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  1. @xienrue Thanks dear for such a detailed description/information of the characters. I have not read the novel, but I'm thinking about reading because I would like to know more about Xiao Yan unconditional love for Xun Er. The drama is not showing how much he loves her, so this would be the main reason why I may decide to read the 1000+ chapters I'm currently watching the drama and I'm on episode 14. So far, it been's very good. I would love it even more if they add more Xiao Yan & Xun Er scenes. I found it really cute when Xun Er was giving Xiao Yan a hard time because of Xiao Yi Xian and Nalan Yanran. Then he pouted his lips.... such a cutie... Does any of you know what he was going to say to Xun Er about the "most important reason" for not getting married? Was he going to say that Xun Er is the main reason why he couldn't really get married to Xiao Yi Xian?
  2. HG is currently the MD in charge of HN Apparel, so he does have a direct connection with HN. I think this is why the the Team Leader will meet with both of them on Monday's episode. I find it amusing how the writer thinks about adding all of these twists in few episodes. JE going abroad and handing back HN Apparel to HG... Now, once HG gets it back and a storm comes their way because of their personal relationship affecting the professional side... *sigh*
  3. I know right! I'm not sure if the post can be seeing by every employee or not... if it's not a post accessible to the public, we know for sure that management will certainly get it and they could be the ones who make it public to the employees
  4. (Here we go... HN & HG first scene at K1 Shopping...) HG: let's call this enough for today's meeting HN: ok HG: don't you think that JE leaving going abroad is a good thing? HN: yes, the fact that she could go study abroad at this time/age, I also feel a bit jealous too, right? HG: NO, that's not what I mean.. since I'm the current MD in charge, I can be with you... that's what I meant.. HN: ahhh.. I thought... HG: wait... you mentioned about being jealous of JE going abroad... does this mean that if you have a chance in the future (to go abroad), you'll do it anytime? HN: of course! if the opportunity presents, of course I should go HG: are you sincere? HN: yes! wouldn't you go if the opportunity is presented to you? HG: of course not! HN: why? HG: what do you mean why? where am I going to go if you're here? But you, even if I'm here, you'll leave regardless. Is this what you meant? HN: you are making a fuss for something that hasn't happened... HG: why wouldn't I be making a fuss right now? (because of what she said) HN: you must really like me... is a bit pressuring.. HG: KHN-ssi.... HN: I was just joking.... a joke... (HG looks down on the documents with a sad expression) HN: I was really joking! knowing how you'd react, of course i wouldn't go either! HG: can I believe/trust you? HN: yes, you can believe/trust me... I can't even make a joke... I just wanted to double-checked.. since a cool/capable guy like you is my boyfriend, is hard to believe... HG: you like confusing/scaring people back & forth (sorry, not sure this is correct ) HN: is my charm.. HG: no, there's no charm in it...
  5. Thanks for sharing the preview! Preview shows that SH is going to brainwash HG's mom about taking care of her husband because EA tends to seduce guys JH talks to JG about registering they marriage certificate and he says that there's no hurry and they can't take their time.... JH is surprise about his response... It also seems that K1 Shopping employees are aware of a vendor and MD dating within the company and it was posted in the channel's homepage.. Team Leader asks HG & HN if they've seeing the post... HN asks HG something about a disciplinary action...
  6. Sorry chingus for not providing translations for today's episode! I thought episode 91 was not going to air today (9/20). I'll be back tomorrow to provide translations, I promise!
  7. @dramaninja LOL.. thanks for letting me know... I just fixed it Last scene.. HG walking HN home... HN: I enjoyed today's movie.. HG: really? HN: yes HG: what was the title? HN: what? HG: the movie we watched.. HN: is.... HG: wow.. I was just asking to double check... you really don't know the title? HN: you're making me say the word "I'm sorry" even tho I didn't want to... (sorry if this sounds confusing.. she basically feels bad) HG: you don't need to feel sorry... it is not a movie I made/created anyways... (HN smiled at the joke) HG: also, it wasn't fun/interesting (referring to the movie) HN: you should go now... HG: now that I've seen you smiling, I can rest assured... i'll leave now... *the end* Recaps of some events that happened on today's episode... - JE asked DG if they really can't be together. DG answered her "yes, that's right" and wished her to have a safe trip. JE told him that at least she's done everything in power for them to be together so she has no regrets. She also told him that is his decision now to figure out what he really wants - HN told JH the truth about her not being EA's biological daughter On the preview, JH will be telling SH about HN reminding her of SJ...
  8. Next scene... HG: try it.. hurry.. (HN eats but chokes. As HN pulls out a tissue, she ended up pulling out the energy/vitamin drink that her mom her mom gave her) HG: is a vitamin/energy? did your mom give it to you? (HN gave him an affirmative answer by shaking her head) HG: no doubt it was your mom! Ah, yesterday, did you know what mother in law said to me? She thank me for loving you. And what did you think I told her? HN: what did you say? HG: I told her I'm more grateful for giving me you (I think he meant as given her birth). Did I do right? (HN said yes shaking her head and cries) HG: what's going on of all of the sudden? Did I do something wrong? (HN said no shaking her head and cries louder. HG moves the lunch box so he can sit next to her and embraces her)
  9. After HN collapsed and is taken to the hospital. HG arrived and thanked the guy who took her to the hospital. HN waked up... HN: MD-nim... HG: have you regained consciousness?.. what's with this state (the way she looked)? HN: where am I? HG: hospital.. just stay still HN: why am I in the hospital? HG: this is what I want to ask... (HN sat up on the bed) HG: I told you to stay still... HN: please call the nurse... HG: the nurse? why? HN: to remove this (IV).. I want to go home HG: no, you can't until we know your condition HN: I know my body/condition well enough... i fainted because I starved all day... I want to go before my mom gets to know and worry (HG took and walked HN home) HN: thanks for today. I'll go inside... HG: ok... HN: thanks for not asking anything HG: I want to ask you like crazy, but I'm guessing you have a reason, so I'll just hold it (asking) and trust you... although I don't know for how long I'll be able to hold it... HN: i'm sorry HG: I'm really curious about what's going on that is driving me crazy (HN gave him a *don't ask/won't tell you* look) HG: I got it... i'll wait until you want to tell me.... however, you have to promise me one thing... (HN looked at him) HG: something (fainting) as shocking as today won't happen again... also, regardless of whatever you're debating and worrying about, you need to eat.... if you don't, I'll prepare a lunch box and look for you everyday... then people will notice/be aware of our relationship.. HN: I'll do it... HG: there's another thing... you must answer my phone calls.... are you not going to give me a response? When you don't answer, I get concerned and frustrated and start imaging a lot of scenarios... HN: i got it, i'll answer your calls HG; KHN-ssi, can I hug you? (HG hugged her) HG: when you're this hurt/sick, my love for you gets stronger (I think this is what HG meant)... I don't know what happened, but since I'm by your side, don't suffer too much.. let me request this of you! Please don't go thru too much difficulties! (HG released her) HG: go inside and sleep/rest well
  10. @UnniSarah LOL.. doesn't it bother you when the writing is so bad in the correlation chart? I understand that Koreans can understand the awful and extra stroke writing, but for us who are learning, is troublesome
  11. @UnniSarah Hi Dear! If I'm not mistaken, the circled part is written as "호감" which means "crush". However, since the writing is not very cleared, I can't guarantee that the translation is correct. I don't follow this drama, so not sure how is the relation between these 2 characters (Shin Hwa Kyung & Yoon Do Bin) .
  12. Here's a brief list of events that happened on today's episode.. - JE agreed SH's idea of going abroad to study - SH told the family about JE going abroad. Grandma didn't like the idea and even asked SH with what money she's planning to send JE abroad. SH, shamelessly, said that she has JH who can pay.. that paying is the least thing JH can do for, since JE has been there for her all the past years (what a bi***) - SH told her sister and JH agreed to pay for JE's expenses abroad. They also talked about how SH was disappointed at JH because she's now calling DG her son. SH even brought up the fact that she always thought that Soo Jeong was the only child that JH had - HN ignoring/avoiding HG . We see her shutting her phone off after checking a text that HG sent her inviting her to lunch. We also see an scene where she checked HG's voicemail.. HG said in the voicemail "are you really going to be like this? Am I really your lover? If there's an issue, then shouldn't you discuss it with me? Do you not have confidence in me? When you hear this message, call me right away, or I will get really angry, OK?". After finish listening to the voicemail, she cries and apologizes to HG and says that this is not something that HG can resolved. She doesn't know what to do and doesn't have the confidence to see her mom and Sarang faces - DG learns about JE going abroad. He tries to talk to her at K1, but doesn't say a single word. Then we also see him standing outside of JE's house. JE's dad sees him and he's leaving. - JE and her dad have a conversation about her going abroad. Her dad tells her that if she's going because she really wants to then he's fine, but if she's doing because she's running away, then she should reconsider. He also told her that he saw DG standing outside the house. JE also learned about her losing money and she told her mom that she'll give her amount her dad lost and to forgive him. - JE and DG meet outside his house and she asked him one last time if they really can't be together. *end*
  13. We only got 1 scene of HG & HN together HG: KHN-ssi HN: MD-nim HG: what's going on?.. why aren't you answering your phone? Where did you go? (HN didn't respond) HG: anyway, it's a relief.. I was worried that you weren't going to be here once I arrived.... do you know how many unbelievable situations I had to go thru just to come see you?.. You know, as I was going out, brother-in-law and my mom wanted to tag along... because I tried to avoid/oppose, I was reprimanded.. I managed to escape by lying.. HN: I see.... HG: what's with the facial expression/reaction?... Even if it (HG escaping) wasn't an action that could make you cry or be touched, compared to the reaction I imagined, it's very different.. I'm a bit taken aback... HN: I'm sorry... HG: if you're sorry, then let's have a beer (sorry, not 100% sure about this one ) or let's go for a drive... HN: MD-nim, sorry, but I'm not in the mood... HG: did something happen?.. now that you mentioned it, you don't look well.. HN: just because... I'm tired... HG: I got it... there's nothing we can do then... since I've seen your face, then it's enough... go inside and rest.. HN: ok... HG: (with a sour/disappointed expressions) I told her to go inside and she did right away... making me sad....
  14. The plots/issues have been changing so often that it is hard to predict what will happen next.. at least, this is way I personally feel Whatever happens though, I hope that the issue doesn't drag for too long, especially if HG & HN will be momentarily separated... I can't stand seeing these 2 lovebirds apart
  15. @awsparkle thanks chingu for the translation... I can't believe HN will be avoiding HG... why??!! If anything, she needs to stay close to him for support...