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  1. (1) About Ja-Young, Hye-Na's mom: In some way, the fact that she decided to fight for Hye-Na, by going to the media and raising a ruckus about Soo-Jin is the most toxic-ly maternal thing she has done so far. She regards Hye-Na as a *thing,* a thing which belongs to her, and was taken from her by the "rich lady." Now she wants it back. Indeed, she is a mother after all - this is just about the first time she's feeling *bad* in some way that Hye-Na is gone from her life. She wasn't nearly this upset when she thought Hye-Na drowned. So if anything, this is the most "maternal" thing she may have ever done. (2) Hurray for Young-Shin. I knew she'd come around. (3) Reporter sister Hyun-Jin! Nice to see her making some moves. However, what she is trying to do is kind of bonkers. Man-servant Jae-Bum is correct, there is no way that anyone will think that she can be objective. Although she's been mostly sweet and quiet all this time, she has that diva streak that she must have got from her mother. I think she is primarily motivated by wanting to tell the unbiased truth, but I also think she's also motivated by seizing this opportunity to get a scoop on a blockbuster story, too. (4) I'm still so sad and afraid for Hye-Na. But although things look bleak, and the walls are closing in from all sides with the media and the law chasing after them, I'm finally hopeful, for some reason. I don't feel quite as depressed after this week as I have been the last weeks. It's going to be okay, eventually. Let's all stop crying. (Bizzatch Yi-Jin still needs to be slapped.)
  2. I love this silly show. I need this silliness these days. I think my favorite is Seo-Jin. She is so spastic and funny. I love this actress. She was kind of blah on another drama I saw (Best Deliveryman) but I'm glad she gets to show off her skills here. The actor playing Joon-Ki is so good. I crack up at the very sight of him. I don't think I will ever forget him as Joon-Ki, no matter what he does in the future. I love this gorgeous baby. But I'm also glad that the show doesn't revolve around the baby, and everyone is just going about their lives with barely a blip. I mean, the biggest problem they're having is like, "Oh, I have to watch cartoons when I don't want to." Ha ha, that is very unrealistic for a baby this age. My only disappointment is that we don't see enough of Doo-Shik doing much. I love this actor, but we barely see him. Looking forward to next week. I need to laugh these days because the news is really terrible right now, and my other drama (Mother) is great, but giving me the major sads.
  3. I also think the contrast between SJ's bio-mom and HN's bio-mom is stark. Two women facing a similar situation - being a single mom with no support - and dealing with it very differently. SJ's bio-mom chose her daughter over the man, even though SJ didn't know it at the time. HN's bio-mom chose the man over her daughter, every time, and HN knows it. There are moments when I feel a tiny bit of sympathy for HN's mom... and then I remember that she put HN in a trash bag, and the sympathy is gone. In any case, I do think there is definitely social commentary, loud and clear. A man and a woman get together, a child is born, and who has to take responsibility? The man can just walk away, but the woman has to bear the burden. Some women have support from their families, etc. And some women have nothing. On top of having no support, they have to face scorn and judgment. I don't think HN's mom would have been a better mom if she had support. I believe that she should have never been a mom. But I think social support would have at least helped HN. Remember that teacher who was worried about HN? She did her best to try and help HN, but the system failed. I can't wait until the next episode. But I also dread it. This show is haunting me.
  4. Yes, and that is why I was hoping that Actress Mom would rise to the occasion. This is such a tightly written story, so I felt like there are narrative reasons for everything. For example, I thought the following factors were not a coincidence: - Soo-Jin just happens to have a mother who is a famous, rich actress. And she has a terminal disease to boot, so she has zero F's left to give. She's been an overbearing, burdensome mother to Soo-Jin. This is the perfect time for her to use her monied entitlement for something good. - Actress Mom also happens to have a man-servant who is very capable, and looks like he would do just about anything for her. - Soo-Jin's birth mom deeply loves her, and just about sacrificed her entire life for her, and seems ready to do it again, just to atone for the past - Soo-Jin has one sister who is not a bizzatch and also a reporter (I may have seen too many Korean dramas where swift justice happens through media or social media, rather than legal remedies) - (Let's not forget Dr. Dreamboat) Soo-Jin's life clearly hasn't been easy, but she has access to support and resources that not everyone does. I expect they will all come into play, because she will have to fight against a monster. I'm just trying to cheer myself up, really. My heart just breaks for Yoon-Bok. Poor thing has been through so much. I just feel like I won't be able to relax until I see her end up happy and secure.
  5. Random thoughts after Ep. 9: - I am a bit shocked about Actress Mom's reaction. I thought that since Soo-Jin has been running away from her all of her life, that this is the moment for Actress Mom to put it all on the line and really do something for Soo-Jin that she really needs. The legal issues seem pretty clear: give Hye-Na's mom a pile of money, get her to sign away her parental rights, allow Soo-Jin to adopt Hye-Na, and get her to sign a contract to keep her mouth shut forever. She would sign that in about two seconds. Actress Mom is always throwing money around and manipulating people, I really thought that is how she would handle it. So I am a bit shocked that this is how things went down, with Actress Mom making Soo-Jin choose between her and Yoon-Bok, knowing she will choose Yoon-Bok, and ultimately casting Soo-Jin out of the family. This is a show that show all sorts of mothers, and all kinds of motherhood. I think this is how it can be with an adopted child. You can love her fiercely, but I just don't think any mom would say that to a natural-born child, even just out of anger. It's just confirming what Soo-Jin has felt all her life, that she wasn't truly her mother's child. - Anyway, we needed this conflict, if only to bring Evil Boyfriend back into the story. If things ended quietly, with Hye-Na's mom giving up her parental rights, then we would not have to deal with Evil Boyfriend. And we have to deal with him. This man needs to have his crimes exposed and be thrown in jail FOREVER. - No hot doctor today. - Bizzatch sister still grates. Every word out of her mouth is snide and hateful. I guess she is her mother's daughter. - I'm not a fan of Actress Mom today, but the actress playing her is awesome. I think she will eventually come around and rise to the occasion. I don't think she's a bad person at heart. Just imperious and selfish. - The lesson here is that not all mothers are the same, while being in similar situations. Soo-Jin and Yoon-Bok are in the same boat in some ways - both were born to single mothers who had a tough time raising the child by herself. But the circumstances are vastly different. Soo-Jin was not directly abused by her mother, and her mother gave her up ultimately to protect her. Between her boyfriend and her child, this mother chose her child. Yoon-Bok, on the other hand, was actually and literally thrown into the trash by her mother. Her mother very clearly chose the boyfriend over her, time and time again. I think Yoon-Bok does "love" her mother. One thing we have learned about her is that she is a really good, kind child and also very smart. I think she has "love" for her birth mother, but the way I see it, it's really just more like pain of wanting love and not getting it. I think she's aware that her mother is not capable of being a proper mother. I think she wanted her mother to love her, but always aware of what a crap mother she really was - to know that she was literally thrown in the trash, made to sleep in a suitcase, left alone with that monster - ugh, I can't even think about all of it without getting upset. This Evil Boyfriend, he really needs to be pilloried and thrown in jail for all his crimes. The very sight of him makes my skin crawl. This show is hard to watch. (But it's so good.)
  6. I love this show. It is so good it takes my breath away. It also fills me with genuine dread. I am white-knuckling through it every week, and I end up very depressed afterwards. But it is still great. This week was a gut punch, finding out the barbershop lady's back story. You knew there was *something* going on with her, but seeing it, it just really got me. All the actors are just killing it. I have no idea what will happen, but Soo-Jin has two moms who love her fiercely, and at this point in both their lives, they have nothing to lose. And even though Actress Mom is a *bit much* as a person, she is not a terrible human being. I feel like she would really go to bat for Soo-Jin. Yi-Jin would really love that. The writing is soooo good. They make her bizzatchy asides really come to life. You know that one "frenemy" you have who smiles and backhand-compliments you all the time? They did such a good job recreating that. (Ugh, she needs to be slapped.) But then there is that crazy psycho. OMG, he really gives me the creeps. Please, please, DIE by the end the show. This guy is the worst. And I love Dr. Dreamy. I love this actor. He is in so many dramas, but he never plays the lead. Always someone very likable, though. And HOT. He needs a star role.
  7. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Hmmm, that finale left me scratching my head. I agree. They spent most of their time together after Sharon's death to be full of worrying and anxiety. It would have been nice to see them travel the world, enjoying life, not caring about society commenting on their (seeming) age difference. I guess it's implied that Soo-Ho will begin to age like a normal person once Hae-Ra is gone. And hopefully they'll meet again in the next life and live like a normal couple with no "goblins" interfering in their relationship. I think Sharon finally came to her senses. I think Sharon sending that purple coat to Hae-Ra was her giving up, knowing they would burn it, she would burn with it, and it would be karmic retribution. I think she finally accepted that it's over. Thank goodness, this poor girl was put out of her misery. Final assessment is that everything ended as if they ran out of gas. Even Chul-Min was wrapped up in a rather boring way, with no final reckoning for Sharon that she made him that way. She also never meets her "real" mother reincarnated. It was still fun. I enjoyed one last scene of Seung-Goo dancing. I wished that they thought of some way of giving us a true "happy ever after" that they spent the entire series building up to - e.g., just let Becky and Sharon's death reverse Soo-Ho's curse, easy! - but all the other episodes were fun. They just did not stick the landing.
  8. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Finale week! I really enjoyed this show. I loved our main couple. There wasn't any tension at all. They were fated to be together in a past life, and they loved each other as adolescents. And they are so beautiful together. Game over. I know Sharon is HATED, but I loved her. OMG, she just does not have a clue. Some people just do not get it, it will never ever happen, the entire universe has made it crystal-clear, but they still won't give up! This crazy, insane tenacity of hers. Not to mention she is a monster who will not die. This crazy witch is one for the ages. I laugh every time she speaks. OMG, Sharon, someone please knock some sense into her! Let's all face it, the real reason to watch is to see what happens to Sharon. I love the actress who plays Becky. She is so chic! She is this chic in every role I have ever seen her! I think in real life, she must float around like a ballerina every single day. Seung-Goo, my love. His dancing scenes are worthy of a David Lynch movie. So freaking weird and awesome. Gon and his girlfriend and that fitness instructor, I guess they were fine, but why so serious? Camp it up! (And what kind of name is Gon? Weird.) Chul-Min gets it. His evil cackling is hilarious. He clearly realizes that he is acting in a live-action cartoon. (Makeup artist on this show gets extra points, too. Everyone's skin looked like milk. Gorgeous.)
  9. Capt. Yoo's conviction was not set aside. But they found grounds for retrial. Since the original murderer was tried and received a 35 yr sentence Capt. Yoo's will obviously win at retrial. But it hasn't happened yet.
  10. Marriage Contract The purpose of this contract is for a rational and harmonious married life between Nam Se Hee (hereinafter "husband") and Yoon Ji Ho (hereinafter "wife), and the rules governing their co-habitation: 1. Marriage defined. In here, "marriage" means that a man and a woman become an official married couple, and are in a legally sanctioned marital relationship. 2. The purpose of this contract. This contract's purpose is for when there is a dispute regarding Husband and Wife's conditions and rules, that there is a method and a set of rules for a legitimate and harmonious compromise. 3. The meaning of married couple. Husband and wife, in order to manage their married life, will place these objectives as priorities: 1. What maintains this marriage is not law, nor custom, but love for each other. 2. If there is an emergency or danger, each guardian will do their best to observe their respective duty. 3. For the sake of peaceful existence of the other, they will not interfere, nor be possessive. 4. The rules of married life. Husband and Wife will comply with the following three rules: 1. They have each paid 1/2 of the deposit, so this villa is in both their names. As such, the rights and responsibilities concerning the villa are also mutually shared. As such, all business matters regarding the house is distributed evenly. 2. On Thanksgiving, each will travel to their respective family homes and spend it separately. 3. Participation in the celebrations of the other's family is strictly up to personal choice. If after participation, there is any misunderstanding, they must do their best to solve it with the person directly responsible before returning to the home. 4. Filial behavior towards each's parents will not be shared with the spouse. 5. Show maximum consideration for each other's personal life (personal work-related matters, personal hobbies, etc.) 6. Household life will conform with these rules.
  11. Just watched it again. (So much better than stealing looks at it throughout the day on my phone during work.) I love that they rejected the tropes, and traditions in general. Not just the main couple, but all three couples. 1. SH & JH: I LOL'ed at their dialogue in the end where they agree to reject the tradition of the wife slaving away at the in-laws house for Thanksgiving. I love how they've decided to live as a couple on their own terms. We know that obviously, this doesn't mean they don't love or care about their family, but that they won't let traditions and filial piety mess with what they have together. 2. SJ & SG: I just love this couple. Do they get married? Does it matter? They're into each other, they have each other's backs, they're just awesome together, and that is all that matters. 3. Rang-Seok. Awww, that was sweet. I guess Seok ultimately felt burdened because he felt like he had to buy a house for Rang, and he just wasn't in any position to do that, for now. But it turns out, she's happy to make it work with their current financial situation and do the traditional Korean-wife thing and move into his parents' house. So do "love and marriage go together like horse and carriage?" I think this show's message is that marriage can be a beautiful thing, and it's not right to treat it as just a contractual agreement. But there are problems when there are many burdens associated with marriage, with many people's expectations and demands thrown into the mix. That you just can't lose sight of what is really important. Such good acting across the board! Everyone better become a huge star and win all the awards, right now. (Okay, so was Bomi playing cupid with Rang-Seok, or was she really into Seok? She... remains... mysterious...)
  12. I loved it, it was awesome. I watched this as soon as I could on my phone while I was working. So I didn't have a chance to pay 100% attention. (This is the face of addiction, people!) But still, a few quick thoughts: (1) So our main couple: Aww, gorgeous. Se Hee is SO CUTE. Coyly saying, "No, don't touch me!" and blowing kisses on the phone. He is so wonderfully WEIRD. Ji Ho. Ahh, Ji Ho. I am on her side all the way. She is indeed a good person who deserves all the love she gets. But she is also... dare I say this... selfish? Not selfish in a way that intentionally hurts people, but when it comes to what she wants and what she needs, she makes choices that protects her heart. And I admire that. I like that she is not the typical self-effacing and self-sacrificing K-drama heroine. She looks out for herself. So she left Se Hee even though she knew she loved him, and she knew he loved her. She wanted some time off to think about everything on her own, and came to a conclusion. Good on her, but ... what about Se Hee? I'm all in favor of taking some time and space to figure things out, but it's not as if he did anything terrible or wrong to her, and I feel bad for him having suffered. He thought he lost the love of his life forever, and she let him think that. I don't know, that seems... kind of cruel. Anyway, she baked him a cake and came back after all, so I guess it's all good. (2) Soo Ji and Sang Goo. Adorable all the way. A totally daebak couple. When I'm having a tough day, I imagine myself strutting around like our Soo Ji. I will always look at my Pucca stickers and smile. Did she break that guy's nose when she punched him? Oh my. (3) Hooray for Rang-Seok. (they had a baby!) Last note: loved the final sequence, when everyone held hands and skipped to the bus. Hogu's Love ended that way too. (everyone held hands and crossed the street together) Also, Flower Boy Next Door (everyone held hands and skipped down the street together) I really love it. It's simple, but sweet. It's like... going through the journey of life, holding the hands of your loved ones. This was just a lovely show. Best one this year, for sure.
  13. I absolutely agree, your analysis is A+. Even Sang Gu's company's app is about that very thing. It's called "dating, not love," with the assumption that people prefer dating, which is somehow separate from marriage. And then you have Se Hee's father, who reveres marriage as a social institution, but clearly doesn't think that love is essential. As I said in a previous post, I don't really see Ep.15 as a "poor Ji Ho" moment. She cried, and she's having a tough time, but the girl is also IN CONTROL of her situation. She already knows Se Hee was about to propose to her. She already knows he's (just about) wrapped around her finger. She just wants it done her way. And she will get it. The one I feel bad for is Se Hee. Goodness, that boy is breaking my heart. He doesn't feel like he deserves love, so he can't reach out. Ah, that poor thing. Jeong Min seems like such a cool person. I hope she finds love. If this was a typical K-drama, they'd pair her up with any single male left over in the last 5 minutes of the show, but since this is not a typical K-drama... oh well. We'll just imagine it. Anyway, we all want a happy ending tomorrow... and it will happen. Floodgates (of emotion) will open, the music will swell, and great dialogue will tickle our ears and thrill our hearts. Smooches will happen. (I just want them to explain: the mystery that is Bomi.)
  14. While I love your interpretation, I have a slightly different take on this. First thing that's become clear during the show, slowly but surely, is how *in control* Ji Ho is of her life. How she is a utter bad-a$$, even more than Soo Ji. This was not clear at first, because she was the most quiet one of the three girls, and seemed very timid, almost like a pushover. And at first, she was at a low point in her life, with her home life and work life both being simultaneously turned into a hot mess. And I think Ji Ho is above the usual game-playing, like moving out and tearing up the contract just to get Se Hee to express his feelings. I think she is leaving because she wants to give him space to work his own stuff out. Basically, she's doing the "if you love someone, set it free, and if he comes back, it was meant to be." She's already made it clear that she's not into manipulating him. As she said, a heart is not something to be stolen or grabbed, but it has to come to you. She'll wait. I think she already knows that he is hers, and that it's just a matter of time. -- To add to what I am saying here, what I'm getting from Ji Ho is that she is ANTI-manipulation. All the games that people usually play in love, making the other person jealous, being fake, not saying what you're thinking - she is completely rejecting that. If she was all about just locking him down, all she has to do is play this situation to her advantage. But she is not doing that. Ultimately, I think she is being considerate to him. He has lots of emotional baggage which she knows about. She's figured out what his father is like, and she's also heard Jeong Min's side of the story. She's giving him room to breathe. Letting him be in his "room 19."
  15. When Jeong-Min said "you're despicable" to Se Hee, that was not a very accurate translation. She said she hates him a little, and it was more of a joke, although it was bittersweet. It's like, "wow, you used to love me, and now you're married to a young, pretty girl and all you talk about is her and I'm getting a little jealous, haha, just kidding." Or something like that. It was pretty funny how he completely disregards her feelings and just keeps pressing on with, "I want my WIFE JIHO to have a great writing career, so please make it happen, my old lover and almost-wife." He sure has a one-track mind. So the Dreaded Ex is rather pretty cool and nice. Hurray! One more K-drama trope out the window. But Noble Idiocy is the trope that will never die! But I see what Ji-Ho is doing. She wants out of the contract marriage. She wants a real marriage. -- My guess about what happened to JM and SH 12 years ago: I think she got pregnant, but wanted to continue working. Then she lost the baby. Father blamed her for it, for continuing to work instead of staying at home. This was hurtful to her, and she decided to leave. Remember - miscarriages are actually a lot more common than many people realize. And when it happens, the woman blames herself and feels terrible. But the truth is that it's usually not anyone's fault. It's tragic, but it can also happen to anyone. What a woman who lost her baby does NOT need is blame from family members and society in general. It's very wrong.