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  1. Maybe you guys have read the post above about the other ship, I have already contacted a moderator!
  2. YSH at a event, i think today, for Nonghyub bank. He looks happy
  3. No problem it was my pleasure to do it! Thanks for the compliments and @fanmom27
  4. I have put your suggestions in the first post! I have added the fanfics under fan edits, the interview under drama: I Am Not A Robot and the two photos and the instagram video under behind the scenes.
  5. I tried to change the title to the suggestion of @mandy_b but on my laptop I only see a big black heart, but on my mobile I see the red heart.
  6. Hi guys, Just wanted to tell that I edited the first post. If you guys want something different or want anything added feel free to tell me, any suggestions are welcome and I will change it then!
  7. There was something going wrong but I changed it now haha
  8. Hi Bold Squad, I just wanted to let you guys know that i have my account back!! After a month of mail contact with soompi helpdesk I finally have access to my account again. Sorry for the wait! Now that we can edit the first page but i’m not that creative so does somebody has ideas?? And what do you guys want for the title, if we can change that too?
  9. We, Bold Squad, would like to welcome you to the Official Shipper page for Yoo Seung Ho Chae Soo Bin! This thread is a place where you can freely give your thoughts and rave about our ChaeYoo/EyeSmile couple. There is an undeniable chemistry between them, which results in shipping them in real life for a reason. Fate brought them together and only time will tell, but we have faith in them and in the mean time happy sailing to Bold Squad! 2015 DMZ Ambassadors 2017-2018 Drama: I Am Not A Robot