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  1. The whole series is a fan service.. dont look for any logic! +2
  2. I just watched it the other day!! If it is JKY we HAVE to watch it! +2
  3. Always feel victorious when I manage to complete a series! Romance is a Bonus book is my first LJS drama I watched till the end! Yayy! +2
  4. There are all kinds of ppl in all parts of the world. We won't know the reality until we experience it. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/26/escape-the-corset-south-korean-women-rebel-against-strict-beauty-standards +2 edit: @Sejabin but imagine how much self determination it would take to throw out makeup!!! It would have cost a bomb while buying!!!
  5. The Whereabouts Of Love - Maximilian Hecker
  6. I have been catching up with my drama backlog! Thank God for concealers! 666 @triplem any idea how is that Psychometric drama? @cenching ur owl calling dance made me dizzy!!
  7. @Lynne why does he have blood on his lips?! Is this after a fight scene! Should we be worried? The puppy knows how to melt our hearts! Still waiting for subs!
  8. Sugar, salt and white flour - all evils disguised! 830
  9. If there is any aegyo awards given out I am sure Yoo In Ah will sweep them all this year!! Omg, she is so precious!! Thank you Gods for making LDW take this role, it was about time to see him smile and relax a bit after the heavy roles. What a coy BF he plays! My fav scene from this week is when she is convincing him to go support his father. Her voice modulation really took the cake and the icing and the sprinkles!! Is the PD saving all the Choi-Dan magic for later episodes!!? Why so stingy!
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