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  1. @believed yeah someone definitely made up that summary. According to the novel, Yingluo is still alive both in her lovestory arc and her daughter lovestory arc. Secondly, the ending for qianlong and yingluo that never made it on film is when after the ending we see on the drama, we see qianlong telling yingluo to come and look at the blooming gardenias with him. Yingluo who was too obsessed with her imperial noble consort ceremonial dress, ignores qianlong and keeps looking at herself. Qianlong in the end has to come to her, “whats so pretty about yourself, look at the gardenias instead!” Yingluo looks at him annoyed then asks, “am i pretty or the gardenias?” Qianlong answers the gardenias LOL Seeing her angry, he tells her with a serious expression, “This time, next year, I will watch the gardenias bloom with you.” Yingluo asks him, “how about the next?” Qianlong then responds, “this lifetime, I will spend it watching the gardenias bloom with you.” The end ~ Qianlong’s promise parallels with Yingluo’s promise on how she will use her entire lifetime to answer him. Basically, theyre telling each other that they promise to be together for this entire lifetime, which I think its very sweet P.S: The summary above really doesnt make sense because Empress Fuca would never want Yingluo to suffer the same fate as her by marrying the emperor and being caged inside the forbidden city forever. Second, Yingluo didnt return in time to see Empress Fuca before her death so theres no way Empress Fuca couldve told her those things.
  2. ^ Same style of kiss LOL Yingluo always be making the first move xD I spotted a total of 3 kisses already hehe Edited: I fixed the links to the images, hope you all could view it! @lyserose I am quite annoyed with how Yanxi Palace deprived us of QianlongxYingluo kiss scenes and intimate interactions, but I guess Yuzheng compensated it with Beauty Haolan LOL Can't wait to see our bickering couple back onscreen
  3. https://www.facebook.com/DramaHaoLanTruyen/videos/2215332398726519/ This is the newest clip about Beauty Haolan and the returning casts from Yanxi Palace Its so funny LOL - Mingyu died from needles in Yanxi, and in Haolan, shes a "needle expert" - Yuan Chun Wang wanted to be a royal his entire life in Yanxi, and in Haolan, he's a king - Gao Guifei desired to be an empress her whole life in Yanxi, and in Haolan, shes an empress and the most favored at that (Yuan Chun Wang's wife) - Li Yu has to endured Qianlong's temper tantrums in Yanxi, and in Haolan, its the reverse - Im not sure how the lovestory btw Qianlong (Lu Bu Wei) and Yingluo (Haolan) going to played out but its seem like a playful one. We see a jealous and aggressive Yingluo in the clip
  4. Make sure you watch it on a PC cause it wont work on phone i believe. And turn off your adblocker so that the video can play. Hope this helps!
  5. Im not sure if viki is subbing it since dramafever closed down :/ well, hopefully someone picks it up. I know for a fact I can rely on vietnamese fans to sub it in viet LOL (if anything I can just help with the recap ) yes, I saw that pic!!! Ugh our dream of seeing Qianlong and Yingluo being a normal happily married couple is finally being fulfilled in Beauty Haolan (well at least for the first few eps) Im so excited lol
  6. Hey.. great news! I think encoretvb has uploaded the entire series with english sub :O
  7. @lyserose yeah LOL its hard to believe shes one of the few consorts that are doted on by Qianlong especially because his hilarious treatment towards her haha
  8. @believedomg I cant believe the page I stalked on tumblr belongs to you LOL i love all your posts btw! #aesthetics My favorite outfits are the gold one of Empress Fuca and The one Yingluo wore during the royal entourage. The color and embroidery for those two are so beautiful. I definitely love Qianlong in his yellow robes. Actually I love all his outfits for this drama except those that have a vest on the outside. Anyone thinks that when Yingluo was away for 3 years at Yuan ming Garden, step-empress, consort Jia and consort Shu all gave birth was Qianlongs way of “getting back” at Yingluo? Like Just to show Yingluo that “Look, if you dont want to give birth to my child, there are many women out there who are willing to. Youre not all that ‘important’”. Lol or theyre all his temporary distractions
  9. I actually thought the first time Qianlong got rejected by Yingluo was when after Fuheng confessed to Qianlong that he likes Yingluo and then Qianlong went to Empress Fuca' chamber only to have Erqing poured tea on him (an attempt to seduce him). Afterwards, he ordered Erqing to ask Yingluo to come in to change outfit for him. There, he "kinda but not really" proposed to Yingluo saying that if she wants to become a phoenix, she can just directly go to him. He can give her everything she wants. Yingluo rejected his proposal saying that she wouldnt dare as she acknowledges her own position and does not desire to climb high. Qianlong was evidently angry after her refusal lol 2nd time Qianlong got rejected was when he tried to force her to sleep with him like @heychumi mentioned above. 3rd time is at Yuan Ming Garden after Yingluo was promoted to Wei Guiren. Qianlong ordered her to serve him that night, but our Yingluo show up in a mourning dress, thus he released her. So, from Qianlong's point of view, he got rejected a total of three times LOL our poor emperor. Ten times as arrogant as the normal person, yet he got rejected so many times by a mere palace maid. Also remember when he was warning Empress Fuca to be careful of Yingluo because he believes that Yingluo is infatuated with him or is out to seduce him? Yingluo's numerous rejections mustve definitely damaged our petty Qianlong's pride and ego
  10. In what episode did Desheng tell Yingluo that? Yeah I agree with you both. Highly doubt Yingluo would want to be a concubine and in this case 2nd to Erqing. Anyone feels that towards the end of the series, it seems like the budget for the production is limited? Like in the beginning of the drama there were so many events/ceremonies where Qianlong and his concubines gather together to celebrate ie: lychee event, empress fuca bday, qianlongs bday, the event with empress dowager (when gao guifei pushed empress fuca), Etc. But towards the end, the only time they gathered is that on the ship for the voyage to Hangzhou. Its probably not in the script but I kinda wish they include some more of those filler scenes so we can get a glimpse of Yingluos glory ( like how she gets to use the silver thingy for the silkworm ceremony). Or maybe during the trip, they can show a bit of Yingluo and Qianlong dressed as commoners and inspect the cities like in Legend of Ruyi/Princess Returning Pearl hehe that would be cute im also slightly confused with the timeline in this drama lol according to step-empress it has been 24 yrs since Yingluo entered the palace. So does that mean, -Yingluo (age 14) was in the embroidery department and served as a lady in waiting for empress fuca for 7.5 - 8 years - served in Yuan Ming Garden for 2 yrs - became Qianlong’s guiren at age 24 + one year scheming to take down Noble Consort Chun - 3 yrs away at Yuan ming Garden with empress dowager - 10 yrs forward to the step-empress’ hair cutting incident - she became imperial noble consort at age 38/39? It didnt seem like yingluo served as a lady in waiting for that long. Or am I wrong? oooh and. Ive noticed that compare to other consorts, Yingluo wears a lot of blue outfits. Wonder why is that. Do you guys think there is any meaning behind this? Cause from what ive noticed when empress fuca was alive, she wore lighter/pastel colors compared to step-empress. Gao Guifei also wore more vibrant colors compared to Noble Consort Chun and Yingluo.
  11. ^ I think in that scenario, Qianlong would say yes to Fuheng’s request. I think he would want to fulfill Empress Fuca’s hope OR he would suddenly rmb about Yingluo and his feelings will ignite again
  12. I read the translated cut scenes from a Vietnamese fan on wattpad. She translated the leaked script to Vietnamese. Quick question(s), when Qianlong goes on his annual Mulan hunting and voyage around China, the concubines that get to tag along are all picked by him or by the empress? or is according to their ranks? How does that work? Cause if it was picked by Qianlong himself, then he mustve have doted on Consort Ling a lot for her to go on most of the voyages. @housetangaryen I agree with you! The video seems to be bit of a stretch lol. Although, I agree how our usually calm Qianlong is always exploding with anger, jealousy, sadness, annoyance, and anxiety when it comes to Yingluo
  13. @harooxxx I believe it was in ep 43 or 44. It was when Yingluo gave the painting that was gifted by Qianlong to Empress Dowager. He angrily went to her palace and dragged her inside the bedroom. He didnt specifically say that Yingluo only knows how to make him mad, but he scolded/complained that while his other consorts even the empress listen to him, only Yingluo disobeys him/gives him a hard time. @housetangaryen Qianlong and Yingluo are both extremely intelligent characters in this drama. They always see through people's schemes. Yet, its rather entertaining to watch how BOTH of them being completely oblivious to their own feelings toward one another LOL Literally everyone (Empress Fuca, Empress Dowager, Hailancha, Fuheng, Mingyu, YuanChunwang, Liyu, Desheng, Chenbi, etc). in the entire forbidden city could see their attraction/love for one another, but only they dont see it
  14. So there is hierarchy within the same rank as well? Aside from seniority, I always thought that if youre conferred as a "fei" then youre equal to other "fei".
  15. Was it a dried up flower? LOL this whole time I thought it was meat that Xiao Quan Zi stole from the kitchen and brought it to Yingluo (considering how she has been starved by Yuan Chun Wang). In episode 64, she confessed to Qianlong that she only knew she's with a baby when she got locked up in Yanxi Palace. So, I presumed that she probably knew then that she's pregnant (which I think is the major reason why she didnt even have to think twice about Chenbi's proposal for elopement with Fuheng). There was a scene that didnt make the final cut which confirms Yingluo's knowledge of her pregnancy. It should be in ep 62 when she was locked up in Yanxi Palace, Yuan Chun Wang came to harass her. While Yingluo was resting on the bed, he grabbed her hair and dragged her to the ground. While he did this, Yingluo used both of her hand to protect her stomach from hitting the floor. Thus, her actions show that she knew of her pregnancy and wanted to protect her baby from possible miscarriage. I think the only issue I had with this whole thing is the way Yingluo portrayed her pregnancy symptoms similar to tuberculosis lol I literally thought she had coughing illness up until ep 64