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  1. Kim Bum Soo's 'Amnesia', OST of drama 'Saimdang Light's Diary' will be released to the public on March 15, 2017 LOEN Entertainment Inc. which is the OST joint producer announced that the sound source will be available at various online music sites on March 15, 2017 at noon. The OST of 'Saimdang Light's Diary' has gained attention with participation from colorful 'vocal dream team' such as Lee Soo/Lyn couple, Jaurim, Kim Yoon Ah, The One, Zia. The baton is passed to Kim Bum Soo, the strongest vocalist who proved his talent in the whole music industry, especially in the ballad area, as he has the nickname of "the voice from heaven." Kim Bum Soo's ‘Amnesia’ is a minor ballad song that embraces Kim Bum Soo's powerful voice, lyrics and melody. The composer team includes Im Dong-kyun, Eo Han-jung and Kim Young-sung who has participated in the drama 'Discovery of Love' and 'W (TV series)' OSTs. Kim Bum Soo has participated in various OST masterpieces including the mega hit OST of the drama ‘Secret Garden’. On the other hand, SBS 'Saimdang Diary' is a drama that reflects and reinterpreting the life of Shin Saimdang in the Joseon Dynasty on her art soul and love.
  2. March 20, 2017 With the help of Korean fan 깨굴 and Taiwanese fan Siangting Chen, I managed to post my thoughts on "Amnesia", the OST for the drama “Saimdang Light's Diary” at the Daum Fan Cafe Getalright Family. I felt really thankful! Hi friends, I finally finished making the video clip and I am pleased to attach the YouTube link for you to enjoy! I hope you like it. I have been waiting for his new OST since 2016. As usual, Bum Soo never disappoints his listeners. He tells a sweet and sad story in detail in less than 4 minutes. I love both the live version at Kdrama Festa and the official release. This is not an easy song to sing live. He is indeed the best live king! I love how he ends the measures with his crying vibrato that brings out so much sadness of the song. I also appreciate the ornamental note he produced at 1:25 in the official release. That ornamental note that he produced was even better at Kdrama Festa. Although I don’t understand the Korean language, I really admire his vowels and consonants especially when he sings any word that ends with the “e” sound. He is always so smooth and perfect! Because I sing from time to time, I always watch his live videos carefully. You can see his perfect mouth shape in my cut photos. He is indeed a living text book!! Also why is he getting younger and more handsome these days……? He sang this new OST at his Japan concerts and I hope he would continue to sing this song in future concerts. Feeling very contented and thankful! It’s regretful to have picked him up only 3 years ago but it’s never too late! Please enjoy a clip I made with Kim Bum Soo's photos at Kdrama Festa in Pyeong Chang.
  3. Korea's top vocalist Kim Bum Soo lends his voice to the OST for the drama “Saimdang Light's Diary”. "Amnesia" will be Kim Bum Soo's 23rd OST sung in 21 dramas and films released in Korea and Japan in the past 17 years of his career. 기억상실증 Amnesia (사임당 , 빛의 일기 Saimdang, Light's Diary OST Part 7) Released Date: March 15, 2017 작사 임동균 작곡 임동균, 김영성 편곡 김영성, 어한중 모든 기억 되돌려 보아도 다신 널 찾을 수 없게 이런 아픔 일부러 주고 떠난 거니 떠올리기 싫게 기억이란 건 참 바보 같아서 또 아프고 아파 와도 늘 너만 찾는다 나를 두고 간다면 내 기억 모두 가져가 추억마저 잠들게 제발 모두 가져가 누군가 사랑했단 건 찢겨져 나간 상처가 말할 테니 눈물 이란 건 참 바보 같아서 다 잊은 척 웃어 봐도 또 흘러 내린다 나를 사랑했다면 내 기억 모두 가져가 눈물마저 마르게 제발 모두 가져가 지독한 우리 사랑에 멍들어가는 추억도 내 영혼과 내 심장이 기억할 수 없게 제발 모두 가지고 가 많이 부족하다면 내가 모든 걸 바꿀게 돌아오면 안 되니 모두 거짓말이야 어떻게 너를 잊겠어 내가 죽도록 사랑한 너를 ****************************************************************************** English lyrics from pop!gasa KIM BUM SOO – AMNESIA (기억상실중) SAIMDANG LIGHT’S DIARY OST Release Date: March 15, 2017 I try to turn back the memories So I won’t ever find you again Did you give this pain to me on purpose? So I won’t want to think of you? Memories are so foolish It hurt sand hurts, but I’m always looking for you If you’re leaving me, take my memories too So even my memories can fall asleep Please take it all Because the torn out scars Will tell me who was in love Tears are so foolish So I tried to laugh as if I forgot But they flow down again If you loved me, take my memories too So my tears can dry Please take it all Even the memories that are bruised From our cruel love So my soul and my heart won’t remember Please take it all If I’m still not enough, I’ll change everything Can’t you come back? It’s all a lie, how can I forget you? You, who I loved to death? Credit: pop!gasa기억상실중-saimdang-lights-diary-ost/
  4. Hi Friends, If you have quoted a previous post, please also remember to delete the photos and videos inside that particular quote in your new post to save space per Soompi Rules. Thank you so much dear friends!! I am sharing my YouTube playlist of Kim Bum Soo's 2,000+ videos. Thanks. upcoming song release, concerts and reality show 2016.12.11 The return of superman Ep. 160 2016.12.19 Mercedes-Benz 4th Star Car Year-end Music Concert 2016.12.24 and 2016.12.25 Christmas Concert (Luxury Back) in Busan 2016.12.30 and 2016.12.31 Year End Concert (Luxury Back) in Seoul 2017.02.18 K Drama Festa in PyeongChang 2017.03.10 Dongbu Life Award ceremony 2017.03.15 New OST "Amnesia" of Saimdang Light's Diary released 2017.03.21 Filming of Fanstastic Duo Season2 2017.03.24 Lotte Department Store activities KIM BUM SOO US Tour 2017 2017.01.27 and 2017.01.28 USA Temecula City - Pechanga Resort and Casino 2017.02.01 USA Seattle - Pantages Theatre 2017.02.05 USA Chicago - Copernicus Centre 2017.02.10 USA New York - The Beacon Centre KIM BUM SOO Concerts in Japan 2017.03.14 Japan Tokyo - Shinagawa Stellar Ball 2017.03.16 Japan Osaka - Sankei Hall Breeze Vocalist KIM BUM SOO Concerts in New Zealand and Australia 2017.04.25 New Zealand Auckland - Auckland Town Hall 2017.04.29 Australia Sydney - Darling Harbour Theatre ICC promotional video
  5. Seo Doo-won gets married on March 11 "Best Friend" Kim Bum Soo will sing the wedding anthem. 'Best Friend' is dispatched to Seowuwon's wedding. Seo Doo-won will be married at a wedding hall in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, at 6:00 pm on March 11th. The prospective bride is an ordinary beautiful woman. The wedding will be held in a private format, inviting only family members, relatives and acquaintances. Kim Bum Soo is known to have a friendly relationship with his family. Seo Doo-won, who was named as a mixed martial arts player, appeared on a variety of entertainment programs including KBS 2TV 'Man's Qualification' and XTM 'Punch Punch'. In 2015, he appeared in MBC 'The Masked Wang' and showed his emotional voice. Recently, he won at Glimon FC 01 competition held in February.
  6. Kim Bum Soo Instagram 2017 March postings Kim Bum Soo surprised everyone!! He said, "The first successful attempt in my life Just curious about the sight at this height lol # Rank is not the most important"
  7. Confirmed 8 "Fan Duo" family members (Official) Jeon Hyun-moo, Bada and Jang Yun-jeong will join 'Fan Duo' Family. Broadcasters Jun Hyun-moo, singer Lee Sora, DinDin, Kim Bum Soo, Bada, Jang Yun-jeong, Highlight's Yang Yoseob and comedian Kim Joon-hyun confirmed their appearance in SBS entertainment program 'Fantastic Duo Season 2'. SBS officials said, "Jun Hyun-moo, Lee Sora, DinDin, Kim Joon-hyun, Kim Bum Soo, Bada, Jang Yun-jeong and Yang Yoseob joined 'Fantastic Duo 2' as Fan Duo family". All eight members of the Fan Duo family are expected to play the same role as MCs. An official said, "I want you to call us the Fan Duo family, not the group of MCs." Meanwhile, "Fantastic Duo 2" is scheduled to air in April. Kim Bum Soo's clip "Sadness Guide" from his 6th album was uploaded on Youtube You can watch singers who duet with Kim Bum Soo at the following website. So far there are 192 singers who duet with him:
  8. Kim Bum Soo joins 'Fantastic Duo 2' ... with Lee So-ra - Jeon Hyun Moo and 4 MC Singer Kim Bum Soo and Broadcaster Kim Joon-hyun join 'Fantastic Duo 2'. According to the person in charge of SBS entertainment program 'Fantastic Duo 2', Kim Bum Soo and Joon Hyun Kim finally joined as MC. The two men, along with Lee Sora and Jeon Hyun-moo, are expected to showcase a special chemistry by establishing the 4MC system. 'Fantastic Duo 2' is the second season of 'Fantastic Duo' which was broadcast last year. Singers appear and perform duets with the public. In the first lineup, Lee Sora and Lee Mun Se released their songs, raising expectations. On the other hand, 'Fantastic Duo 2' begins production after it started recording this month. The first airing date is undecided.
  9. Vocalist KIM BUM SOO Concerts in Australia 2017.04.29 Australia Sydney - Darling Harbour Theatre ICC promotional video Source: Ticketing information:
  10. Vocalist KIM BUM SOO Concert in New Zealand 2017.04.25 New Zealand Auckland - Auckland Town Hall promotional video Source: Ticketing info:
  11. under construction for osaka concert review Concert song list 1. A fool like me 2. Promise 3. Last love OST of "Always, Only You" 4. Let's fly a kite 5. It will pass 6. A day 7. Appear OST of "Secret Garden" 8. You leave me OST of "Emperor of the Sea" 9. Song of sorrow OST of "Damo" 10. Love begins with a confession OST of "The Producer" 11. Amnesia OST of "Saimdang Light's Diary" 12. I miss you OST of "Stairway to Heaven" 13. Encore song Snow Flower (in the Japanese language)
  12. Kim Bum Soo reunion with Sun-fan in 2 years ... "Tokyo and Osaka will be captured by his singing power" Vocalist Kim Bum Soo national treasure of South Korea will reveal his singing power to Japanese fans. On March 6, Kim Bum Soo's label company Polaris Entertainment said, "Kim Bum Soo, who has successfully completed four-city tour in the United States of America last month will perform in Japan this time." Kim Bum Soo will visit Japan again. His previous visit was 2 years ago in 2015. He shall showcase his talent and passion through his performances in Tokyo and Osaka on the 14th and 16th of March respectively. Kim Bumsoo, the top vocalist in Korea who has many hits such as "A Day", 'I Miss You", "Last Love", plans to continue the World Tour performances in New Zealand and Australia after finishing his Japan tour this year. In addition, Kim Bum Soo has been selected as one of the MCs of SBS "Fantastic Duo 2" which will be broadcasted in April and will meet with the viewers every week through the CRT. Ticketing information
  13. 【Emperor of Korean Drama OST】famous for the OST of the drama "Stairway to Heaven"! Kim Bum Soo Japan concerts will be held in March! He is known as the emperor of the original soundtracks of dramas but his other songs and singing skills are too wonderful. Drama 'Stairway to Heaven' (Starring: Choi Ji Woo, Kwon Sang Woo) "Bogoshipda ~ I want to see" is famous in Japan! Since then Drama "Secret Garden" (starring: Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) and it's OST "나라나 (appear)" was also a hit! The latest song "Amnesia" OST of the drama "Saimdang Light's Diary" (starring: Lee Young Ae & Song Seung Heon) which is being broadcast in Japan will be released. Kim Bum Soo sings the theme songs of Korean dramas from love comedy to historical drama. Kim Bum Soo is a big hit. Kim Bum Soo is a singer who can sing songs of various music genres. OST is more popular than drama in Korea and here are some records ... His ballads are by far the most popular! It is! Who is Kim Bum Soo? 【Kim Bum Soo】 Birth date: January 26, 1979 Height: 173 cm Weight: 60 kg Genres: Pop, R & B, K-Pop Adult Contemporary Music Educational background (school of origin): Seoul Institute of the Arts, practical music department, Joongbu University School of theater performance department graduate school Favorite singer: Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder Hobbies: Football, Sauna Debut: April 1999 Debut Songs: Promise (Ha · Gwang Hoon Lyrics · Composition) 【OST songs】 In the drama 2017 SBS Drama Saimdang Light's Diary OST "Amnesia" 2008 SBS Drama Secret Garden OST "Appear" A Sad Story More Than Sadness OST Participation 2003 SBS Drama Stair To Heaven OST "I Miss You" He has many other original soundtracks of Korean drama and films. Super luxury performer! He was invited to sing at K-POP concert "K-Drama Festa in Pyeongchang" which was held on February 18th at Gangwon-do and Yongpyong Dome for promoting Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to be held in February next year to attract tourists. In April 1999 he debut with his first album "A Promise". For a while, he was a singer without a face without making any TV appearance at all. In the case of the second album "Remember" released in 2000, the R&B version of the main track 'One Day' was on the North American Billboard chart. He was the first Korean singer who entered the Billboard chart. "I Miss You" from his 3rd album was used as the theme song of the drama "Stairway to Heaven". It was a song that not only entered the Billboard, it became popular in Japan and his representative song. He began the world tour from the beginning of 2017 in New York, LA, Chicago, Seattle and other US cities. He is planning a full-scale overseas tour. Japan concerts will be held in March! He finished the concert in the USA. For the long-awaited fans, he decided to hold concerts in Japan. There are a lot of famous songs - a chance to listen live at the Japan concerts in March! (Please refer to the original Japanese language posting for accuracy of the content) Ticketing Information
  14. Vocalist KIM BUM SOO Concerts in Japan Tokyo - March 14, 2017 at 7:00 pm Venue: Shinagawa Stellar Ball (876 seating capacity) Osaka - March 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm Venue: Sankei Hall Breeze (912 seating capacity) Ticketing Information cr. on promotional video
  15. Kim Bum Soo is invited to perform at Dongbu Life Year awards 2017 Date: March 10, 2017 Venue: Korea International Exhibition & Convention Center (KINTEX) Exhibition Hall 6B , Exhibition Hall 6C photo cr. ytlimkim Cr. on instagram clips. "Appear" OST of "Secret Garden" "I Miss You" OST of "Stairway to Heaven"