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  1. Skimmed through the entire 14 episodes. Loving Haolan and Lu Bu Wei. The directors somewhat kept the same gestures of Qianlong n Wei Ying luo in this new drama. Lu Bu Wei likes pinching Haolans cheeks and Haolan likes to kick/hit Lu Bu Wei whenever shes mad lool and haolan constantly pest Lu Bu Wei about liking her but not admitting to it. Theyre cute. Besides this couple, The drama couldnt keep my attention as much as yanxi did. Like it doesnt have that addicting factor. Everything is longwinded and not fastpaced.
  2. Maybe the two kids later on belong to Lu bu Wei, but it was disguised as Lao Ai instead. I read somewhere that later on qin huang di wanted to kill Lu bu wei because he believes the latter is the cause of his fathers death and is becoming too powerful, but Haolan begs her son to let him off. And im assuming the only reason qin huang di is okay with that because haolan told him that lu bu wei is his actual father. This is just my spectulation lol
  3. The MV just got released! Oh man I see some heartbreaking moments for our QianlongxYingluo shippers. Really curious on how the drama would portray Haolans relationships with the three men. As a main protagonist, Im sure they wont make her as scandalous. I saw some picture of haolan on the internet, it shows her being pregnant while being queen/queen dowager (or maybe thats how the outfit looks, but then the stomach area was too big to be style-wise). The first time she was pregnant is when she was wearing a different hairstyle and clothes. I wonder if her second pregnancy is with Lu Bu Wei or Lao Ai. If her first child was really Lu Bu Wei’s, wouldnt King Yiren knows about it? Or did Haolan joined hands with king yiren to hide it from Lu Bu Wei. Who knows, this drama might turn out to be comedic and not all that serious. Just like how Story of Yanxi trailer got everyone fooled. Although, my selfish NieYuanxWujiyan shipper’s instinct really wish for Lu bu Wei and Haolan to end up together.
  4. @sharonfu18 I actually have the link but you can view it on instagram. Type in the hashtag wujinyan or beautyhaolan. From the looks of it, Lu Bu Wei will abandon Haolan for power and thats how they will fall out. Lu Bu Wei looks regretful in the trailer and Haolan looks like shes really bitter towards him Lol wonder if Qin Huang Di would be portrayed as the son of Lu Bu Wei’s or the emperor in this drama. It’ll be interesting to see how they are going to portray Her relationships with Lu bu wei, emperor, and Lao Ai in this drama. Especially since shes the main female lead and has to be portrayed in a good light
  5. Just saw the newest trailer for Haolan Beauty. Wonder if Nie Yuan is the main male lead or the other young actor. I mean it wouldnt make sense to demote Nie yuan back to 2nd male lead after the whole Story of Yanxi Promotion. But at the same time, the trailer looks like haolan and lu bu wei will first be in love and then fall out of love. Then, she will start liking the King. Sounds like Fuheng-Yingluo-Qianlong loveline to me lol
  6. In addition, after empress dowager left the two alone. Qianlong was afraid that Yingluo would ask him for an abortion medicine, and became really happy when she confessed to him that although shes really scared of birth delivery, but she is mentally prepared to give birth to his children. Cuteeeeeee
  7. @lyserose I found the link on youtube! Hehe same I love to see interaction btw WYL and QL too They performed the musical and the sound of snow falling together. And then Nieyuan, Wu jin yan, Xukai, and Charmaine performed a melody together. We’re missing our empress fuca if you guys are watching the melody performance by the 4 casts, they were singing a song titled “the Love of kingdom and beauties”, When Nie Yuan sang that part, he looked to Wu jin yan. Later on, the mcs were making fun of him about that haha they snitched on him and told Charmaine (step empress) that the emperor was looking at Yingluo when he sang “Love beauty more than the empire” lol In a way if you think about it... Yingluo always say that Qianlong always prioritizes his empire over her. In this performance, hes telling her that he actually loves her more than his empire lol okay im so deusional. happy new year everyone!!
  8. Yup yup. I really like Qianlong in this drama compared to Ruyi. If you notice, whenever his other concubines do something wrong, he would never want to hear their explanation. However with Yingluo, he got mad because she wouldnt give him an explanation. Also, in the first few eps when consort shu was singing in the imperial garden at midnight in attempt to seduce Qianlong. Instead, he punished her. Lol and he even said something along the line that she thinks that He will tolerate such unruly behavior. Little did we know, he has such a high tolerance for unruly behaviors from our Yingluo haha
  9. Lool thank you guys! I totally missed those parts haha Yingluo is a total package then. Beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and hella good at giving births. Qianlong is a lucky man indeed. Regarding your question @lyserose, I dont think the infamous line was in the novel but in the drama instead because I guess the drama is trying to make Qianlongs Character a lil more complex and realistic. As an emperor, he cant let people know his weakness (Yingluo) so he cant openly tells her that he loves her. (Although, by overly favoring her is kinda the same thing lol so I dont understand their refusal to say they love one another) The drama also portrayed Yingluo a lot stronger in comparison to the novel. Hence, she wont be the one to say “i love you” to Qianlong first. On the other hand, I want to ask how you guys would describe Qianlongs personality before empress fuca’s death, after marrying Yingluo, and after the 10 yrs skip. I feel like they couldve done a lot with that 10 yrs because that is where Qianlong and Yingluo relationship truly develops but they went ahead and do the time skip *rolls eyes*
  10. I agree Yingluo’s beauty is not explicitly stated in the drama but I think her beauty is one of her strong points. The scene where @kyoko22 described and the one part when Qianlong was drunk. He also said Yingluo has 1/3 of beauty and the rest is slyness. And then, there was also a scene in the earlier parts of the drama when dr.leaf first saw yingluo. He was staring at her until Qianlong interrupted him.
  11. @blessedchild In the book there was this one scene where I think it was modified in the drama. It was the first time when Qianlong got jealous seeing Fuheng and Yingluo at the Imperial garden talking. Then she tried to make peace with him by dressing up as a girl who sells wine. In the book, she supposedly wears very seductive clothing to seduce him when he stopped by her palace. And he was very much seduced lol There were a lot of intimate scenes btw Qianlong and Yingluo in the novel but I think the drama producer/scriptwriter toned it down by a lot in the drama haha I mean... 6/7 babies must be the product of something right hahahah
  12. Whether she sacrafices herself to seek justice for empress fuca or not. I think one way or another she will end up as Qianlongs concubine because her character is based on the historical figure: Consort Ling. I like this drama alot because the way they made Yingluo become an emperors concubine is different from other dramas. She didnt start her life in the palace as his concubine nor did she fall in love with him at first sight. Everything was a process, a slow build-up but you get to see the character and feeling development btw Qianlong and Yingluo and that made it so much more entertaining to watch. Yingluo has always been putting others first before herself, which is why characters in the drama who say that Yingluo is selfish are those who dont understand Yingluo one bit. Especially the Step-empress and Chenbi. Chenbi thought that Yingluo set up the whole trap so that she can win Qianlong back and eliminate Chenbi but Yingluo wanted to protect Qianlong and Fuheng who Chenbi was out to get. Another thing I really love about Qianlong is his persistence. He is always clinging onto that one bit of hope when it comes to Yingluo. Compared to fuheng who let go of Yingluo’s hands, Qianlong is always the one desperately holding onto hers (figuratively speaking). And I think this is one of the reasons why yingluo came to love Qianlong as well.
  13. @believed btw what did Qianlong take away from Yanxi Palace? Cause in ep 64 when Yingluo was talking to the step-empress, she mentioned that all the decorations and furnitures in Yanxi Palace are all Qianlongs favorite things (those things mustve been stolen from Yanxin Palace or bestowed by Qianlong himself)
  14. Wow thats sad. Qianlong lost both Consort Ling and their firstborn daughter in the same year
  15. I also read it somwhere that when A concubine is to attend to emperor, they have to be carried in a blanket to his palace and leave after the business is done (1 hr limitation) . Emperor is not allowed to stay overnight at a consorts palace due to security reasons. Is this true? Because in Yanxi, we constantly see Qianlong always coming to Yingluo’s palace and staying overnight while other consorts who serve him (ie. consort Shu has to be carried to his chamber). In Yanxi, I like how Qianlong always go back to Yingluos palace right after hes done with work. Yanxi is like his home, a place that he returns to after a tiring day. It shows that hes not only going there for basic needs.