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  1. Kim Bum Soo

    Hi Friends, If you have quoted a previous post, please also remember to delete the photos and videos inside that particular quote in your new post to save space per Soompi Rules. Thank you so much dear friends!! I am sharing my YouTube playlist of Kim Bum Soo's 2,500+ videos. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=LLOJWtuRUO4Cd5eAnhB8PKkg upcoming song release, concerts and reality show 2016.12.19 Mercedes-Benz 4th Star Car Year-end Music Concert 2016.12.24 and 2016.12.25 Christmas Concert (Luxury Back) in Busan 2016.12.30 and 2016.12.31 Year End Concert (Luxury Back) in Seoul 2017.01.27 and 2017.01.28 USA Temecula City - Pechanga Resort and Casino 2017.02.01 USA Seattle - Pantages Theatre 2017.02.05 USA Chicago - Copernicus Centre 2017.02.10 USA New York - The Beacon Centre 2017.03.14 Japan Tokyo - Shinangawa Stellar Ball 2017.03.16 Japan Osaka - Sankei Hall Breeze 2017.04.25 New Zealand Auckland - Auckland Town Hall 2017.04.29 Australia Sydney - Darling Harbour Theatre ICC 2017.05.17 MBC Radio Star show 2017.05.18 SBS Love FM Two-Man show 2017.09.12 KEB Hana Bank Daejeon Love Blue Concert 2017.09.21 Tongmyong university 2017.09.23 Korea Scholarship Foundation Leadership Concert 2017.09.24 Guro G Asia Dream Festival 2016.09.30 2017 Busan Cinema Concert event 2017.10.07 concert commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the opening of Square One Shopping Complex 2017.10.14 SK Telecom 2017 Table on the top lunch and dinner concerts 2017.10.18 to 20 KB Kookmin Bank Gangnam branch event 2017.10.27 KB Kookmin Bank Busan branch event 2017.10.28 2017 Gwangju Bank KJ Card Concert 2017.11.04 Busan Bank 50th Anniversary Autumn Happiness Concert 2017.11.13 sk hynix president's event 2017.11.14 to 2017.11.19 Compassion Korea vision trip to Philippines with sponsors 2017.11.21 gyeonggi provincial construction company 20th anniversary celebration 2017.11.29 KFM Gyeongggi Broadcasting Station 29th anniversary concert 2017.11.30 Yu Min 100 years commemorative concert host by JTBC at Blue Square 2017.12.02 Walkerhill Paradise Casino Year End Party 2017.12.03 Korea Teachers' Credit Union The-K Happiness Sharing Concert 2017.12.16 Mando corporate events 2:30 pm 2017.12.17 Broadcast of Fanstastic Duo Season 2 Ep. 37 final concert 2017.12.24 to 25 Busan Luxury Back 2 The Audience 2017.12.29 to 31 Seoul Luxury Back 2 The Audience 2018.02.10 Welcome Baek 2017-2018 Baek Z Young Concert 2018.02.14 Wonju Dance Carnival 2018.02.17 K-pop world festa 2018.02.26 2018 Dongseo University New Students Orientation busan bexco 2018.02.26 Kyungpook National University Graduate School of Business Administration inauguration 2018.02.27 10th anniversary commemorative concert of Lee Young-Hoon 2018.03.03 Seacret 2018 Kick-off Convention 2018.03.05 Daemyung Group Festival 2018.03.09 New Year Events KBS Hall 1824 2018.03.19 Msd pharmacetical company employees in-house events 2018.03.23 LA Korean-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry event at Intercontinental hotel downtown Los Angeles, USA 2018.03.24 Young Kim for congress sponsorship night Vision Community Church, Anaheim, California, USA 2018.04.03 Guest at "Human Documentary People Is Good"사람이 좋다 ep. 267with Don Spike 2018.04.04 Broadcast recording of unknown program 2018.04.12 POSCO's 50th anniversary citizens appreciation concert @ POHANG Gymnasium 2018.04.11 Suwon AK Plaza VIP customer event Novotel Ambassador Suwon 2018.04.18 4.19 Revolutionary National Culture Festival Event 2018.04.21 Miracle Concert Yonsei University Memorial Hall 2018.04.28 16th Korea Times Music Festival Hollywood Bowl, LA, USA 2018.05.02 M-net The Call filming 2018.05.04 M-net The Call filming and production presentation 2018.05.10 Busan Children's Houses Association Event 2018.05.12 Nutrition Wild Vegetables Festival Event 2018.05.16 M-net The Call filming 2018.05.19 Samsung Card Holgabun Lighthearted Festival Jamsil Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium 2018.05.27 Ulsan Rose Festival 2018.05.30 M-net The Call filming 2018.06.08 Mnet The Call broadcast 2018.06.09 Compassion Korea Olympic Park K-Art Hall Talk Show 2018.06.13 M-net The Call last filming 2018.06.15 Jamsil Lotte Department Store VIP Invitation Event (Jamsil SIGNIEL Seoul Hotel) 2018.06.18 World Cup Cheering Event (Garden Five) 2018.06.21 Korea P & G Conference Event Kensington Jeju Hotel 2018.06.22 Lotte Duty Free 27th Family Concert at Jamsil Sports Complex 2018.06.30 Seosan Sansa Concert Amazing and awesome performance of Kim Bum Soo and BewhY and Kim Bum Soo and Ailee at Mnet "The Call" 147,146
  2. Kim Bum Soo

    2018.04.26 KIM BUM SOO SAYS ‘I LOVE YOU’! Kim Bum Soo has made his return with ‘I Love You‘. This will be the first track released through his ‘MAKE 20‘ project where he will be releasing a total of 20 tracks in celebration of his 20th anniversary. So, check out the new track below! The beautiful music is accompanied by many instruments that were able to produce such beautiful sounds. These instruments included the piano, the drums, the trumpet, the saxophone and many others. Together, they bring a beautiful melody to the fans which are accompanied by Kim Bum Soo‘s gorgeous vocals. The way he sings and puts all his emotions into singing every note, one can definitely feel his feelings, bringing chills to those who listen. In the video itself, it features model Hyunmin who is seen looking heavenly in the video. Even though he is lipsyncing to the track, he did it with perfection and it did amazingly well with its expression. cr. http://officiallykmusic.com/kim-bum-soo-says-love-new-mv/ [re.MAKE20 #1] I LOVE YOU(난 널 사랑해)M/V I LOVE YOU(난 널 사랑해)M/V -About “I Love You”- I decided to create this album ‘Make20’ as my 20th anniversary of my career is coming up. The very first song of this project is a remake of a song called “I love you”. I chose this song as the lyrics deliver a powerful message about true love and I felt that it can move and heal the audiences’ hearts. In addition, it is my honor to sing Shin Hyo beom’s song who is known as the Korean “Whitney Houston” and be able to bring nostalgia to the older generation and introduce musical inspiration to the new generation. I hope you enjoy the ‘Make20’ project and look forward to the upcoming songs. By Kim Bum Soo *난 널 사랑해 (I LOVE YOU) original singer 신효범(Shin Hyo-beom)
  3. Kim Bum Soo

    2018.04.18 Kim Bum Soo "MAKE 20" project photo series cr. Sungwook Kim photographer
  4. Kim Bum Soo

    2018.02.27 Kim Bum Soo performance at late composer Lee Young-Hoon 10th anniversary commemorative concert Awesome remake of Lee Moon Sae's "Standing In The Shade of Trees" by vocalist Kim Bum Soo. Many thanks to a fan of Lena Park who uploaded the video clip at YouTube as follows: https://youtu.be/39mRmZIOCjo More photos can be viewed at Facebook. Please click the facebook icon in the spoiler.
  5. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.12.04 Kim Bum Soo is well respected by junior singers! "Lastly, I sincerely admire and love you Bum Soo brother! Thank you for saving me and loving me from day one. I couldn't be happier. I performed my best stage with sincerity and hardwork. I'm sure brother you're doing a lot of work and you're doing everything you can. Learning a lot and getting a lot of love from you. Now, my real brother - The best singer whom I really respect and love." *please refer to the original article in the Korean language for accuracy of the contents. At Fantastic Duo Final concert. They won at Fantastic Duo season 2 by singing "Day"
  6. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.12.17 Dynamic Duo and Kim Bum Soo collaboration of "Good Love" at Fantastic Duo 2 Ep. 37 Fantastic Memory Director's cut Final Concert. Awesome! YouTube cr. KOCOWA TV
  7. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.12.04 "Fantastic Duo 2" Kim Bum Soo's charming high-pitched note + beer maid's fantasy voice! A "concert stage"! Singer Kim Bum Soo will present his debut song 'Promise' to the next level Yes! It's latin genre! The second part of 'The Final Concert' of SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2' will be broadcasted on the 3rd and the lineup singers are out. In particular, Kim Bum Soo selected his debut song 'Promise' as the final song with his 'Pandu' duet and announced that the 'concert stage' selected music is arranged by his close friend Don Spike with supporting dance choreography by Park Ji-woo. Kim Bum Soo said, "I was preparing for my concert performance, but it became the stage of the final concert of 'Pandu 2' ." With his unique fighting spirit, Kim Bum Soo produced a high-pitched note at the end and together with the beer maid, their breathtaking performance turned the filming studio into fanatical atmosphere. Prior to this, Baek Ji Young, Insooni and Park Mi Kyung showed their "mighty force" by kicking off the first part of the Final Concert and at the same time, male lead vocalist Kim Bum Soo's stage will once again become "the beginning of the war." In addition to Kim Bum Soo, Fantastic Duo 2 'The King of King Final Concert ' will be broadcasted at 6:25 pm on the 3rd with singers such as Psy, Lee Moon-se, Lee Eun-mi. *please refer to the original article in the Korean language for accuracy of the content http://www.newsinstar.com/mobile/article.html?no=11251 Kim Bum Soo with the latin dancers. The dance was choreographed by Jay Park (Park Ji Woo). YouTube clip cr. KOCOWA TV Audio only version
  8. Kim Bum Soo

    2018.01.26 Dear Bum Soo our charming prince,Your music gave a lot of happiness and comfort to many people and you are a great inspiration to me. Hope your dreams come true! Have a wonderful 40th Birthday and good health! BelleLove from Canada
  9. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.11.24 Kim Bum Soo and part-time "beer girl" Kwon Ah-young's rehearsal of "Promise" to be performed at SBS "Fantastic Duo 2" Ep. 34 final concert In addition to the original ballad genre, Kim Bum Soo has remade his debut song "Promise" in the bossa nova genre. Don Spike, who's appointed as the music director of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics has re-arranged this song into a string/piano version in 2012 and Kim Bum Soo has performed this version at the Sejong Culture Hall in Seoul, the Carnegie Hall in New York and the Sydney Opera House in Sydney. Don Spike has now re-arranged the song again for SBS "Fantastic Duo 2" Ep. 34 final concert. Kim Bum Soo, who has sung more than 30 different music genres constantly challenges himself.... No one can surpass him except himself! Let's watch Kim Bum Soo and part-time "beer girl" Kwon Ah-young's rehearsal. In what music genre were they singing?
  10. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.11.07 Visual singer Kim Bum Soo poses at SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2' final concert red carpet event SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2' final concert red carpet event was held at SBS Prism Tower in Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong, Seoul on November 7, 2017 afternoon. Kim Bum Soo poses at the photo wall before the filming of Fantastic Duo 2 -The Final Concert. Meanwhile, SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2' final concert will be broadcast on November 26, 2017. http://m.mk.co.kr/news/headline/2017/737093
  11. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.07.30 Kim Bum Soo reveals a clear abdominal surprise at 'Fantastic Duo 2'! Singer Kim Bum Soo revealed his chocolate abs. SBS entertainment program 'Fantastic Duo 2' was broadcasted on the evening of July 30 with the theme "Family Vacuum Feature - Finding a Fantastic Duo by Park Mi Kyung". When the bodybuilder appeared at Pak Mi-kyung's Fantastic Duo Best 5, the panel asked MC Kim Bum Soo to reveal his abs. Kim Bum Soo revealed a solid abdominal muscular workout, and MC Kim Jun-hyun laughed and said, "Kim Bum Soo does not leave the mirror while changing inside the waiting room." http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2017073018433396754&VNA Video cut clip http://v-wb.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzA5NzQ2NDkwMA==.html
  12. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.11.02 Composer Don Spike who arranges the music for vocalist Kim Bum Soo at "I am a Singer" Season 1 and 3, "Getalright" concerts, remake of Leed's "You will be happy without me" at reality show Sugarman and "Luxury Back" 2016 concerts is selected as the music director for 'Pyeongchang Winter Olympics'! Singer/composer Don Spike has been selected as the music director for the upcoming 'Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.' According to an exclusive report by Biz Enter, Don Spike will be acting as the music director from February 9-25 of next year for the 2018 winter games. He will be responsible for composing a selection of tracks to be played during break sessions, awards ceremonies, and so forth. Don Spike has worked with numerous talented singers like Hwayobi, Kim Bum Soo, Naul, and Brown Eyed Soul in the past. He also made himself known through MBC's 'I Am a Singer' and is currently the director at MBC Academy Music School. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/11/composer-don-spike-selected-as-the-musical-director-for-pyeongchang-winter-olympics Remake of "Some"
  13. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.10.27 Kim Bum Soo was the champion again for two consecutive years at the Interpark Ticket concert ticket pre-sale Kim Bum Soo has topped the pre-sale ranking at Interpark Ticket for the two-day concerts for the second consecutive year. Kim Bum Soo who sells his 'Luxury BACK 2 THE audience' concert tickets on December 27 at 12:00 p.m.was ranked No.1. As soon as he sells the tickets for the concert "Luxury BACK" last year, he climbed to the top of the list. This year he also quickly topped the list proving his popularity. His agency, Polaris Entertainment said, "Thanks to the attention and support of many of his fans, we have been able to achieve No.1 ranking for the second consecutive year. " To reward fans for their great love, he named the concert "Luxury BACK 2 The Audience". ''2017 Kim Bum Soo Luxury BACK 2 THE audience'' will be held at the BEXCO Auditorium in Busan on December 23 and 24 and at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park from December 29 to 31. http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1327480
  14. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.10.26 Kim Bum Soo posted a video of him hiding in a suitcase! Too funny # Luxury back concert # Luxury goods # Luxury back2the audience # Audience main character # Ticket open # Just close # D minus 1 # 27 Seoul 12PM Busan 1PM # Sold out # Speedy # letsgetit
  15. Kim Bum Soo

    2017.10.24 Kim Bum Soo, another one-time sold out myth ... Vocalist Kim Bum Soo's 'Luxury BACK' concert ticket will open on the 27th. On October 24, Polaris Entertainment said, "Kim Bum Soo's solo concert '2017 Kim Bum Soo Luxury BACK 2 THE audience' pre-sale will start from noon on the 27th through online ticket reservation Interpark ticket." The concert, which will be held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park from Dec. 29 to Dec. 31 and from Dec. 23 to 24 at Busan BEXCO Auditorium in Busan, will be held again in 2017 . Through this concert, Kim Bum Soo is expected to become a brand name concert by the end of the year especially when it opened the ticket last year, it ranked number one in the market and he was able to achieve high-speed ticket sales again this year as it was a recorded myth at the previous year. Polaris said, "Since Kim Bum Soo, who has strong ticketing power as much as his unique vocal power, is preparing for his concert, he is expected to sell out after last year's concert." Many who want to spend a memorable Christmas and New Year would like this concert, "he said. Meanwhile, Kim Bum Soo is currently concentrating on preparing for the '2017 Kim Bum Soo Concert Luxury BACK 2 THE audience' performance. http://www.lunarglobalstar.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=12493 *Please refer to the original article in the Korean language for accuracy of the content.