness? Check. Slo-mo strut? Check.) The only thing missing is a random topless shower or workout scene. Anyway, I think Dong-Mae is really interesting because there is just a chaotic energy with him that makes him not feel like a typical K-drama character. I mean he is, ultimately, a typical K-drama character - The Second Lead, but he is definitely very memorable and unpredictable. And Hee-Sung the Third Lead. I really enjoyed that scene with him and Ae-Shin's grandfather. I really love Ae-Shin's grandfather, by the way. He seems to have chosen Hee-Sung as his heir, and knew his true personality. (not a tyrant like his grandfather) I think he had Ae-Shin betrothed to Hee-Sung for the same reason he sent her to Gunner Jang - to save her, to help her survive. It's really quite sweet. Awwww, Grandpa.
  10. Oooh, this bums me out: https://www.soompi.com/article/1218525wpp/highlights-yoon-doojoon-reportedly-enlisting-military-week I've been really enjoying this show. It's very sweet and the main two characters are so endearing. And I felt like the show was working to come full circle. - First you have Dae-Young finally take the steps to marry his passion for food with his career. - Then you have Ji-Woo, the lady who's apparently "the one" and "the one who got away." They're very sweet together. But if there is a LE4, what makjang way will they get rid of Ji-Woo? They've already done the Truck of Doom. Well, I guess this is the last one for a while anyway. He's off to the army. I'm sorry I sound flip. I'm actually quite sad. I'm also sad to have the show truncated! Finally someone calls Seo-Yeon on her B.S. Hurray Dae-Young! She's so disrespectful and terrible that someone needed to say something. Now that this show has been cut, I'm even sorrier about all the time wasted on her and her horrid cartoon villain of a mother. I'd rather have more sweetness and more fun with the friends gang in college.
  11. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    Hye-Won as Joo-Hyuk's wife: the bottom line is that he actually doesn't know her that well. They had the first date, they kissed, and the next thing he knows, he's already been married to her for a few years. They don't have any history. There is no courtship period, no honeymoon period, no fights and makeups (except that one we saw). In reality, he's only known her for a few days. Were they ever in love with each other during the years of their relationship that we never saw? We don't know. But based on what we do know about Hye-Won: she's a selfish person. She does exactly what she wants, and won't do anything she doesn't want to. This doesn't make her an evil person or anything. She is simply a product of her environment. She was born into privilege, she is pretty, so she's used to getting her way. Even if she has an affair and Joo-Hyeok divorces her, so what? The social and material consequences to her life will be minimal. She will move on without too much trouble. With Woo-Jin, they have a shared history, although he's the only one who knows about it in this timeline. They definitely were in love, and were really close at some point. The first episodes made it seem like she just had a crush and he stuck around because he felt sorry for her when her father suddenly died. But the more flashbacks we see, the more we see that at some point, he really adored her and they seemed very in love. Ji Sung is doing his usual amazing job in this role, but Han Ji-Min really shines. She is so cool and sassy as Woo-Jin V.2 and also does a great job showing Woo-Jin V.1 as a broken woman. I know communication is key in every healthy relationship - says Oprah and every advice column in existence. But what do you do when your partner doesn't hear you? She was crying out for help, but he didn't hear her. I'm glad Joo-Hyuk is taking responsibility for his role in the deterioration of their marriage. She may have made some mistakes, but I think on balance, his mistakes are bigger. I do want to make clear that I don't think anyone is a monster in this show. Even Hye-Won isn't a monster, just a bit spoiled. Not the right wife for Joo-Hyuk, but surely the right wife for some other guy.
  12. chickfactor

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    First timeline: Husband needs to do more. Come on. He could bring home food and make sure she eats. He could help give one kid a bath while she gives the other one a bath, instead of tip-toeing past the bathroom as she struggles with both of them. He could maybe not screw up at work so he gets his promotion and maybe she can quit her job as a masseuse where she is treated like crap by a-hole customers. He could sincerely ask about her mother instead of whining about how she doesn't make them food anymore. Or go see her. He can pick up some toys instead of leaving her to do it after a long, exhausting day. Small gestures count. In the second timeline, his sister tells him how much she appreciates that her husband gets up at night to soothe the baby, 7 times out of 10. He doesn't have to do exactly 1/2 the work, but he should help in every way he can. It's hard taking care of one baby, let alone two. Husbands need to help. Hobbies and relaxation time is important, but if you have little babies at home, you really need to give it a break until the kids are older, especially when the burden falls on one person to do the heavy-lifting. I'm on the women's side all the way on this issue. It doesn't matter if the women had to do everything in the past. That is wrong and needs to change.
  13. Translation (Character Description): Goo Dong-Mae (Butcher's Son, Hanseong Branch Manager of Mushin Group) *That sounds weird but that is what Naver dictionary told me. He was born, and found himself as a butcher's son. A butcher was not a person. A butcher's wife and daughters were cursed as if to be made examples of, and butcher men held knives, but they could not cut anyone, so every day was full of humiliation. If you ran into someone they would shudder, and if you made way for someone, they spat on you. It hurt less to be brutally beaten. It was an existence worse than cows or pigs, that was Dong-Mae. He couldn't live as a cow or a pig, so he followed a gang of beggars and left the village. The "spring poverty" (scarce food before harvest season) was long and the "older brother's" beatings were vicious. The violence of the peasants against peasants was somehow more cruel than the violence from noblemen. There was no place in Joseon where life could be better for the butcher's son Dong-Mae. He went to Japan and followed a group of "ronin" who used knives like he did. He began to use a blade at age 10. Dong-Mae's blade was fast, clean, and only targeted vital points. The leader favored him and gave him the name Ishida Sho, and that name changed Dong-Mae's world. Dong-Mae, like a beast who hunts beasts, tore up and swallowed anyone who was in his way. Joseon or Japan, he was not a human in either land, but at least in Japan he was not a cow or a pig, but a beast. Everyone feared Dong-Mae. After a number of years, there was no one who could fight against Dong-Mae. His own gang was formed, and he took them and left Japan. There was only one reason he returned to Joseon. The one person who ever looked at him, the eyes of that woman. In her gaze there was no contempt or disdain, not even fear. It was Ae-Shin, from the house of Go, the most respected Parliamentarian in Joseon. The more he became like a human, the more he only longed for that one name, Go Ae-Shin. He knew he shouldn't feel that way, but even if the entire world became his enemy, he didn't care. But this American man keeping loitering in front of Ae-Shin, how bothersome. He feels like something was stolen from him. Even if he never had her. He only loves Ae-Shin, so he is crazed by love, and crazy with love, that is Dong-Mae.
  14. Just a few thoughts about this show: I've watched 1 & 2. Binged both far after they've aired, and this is the first time I'm live-watching. I find the Goo Dae-Yeong character delightful. I'm really enjoying Season 3. But wow, I really do not like Seo-Yeon. At all. Not only is she a selfish succubus, she's a s***-disturber. All she does is push every button she can to annoy and cause chaos. She mooches off and uses everyone she can get her hands on. I just can't find any reason to have sympathy for her. I'll bet that the reason she is estranged from Ji-Woo is because she wasn't there for Ji-Woo when "their" mother started having dementia, leaving Ji-Woo to deal with it on her own. Whatever she did, it must have been a really hurtful thing, because Ji-Woo has been endlessly patient with all of Seo-Yeon's B.S. before. Seo-Yeon's own birth mother is a selfish woman, too. But that doesn't mean I have to excuse her horrible behavior. I don't understand the screen time that she's getting and I don't think she deserves all the breaks that Sun is giving her (paying off her debt, job, free room and board) or his affection. Less Seo-Yeon, please. This show is great otherwise. Not enough food scenes this season, but I'm loving the flashbacks.
  15. I enjoyed Ep.11. I am enjoying this show more and more with each episode, and I think that is by design. It takes a while to really get to know the characters so everything they do has extra meaning behind it. Eugene is such a drama queen. He helps out that slave girl who was shot at Lee Se-Hun's place and says he wants credit for it because he did it to look cool. HAHA. And that dramatic scene where he buys Farewell Jja-jang-myun for Ae-Shin's right and left hand, making sure Ae-Shin knows he's leaving. Try to be a little less obvious, Dude. Last week he was super-sad that Kyle didn't buy any gifts for him. HAHAHA. Hee-Seong was the "star" of this episode for me. He's not a fighter, but he knows how to help Ae-Shin out in his own clever ways. When he offered to help Ae-Shin and said it was an honor, that she can use their engagement to be a social cover for her, that was freaking cool. One last thing: Lee Deok-Man, who's apparently working for Wan-Ik and sent that guy to search Eugene's room - Hina said that he was Ae-Shin's cousin's husband? So he's Ae-Soon's husband?