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  1. When Jeong-Min said "you're despicable" to Se Hee, that was not a very accurate translation. She said she hates him a little, and it was more of a joke, although it was bittersweet. It's like, "wow, you used to love me, and now you're married to a young, pretty girl and all you talk about is her and I'm getting a little jealous, haha, just kidding." Or something like that. It was pretty funny how he completely disregards her feelings and just keeps pressing on with, "I want my WIFE JIHO to have a great writing career, so please make it happen, my old lover and almost-wife." He sure has a one-track mind. So the Dreaded Ex is rather pretty cool and nice. Hurray! One more K-drama trope out the window. But Noble Idiocy is the trope that will never die! But I see what Ji-Ho is doing. She wants out of the contract marriage. She wants a real marriage. -- My guess about what happened to JM and SH 12 years ago: I think she got pregnant, but wanted to continue working. Then she lost the baby. Father blamed her for it, for continuing to work instead of staying at home. This was hurtful to her, and she decided to leave. Remember - miscarriages are actually a lot more common than many people realize. And when it happens, the woman blames herself and feels terrible. But the truth is that it's usually not anyone's fault. It's tragic, but it can also happen to anyone. What a woman who lost her baby does NOT need is blame from family members and society in general. It's very wrong.
  2. Me too. (I loved your gifs!) This show is the anti-makjang and they made that loud and clear, by rejecting the writer who wanted to throw a bunch of hidden chaebols into the script. You're not going to have the ex show up and stir up scandal just for the fun of it. I don't know what will happen, but she's going to be a thoughtful, well-rounded person who adds to the story, not muck it up. Anyway, this show is the center of my dramaworld right now, and to stave off the withdrawals after the Tuesday airing, I've been re-watching Hogu's Love (by the same writer):
  3. She was pregnant and lost the baby. "the other version says they had a child together, then something happened to that child" = that's a very literal translation. Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant, they may simply say "아이/아기 생겼다" (a child/baby appeared). Which, by the way, is what Jung-Min said. That a baby appeared (she got pregnant) and that "something went wrong" which is another way of saying that she lost the baby. -- My thoughts on 13. OMG, how cute is SH-JH? HOW CUTE. I loved how sweet they were in bed together. I LOVED how she fell asleep snoring like a lion at a pivotal moment. And he still stayed with her all night! That is real love, y'all. And he makes her a omurice with a ketchup smile in the morning? Marry that man right now! Oh wait, you already married him. Soo-Ji and Sang-gu, they're in it for the long haul. Rang and Seok are no more. I guess we all saw this coming, but it didn't hurt any less. My heart broke for Rang and I wanted to kick Seok, but when Rang showed up with that guy she met on the app, I had to feel sorry for him. I *felt* him get kicked in the gut, right there. So here's the debate I'm having with my H: when Seok dumped Rang by using the excuse that she was flirting with another guy on the internet - was he really being that petty, or was he just fronting because he wanted a clean break, and send her a message that it was over? You know, that noble idiot thing that Korean guys do in dramas - act like a jerk on purpose just to help your ex get over you?
  4. As other posters have commented, this show is doing an excellent job incorporating their product placements. (It's funny because that used to be Ji-Ho's whole job!) wonderbra that massage chair those Swarovski earrings Dyson hair dryer I'm sure there are many more. But these are really worked well into the storyline well AND do a great job of making us want these things. Is YOLO cafe a real cafe? Because that is some serious synergy. Oh, and can I just mention how CUTE Se-Hee was when he gave JH those earrings? Putting them in her hand and running away? OMG, I died laughing. -- Anyway, more comments about Seok's career change. I really don't consider his giving up his app such a serious sacrifice because job experience is important. While he works at SG's company, he will learn what it takes to create a successful app, how to get funding, and how to manage your staff. So if he wants to continue his app or develop a new one, he can have a better chance of success, with a staff that doesn't treat him like crap.
  5. I agree. Even during those times when he hurt her feelings by drawing lines (asking her not to rename his cat, etc.) he did it out of consideration for her. In his own way, he was looking out for her. I think that is what happened in Ep.12 also. When he said they should sit apart on the bus, I think he wanted to create some distance on purpose. I think he is reacting to JH's brother's comment in the car that when JH gives her heart to someone, she becomes devoted for life, and he wanted to step back and give her space, because he felt unworthy of that devotion. I have no idea what happened to him and Jeong-Min in the past but we do know that it was a very bitter breakup, his father was somehow involved, and he feels guilty and responsible for hurting her. I believe that she is not the Dreaded Ex who is going to manipulate the couple and try to interfere. I believe that she and SeHee will finally have a chance to get some closure and forgiveness for each other. I think Rang-Seok is in big trouble. I think they're adorable, and I was rooting for them, but they are not good for each other at all, right now. While Seok is full of problems - selfish, but worse, he is completely unaware of his selfishness and believes that he's doing his very best to please Rang, Rang is a problem, too. She is very ambitious in her own way. For example, she worked hard to retain the Seoul "accent" even though she moved to Namhae in kindergarten. She had *very* specific future goals (self-made rich man who received venture capital funding) and probably pursued that goal with determination. If anything, she may have been the one who pressured Seok to develop his own app instead of getting a job. After all, she wants to make him into Mark "Jukebox." (Zuckerberg) Seok mentioned that Rang hung out at SNU with JH and SJ more than at her own school. Just to see her girlfriends? No. Clearly she was husband-hunting. If Ji-Ho was not focused enough on her future success, Rang is the opposite, that's for sure. Well, don't worry everyone. Happy endings for all, I'm sure.
  6. I wouldn't say that WS made a sacrifice. The app was not making any money, and he's been at it for years. If anything, the wake-up call he got was when SH asked him why he made it. He felt sad about it and cried about it to HR (who, by the way, was VERY supportive of him and defended him), but I think his giving up on it was simply the right thing to do, not for HR's sake, but for his. Also, I think moving to SG's company was a good move for him. It doesn't seem like he's unhappy with his new job, and he's still working on a job that uses the skills he was trained for. So I would not interpret this as giving up his dream. If this is the equation, HR is the big loser here. She had ONE dream in life, and after 7 years, he still didn't know. And even after he knows, he still asks her to wait another 5 years. WHUT. Talk about demanding a sacrifice from your partner. I'm glad that he finally realized that it is not fair, and let her go. If he's not ready to give her what she wants, that is fine. At least don't string someone along forever. HR was 100% supportive of WS's dream. WS was clueless about HR's dream after 7 years. This is not a mutual sacrifice situation at all.
  7. this is one of the songs: they played 2 songs, both by the same singer Edited to add: the other song is called "Etude of Memory" (thank you other posters)
  8. Ji-Ho, who was able to lie side by side in bed next to a man she likes for the first time in her life Ji-Ho and Se-Hee, looking straight at each other while lying down, and as they are sharing private conversation Ji-Ho's "literary" (!) provocation makes Se-Hee tense up... ! That Won-Seok broke up with Ho-Rang without any prelude, or harbinger, becomes known.. Won-Seok, who wishes for Ho-Rang's happiness receives contact from Ho-Rang, and goes to their appointment spot with a determined look on his face... Her project, "Turtle Gosiwon" has become the new project of the main writer and Director Jo. The fact that it was transformed has put Ji-Ho in a daze. During this time, a production company's CEO contacts her She goes to this company and runs into someone unexpected...
  9. I think HR may not understand exactly what WS wants - he is supposedly a programming genius, and she can't do the math in her head to figure out $1,000 x 24 months = $24,000. So she's not smart in the same way that he is, and there are clearly times when he starts babbling about Rubik's cubes and she has no clue what he's talking about. But she still gave him plenty of time and room to do exactly what he wanted, and encouraged him and supported him. I think he's the one who's been, and still being, either selfish or clueless.
  10. One more thing I wanted to add regarding Se-Hee being observant and emotionally intelligent: He was the one who recognized that Ji-Ho, while she seems too polite and kind of a pushover, she ends up doing exactly what she wants. After all, she defied her crazy father and lied to him for months so that she can attend SNU and major in literature/writing. She chose a career that made no money and deliberately chose to not go the makjang route just to make money. She's actually a pretty strong person who sticks to her guns when it comes to what really matters to her. And he respects her for it. They really are iconoclasts. They do their thing, and do not care what others think. You know who's not emotionally intelligent? Won-Seok. 7 years of dating, and he has no clue that she wants to get married? Seok can mean "rock" in Korean, so his head must be made of stone. I love the Rang-Seok couple, but man, they have got a LOT of stuff to work out. We all need a friend like Soo Ji in our lives. (This Bomi girl, she is driving me nuts. She speaks to Won-Seok like he's an idiot, but when he's not looking, she's staring at him like she wants to devour him. What is her deal?)
  11. I think that Se-Hee comes across as an emotional robot, but he's shown time after time that he is actually more thoughtful and observant than people expect. 1. When he drew lines asking Ji-Ho to stop saying "woori" (or "us") or to not rename his cat, he did it to protect her. After all, at this point, their marriage was strictly contractual, at least on the surface. Although she was hurt, he did it to protect her. In his logical cyborg brain, he was doing this for her sake. 2. He's actually very thoughtful and kind to his friend Sang-Goo, and looking out for him in his own way. 3. He's also demonstrated that he reads Ji-Ho's emotions well, even when she tries to hide it. (She is also bad at hiding her emotions, but still, he can read her pretty well. That shows emotional intelligence.) 4. And he's the one who agreed to have her live there, he's the one who asked her to marry him, and he's the one who ran like crazy to save her from Bok Nam. No matter how robotic he is, and no matter how good she is at cleaning, there's just no way that any sentient person would do this unless they felt *something.* Same goes for Ji-Ho. And bottom line is that this STORY is very thoughtfully written and the story was built very carefully. How can everyone be so lovable and relatable? Just... how? It's amazing. (The only one I can't figure out is Bomi. Ah, Bomi, you confound me, you pink devil.)
  12. Ahhh, I love this show. I LUUURVE this show. I've loved many K-dramas this year, but you always have that one every year that is PURE OBSESSION. This one is it. GAME OVER. Ji-Ho is LOVE and Ho-Rang is too cute. But Soo-Ji is FIRE. When Se-Hee lit up when his MIL defended him from the ahjummas abusing him? I roared with laughter. When he lit up when Ji-Ho showed up? I slapped my husband on his back. (Ouch, he said, while laughing with me.) When he taught her to kiss properly? I squeed and clapped and jumped up and down. YEEEEEE! I can't wait until tomorrow. (Bomi is such a mystery.)
  13. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry that you had to relive a terrible tragedy. And I agree that it is a clear reference to the Germanwings tragedy. It was the first thing I thought of after I watched that scene. However, it's very common for big disasters to be depicted in cinema or TV not long after the incident. There was a depiction of the Sewol tragedy in a K-drama called "Age of Youth." In the U.S., there are countless movies and TV shows regarding 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc. Many of them were released very soon, just a couple of years or so, after the incident.
  14. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/10/park-eun-bin-up-to-become-a-hot-tempered-judge-in-nothing-to-lose/ PEB's new show? I love PEB and will watch her in anything. But the PD made "Entertainer," and he managed to make a Ji Sung drama boring. So... cautious hope.
  15. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    '청춘시대2' 측 "공식적인 포상휴가 아냐…날짜·장소 확정 NO" '청춘시대2' 측이 포상휴가 보도에 대해 언급했다. 12일 JTBC 금토드라마 '청춘시대2' 측은 엑스포츠뉴스에 "공식적인 포상휴가는 아니다. 전 스태프가 참여하는 것이 아닌, 원하는 사람들끼리 쫑파티 개념으로 조촐하게 여행을 갈 예정이다. 날짜와 장소, 참여자 등 아무것도 정해진 것이 없다"고 밝혔다. 이날 한 매체는 '청춘시대2'의 배우들과 제작진, 스태프들이 이달 말 제주도로 포상휴가를 떠난다고 보도했다. 한예리, 한승연, 박은빈, 지우, 최아라를 비롯한 배우들이 스케줄을 조율 중이라고 덧붙였다. '청춘시대2'는 지난 7일 종영했다. 과거보다 한 뼘 더 성장한 하메들의 평소와 다름없는 일상, 그 속에서의 마지막 인사를 그렸다. 시즌 1에 이어 시즌2 역시 관심과 사랑을 받으며 박수 속에 퇴장했다. -- It's not an official reward vacation that all the staff participates in. It's just a trip among those who want to go to celebrate the wrap of the series. Date, place, and participants - none have been firmly set. One mass media outlet (falsely) announced that the actors, producers/writers, and staff will be going on an official reward vacation to Jeju Island, and that the 5 main actors are adjusting their schedules to go to the trip. AOY2 ended its run on the 7th. The "ha-maes" who matured this season bid their final farewell amidst an ordinary day, no different from any other. Season 2 received interest and love just as Season 1 did, and they left the stage amidst applause.