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  1. I dont like the way Sorim behaves like this. This is the way she puts angry at HG because of lying her or for what? I like this drama from the begining but i really dont like a girl like this. DISAPPOINTED
  2. Monday, pls come faster More bts pics: http://naver.me/FDZ0fcno Today Hyunwoo IG was updated with this picture, his fans suppose that he probably gave us a hint about next kiss scene in TLAHL. But there are total 6 new photos updated till now so i dont know he uploaded them by himself or his IG got hacking. I wish we could have another kiss like this :))
  3. Collection of songs Sorim sang in drama Video [fanmade] HG x SR moments (Cr to the owner)
  4. I also really like Hyunwoo and HG as well. About 2 bassists, i think its a little unreal since CP is really famous and has a busy schedule, they even doesnt have enough time to practice sometimes. Meanwhile, HG now will be CP and Mush&Co producer, do you think he could produce well after being tired with CP busy activities? And im not sure now he wants to do this or not. I really hope CY would change his point of view to know about how important he is in CP and in company, how much other members and HG care about him, hope he would understand why HG wanted him to replace HG. I know HG bass ability is suitable with other CP members' ability now and they like him being in their group but thats not enough for them to be famous and can stay long in this industry. They also need good songs and a well producing. So lets CP members the chance to keep up (or almost at least) with CY, lets them accept each other and be in good term of relationship and lets them can play live. HG, i hope he will be producer for CP and M&Co. CEO Yoo said before when she knew HG likes SR that Love can make the better music #Saranghae Saranghae Hangyeol hangyeol gyeol... Omg thank god. Preview ep 13 http://tv.naver.com/v/1638567 There is an article said: CP's dirty substance - acting band (GG translates ). Maybe the truth about CP is shown up :((
  5. Omggggg how i hate seeing HG, SR always have to feel guilty to CY. Love HG's choices from the begining until now. The choice not become a fake bassist, the choice become a producer to prevent Choi from kicking his friends out, the choice write a song for Yuna to prevent Choi from kicking Sorim, and now, his choice is reveal himself for saving Crude Play performance. He wants to replace CY in the show today? No. he is pushed. He will replace CY position from now on? Im sure he will not. He just saves today's performance only. Im wondering CY has no choice in every his problems? Other people told him what to do, he accepted it then blames them. Others dont like him, he blames them. Others do better than him, he is envious Choi told him before that Mush&Co need another song to put their fame up but he objected. So Im wondering again, has he ever been thinking for Mush&co?
  6. Omg i like this thought Feel so excited now. (I like the way HG looks at Sorim... so so in love. He looks at other girl but why does my heart get flustered?? =))) )
  7. ost part 7. I really like it bonus
  8. Like many of you, i also like HG father a lot. I love hearing their conversation :)) And what about this? HG new song? PD maybe gives us a hint, but who will sing? Sorim? In this ep, i like HG attitude the most. He trusts what SR says. He told her what she would have to hear from others no matter who she is. He confidently asked CY not to interfere in their relationship... About CY, What is this? Ya Mush&Co is a band. But that band is not a THING that you can own. They are 3 people. If he thinks thats his band then he should impove his music production, support them, sometime should even listen to other people for the good sake of that band... but all he does is being envious with HG ("why does it have to be HG?" ...) and only caring about his personal feeling for Sorim... I agree with what mr Choi says in preview ep 12. He should be back his original place. Yup, some scenes i feel so chessy as well in this ep. I think there are some small problems in editing or direction. - Why does CY need to touch SR hand so long? - When HG got into the room in hopital, 1: SR should hug him right away then cried. Or 2: HG should hug her at first. Awh PD lets them look distanced and awkward in many seconds Anyway, look forward to the new ost this afternoon and ep 12 tonight
  9. I just watch raw but in the preview part for ep12 is Hong Seoyoung singing. That is her song released today. They released 2 her songs today. One is "starry night" (ost 6) and another is the song she practiced (i dont remember which ep) and couldnt catch high note then Ceo played piano for her. It sounds really gud.
  10. In this case, i think ceo and CY will talk about another thing, like "you wanna make Crude Play Ver2...?" But CEO tells CY go back to his original place. That means his current place is not suitable for him. So i think they will change the song like some of you here guessed
  11. Naver link is the TLAHL official channel on naver. But they limit region. Not every country can watch. tvN youtube channel hasnt updated yet. Thats why someone downloaded it from official naver channel and uploaded it on youtube for whom cant watch it on naver. Still photos. See more in this link: http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=7306792&memberNo=3669297
  12. http://m.tv.naver.com/v/1625091/list/124592 Kiss scene making. Hearing CY said they popo. So it could be written in the script that its just a popo. Well im ok with it. Just look forward some more deeper as their relationship is longer and stronger
  13. Ya so beautiful. You make me remember this moment, Sorim looked so beautiful and HG couldnt say anything :)) (I wanna upload many Sorim gifs but dont know why i cant see anything after uploading them on here )