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  1. Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve been here (woah we’re almost at 500 pages?!) and life has been very busy, but I’ve been occasionally silently lurking when I have free time and have finally managed to catch up and HOLY MOLY I really don’t know what to say/how to react. I’m overwhelmed by everything, but a good kind of overwhelmed Anyways, since the most recent announcement for this ship I just wanted to pitch in a small contribution, but please read at your own risk because it’s a “little” out there (more like a LOT LOL):
  2. Not sure if it’s been shared here yet: https://www.soompi.com/2018/08/01/park-min-young-reveals-efforts-taken-appearance-whats-wrong-secretary-kim/ I love her so much and wish the best for her! I’ve been a casual fan of hers since City Hunter but WWWSK leveled up my admiration for her talent, her work ethic, and her beauty even more. And to think that she accomplished what she was with WWWSK along with someone special both as a costar/colleague as well potentially a partner in the future. Regardless of what the future holds, they made an awesome team together!
  3. Let’s pretend that what PMY said (“I’ll tell you when I get married”) is true from the original article and is also the part being edited out — then I’m glad the articles are being edited. Not to be a Debbie downer, but of course, as she is the woman, I can already see the hateful comments a mile away. It’ll be the same form of attack on her as it was with PSJ, potentially calling her a liar (in the future) for not outright denying it strongly. I applaud her for her bravery however and I have no doubt she will just continue carrying on with her life. Honestly, I feel like a proud mom watching this unfold ever since her last relationship. It’s like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes. With PMY’s interview (although being edited and with what little we know), it seems that she is in good hands with PSJ after seeing how he responded yesterday (what a man!). Dating rumors aside, you don’t need a high level of thinking to see and understand that they have a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each other. They will continue to be unfazed by everything
  4. That hug is bound to be controversial in the next few hours, but I just can’t help but feel emotional because you can see how much mutual respect they have for each other as costars with their interactions, and most especially with that hug. It was a tough, but enjoyable couple of months. And not that PSJ’s interview didn’t justify the hard work they’ve gone through enough yesterday, but this particular bts (as well as the others, but this one in particular because of the timing) really helps clinch his point. I hope antis/media can take this release with a grain of salt and think about this in a broader perspective. And PSJ appears to have teared up, right? They really worked hard for this drama, and I hope the whole “scandal” can quietly die down so that they can get the appreciation they deserve. Their drama would not have topped its weekly slot and became buzz-worthy every single week if they didn’t work hard for it, and it really shows. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out! Edit: I can finally sleep now with a peace of mind Thanks TVN (and an advanced congrats to our soon 200 pages!)
  5. THANK YOU TVN FOR BLESSING US (in the midst of all this mess)!!! Edit: I’m happy they posted the bts but sad at the same time It made me feel like the drama was still airing
  6. By the time PMY’s interview comes out, other Korean media outlets will have announced not only their wedding, but the birth of their second child as well
  7. I was getting sleepy waiting for PMY’s interview updates and this article comes out Although I can’t read Korean, I was lurking around Nate and I guess there was an article about PPC and SBS (translation courtesy by Google): “A pop culture journalist said, "I was told that two people were doing this drama, and when the drama was over, they were giving a marriage announcement," he said.” This funny article must have been based off of this LOL But on a side note, how low are Korean journalists going to go this time around? Not just MBC, but now SBS too smh I saw earlier that SBS also started to get involved but I didn’t know what their video was saying for me to make a judgement. Regardless though, they’re not something we should pay close attention to
  8. This was a very honest yet nuanced interview. I've read a little bit of his interviews with magazines and they're always just as honest and eloquent as it is here and I appreciate that. But I could not help but feel like he was overexplaining his responses to some, which was both a smart but suspicious move (to a shipper). I can't believe he's only been in the business for about 5/6 years (correct me if I'm wrong), but it's like he's been in the business for a long time. It must be his honest and straightforward personality. And can I just say, what a slap in the face to all the haters! I'm glad he put his foot down in emphasizing how hard they've worked for this drama, and it shouldn't be overshadowed by some rumor. It's really true when he says that he goes all out, and I loved that he talked about their discussions (with PMY, PD-nim, writers) to perfect the characters because it really showed and that's what I loved so much about WWWSK (apart from the chemistry ofc). Since the drama was more character-driven than plot, their memorable characters along with the rest of the cast made it enjoyable to watch. And finally, on PMY: "I have the confidence to deal with [the dating rumors]." This honestly made me swoon (again). Not only because this may as well be an indirect confession that he is prepared to deal with the backlash if he were spotted with her, but also because it says a lot about him as a person. He's saying he's confident because he simply does not care what others would think of him. His honesty strikes again ("Of course I became interested"/"People are unpredictable...") but he's killing all the shippers!!! His answers are very open ended and WE'RE ALL DYING. It's like what someone had mentioned earlier, that it seems that he's preparing the general public for come what may. And he's right though. Way to put it out there, because fans will still act surprised when something happens to his private life when what he said is completely true -- it's like he's telling us "why act surprised" when he clearly stated how life and people really are, that he's human like the rest of us despite his status as a celebrity. WE LOVE A WOKE KING
  9. @ 2nd spoiler tweet: Thank you PSJ for doing this interview, it really diverted the other issues presented in this thread before this and threw it aside. He's really out to kill some fans today (aka me). I've always liked his personality especially when it came to interviews but he really one-upped himself in this interview. Smart and sensible!
  10. He looks lovely! (Also not to be that person, but I spy with my little eye a blue object on his wrist )
  11. Thanks! I’m just trying to be on my toes and treading carefully around the page and this ship because of how it’s been lately Thanks for reading my post!
  12. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/30/hwang-bo-ra-talks-love-line-character-teamwork-whats-wrong-secretary-kim/ “At Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon’s urging, we went out for drinks and the atmosphere became better because of that. Our teamwork was good, so we could ad-lib well. It was to the point where all of the actors said that it was their first time experiencing this kind of atmosphere.”” In light of all that’s been happening, I loved reading this part from Hwang Bo Ra’s interview (loved her character!). It really shows how genuine and dedicated both PMY and PSJ are as they made great connections with their costars (and it’s not the first time this was mentioned either). They are professionals first who take care of their job and their craft, and I wish people would not discredit them for that because of the recent blowup of the rumors. It’s calmed down since then (has it really though?), but I admit it’s still a little jarring seeing what’s been happening and could potentially hurt everyone in the future. So, I would like to thank you guys for keeping this thread civilized in our shipping, and we should pat ourselves on the back. Kudos to everyone saying levelheaded and respectful. We can’t control everyone, but the least we can do is to continuously defend and support both of them.