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  1. @howa Thank you for setting me straight on the baby’s parentage. Now I understand why So Dam is so sad to leave the baby. I have watched all the episodes but admit that some of the finer point went unnoticed by me. Probably fell asleep at those moments. Let’s hope SJ doesn’t let himself be manipulated by SH because he is so keen to repair his relationship. I hope he wakes up. SJ and SY are uplifting to each other and much more compatible than SH and SY. JY is not smart enough to plot, while others around her are, so if she pairs up.with the right villains she can cause turmoil and maybe bully or guilt SJ to become her fiancé but that’s about it. That ship sunk when SJ solidly friend zoned her and was placating his father by taking her on a date. It a little bit fun to see SJ shut her down when she pulls her antics. She’s a pip squeak. She will drive SJ and SY closer together. I’m struggling to find good dramas so I admit that I look forward to this one every weekday along with It’s My Life. I think I’ve gotten pickier. Interesting plots matter.
  2. I’m enjoying this drama. Hong Baek-Hee is an excellent villain with her quick calculated responses which save her every time. I’m rooting for the OTP to get past the hurdles and get their relationship going (not Hong Se-Hyun). Choi Seo-Joon is turning out to be a stand up kind of guy who Eun So-Yoo would be lucky to have and vice versa. In the early episodes, it was pretty evident that Hong Se-Hyun was not able to provide an emotional support system for Eun So-Yoo. Se-Hyun knowing that So-Yoo’s mother was sick yet not giving of himself led me to believe he has an emotional problem that is not allowing him to have a full relationship (maybe his mother messed him up). He instead, concentrated on his job while So-Yoo was struggling and now he’s all woe is me about why he’s not “the guy” Even if it’s a pretend situation with Seo-Joon, at least he is a responsive guy who takes action for our heroine. Kyung Ji-Yoon is the perfect second lead love interest who makes you laugh without causing any concern. Choi Seo-Hyung is crazy and her tantrums are fun! I’m still trying to figure out how Eun So-Dam got pregnant either artificial means or a wild night that Mo Tae Woong can’t remember. I’m thinking Seo-Hyung didn’t provide an egg and that the baby is Mo Tae Woong’s and So-Dam’s bio baby. So-Dam’s emotional connection to the baby speaks of the latter. I hope Choi Seo-Kyung gets rid of her evil user hubby and has a new relationship with the sweet golf pro.
  3. OMO...worst (or best) evil snow queen outfit ever award goes to SE Na and her stylist. Yes, can we just say ‘red belt’, BIG white collar fur. Baahaahaaahaaa!!!!!
  4. desertflower

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    I’m enjoying this drama while watching two pretty people together. I can understand the attraction each character has for the other from the beginning. Now we need to see if fear will slow down or stop their relationship growth. I like the vibe in episode 4 where he steps up to take the CEO out for ramen, thus killing the gossip about her abusing a sub-contractor, etc. The gossip now will have to be about the difference in their status. I digress, the vibe of him stepping up to save her embarrassment in front of lots of people in the lobby is groundbreaking since he took it upon himself to go against her wishes to distance themselves from one another. Further, he came out as the ramen date and now has to face the heat.
  5. The cheater husband and son’s pain and suffering from new wife and stepmother is coming to a boil. I cracked up big time when I saw her using her IPad to monitor the apartment via hidden camera, while she is in the hospital. The bachelor boys (aka cheater dad and son) were caught throwing their stuff around the house and enjoying their time away from her while she recovers from the flu in the hospital. The son was especially happy and relaxed. Meanwhile, grumpy mean old husband was chowing down on grilled meat so fast without consideration of everyone around the table getting their share. Jin Ok had to go in the kitchen to fry some more meat pieces in order to feed the guests (Because he would eat it all, again, if cooked on the table grill), People were talking to him and he wouldn’t look at them or respond. I can’t wait for the subs. He’s really going downhill fast. It’s fun to see the crazy characters while watching these three women navigate life’s surprises.
  6. @shamrockmom You’re thinking along the same lines as I am with all the characters and their potential love interests. Oh I so want Jin Ok to leave grumpy mean husband for the store yum yum. I really don’t want to see her suffer taking care of him because of Alzheimer’s like she had to take care of his mother. What kind of karma is that!! Let her go and let her have a life!!! Yep, cheater guy is a piece of work and actually all three characters are cheaters...the lover now wife, the ex-wife, and the cheater husband. This is why the music teacher, who instills discipline (getting her to clean) and is secretly amused by her should be her new love interest getting her out of the threesome loop. The son is really getting into a desperate situation and is not taking care of himself by spending hours playing video games. He looks like he is about ready to collapse. The real estate/politician and his wife are funny. Singing at the supermarket opening was really about how starting a career in entertainment is not always in the beginning. But something doesn’t seem right....like the real person (behind the scenes) to hire her has a vendetta against her. Maybe she did something to them. At first, I thought they would be a new love interest who wanted to get closer to her but, no, it looks like they must hate her. Maybe the missing member of the girl group is the CEO of the entertainment agency. Watching everyday is so much fun!!!
  7. Ok, I’m going crazy with stocker step-mom!!! She needs to go even if she means well. She is rushing to have a baby as if it will make her new husband stay with her. Her behaviors are pushing everyone away. I’m sure the sons greatest wish is for his parents to reunite. The grumpy old husband is too negative and too old to change so let’s embrace the new love interest....which I can’t figure out (is the store owner like an older son or is he becoming a possible loverelationship with Noona. There is most likely a secret that the grumpy old husband didn’t cheat on his wife and the son is not blood related. But at this point, as far as I can tell, there is nothing keeping them together, especially after all the years of verbal abuse. Love will die a natural death. Musical Actress needs to pay more attention to her son and become more responsible. I kept seeing the singing teacher as her new love interest because he seems to be amused by her secretly. I'm glad I could express myself here.
  8. The lazy and soon to cheat hubby has to go. I was going to type that at least he is not an abusive husband and then I realized that his lack of financial support and extra spending (hair perm) constitutes a form of abuse. Although he doesn’t yell at his wife, he is the one of the single causes for his wife working multiple jobs and being under tremendous stress. Get rid of the barnacle. I just can figure out the family relationship for the OTP. If she is the child then isn’t the love interest her brother?!? I’m enjoying this drama and like the leads!!
  9. KY should go full mother bear on HotHunk to get him to set Emily straight. No sense in hiding things since it never worked out well in the past. The fact that Emily is threatening her regarding their son is extremely concerning. Emily has had HotHunk to herself for a long time while day dreaming about their married love and, now in the presence of KY and the son, those day dreams are crashing down. A wounded animal will bear its claws..Emily may be the one to partner with SN because they both want to control HotHunk (for different reasons). As mentioned before, kidnap the son and it’s going to stop the revenge in its tracks. Who would do such a thing..only the crazy ladies..together. Maybe Emily wants HotHunk to see that she would be a better mom than KY or, worse yet, if the boy was gone she thinks HotHunks attention be be on her again because she’s deluded.
  10. What if YH is brought back to life by another heavenly deity and Kai becomes an angel on earth and stays as her new man! It’s a win win isn’t it! Kai was crying so hard for her...he can come to earth permanently in this lifetime. Let’s do that! We can’t have YH unfairly at the end of life and JS astranged from her dad. Isn’t that too much. YH must end up with Kai! Right! I’ve been considering the moral dilemma; is HC cheating on YH while in the body of the banker? Technically he is not the same person as he was who married YH. HC’s a hybrid person with dual memories of both HC’s and he is in a different body. I concluded that he wasn’t cheating as he is not the same person any longer, e.g., he doesn’t want to cook and he loves banking and using his brain. Curious, I explained the scenario to my husband and asked him what he thought and he said HC is not cheating as he is now a different person. I really want YH to get together with the handsome Kai. That would make my day.
  11. I loved the last episode too. I wished that the writer had written a more emotionally charged reaction from HJ of YE’s baby news. It was understated. A little more joyful exuberance please, oh, it’s too late for that. Rushed scenes. It was sweet that second mother began calling IS her son-in-law when she was worried about him. She gave them permission to marry and now BS is pregnant just back from honeymoon with morning sickness...so soon..otto...they must have been playing at the gym. Musician guy most likely did go on the world tour as a band member and he’ll probably come back and date SR. He was not unaffected by her and secretly thought she was cute. Drunk mother is shaping up nicely. HY is in prison. Alls well that ends well. Thank you all for your wonderful posts that I enjoyed so very much; they helped to make the drama that much more sweet from reading your comments.
  12. It seemed like HY was the star of the show once again and HJ and YE’s story is just a side story. What are you writers doing??? This is too late in the show to dilute the message of JH and YE’s loving relationship, isn’t it. The pace and content has suffered from about 10 to 15 episodes ago. The viewers wanted the big reveal and didn’t want HJ to suffer to hear the news, right. But the paper airplanes he flew in through the window were sweet. But why didn’t YE look happy to see him and run up and give him a hug. Writers!!! Why the cold expression! Please, this is the man she loves...she’d hug him knowing he has suffered from her absence. Is this any way to find out you’re going to be a father. Tomorrow’s episode better give us all the feels we’ve been waiting for. HJ shut YR and her father down in 2 seconds flat....again! Did Dr. Ma die? Was it poison in the shot given by the nurse? His mouth foamed so It looked like he did die.
  13. If I put myself in HC’s shoes and I’m first rejected by my grieving wife and then received by my body’s wife HJ who is kind and lovely and has deep conversations with me then, yes I would fall in love over time with this body’s wife, HJ. HC’s brain has superior intelligence (now that he has the banker’s brain) and his conversations with Hye Jin fit his intellect. You can see it when HC goes back home to YH that her topics or small talk conversations don’t hold his interest. It’s not chef HC’s fault that he has superior intelligence now and sees and feels differently from before when he had very little brain power (he admits he wasn’t smart). HC’s body doesn’t want the fattening unhealthy foods that YH serves and it’s not chef HC’s fault. The writer shows a scene of HJ’s simple, elegant meals in comparison to YH’s dishes. So if I were in HC’s place after hearing YH’s constant bombardment of guilt and aggressive behaviors I would be turned off. HC’s sharp brain likes the banking business and he likes using his smart brains. He doesn’t want to cook for a living. So in essence really everything is gone that YH connected to in her husband. He is not gone but he is a hybrid version whose sensibilities are heightened. He is still kind but tempered with good judgement as he won’t let his employees slack off at the bank. HC deserves to be understood because who else has gone through the experience of your body being cremated and your soul landed in another person’s body. You have to unravel what has happened and the legal problems included. It’s enough to make a person lose their mind. Some how he has survived and found love. Let’s let him have it. YH can hook up with the yummy and handsome deity who looks at her like he thinks she’s cute.
  14. Coming from his mom’s home after little bro asks if Ji An has called him after all this time. He was visibly upset. He shops then goes to his apartment and tries to eat but can’t. He can’t hold it in any longer...he misses her so much that it hurts. He allows himself a good deep cry. (His divorce was a while ago because the photos show his ex-wife with their son in the U.S.) Lee Ji An hears his voice in the restaurant .....that voice.....draws her in.... His huge grin when he turns around and sees Ji An.....He has never smiled so widely before. He is thrilled that Ji An said she would buy him food. They part with a very long hand shake...they look back at each other separately. There is a look of longing on each person’s face. Then happiness radiates from both of them that this is the beginning. This man is primed up and ready to go...Lee Ji An...gets her man. Dong Hoon gets his soul mate. The Beginning...
  15. After episode 15 subbed.... I saw a man who was tormented and desperately trying to find Ji An. That evening he almost found Ji An and when he got home instead of holding it in he went into Yoon Hee’s home office and ended up telling Yoon Hee about it. Even if Yoon Hee doesn’t really want to she is helping because it is what she owes him. She honestly told Dong Hoon how JI An cared for him with her whole being when she herself did not. And it shamed her. Dong Hoon received the call from the garbage collector man that Ji An was there. Dong Hoon ran full out like his life depended on it to get to her. His face was full of emotion. When Dong Hoon arrives he stops at the door to gain his composure before entering. Do you have to compose yourself to talk with someone you have no intimate feeling for....NO you don’t. She means that much to him. His declaration that he couldn’t live if he thought she was in pain, for him, was a love confession. Dong Hoon takes Ji An to Jung Hee’s bar and Jung Hee will be her host until she goes to the police station to turn herself in. Until then, Ji An is treated like family and one of the regular group. Dong Hoon comes the next evening and sits next to Ji An and gazes at her (in a ...I want to drink in your presence kind of way). Dong Hoon couldn’t move or breathe without Ji An where he could see her. He was willing to expose his dirty laundry and the embarrassment that would cause to save Ji An. So he found her and brought her back. My sense is that he was so desperate to get her back that he has had no time to process his feelings. He has to have time to think and feel...and will do that now that the desperation of getting Ji An back is over. Dong Hoon as an introvert is a deep thinker. He will sort it out. If the monk does come back for Jung Hee it will give Dong Hoon license to begin living his life. Yoon Hee should make a mercy departure.
  16. That dream came like a premonition to keep the baby save. Someone else mentioned that HJ wouldn’t be able to keep the good new to himself so YE has no choice but to not reveal it. If I was the writer I’d have sent YE to HJ’s home to stay in protective custody with HJ being fully aware of what he has to protect. She’d be guarded at all times. Meanwhile, I thinking the writer is teasing us with a pre pregnancy for BS and IS. What have they been doing those nights at the gym together! Sounds like IS is unexpectedly educated...at Seoul University? A marketing background? JS’ illness must be bad if the family is going to be crying in tomorrow night’s episode.
  17. Against all odds, when YE went to HY’s side to help her fight off Dr. Ma...a switch went off in HY’s brain. You could see it in her eyes. Even her reaction to Dr. Ma’s video of JS at YE’s house didn’t stir up the usual reaction but rather a firm conviction to get Dr. Ma and make him pay. HY is probably going to YE to either get her help to catch Dr. Ma or to thank you for helping her. Thank you @rolisrntex for the translation ....baahaahaa....only blanks in his revolver...as expected...his just punishment to deepen his regret for blaming YE and having proclaimed her infertile. Now all that’s left is for HY and JS to get back together since they share this in common and adopt children.
  18. @cmoirae2 That thought crossed my mind too! Combine, anyone!
  19. Episode 14. The soul of the chef, that wonderful and generous soul, is in the body of the banker. He is a sensitive and kind man. The first thing he did upon finding himself in a different body is to make his way home to tell his wife. His wife, in her grief, thought this guy is crazy and why is he bothering me. The chef ends up in the home of the banker because there is no where else that he can go without causing himself and others more problems. He needs to figure things out first. In the mean time the cells of the body he is in retain memories of some of the bankers life. The chef treats the bankers wife with kindness and respect and she is taken aback by this. She expects cruel and unkind treatment hence her having asked for a divorce. As the days go on the chef’s kindness and manor of being makes the bankers wife fall in love with him. The chef feels a warmth toward her and a feeling of wanting to protect this family. At the same time, the chef loves his original family and has longed for them. As time went on and he has realized that the brain of the banker is filled with knowledge and he is very smart so he begins to figure out what happened to the loan and what was happening with other ‘loans’ that were fraudulently taken out in others names as well. Now the wives know that the chef is in the bankers body. The chef has not been in a physical relationship with any woman since this happened to him. He is the soul of the chef in the body of the banker with the bankers cellular memory and good brain function. He feels the responsibility to both families who rely on him. But he tries to go home to his original family. He feels uneasy and uncomfortable and sleeps with his back to his wife. He gets up in the middle of the night and goes into work. He has to solve the legal problems and he can’t think of anything else. But....he is not the same anymore...he is in the bankers body...it’s a different life...as if going back can’t be accomplished because he has moved on, or no, because his life encompasses more now...
  20. So it’s twins!!!! Two shocking things....for YE at the doctors.
  21. I think we are going to get the news on episode 113 that YE is pregnant since her fatigue was a dead give away as @rolisrntex mentioned. The clincher was the doctors appointment...to seal the deal. The completely shocked expression on the face of a woman whose ex-in-law drilled it into her head that she was infertile even though the doctor said there was no issue. The writer set this scenario up from the beginning otherwise there would have been no point in belaboring the infertility issue. Totally worth the wait. Wedding bells should be ringing very soon. HJ will be over the moon crazy happy!!!
  22. While at University, Dong Hoon was studying and concentrating on his engineering classes and although he was popular and well liked by the ladies, he didn’t raise his head from the books. Yoon Hee was the one who made herself available to garner the attention of this introverted, quiet, conservative man. Dong Hoon going the path of least resistance let’s Yoon Hee woo him. He thinks little of the fact that he may not have ever developed any feelings for her on his own to the point where he would even ask her out let alone marry her had she not put herself in his way. He just went along with it because he thought ...sure...Yoon Hee is a pretty and nice girl who likes me. I seriously doubt that Dong Hoon ever had burning passion for Yoon Hee. On the other hand, Dong Hoon CHOSE Ji An for her temporary position...against all reasoning. He CHOSE Ji An. This may be the first time Dong Hoon has liked someone. In fact he didn’t even recognize it as such since it had NEVER happened before now. His passion and awareness is tuned to Lee Ji An. He is beginning to realize this something is not nothing. He breaths for Lee Ji An. He wakes up thinking about her and he goes to sleep thinking of her. This guys got it bad. I expect his passion to overtake his hesitancy at some point.
  23. @rolisrntex Thank you for the acknowledgment. It would be one of the few ways YR’s could stay with HJ on a daily basis as a Personal Assistant. The writer is making YE and SE so confident now. YE will probably make friends with YR and she’ll either stay and make a good assistant or quit when HJ shuts her down. Drunken mom is having a hard time with the love SE is showing her, e.g., pouring out the alcohol and not giving her money, lecturing her, etc.
  24. Today’s episode should be titled HY’s backstory redemption setup and also the crazy parenting styles of the rest of the characters. Preview for 111 has YR showing up for work as HJ’s new assistant as expected. I still think it is possible that JS will get back together with HY. She’ll probably show up at the hospital because JS is sick. I don’t think she’ll leave him with all those flashbacks of happy times.
  25. Episode 13 The brothers are grieving his marriage trouble more that DH is now that they know. The pain of his wife's affair and the aftermath is too much for the brothers as they are feeling that pain as if she cheated on them personally. DH still has not fully come to terms with all the emotions in real time and grieved the possibility of the death of his relationship with Yoon Hee. The brothers knowing about Yoon Hee’s affair has DH reeling..with feelings he doesn’t know how to put back in the box. DH is just trying to keep all the balls in the air that he has always carried. At some point his heart or his spirit may break and he may have to begin to let some of those balls drop. This would take a major shift in his ability, no his propensity, to hide and shove down his feelings to maintain his perfect son, perfect brother, perfect neighborhood friend facade. JA is his comfort. She finally sent him a text. DH says out loud...”Thank you..” as she listens. DH, as he is walking along with his brothers who are trying to get him to tell LJA how he appreciates her. DH says out loud what he can’t say to LJA...something about gaining strength and comfort from her and ...”because of her I could breath” and later “Thank you for being by my side”. The feelings felt so deep. Yes, longing. He then arrives home and goes directly into the bedroom and shuts the door....completely bypassing a sleeping Yoon Hee on the couch (who was not really asleep). As human nature would dictate..DH has to have some very raw feeling that were further stirred up by his brothers knowing of Yoon Hee’s affair. JA hurts for DH...as she listens in. JA sets out at dawn..hair down..with backpack..... DH later that day discovers that she left new slippers in his drawer....he runs after her.