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  1. I'm not sure why people (haters) said that PMY was trying hard to get or that she didnt love PSJ as much as PSJ into her......well,I think differently.On that interview after WWWSK when She straightforwardly said they didn't dating and on COSMO event stage that she looked so preserved....I thought that was the best action that she could chose coz we all know that PSJ was not "smart" hiding his feeling. I always think PPC actions shows that they are care about each other,shielding each other, don't want to hurt each other since they knew so many haters , crazy fans, overprotective fans LOL....so they really need to go beyond what "normal"couple usually do (abnormal) and lay low till the right moment come. But Yes I agreed that both of them still not ready to tie the knot soon....not because they don't love each other but you know sometimes in our life we want to finish our goals first,catch our dreams and when we think that we finish with "our-self "then we ready to enter new stage of life such as marriage.
  2. True, I did check the clips in YouTube for AWR....for me its kinda awkward, its so aggressive but no chemistry...I checked also the BTS of AWR the main lady was the one whose shy over the bed scene and lost of the moment while PSJ was so playful. While when I was watching WWWSK bed scene, I felt so "guilty" because I felt I was interrupting their moment LOL....me on that moment watchin them felt like " OMG this is 50 shades of grey Korean version" in gentle way ( i think I also contributing in 25M views in YouTube LOL)
  3. Regarding Director Park interview that have been posted by @snitchdream08, I found it very interesting that WWWSK can have beautiful and well executed bed scene...while it was his first time directing the bed scene. Well, of course you can easily direct it when the couple in the drama already in relationship LOL. My two cents thought that of course Director Park has already known PPC is together so it easier for everybody its a Win Win situation
  4. Is it related to PSJ ig posts that started in Sept 2017. Really wondered why He deleted all the posts before that....anyone has any guess coz im really curious
  5. I also very curious about the timeline, so FFMY was aired almost the same time with PMY QO7D...that V-Live interview struck in my mind when Chansung looked so furious during that interview once the MC brings up PSJ name. PMY looks so suspicious...honestly I cant tell that situation was it PMY uncomfortable because she has relationship with PSJ already or they were on break term on that time.I think from my perspective they are really careful with their relationship right know and kudos for them for not being caught...as a high profile celebrities like them who always on the spotlight...they really need some private moment of their own.
  6. Yes, I have felt that one too in the past....I forgot when.. but I think on that day so many said in this forum that probably PPC broke up so they didnt want to be in one event. Trust me....I felt so sad and cant even slept at night then when PSJ erased so many pictures in his ig and again so many speculation about that (since i'm a new fan of him so i didn't know that erasing pictures in ig was his habitual action or not) again I was so sad and discouraged.....but still my heart said PPC is real. But BOOM that COSMO event came as a surprised LOL.....again when they looked awkward on the stage (but so close on the table) and pretended not knowing each other was convinced me even more that they are in serious relationship......im sure that when AAA 2017 happened they have begun their relationship but playing dumb and pretend didn't know each (from the fan's video footage it was looked so "fishy") just like what happened in COSMO's stage. Sorry I talked too much ....But yeah girl its okay to have doubt sometimes
  7. Hahaha Thats True @tali58 thank you for sharing the story. Actually I just have known PSJ from WWWSK, some of my girlfriends stopped watching WWWSK in first episode coz they said PSJ was not "handsome" enough LOL but we have known for PMY since sungkyunkwan scandal. But I kept watching it till I became a hardcore shipper of PPC and then doing my research of PSJ. What I noticed that on his previous dramas and movie all his co-stars looked so hooked/fell for him (literally I watched his previous Drama's BTS for comparison also the interviews)....but I felt PSJ were looking at them as a friends and that's it. Different vibes with WWWSK....I think PSJ was the one who fell for PMY. Not to mention that she is really "his type" of girlfriend also the way he looks at PMY, their kisses,their hugs, him being so comical around PMY and he always want to grab her attention..... I also wish them who announced their relationship when they were ready, not because someone caught them....for me, I was heartbroken when PMY got caught in the past, being pushed to admitted and broken up. So this time, I really understand why they keep the relationship in ninja mode
  8. Yes, I agreed too.....Mostly international shippers are wish our PPC to have a happy ending like SSC too since many of shippers like me who lived outside South Korea and not Korean not really know about Entertainment Industry works in SK....anyway will patiently waiting for the love story unfolds. Happy New Year to all my chingus....wish you all the best and successful year ahead
  9. So our captain become one of the presenter in KBS Awards just now....would you guys who can understands korean help to get what he said/presented on the event
  10. These two always peeking at each other ....time flies, Its been almost 6 months since the drama ended but my heart for them still going strong....I guess I'm falling hard for PPC
  11. @snitchdream08 I know right....I think they answered based on their love experienced LOL . I believe PSJ is type of man who will do everything to get a women whom he loves....I re-watched all the clips of Kakao Live Talk after I was board in this ship, very interesting that both of them was so playful,happy,agreeing of each other answered, PMY was so chatty....poor LTW looks so lost LOL.
  12. PMY was so funny....she posted the rabbit video with Jsc but then deleted it and upload in her ig story....I love her clumsiness I guess today ig story is her first. Cant remember she ever posted story before today.....hope it will continue So I guess today we got update from PPC #goodday
  13. I dont know how to put picture in here....but PMY just has a n update IG Story and I screenshot immediately LOL I think she meet up with Jessica......I miss her though
  14. So I saw In IG that PMY will have FM in Japan on January 25th 2019...... I wonder She chose Japan first before China, I thought her fans base in China are bigger but I think because of Hallyu Banned in China last year not sure if still has an effect till now. So happy for Her
  15. He is married.....there were one old news once WWSK airing that he said that her daughter (about 5 years old) was a fan of Lee Young Jun/PSJ and hope to marry him LOL. Not sure in SK, but in my country very common for married man not using their wedding ring especially if they are working outdoor (non-office work)