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  1. @superfangermany_stv I would like a PM as well if you don’t mind
  2. Forgive my delulu mind from speaking, but you can’t watch that and not tell me that this felt different. I can’t stop rewatching it to examine what we just saw. My rose covered lenses aren’t coming off anytime soon, but this didn’t FEEL as scripted as it should have been/is usually supposed to. Even with the (growing) number of bed scenes in kdramas, with many of those you can still tell that it was scripted. But with this, I can’t explain it. Yeah there’s no denying it was hot, but more importantly it was so passionate, yet sweet and gentle, and it takes either Oscar leveled actors/actresses to pull this off and deliver it with the right emotions or maybe there’s more to them than we know. It looked soooooooo natural, the way their bodies (lips specifically hehe) gravitated toward each other, the tenderness in their eyes (specifically PSJ’s), PMY’s hands around PSJ’s neck, PSJ’s big hands around MY’s head, THE FRIGGIN NOSE KISS?????????? I’m sure we can all agree that that wasn’t part of the script but it made a HUGE difference in the delivery of this scene in terms of the visuals and emotions. And let’s be delulu again and assume that this all happened in the spur of the moment when they were shooting it (since that’s what it looks to be). I’m sure PSJ and PMY must have already discussed how they were going to do it, and I don’t think PSJ, being the considerate person he is, would have went for the nose kiss if he knew PMY wouldn’t be comfortable with it. Today was stressful for me as I had an exam earlier this morning, but enduring all of that was worth it. Today’s a good day
  3. Yep! MS left her house that night and came back the next morning, which is why the sisters have no idea what she’s talking about (spiders, getting kidnapped) in ep. 1
  4. Can I just say that as much as we’re all freaking out about this kiss scene and how hot it is, I couldn’t help but notice how much more gentle and “calm” (I guess you could say) PSJ’s kissing here is? Whether this was intentional or not, it made the scene way more intimate and I love it. It’s a contrast to how he was practically eating her in the end of ep. 8 (which we’re not complaining about hehe), which is more PSJ’s style of kissing (like that scene really screamed PSJ). But with the closet kiss, and now our couch kiss, I feel that they’re way more in sync with their kisses and it actually feels like a combination of both of their kissing skills and I really like that. ParkPark couple better step up their game if they’ve become more than friends now, seeing how the two are both private people. Like many have said, you can lie to the ends of the earth, but the body will always betray you (like in 1:12 of the couch kiss where MS’s body moved up, whether she was doing that to adjust herself or if it was an automatic move, we’ll have to find out). If they get together and ya know, maybe get married (delulu activated!) I hope they keep it private until the end so they can quietly enjoy their time together. Which means they’ll have to be very careful because everyone’s starting to notice now (those YT comments though haha), even Dispatch posted about them a couple days ago and I was SHOOK. Anyways, time for me to go back rewatching that scene frame by frame until they release the bts (TVN PLS)
  5. Hehe I shall write more later on my thoughts about ep.11 but I can’t help but share this: http://riya-in-the-valley.tumblr.com/post/175784069194/final-scene-ep-11-of-why-secretary-kim-ep-12 It seems that MS may be following her parents’ footsteps (and having the same director? Coincidence? I think NOT!)
  6. Phew! Ep. 10 really took me by surprise! I didn't think they would reveal the party scene so quickly, but after some thought, it's the perfect time. In the beginning stages of this drama, I was unsure as to how they would pace the drama with the rate it was following the webtoon. I've been forgetting to post for the last 4 episodes and each time I always want to comment how that episode is my favorite. I loved watching their first fight, especially the fact that MS defended her position with pride. UGH. For those who were worried about MS losing her characterization (someone in another site called her a flat character), here's the drama's answer. I had enough trust in the writers to know that they wouldn't drag out their argument, and it was quite pleasing to see them saying things in their head they wanted the other to do/hear. There's way more things to address than drag on some misunderstanding/argument. And I won't repeat what everyone has already said but that closet kiss though I'm sweating here watching that, I felt like I shouldn't have been watching. And ofc, I can't not mention the BTIMFL cameo. It actually made me cry seeing their cameo, I missed BTIMFL more than I thought and guess who's rewatching in the meantime? I loved seeing MS's family dynamic and JSM and LMK were perfect as MS's parents. I'm so glad they added this into the drama (since it wasn't in the webtoon). I don't have much more to comment about the past week's episodes, since everyone has pretty much voiced out my thoughts. I'm just super excited for the rest of how the story will unfold now that MS has recovered her memories. We have 3 more weeks guys Since we've reached a climactic point in the story, here's my predictions for the next 3 weeks according to my knowledge from the webtoon: With the recent webtoon update, I really hope they include this in the ending as well. I think it would be perfect, because KMS will have finally achieved what she originally wanted (webtoon spoilers included below)
  7. Some of you guys might have already seen this, but she’s so adorable and her down to earth-ness is why I’m such a fan of her In here, she shares that she STILL likes a man with a white shirt and a suit (ehem hehe) and more importantly what I wanted to point out that I found interesting is that she compares herself to an ox, which coincidentally (or not?) also became a comparison in her drama/character almost 2 years later. That aspect of working hard, as many of us have already pointed out, is similar with PSJ’s outlook on his work. Someone pointed out (will tag later, sorry!) how because of their strong outlooks in their crafts, it might become a problem that they’d have to work around if they were to become more than colleagues, which I hadn’t thought about until it was pointed out. It’s too early to jump to such conclusions right now, but I hope in the event that they do, it can be something that empowers each instead of becoming a potential conflict between two dillegent individuals Thanks @minseojoon for the AAA gifs!!! You’re feeding us so well while waiting for Weds. WEDS COME FASTER
  8. Hello everyone! I've been lurking since the first few pages and kept going back and forth on deciding if I was going to jump this ship or not...And here I am! I've watched kdramas for almost 10 years now but this will be my first ever ship that I can say I have officially boarded on. I'm not usually one to ship actors with each other because I get scared of getting disappointed, but there's just something about these two that drew me in for some reason. I hope I can stick with them/you guys, wherever this will lead us. I have no idea what it is, but I just have a feeling about these two that I can't put down. Maybe it's just me getting delulu and it's getting into my head! I think the turning point for me was the bts when they were watching an episode together, and this got even worse (in a good way) when the bts for the 2 most recent kiss scenes came out ESPECIALLY the one for ep. 9 omg. If you guys could excuse me, I might need a few seconds to breathe and just word vomit here: watching ep.9 kiss scene, I did not see LYJ and KMS, but PSJ (moreso) and PMY instead. It was hard to wrap my head around because I kept questioning why I thought that way. I had errands to do for the rest of that night but it plagued my thoughts the entire time. I'm pretty sure it was definitely because of PSJ's hands, which I want to thank because I felt like his hand ended up exposing PSJ HAHAHAHA. I've been (unhealthily haha) rewatching that scene at least twice a day since the ep came out while waiting for Weds. I think it had to be how comfortable and natural it looked that it was hard to decide if I wanted to believe if it was real or not. I felt that PMY seemed a little guarded (bts), but also allowed herself to go with the flow when they started filming. How the final product came out was perfect. And she was smiling while kissing him!!! And sometimes there would be a pause before their lips would start moving again and I would internally scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I keep observing the two of them and their "suspicious" movements after their kiss scenes, how PSJ is always smiling to himself with how satisfied he seems, and PMY seems to move away to cover up maybe exposing herself as well??? HMMMMMMMM... And their viki interview just literally launched me into space because of those LOOKS But anyways, regardless of the kiss scenes, they have a great synergy as professionals together and I admire that. I love watching the other bits of their bts and how they work together, since they're both very active with how scenes should go together and how to improve it. They're on equal footing professionally and I love that about them both. @MayL @MillyR Thank you for posting these interviews! I've been a fan of PSJ since SWP and I've always viewed him as someone who was very humble and down to earth, and these interviews proved just that. I was especially giddy to read about his goals in the future ( @baby.hae ). Seems like PMY has also found someone like her. I've been a fan of PMY since City Hunter, and have seen the hardships that's caused her to be guarded for some time now, and for a very valid reason. I haven't followed PMY religiously throughout the years, but she seems to be the most carefree now (probably started with Healer) and as a fan, I'm so happy to see this. Like many have said, I feel that PSJ and PMY's personalities and outlooks in life fit each other, and I could only hope that working together in this drama could have potentially helped in creating not even a couple (although I'm wishing for this), but even if just a friendship. Confession time: after watching the closet kiss (which really threw me off) and how detached it felt from their characters, my delulu mind started wandering and making up scenarios, like maybe the two of them were secretly together already. I know, I know, you guys can come @ me with your pitchforks, but I couldn't help myself haha Especially since you guys have shared how they were together last winter for AAA, or how closely they sat next to each other during the premiere. If they were for example, I'm glad they're keeping it private. Someone mentioned that they are/may potentially become a similar scenario to SongSong that I ended up peeking through their thread as well up until the reveal of their engagement, since I've been reading/seeing similarities. I've been using my knowledge from SSC to compare with our ParkPark couple. I hope these two can be like them as well, in the event that something more than coworkers blossoms from the two of them. My next plan is studying Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun (gosh I sound like a creep ) I ended up randomly watching Ryu Soo Young's story about his wife on Happy Together and that fueled the fire for this couple yet again. Anyways, this has gotten pretty long, but thanks for reading! I'm glad I have you guys otherwise I would have died from fangirling all by myself. I hope I end up staying for the entire ride, wherever this may take us
  9. Thanks for bringing this up! That's exactly why YJ as a male lead is so much more than the "narcissistic" image he shows. Because it's MS, he will truly give her his all *swoon* I was inspired by this drama when there were only the first 2 eps. to go ahead and watch "Two Weeks Notice" (since many were making connections to its similarities) to satiate my hunger during the waiting game and it is indeed similar. Within that time period before the female lead in the movie was to leave and tying up lose ends in her professional life, she also realized how much her time spent with her boss meant to her, just as MS did when reminiscing the photo flashback, or when YJ was upset about her announcement and told her that it was fine she left and she was suddenly taken aback and hurt. Her being told to stay for a month before her actual resignation is pretty realistic IMO, even though it's also being used as a plot device to further develop their relationship. I wouldn't trade it for anything else to bring them closer because I really love all of the cast. I was curious as to what MS would be doing after she quits when she finally does. In the webtoon: I mean, her most important plan after quitting was to find her childhood oppa, but that's been done as well. So now what? But then I suddenly thought about her reasons to quit in the first place, which was to find love, get married, do what a normal woman her age does, etc. And for her, this was enough. I didn't realize the naiveness in my thoughts that this is still a valid dream, and just because she didn't declare anything more revolutionary (I guess???) doesn't mean her simple dream isn't any different. It's just like in Fight My Way when Ae Ra's best friend (Seol Hee)'s dream was to become a mother. A simple but very important dream for that character, just as MS's dream of finding love and having someone take care of her. I read someone's comment recently that MS's character is pretty flat. I don't agree with this 100% because she has a personality, but in some ways, this is true. But I think what the commenter forgot to consider (I will agree to disagree) is that MS's character was created to have something missing like hobbies for example because of her circumstances and being so involved with her working for other people and not on herself. This is why her dream/goals after quitting is so important. MS and YJ meeting as children and in the future was fate but also from the fruits of their labor building up into each other's halves through all those years working together. It may not have been the normal, everyday romance MS was probably idealizing/looking for, but there's no way she can just ignore what they have for each other. I'm just glad they're adults who didn't make their professional lives a hindrance to their budding romance ("Oh what would others think?"). This would be asking for much again (writer-nims if you're here lurking hi hello pls consider ), but I hope we're able to see them achieve a sense of normalcy having each other, though obviously the transition from boss/secretary to lovers would be jarring at first. There probably will be some instances when YJ gets home from work and that's all they end up talking about the rest of the night by accident for example. YJ being the naive dork he is and attempting to cook ramyun. Or better yet, YJ attempting to handle children in his most flustered way
  10. Just finished watching the episode with subs! I was impatiently waiting for it this afternoon because I need my WWWSK fill of the day. I love love love PSJ"s acting in particular with today's episode. I hope I don't sound too biased, but how he quietly looked at KMS in the beginning of the episode, his yearning eyes and wanting to reach out and say something, ugh my heart Introspective, quiet LYJ has to be my favorite. I really felt for his longing and his endearment for her in the beginning and in the flashbacks, give him his happiness please!!! He deserves it! Thank you writers for adding in their straightforward discussion about their relationship. I was honestly so shook when YJ confronted her about their 'some' and didn't beat around the bush, and the fact that she admitted to it as well? Good on YJ for making sure to clear things up between them. Jealousy is overused in lots of rom-coms but I liked its usage of it here and how he confronted her. I really forgot to also consider YJ's perspective, wherein MS seems to be stringing him along and he was right to complain about what it feels like for him as she meets another guy albeit for non-romantic reasons. Don't worry YJ, MS's all yours! I'm so glad MS has never lost her spunk with YJ and is firm in what she wants (from their relationship). She'll be giving in to him very soon. And those last few mins oh goody! He cares for her so much and she's so close to realizing it. Like I said, deep talks with YJ are my favorite and I'm glad MS is finally getting to see this side of him. YJ's character is just as complex as his brother, and I'm so glad we get to explore his character with the direction it's going. And yes, the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it finally comes. AKA the upcoming kiss scene (@ writers we're done waiting please stop trolling us!!!). I actually really love how I think the writers are going about the kiss scene in particular. Earlier episodes would have been too soon, and it seems to be that they're focusing on what appears when he closes his eyes not only as a way to prolong the long-awaited kisses, but also part of his character development. The fact that he'll be trying to overcome this fear for the MS and himself? SIGN ME UP On kissing scenes in the webtoon: Although, I wouldn't mind @blademan's suggesting either of MS getting impatient and initiating the kiss instead hehe @dojoed SAME SAME SAME!!! Although unrelated, we kinda saw a tiny bit of this when she went to that reporter to get Morpheus's email and I can't wait for this final blow I love YJ's BFF and I need him to appear on screen more. You can really tell how best of friends they really are. My favorite snippet from today has to be him giving YJ the pep talk. Set him straight!!! And congrats to our new duo, Secretary Yang and Bong Se Ra. She's an absolute riot in here and I can't see why anyone would hate her, even though her actions might be annoying to some PHEW THAT WAS LONG. Thanks for reading!
  11. @Ondine YES!!! Interesting how you mentioned how you wanted to see what the trauma means to Miso: I agree with your comment entirely. I admit, I've been too focused on the LYJ/KMS hijinks that I have also forgotten about this. It might be asking for much, but I would also love to see Miso doing what she would do if she didn't have this job. Would she have also gotten into a business and being a CEO of her own company (HA probably!)? Maybe she wanted to be an actress, a singer, a writer? Who knows?! I can't say much since I can't read Korean, but basing off of what I've seen from the webtoon, I don't think it delves into what Miso really wanted from her life either apart from wanting to live her life without working for YJ. Then again, their story wasn't really meant to be/wasn't focused on finding what she really wanted to do with her life and hence why she leaves (if you're looking for this, I suggest BTIMFL), but instead on the love story between her and YJ. I hope we get to Miso in a setting without YJ as well. Perhaps a Soo Ji (BTIMFL) in the WWWSK universe? As much as I love MS, I can't decide yet what I feel about her own personal story line. She meant to leave his side in order to live her life, yet for the time period she still has left in the company, it still revolves around him (since YJ is purposely keeping her tied, however). At least her life doesn't exactly revolve around YJ and work anymore, but instead on YJ and her both as individuals and partners in this life. I love that she's speaking out more/talking back to YJ, and her facade with her "smile" is starting to wear off. The line between Secretary Kim and KMS has since been crossed, both her and YJ just need to make this clear to one another and get things going.
  12. Hello everybody, I feel like it's finally time for me to delurk because I can't contain myself anymore! This might become very long so I will be putting my thoughts under the spoiler tags! After having a somewhat rom-com drought, I feel like my prayers have been answered and got more than I asked for! As a fan of both PSJ and PMY, I was over the moon after finding out that my faves were both playing the leads. I'm not sure if i could have watched this if they hadn't casted our precious leads. Not only are they visually perfect as basically carbon copies of the webtoon version, but they are seasoned actors who know how to D. E. L. I. V. E. R.! Honestly after reading the news of their casting, I was overly excited to anticipate their undeniable chemistry that I was starting to lose focus of my schooling (don't be me!) Anyways, onward with my rambling. I'm taking a summer term for my major right now but I can't help myself anticipating for new episodes each week. Then rewatching. Then rewatching clips on YT, then lurking through here. It's a never ending cycle After having a kdrama rom-com drought, I feel like my prayers have been answered and got more than I asked for! As a fan of both PSJ and PMY, I was over the moon after finding out that my faves were both playing the leads. I hope people more people can give this drama a chance because they don't know what they're missing out on. I couldn't help myself and went ahead to "read" the webtoon (aka me blasting through the pics in one night with my noob leveled Korean) and boy can I just say that this was a wonderful surprise. There's so much more to their story than meets the eye. I'm excited as to how they will pull through the rest of the story with the upcoming episodes. Since it's been a topic of discussion so far, about LTH as LSY: Thoughts on the webtoon and writer changes: And finally, how could I forget our main dish: Whew! Sorry for the VERY long post. I'm still busy with college but I hope to drop by more often. Thank you all, my drama watching friends for making me feel less alone as a drama watcher <3
  13. Hello everyone! (This is a bit of a longer post, sorry!!!) Since it's the final episode, I thought I'd finally make my appearance here. I've been lurking since episode 6 when I finally got around to watching it, since I have been busy with college for a while...AND BOY DID I MAKE MY LIFE EVEN BUSIER! I'm guilty in saying that there were some days when I deliberately spared some time to watching, rewatching the episodes, rewatching clips on YT, reading posts here, refreshing...etc. It was not what I intended with my busy school life but somehow it happened but I made it work I haven't been on the forums since FTLY and Healer and I am so glad I made my 'comeback' through this drama. Anyways, first and foremost I would like thank each and everyone here who have made my drama watching experience. I loved reading everyone's contributions and it made me feel a lot less lonely as the only drama watcher in my circle of friends. Thank you for your insightful posts that helped me understand (for ex, episode 15 when I was thoroughly confused at the very beginning and why JH left) what I couldn't comprehend with my young mind, as well as for sharing all the relevant posts that fed us while waiting for Monday. I thought it was funny when posters' predictions actually turned out to be true, like SH lying down on JH's lap for example :). The drama withdrawal hasn't hit me yet (probably when next Monday rolls around) and I know that apart from the drama, I'll miss you guys a lot ♥ Throughout my watching experience, I realized early on not to expect anything from this drama, because it always left us with a pleasant surprise or a twist that we might not have expected. I can't say I didn't expect certain things to happen here and there, but it was because of that trust that I didn't go crazy anticipating today's episode after all that angst from yesterday. I loved every single minute of today's episode especially because it felt so right. I just love this writer and I'm so thankful that she pulled through (not that I doubted her anyway) and basically fulfilled (most of) the wishes discussed from yesterday's episode. I thought it was funny that she was practically poking fun at us from yesterday's episode with all that angst, or JH's conversation with JM during their date. I felt that we received the perfect ending and closure for SH and JH's story. Of course I'd want more, such as SH and JH possibly having a child (but she drank the beer! NoOOOoOooOOoo!!!) to see how the tables have turned (seeing how SH was practically against it because of the costs). But nonetheless, the ending was executed just as it should have been as I was so happy to see that SH and JH were content, and more importantly happy with each other's love. My favorite scene (that I've been replaying on YT LOL) has got to be SH's emotional climax, but the ending and their phone call aren't too far off from my favorites list. We need a special about their future together PLEASE On WS and HR On SG and SJ On SH and JH Finally, I'd like to thank this show the most. It challenged some of the conventions and values I had while watching and actually made me think. I remember seeing this upcoming show first on MDL and was greatly intrigued, though I had to put it off for 3 weeks because of school and what honestly really dragged me into this warphole was knowing that they would have a contractual marriage (a guilty trope of mine). It exceeded my expectations more than I could have ever asked for. It was the slice-of-life I didn't think I needed. These past few months have been a weird one for me in terms of my personal life, and I'm at that age where many things are confusing all at once and not really knowing my place, or what I'm going to be doing with my life. Like LMK said before in an article, BTIMFL was for healing and I wholeheartedly agree with that, because I personally felt like I received that 'healing' through this drama. I'm really glad to know that I will be departing from this drama with lessons in mind.This drama ended on my last week of the semester so it was basically my end-of-the-semester gift haha I'll never get tired of rewatching ♥ (I'll be lurking around some more; apologies for the long post again! Until next time everybody!)